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Cameron Chameleon Chapter One: Gollum! Gollum! Hi, my name is Cameron, and due to the fact that I had been perving on the teacher's tits I had been dismissed from the class and was sent to the vice principal's office. Its then that it all started. Normally getting sent outta class isn't such a bad thing; however in this case it was English class, which meant I was missing out on the chance to look down Mrs Stevens top every time she bent over the desk.

She had these boobs that could only really be described as enormous, they were so big that I assumed the reason we were constantly treated to such great glimpses of her cleavage was because they didn't make bras big enough to contain her, that's how big she was.

It was the middle of period and seeing as how the vice principal here, Mr Tomes, was also the senior math teacher I was forced to sit outside his office and wait. Admittedly I was a bit nervous, I mean, what teenager doesn't get worried about being sent to the office, as such I was looking around for something to take my mine off things.

I could hear the teacher in the room across the hall reading something to the class in a very loud and dramatic voice. It took me a moment to realise that he was reading 'The Hobbit', somewhat of a personal favourite of mine but still not something that I would have been reading to a bunch of year three kids.

He was up to the part where Bilbo first encounters the creature Gollum at the lake in the bottom of the cavern. I scooted along the bench and leaned back against the wall so as to hear better. He was really getting into the story, describing the creatures pebbly skin and clammy hands, his big amber eyes and strings hair.

I could clearly picture little Gollum in my 'mind's eye' as they call it, almost as if he was standing right there in front of me. I started to feel as if I was sweeting, not surprising, as it was late summer.

Just as I was starting to wonder whether or not I was going to be here all day the door to the vice principal's office opened and out walked his secretary. She took a moment to notice me there, then promptly screamed and bolted back in to the office.

I was thoroughly confused by this until the door slammed shut behind her and I caught a glimpse of myself in the glass window. If I had not known that I was in fact sitting in that exact same spot I would not have believed it myself, because there, right where I sat, wearing my uniform and staring back at me, was Gollum, just as I had imagined him to be.

I saw my/his huge amber eyes widen in shock but even as I lifted my hands in front of my face to see them better the effect faded.

As I watched the pebbly texture of my flesh melted back into the smooth surface of human skin like wax on a hotplate. I realised I was breathing heavily, not even noticing the bell had rung and my fellow school mates were leaving for lunch or that the vice principal was returning to his office.

I had calmed down a little by the time he came back out holding a note from Mrs Stevens and ushered me inside. As we walked past his receptionist she let out a small squeak and disappeared behind a magazine she had been reading, it wasn't very convincing, seeing as how the book was upside down, but I guess she had a right to be a little freaked out, though not as much as I did.

As the V.P. sat there giving me the usual speech about being respectful and appropriate I was barely listening, instead I was thinking about my recent transformation. As I did so I realised that this was not the first time that this had happened to me. Over the years I had had several experiences, kind of like this, but never on the same level. Once, when I was in primary school, my mother had freaked out at the teachers because my school photos had come back showing me with black hair instead of my natural sandy blond look.


Another time I had been facing down one of the many school bullies, only to find that in a matter of a few minutes I was in fact looking down on him, instead of up.

My personal favourite of these was when I had lost my virginity the weekend before last at a party one of my mates had thrown. I had hooked up with a girl call Sonya who I had known for years and had always been a bit of a tease.

Someone had managed to get their hands on a few bottles of grog and before long we were all pretty smashed. Sonya had pulled me into a bedroom and without any kissing or anything had simply dropped to her knee, pulled down my strides and proceeded to give me, not my first but certainly my best, blowjob.

It had only taken a matter of seconds for me to get hard and only a few minutes after that before I was ready to shoot my load between her luscious lips. She must have thought so too because she pulled away and gave a minute two calm down while we stripped each other off. She then lay back on the bed, pulled back her legs and begged me, I mean literally 'please, please, oh sweet god please!' to fuck her.

As I climbed on top of her and slide into her warm, if not overly tight, pussy I started thinking of all the porn I had watched over the years, trying to remember anything that would help me seem like a total stud in this situation. I thought about all those big titted porn star girls being fucked by all those big cocked porn star guys. I was wondering how loose some of those girls must be to accommodate such large dicks when Sonya's pussy started growing tighter and tighter around me.

