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Sativa Rose Latin Theesome Fuck
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Cottages and Couples The music is playing softly in the background as I sit at the computer and do some editing to my photos. We recently took a weekend trip to the cottage with our friends, and I took along my camera equipment. I knew that with the beautiful lakes and scenery around us, I would want to take advantage of it and get some great shots.

The first 20 or so pictures were of when we first arrived, unpacking the truck, laughing at trying to get organized, our friends arriving, all of us cooking dinner, sharing a bottle of wine at supper, even the campfire that we had later that night and as I was editing the pictures, I started to day dream about what had happened that night.

Our friends had already gone back into the cabin and gone to bed, and we had stayed out to watch the fire burn .The weather had been so hot lately, that even the nights were staying warm, and with being on the lake, a midnight swim would not go amiss and either would the fact that we didn't even change into our bathing suits, we just stripped and went in naked under the light of the moon.

The water was so refreshing, and everything was just so calm and serene. We lay there floating on the placid water, feeling the water flow over us. The lake isn't that deep, so we can go out pretty far before you can't touch bottom anymore.

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I loved feeling the water all over my body; it just felt like a million tiny tongues licking me. I was starting to get a bit tired now that the water had relaxed me, so I headed over to the dock to just lean against it and rest my body, but still be in the refreshing water.

Our dock is the type that starts on the beach and extends into the water, so it is not very high, you could actually lean against it and still be sitting in the water, and that's what I was doing. You were still floating around on your back, and I knew you were on your back because I could see your stiffening cock silhouetted in the moonlight. I don't know what you were thinking about that made you hard, but that's okay as I was pretty aroused looking at you and would put that erection to good use.

Your eyes were closed and you were thoroughly enjoying floating around in front of me, but I made you open your eyes when I snuck up and stroked your hard cock. You immediately opened your eyes and stood up. That grin came across your face, the mischievous one, the one where I don't know if I should run and hide or the one where I should just give into you.

This time I decided it must be the one that I give into. You grabbed my hips and pulled me into your arms, wrapping yourself around me. Your hands found my ass cheeks as I wound my arms around your neck, planting little kisses on you as I nuzzled into you. You walked me backwards toward the dock and thank goodness there is a towel there. You laid me down on the towel and start kissing my neck, your tongue leaving little swirls as you go. I could feel your cock sliding back and forth across my thighs as you moved your lips around my neck.

I could feel your moist breath on my shoulders, and I felt your lips trace my neck. Your tongue followed your kisses caressing my shoulders and neck. I didn't really want to kill the mood, but I wanted to get this on either video for something to watch later or at least a few pictures. I stop you and explain what I want to do. I go and grab my camera and set it up for night exposure. I want to have some shots of you against the moon. I pose you at the end of the dock by having you stand side ways, the moon behind you and your cock pointing straight out.

It's a very sexy picture. I'm starting to get moist just watching you. I next have you lay down on your back, your hands behind your head and your cock standing at attention against the moonlight. You're like an Adonis.

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Even though we are in our late 40's early 50's, our bodies are still in good shape and we enjoy touching and looking at them. I have you pose for one last shot and this one is a bit tricky. I have you lay down on your back, but your knees are bent up and your legs are wide open, this time I have you grasp your cock and give it a couple of strokes, the picture turns out perfect, now its time to use the light from the moon to put a bit of intrigue into some fore play.

I position my camera on a bench, check the exposure and turn the video on. I do a test video by having you kneel down, face the camera and stroke your cock. The lighting is perfect, everything can be seen and the affect is gorgeous. Video on, I return to where I was laying on the dock, and pull you to me.

You are kneeling over me, your cock just slightly touching my slit as you slide your body up mine. You start kissing my neck, and slowly I feel your tongue slide down my chest and as you slide down I feel your cock slide against my legs, leaving a little trail of juice from the wet tip. I let out a gasp as I feel my breast heave with anticipation and tingling.

Your lips are on my nipples, sucking, licking and your tongue starts to flick them, making them swell and grow hard. I arch my back to meet your hot mouth, loving the way you suckle my nipples, taking the whole breast into your mouth, flicking the nipple with your tongue, rolling it around, pulling it with your lips and tenderly biting it.

My hands have a hold of your thighs, pulling you close to me. I can feel your hardness sliding back and forth on my belly and when you start to move down my body your cock slides between my legs, rubbing on my clit. You are teasing me, letting your stiff cock slide back and forth against my clit. It is driving me crazy. I reach up and grab your cock wanting to slide it into my wet pussy, but you push my hand away and whisper to me "not yet". You take my hand and raise it above my head, slide your tongue down between my boobs and straddle me.

