Hot babe Raylin Ann group fuck with old men

Hot babe Raylin Ann group fuck with old men
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I've just played a gig with my band in a local club. This is a fairly regular occurrence but our stage show is pretty intense and I love the music so I'm still buzzing with adrenaline when I come off stage. Despite being covered in sweat, the massive audience reaction we receive combined with the fact that I'm a little drunk makes me more confident than usual, and I can't help but approach two girls who caught my eye while I was on stage.

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One seems like the cliché of the girl who has just grown up, maintaining the small breasts and girlish looks of an adolescent, features which she consciously denies with short, black dress, high shoes and low neckline. She sports the traditional fake tan, but my eyes are nevertheless drawn to her long legs, folded delicately to conceal what I know would squeeze my cock so tightly.

The second is taller, and dressed more casually. Her fair hair contrasts the raven-black of the first's. She wears a t-shirt, jeans, and little make-up, almost appearing masculine until my eye catches the perfect curves of her breasts and ass, cradled enticingly by the fabric so thoughtlessly thrown over then. The two seem reluctant to strike up a conversation and I find myself on the verge of leaving when the first, younger girl cuts me off mid-sentence and invites me to a party at their house.

I pause for a moment, wondering why the situation has taken a sudden turn for the better, but I shrug the thought off and accept the invitation, deciding in my drunken chauvinism to go now without telling my friends or the band.

I follow them into the back of a taxi and grin to myself, acknowledging that I've made the right decision as the brunette, establishing herself more firmly as the more forward of the two, lays her hand gently on my thigh. As I stagger into an empty house, led by one hand towards a bedroom by each of the girls it becomes blatantly apparent that there is no party, and I can't help but smugly congratulate myself as all doubt fades about what is about to happen.

I fall back onto a soft bed and they clamber on top, the blonde by my side, kissing and biting my neck, as the brunette kisses me passionately on the mouth and grind her hips against me. I feel myself growing hard already as I reach over and caress the large breasts of the girl by my side, becoming rock hard when she sits up to pull off her t-shirt, revealing a hard, flat stomach and perfect cleavage.

With my other hand I cup the ass of the brunette admiring her small breasts underneath the slutty dress which stops just above her nipples. I grasp her firmly and roll over so that I'm on top of her, and run one hand up her leg and dress, hoping to find her panties already moist. I jump up with surprise when I feel what is unmistakeably a hard cock, and leap to my feet.

I'm aware that people like this exist, and even occasionally masturbate to pornography involving them, but it's not something one expects to come across by chance, and for it to happen in such a cliché fashion forces a nervous laugh from my lips.

The girl looks up at me, slightly hurt and worried that I might leave. Her friend, on the other hand, seems to have no doubt that I'll be staying, as she unbuttons her jeans and pulls out a long, thick and pulsating penis, grinning up at me and sticking her tongue out in mock oral sex.

I think back to the bar and how the conversation, which hadn't seemed to be going well, had suddenly become so positive. Was it possible that I had mentioned being into transgender women to two girls that I had just met? I didn't have long to consider it, as the blonde girl, who had just taken out her swollen member, walked over and pushed my against the wall, kissing me hard on the mouth and pressing her cock against me.


She steps back only to pull off my shirt and guide my hand to her dick, which I stroke nervously as it pulsates in my hand. She stops kissing me and smiles mischievously, then pushes down on my shoulders gently.


"Fuck," I think, "am I really going to do this?" I sink to my knees and wrap my lips around the head of her cock. It swells in my mouth and I taste salty precum. My first reaction is to pull away, but when I notice my still-prominent erection I try again, sliding her long dick slowly into my mouth, slipping my tongue along its base as it moves out again, then teasing the twitching, sensitive head.

I suck her cock for what seems like forever. She claws at my head and gasps and spasms with pleasure. She talks to me as I pleasure her, and the sound of a woman's voice telling me to suck cock makes me so horny that I take my own out and begin to rub it. Eventually she stands me up and leads me back to the bed, where her friend has finished undressing, and has been lying watching, gently stroking her smaller dick. I reach over and cup her balls with one hand, massaging one of her breasts with the other.

The girl whose cock I have just been sucking leans over and whispers "I think she wants you to fuck her".

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I can't help but grin for a moment, before grabbing both of the younger girls legs and bending them back to expose a tight, cute asshole. I move over and her legs press against my stomach and chest.

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I manoeuvre my rock-hard cock to the opening of her little asshole and press gently against it, applying more force as it resists.

She gasps and squirms, her slim body twitching in perfect agony as my thick head finally makes its way into her ass. Not in the mood for messing around, I give her the full length immediately, and can't help but begin fucking her hard, worried and simultaneously aroused by the thought that I might hurt her.

I pound her ass rigorously as it chokes my dick, lubricated only by my own precum, which spews abundantly from my cock as her blonde friend runs her hands over my entire body. The large cock pressed against my side and the smaller one bouncing against the girls stomach as I fuck her turns me on even more as we gasp and moan into each other's bodies.

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I feel like I'm about to come, and must say it out loud because the blonde says, teasingly, "you can't come yet, you haven't had your turn". I feel confused as she reaches over and, surprisingly strong, pulls me back so that my dick is tugged suddenly out of her young friends ass, who lets out a loud whimper.

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The girl positions herself behind me and bends me over slightly. I don't know if its frightened anxiety or excited anticipation that watches over me as I feel my ass cheeks spread open and something unmistakeably hard and moist press hard against my butthole. As she slides inside me I'm overcome with an intense sensation, difficult to categorise as either pleasure or pain.

Her cock, which was noticeably large to begin with, feels enormous and seems to fill my entire body. The girl beneath me, still trying to catch her breath, smiles playfully up at me and then begins to masturbate as I gasp and moan over her, beads of sweat dripping from my forehead onto her cute breasts.

After a while she begins to stroke my cock aswell, and her friend fucks me harder and deeper until I am on the verge of orgasm.

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The girl behind me then grasps me firmly and rolls onto her back so that I am on top of her, remaining inside me the entire time. She thrusts her hips up against my ass and I grind hard against her cock, enjoying every inch of in pressed against my insides. The younger girl creeps over and wraps her mouth around my dick.

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Using one hand to jerk me off at its base while she sucks, licks and teases the tip. The feeling becomes indescribable, and what are literally roars of pleasure escape my lips as my eyes roll into my head and I lose all sense of myself. The pleasure reaches its peak as I feel hot come spurt into my ass and fill it with its sticky mess.

I moan and in that same moment grab the back of the girl's head who is going down on me and thrust the entire length of my dick into her throat.

I come harder than I have in my entire life, and she takes every drop directly in her mouth. She then works her way up my body, letting my entire load drip slowly from between her lips onto my chest before placing one hand on the back of my head and kissing me softly.

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Her bright eyes and beautiful face smiling at me, a tiny strand of my own come stretching between out mouths, is the last thing I see before collapsing onto my side and passing out.