I figured she was nearing orgasm and started to pump harder and faster, determined to bring her off at least once.

Her moans were growing in volume the whole time, first from small whimpers to groans to screams of ecstasy. I was fucking her as fast as I could when she started shaking like she was having a seizure or something.

Her screaming was all I needed to send me over the edge; I drove as deep into her as I could and shot what felt like a lifetime of cum deep into her womb. However the strange thing was that a few moments later, when we had both calmed down and I tried to, let's say, leave her, I found it to be much more difficult than I had originally anticipated. Sonya groaned in a mixture of pain and post orgasm bliss; I had to lean back on my knees and slowly slide back away from her so I didn't cause her any injury.

When the tip of my cock finally hit the cool night air I glanced down and, too my astonishment saw that my still erect manhood was a lot larger then I remembered.


While I had always had a rather modest dick, seven inch or so on a good day, the thing hanging between my legs now was at least twice that and nearly as round as a soft drink can. Sonya had fallen asleep, or maybe passed out, and as my erection slowly subsided my cock returned to its normal size and I was left to conclude that seeing as how this had been my first time the extra hormones in my system had caused more than average swelling.

Good old twenty-first century logic coming too my aid to explain the unknown. Now all of these I had attributed to mistake, accident, or panic induced hallucination. But now I was starting to see a pattern here.

It was like every time my blood was up, whether I was scared or excited or whatever, my body would somehow change. Just now I had been nervous about seeing the vice principal who was sitting in front of me, couple that with the intense imagery and I had turned into the pebble skinned Gollum, scaring ten years growth out of the poor receptionist in the process.

The reason I had been nervous about seeing Mr Tomes was because, like most vice principals, he held a lot more power in the school then one might think. However unlike most vice principals he was totally ruthless when it came to discipline, rumour was that he had been in the army a long time ago but was dishonourably discharged, however that was where the stories ended.

He seemed to like rules and punishing those who broke them, and even though ogling the teacher was not against the rules he still filled out the forms that go on my record and come up at the next parent teacher interview. It wasn't like I was worried about my parents getting mad at me, they didn't really care what I did, but it still seemed a little unfair. To be honest I wished that there were something I could do about it. As I watched him sliding the papers into the top draw of his ddesk, I realised there just might be.

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After the last class of the day let out I snuck into the men's room and waited. Our school, most people just called it Jacob Street High School, was pretty big; probably close the two thousand high school students passed through these halls every day. A recent survey said that we had more problem children in this one school then in the rest of the state put together. To those of us who had grown up around here that was about as much of a surprise as finding out you had ten fingers.

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This whole section of the city was pretty rough, about ten year ago some genius had the idea to build a massive suburb of cheap housing to provide residency for the nearby factories. However the factories had folded up shortly after the project was finished, meaning that house prices when through the floor and the doll bludgers, drug dealers and basic drains on society moved in.

They called it the Scarlet Acres now, partly because of one of the local street gangs, 'The Scarlet Brothers', also because the numerous beatings and killings around here meant you'd often see patches of blood on the footpath. We were there because my dad had once owner a massive hardware store but was sued for everything when one of his employees was hit by a forklift. Our family had lost just about everything and we'd been forced into Scarlet Acres, both my parents worked overtime and I barely saw them these days.

After about half an hour of just hanging out in one of the cubicles I decided it was time to give this a shot. I was already nervous so getting my blood up was not going to be a problem.

It was not so much out of fear, more excitement, I mean if this worked, it would be big, my own personal moon landing. I started focusing on the image of Mr Tomes in my mind; it wasn't hard seeing as how he had been sitting right in front of me an hour ago.

The first thing I noticed my skin loosened, like I had shrunk inside it. My face itched and I could feel my whole body warping. I had once been on a roller coaster that was supposed to go up to five g's so your whole body felt half crushed and the flesh rippled and moved all on its own, that's kind of what it felt like. Fortunately for me Mr Tomes was a small man, so there wasn't much difference between us in size and shape. The change only took about a minute or so before everything seemed to settle.

