Straight pawnshop amateur facialized to pay

Straight pawnshop amateur facialized to pay
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I wake up in a daze in the forest, tied down with ropes, pain shooting through my body. As far as I can tell, there's nobody else with me, but it's pitch black and I can't move my head. How did I get here? I can't remember. ---------------------------------- "Britney, I don't want to go," I whine, laying on my best friend's bed, staring at her ceiling.

"I don't care if you don't want to go," she replied, putting on her Victoria's Secret lip gloss and making lustful faces to herself in the mirror. "I need to go, Brandon's going, and I can't go alone." "Well shit, good to know the only reason you're taking me to this party is because you're a lonely sex pot," I say bitterly, getting up and pushing her out of the way.

I look at myself in the mirror, smiling a little.


I glance at my logo-less black t-shirt, skin-tight against my 36D tits, and wonder if my ass-length black and blue plaid skirt is too much, or if my knee-high combat boots are too nerve-wracking. "I love you, Sissy, I want you to come with me cuz it'll be fun," Britney said, hugging me from behind and interrupting my thoughts. I felt her b-cup breasts press against my back and I feel myself get a little aroused.

If only she knew how into her I really was. An hour later, we were at some douchebag jock's party, beer sloshing about, drunk idiots and desperate sluts all around. "I hate it here," I whispered, sitting on the couch next to Britney and Brandon. They were dry-humping and making out, and I was extremely annoyed. I got up and grabbed a beer from the table, chugging it before grabbing another one and going back to my seat.

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"Let's go upstairs," Brandon said, and Britney eagerly got off his lap, his small erection pushing through his jeans. I groaned in disgust and drank my second beer, immediately feeling the effects of both beers. "I need to get out of here," I muttered drunkenly, getting up and making my way to the door. "GOODBYE ASSHOLES!" I called upstairs, then left, immediately being hit by the freezing temperature.

"Fuck." I muttered, my vision blurring a little bit. I started walking. About ten minutes later, I was passing the forest, and I heard steps behind me. "WHO THE FUCK IS STALKING ME?" I called out, my inebriation obvious. "It's just me," a pleasantly innocent male's voice said, and I turned around, suddenly face-to-face with a guy I had never seen before. His eyes were a piercing blue, and I thought I could fall into them. He was wearing a black hoodie and tight skinny jeans, black shoes and painted black nails.

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"Who da fuck're you?" I slurred, staring at the guy, probably three or for years older than me. "My name is Curtis, and I thought you dropped this," he said, gesturing to a hankerchief, "it smells like vanilla." I leaned forward and sniffed it, and immediately passed out.

When I came to, I was in the forest on my back, and my arms were pinned to the ground. I looked down, and saw my panties next to me, which startled me. "Son of a bitch!" I muttered, trying to move. "Oh good, you're awake!" Curtis said happily, getting up and clapping his hands like a child.

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He leaned down and kissed me on the cheek. "Time for some fun," he said sweetly, and then his demeanor changed. He was suddenly stern and serious, swiftly slapping me across the face. I cried out and tried to move away, but my hands were stuck.

"Let me go you freak!" I screamed,and was awarded with another slap, this one harder. Then he pulled his shoes off, calmly and swiftly. Next off were his pants, which he shed quickly despite their tightness. As he pulled his hardening dick out of the hole in his boxer briefs, he looked at me. "You're such a fucking tease. No fucking bra, short fucking skirt. Who do you think you are?" Curtis growled at me, straddling my chest and putting his surprisingly large cock in my face.

"Suck it," he ordered, but I kept my mouth shut. He made a fist and held it in front of me. "I'll break your face." He said it with such a calm, sincere tone. "Fuck you," I muttered through my teeth, and he laughed. "That comes later, you fucking whore," he said, then brought his fist down on my nose, making me open my mouth wide with a scream of agony. He quickly shoved half his cock in my mouth before I bit down, quickly being rewarded with another swift punch in the face. I stopped biting down and relaxed my mouth, letting him facefuck me.

The pain hurt so intensely, I had to close my eyes and focus on a positive mental image, the beach during the summer. I felt a sharp slap and my eyes shot open.

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"Keep your fucking eyes open, you need to watch this," he groaned, his balls slapping me in the chin with each thrust. I stared, gagging and choking each time his cock hits the back of my throat. His breathing became short panting breaths of air. "Fuck.I'm gonna.i'm gonna." He quickly pulled out and I could see his jaw clench.