When I stepped out of the stall and looked into the cracked mirror I saw our vice principal staring back at me. Our school had long since abandoned the idea of enforcing school uniforms; it was strange to see Mr Tomes with his middle aged wrinkles and crew cut hair in jeans, t-shirt and hoodie, seeing as how he usually wore suit and tie. I lifted up my shirt and saw that my chest was still the same as it had been, as well as my genitals, none of that had changed.


I decided it didn't matter. There was one other thing that stood out: I was incredibly horny. As a seventeen year old I spent most of my time in some sort of a semi hard state, with it taking nothing more than watching a girl taking the stairs two at a time to send me ridged.

However this, well let's just say that as I left the men's room and made my way down through the halls any young women I came across, or old women for that matter, may have found themselves in a little trouble. As it happened there were few stragglers in the corridors and I was able to make it to the vice principals office without committing any serious felonies.

As I walked through the door his receptionist looked up with a bit of a start, I guess she thought he, I, Mr Tomes, had already gone home. As with most of the receptionists in our school she was a former student, Tomes changed his every time a class graduated.

If memory served at the time her name was Fiona something or other, she looked just how a secretary was meant to look, small, petite, timid, sort of a Marylyn Monroe thing about her. I had to force myself not to jump her bones then and there, she went back to whatever she had been up to and I let myself into the math teacher's office. It was strange to be there and not to be in some kind of trouble, the office looked the same as it always did, except for the absents of Mr Tomes.

The desk faced the door, much as it would in an executive's office of some big company; maybe that's how Tomes saw himself. I quickly swung around his desk sat down in the overstuffed office chair.

My intention had originally been to just grab the report he had earlier made about me and then scarper, but as usual thing were a little more complicated then I'd thought. I slide the draw open to find the form I was l looking for was sitting at the very top.

However as I lifted it out of the draw I saw that the pages below were anything other than school forms. Underneath were photos of naked women…no, not women, girls. For a moment I thought that the vice principal was stashing porn in his desk and figured that I could have a little chuckle about it whenever he walked past.

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Then I looked closer and saw that these were not the glossy models you find in the latest issue of Penthouse. These looked as if they had been taken with a digital camera, uploaded onto a computer the printed out with an office printer, and what's more, I recognised some of them.

The pictures were of girls I went to school with, taken from all over the institute. There were girls at practise on the oval, in the classrooms, walking through the halls and, most intriguingly, what had to be the girl's locker room. Most of these girls were serious lookers, with developments well beyond their years, but somewhere, what you might call late bloomers, sixteen, seventeen years old, but still looked pre-pubescent. My curiosity got the better of me and after leafing through the pictures I decided to have a poke through the other draws.

The bottom one was one of those bigger kinds, like out of a filing cabinet. All I found in there were papers, it was packed to bursting and I didn't see any reason to try going through all of them.

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The second one almost made me crap myself; in there I found a couple of cameras, a few roles of zip lock bags and a knife. Not a little kitchen knife or pocket blade, this thing looked like you could carve through a car door with.

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So much for chuckling at the teacher whenever I saw him, hell I might just straighten up a little in class so as not to get sent to his office anymore. Just when I was ready to bolt when I heard the receptionist talking to someone.

As quick as I could I planted my now middle aged butt down in the office chair and kicked the draws shut just as the door swung open and in walked a particularly attractive young women. Seeing as how this was such a huge school I didn't know every single person here by name, however her I knew. Her name was Kate, but we called her Silicon Kate; admittedly not the most imaginative name ever but she had gone away for the summer holidays and A cup and come back either a large C or small D depending on who you asked.

Anyway she was standing there in a mid-length skirt, tight button-up top, high heal boots and god help me if I didn't wanna commit several crimes on her in about eight seconds. She didn't say anything, just sat down across the desk from me and looked to be waiting. "Well," she said after a moment. "Well what?" I replied automatically, a little disturbed to hear the gruff voice of the grease haired Mr Tomes escape my mouth.

"Aren't we going to, you know?" she said, with an almost defeated tone in her voice. When I stayed silent she stood up and started unbuttoning her blouse "You know, my 'extra credit'." I've watched a lot of porn in my life, I mean, hey come on, what guy hasn't? So I had heard about this sort of thing, girls making it with their teachers to get the marks up. But you see unlike a lot of guys I have met, I knew that it was all fiction, or so I had thought. But the real surprise, for me at least, was that girls in this school weren't that concerned about their grades, not to be stereotypical but most here were just going till they were sixteen then leave, either that or hang out until the HSC to get a bit more of a free ride.

Speaking of rides. Kate slowly undid her top and let it fall open; I know it was kind of, well not wrong, but maybe less right. None the less I wanted her so bad right then, I didn't care if she was being blackmailed or that I had taken on the form of another man. I guess we've all been there at one time or another, well, maybe not all of us. I looked up and was greeted by the magnificent sight of Kate bra falling away, leaving her breast totally exposed, framed by her open blouse.

To say that they were heavenly would have been an understatement; they were easily into the d-cup range but were firm and sat up high on her chest. Her nipples were the size of a fried egg yolk and, although they weren't hard were still begging to be sucked. I decided 'What the hell?" it wasn't like I was ever going to get another chance like this even if I lived a thousand years. I got up and moved around the desk, she turned to face me; her emotions still a mask of indifference even as I reached up to take her heavenly breasts in my hands.

Of all those I had felt these were defiantly the best, they were soft to the touch, but at their core were firm as a ripe fruit. I could feel her tremor under my touch, her breath was coming in short, shuddering gasps, I couldn't tell what she was feeling but seeing as how I was in the form of Mr Tomes and feeling her up it was probably something between arousal and disgust.

I slowly pushed her backwards until she sank in to the chair behind her. With and almost automatic function, like she was moving through a dream, she reached up and unbuckled my jeans. They funny thing was that my cock still felt the same to me, looking down I could see that it still kind of looked the same. It sure as all hell felt the same when Kate reached out and took hold of it. I was already getting hard and her touch only sped me up to full blown erection.

She leaned forward and hesitantly began licking the head of my now swollen prick. The arousal that I had been feeling since I changed my form took hold of me like an iron fist.

I was still trying to be gently with her but god that was difficult. I placed my hands on the back of her head and pushed her further forward on to my cock. She started gagging slightly as my dick pushed its way down her throat, I could hear her sucking air in through her nose but she didn't try and pull away. From what I knew about Kate she was no stranger to giving head and had obviously mastered her gag reflex.

As I was pushing her head forward her hands came up and grabbed her tits. I thought she was going to start feeling herself up, but instead she grabbed her boobs and lifted them apart.

She dragged her face back away from by groin and brought my now soaking prick up between her ample breasts. Her hands grasped her own nipples, giving them a slight twist as she did so, and clamped her breasts right around my prick.

The touch of her boobs was warm and soft like a great fleshy cushion; she began rising and falling out of her seat, the full length of my manhood pushing up and down between her mounds. The head of my cock pushed through her cleavage and with every thrust she stuck her tongue out and gave it the tiniest flick like she was licking an ice cream. In my normal state this would have been doing everything for me, right now it was sending me beyond wild into a sort of animalistic frenzy.

Every single movement of hers was electrifying, like all the nerves in my body were heightened well beyond normal. I reached down and grabbed her by the shoulders; I pulled her to her feet and stood with her. Standing eye to eye you might think that this would be the perfect time to have kissed her but I was nearly ready to explode into a million pieces. I turned the two of us around so we had switched positions then, maybe a little more roughly then I intended, spun her around and bent her over the desk.

Pens and paper went everywhere as her arms spread out to support herself. I flipped her skirt up onto her back and looked down at the pink G-string that was ridden up the cheeks of her pale round ass. I quickly wormed my fingers under the smooth fabric and dragged them down just far enough so that then wouldn't get in the way. I leaned forward and placed my cock at the entrance to her pussy.