"No.I'm not," he said a few minutes later, his breath back to normal, and he lowered down between my legs, putting his cock at my entrance. I quickly tried to squirm away to no avail. I had seen enough defloweration porn in my teenage years to know how bad it could hurt. I looked into his eyes, and flinched. The look in his eyes, it was so full of rage and lust, I gave up. I completely gave up. "No.NO! I WANT YOU TO FIGHT!" Curtis screamed, his hand making it's way to my neck, starting to choke me.

I didn'twant to fight back, I wanted to die right then and there. For a second, anyway. I started screaming and trying to get him off me. I couldn't die like this, a victim! I kept trying until he reached over into his pants pocket and pulled out a rather sharp-looking knife. I was so scared, I froze up. I fainted. When I came to, my shirt was ripped and tattered, barely connected anymore.

My skirt was cut down the middle and lay beneath me. " he gone?" I muttered to myself. "Nope," Curtis said gleefully, and pulled off his shirt, revealing a semi-pale not-too-skinny body.

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There he stood, in his boxers and socks, looking like some girl's dream. Not my fucking dream. "Why didn't you just fuck me and leave?" I asked through my teeth, my face radiating with pain from my broken nose. "What's the fun in that?" he asked, then sat between my legs, holding his keyring. He showed me what looked like a bullet and I stared, confused. "You're not wet, so I'm going to make you wet.

I poked a finger in while you were passed out, you're fucking tight. I didn't bring lube. Or condoms," he said, grinning at the last part. He turned the bullet a little, like a lipstick tube, and it began to loudly vibrate.

"Fuckno! Get away!" I yelled, not wanting this rapist to arouse me. He brought the vibe to my puss, using his other hand to spread my netherlips, and started circling my clit with it. I bit my tongue, trying to keep back a moan.


"Feels good, doesn't it?" he asked, moving it a little faster, sliding a finger inside me. He nodded, showing me the finger, a little wet. He put it back in, and slowly began to fingerfuck me. He went slow, almost as if we were lovers and he knew it was my first time.

I moaned softly, losing myself in the pleasure. I closed my eyes and pictured Britney in his place, her gorgeous platinum blonde hair, her sweet pink lips, her perfect-handful tits. I was brought back to reality as I started to climax, my pussy tightening around Curtis' finger, my back arching, my loud moan of pleasure. I kept my eyes closed, thinking about Britney leaning down and licking up my juices from her pink bedspread.

My eyes shot open as, without warning, Curtis shoved his thick cock inside of me, ripping my hymen. "FUCKER!" I screamed, the pain shooting through me. He kept going, hard and fast, his nails digging into my tits, grunting and groaning like an animal. He reached down and grabbed the bullet, putting it on my clit. It felt good, but not good enough to ignore all the excruciating pain i was feeling, both emotional and physical.

"Cum for me Sissy!" he moaned, staring at my bouncing tits, rubbing my already sensitive clit with the vibrator. "NO! FUCK YOU!" I screamed, but I could feel the vibrator working it's magic, and my vaginal muscles started tightening around his thick throbbing cock. I started moaning and whining softly, trying not to climax again.

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I knew where I was, and he did not deserve my pleasure. "If you don't, I'll go after your blonde friend," Curtis moaned softly in my ear, our naked upper bodies pressed together. My eyes widened as I stared up at him hopelessly. I quickly closed my eyes and went back to my fantasy world.

Brtiney was there, fucking me gentley with a dildo, the pink one I had seen in her underwear drawer numerous times. She was also rubbing my clit, mewling and panting like i had heard her do in the shower as I peeked at her, watching her rub her clit and hump the air.

I quickly began to climax, moaning her name, and I heard Curtis moan loud, reminding me where I was. I watched him climaxx, his face contorting as he leaned down and bit my neck hard, making me moan in pain but whimper in pleasure.

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I felt his hot seed shoot inside of me, rope after rope of cum. He got up and starting putting his clothes on a few minutes later, then looked at me. "Remember what I said about your friend." ------------------------------------ I wake up in a daze in the forest, tied down with ropes, pain shooting through my body.

As far as I can tell, there's nobody else with me, but it's pitch black and I can't move my head. How did I get here?

I can't remember.