She was warm and inviting but didn't seem to be entirely wet; I guess that it was because she wasn't really attracted to Mr Tomes, who at the moment I effectively was. None the less I leaned forward and slide into her pussy, in front of me I heard her groan and her whole form shuddered.

"Oh daddy," she moaned, arching her back up off the desk and spreading her legs even further.

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"Oh daddy, what's happened, you're so much bigger!" Two things about that were strange about that; first the fact that she was calling me daddy, either Tomes had asked her to do that or this girl had some serious issues. The other thing was that she said I was bigger; as far as I could tell my dick was its usual six and a half inches, guess the V.P. wasn't all that impressive manhood wise which was why my average pecker was so much bigger to Kate. I started pushing in and out of her, again I wasn't being as gentle with her as I should have but judging from the gasps and moans she was making she wasn't all that worried about it.

I reached around and once again took hold of her ample breasts; her nipples were as hard as if they had just been iced. Finally her pussy was starting to moisten, this only spurred me on and I started fucking her even faster. The sound of our pelvises slapping together filled the small room mixed in with our groans, or in Kate's case window shattering screams.

"Right there!" she yelled so loud that if I had been in a more present state of mind I might have thought about gagging her. "Fuck me daddy! OH SHIT JESUS CHRIST FUCK ME DADDY!!!" I was half worried that the secretary was going to walk in but I guess that this was a bit of a common occurrence and she knew not to interfere. Kate reached around and grabbed onto her own ass cheek as I pounded into her like a jack hammer. I saw her finger nails digging into the soft supple flesh of her rump, leaving behind bright red marks.

I let go of her tits and brought one hand around on top of her and pushed it off her butt. Not missing a beat with my thrusting I raised my hand and swatted her across the ass hard enough to leave behind a red welt.

The result was quite surprising; Kate threw back her head and shrieked like a banshee, babbling incomprehensible words as her entire body thrashed around beneath me. I'm no psychiatrist but I think she liked it, I tried it again and this time the savage growling scream that escaped her bordered on the demonic. She began bending her knees and bouncing up and down, leaning back into me like my cock would never get deep enough into her.

Her mane of golden blond hair cascaded down her back, with the hand that wasn't slapping her ass and making her scream I stretched out and took a hold of a fist full of her hair. I pulled just enough to force her head to tilt backwards and smacked her again across the backside. "OH FUCK ME!" she screamed, and I mean really screamed. "PULL MY HAIR, SPANK ME, I'VE BEEN BAD! I'M GONNA CUM! MAKE ME FUCKING CUM DADDY!" Her screaming was one of the biggest turn on I have ever had, I pulled back on her hair, dug my nails into her ass and shoved my cock as far into her as I could ever get.

At the same time her pussy clamped down on me and her whole form shook like a paint shaker while she screamed to the heavens. I felt the cum bubbling up inside me and I shot my load deep inside her, however I don't think that she even noticed, so engrossed was she in her own orgasm. All at once she went limp, like a puppet whose strings had been cut; she fell forward onto the desk, breathing like she had just run a marathon.

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I was feeling about the same, my mind was kind of foggy from the post orgasmic bliss. I slowly pulled out of her, my dick still rock hard and quickly pulled my trousers up. Kate was still lying over the desk but at the feeling of me pulling out she roused herself. She was still panting heavily and busied herself straightening her cloths. She wasn't quite looking at me as I put the stuff back on Tomes' desk but when she did it was a sort of sideways glance, as if there was something off about me but she couldn't quite put her finger one it.

Well of course there was something off about me, I had borrowed the form of our vice principal and fucked her brains out. I wanted to ask her some more about the whole 'extra credit' thing she had mentioned before. But before I could say anything she picked up her bag and simply walked out. I figured that that was the nature of their arrangement, the reason she hadn't said anything before: no talking, just sex.

To be fair that was an agreement that most guys would have found to be most, well, agreeable. I soon followed her out the door, resisting the urge to take another look around the office. As I passed the secretary she didn't look up at but as I left I distinctly heard a noise of disgust behind me as I shut the door and hurried out of the school. To Be Continued…