Your hard cock is now resting on my belly, little droplets of wet leave a trail on my stomach. You slide your cock up between my boobs and slowly start sliding back and forth.

Droplets of wet make the sliding smooth and you make a valley by pushing my boobs together, the feeling increasing the hardness of your smooth cock. Your thumbs play with my nipples as you slide back and forth, each stroke increasing the strength of play on my nipples. I can feel my pussy getting wetter, and my free hand wanders down to my clit. I slide my fingers over my swelling clit, feeling the wetness that has begun to seep out.

I slide a finger into my hole, making sure it is covered with my juices and then I offer it to you. You take it in your mouth and suck it clean all the while you are growing harder as you slide between my tits.

My fingers find my pussy again and I start to rub my clit, feeling it grow as I rub. My other hand is holding back my lips so that I can have full access to my clit and hole. I rub little circles around and around, and slide my fingers in and out of my wet pussy, feeling the juice that has started to flow. You start to slow yourself down, as you are getting too close to cumming. You slide your cock out from my cleavage, your hands still kneading my tits and your thumbs still pulling my nipples, you sit back a bit, my hands being pinned under your legs still rubbing my clit and feeling my juices.

You bring my hands up and close them around your hardness, I can feel you throbbing, pulsing in my hands. You slowly move my hands up and down and I am applying a bit of pressure each time my fingers hit the head of your swollen member. Steadily I pump faster, sliding up and down and squeezing your hard cock, faster and faster, I hear you gasp and I know you are ready to orgasm. I slow down and concentrate all my efforts on the head of your cock, squeezing it as I wrap my two fingers and thumb around it.

I can see the first droplets forming and oozing out, I pump once, twice, and the third time I hear you groan and watch as you arch your back and grab the back of my up raised thighs. You cum shoots out and lands in the valley between my tits. It's hot, thick and so delicious. You rub my nipples with it and caress your cum into my tits. I get the last few drops off the tip of your cock and suck them off my fingers.

You roll off onto the dock beside me, still panting a bit but with a huge grin on your face. It had been a while since we were that spontaneous, and it was perfect. We both got up and slid back into the water to get refreshed and rinsed off, knowing that this was only the beginning of what would be a gorgeous night of making love and rediscovering ourselves.

We finish up our swim, I grab my camera, you put out the campfire and back into the cottage we go. Our friends have been in there the whole time we've been outside, and we expected them to be asleep, but that was not the case. The cabin has two bedrooms, and they sit on either side of the bathroom, which is located at the back of the cabin, so when you walk in the front door you are in the living room/kitchen/dining room area.

If you go down the hall off the main room, you will find the first bedroom, which is the guest room, then you find the bathroom and then our room. As we went down the hallway towards our room we could hear what we thought was the TV on in the guest bedroom, but as it turned out it was our friends enjoying themselves.

We stood outside their door and listened in as they enjoyed having oral sex. We could hear someone sucking, kissing and moaning while someone else was gasping for breath. While we stood there listening to our friends, our hands started to grope each other. You came up behind me and the only thing between us was the towel that I had wrapped around me, and suddenly I felt the towel fall.

You had tugged it off me, and now your arms were wrapped around me from behind.

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Your fingers were twisting my nipples, your cock was pressing into my ass and your lips were on my neck kissing me. You started grinding your hips into me and I could feel your prick getting hard again. Your fingers slid down my stomach to my clit where with one hand you separated my pussy lips and the other hand started pulling and rubbing my clit. I let out a little gasp and knew that if we didn't move to our bedroom that we would end up having sex in front of our guest room door.

I pulled myself together not wanting to move your hands, but knowing I had to, I grabbed your hands and the towel and pulled you into our bedroom, closed the door quietly, turned on the stereo and grabbed the massage oil. I pushed you down on the bed, popped the top off the oil and dribbled it down your chest to your stomach, then down your stomach to your already stiff cock.

I straddle you and start to rub the oil into your shoulders, chest and stomach. I stretch out your arms and massage them both with oil. I slide down and straddled your thighs and massage the oil into your stomach, hips and pelvis. When I touch your hips and pelvis you arch your back and rise up to meet me. I massage the oil down along your cock and around your balls, giving them a little squeeze and hearing you give me a little moan.

I grab the oil again and dribble some onto your thighs and slide down your legs and continue pouring the oil on you. I am sitting across your feet and my hands are massaging your thighs and then sliding down to your calves and then back up again, brushing against your balls and cock.


I finally take your hard cock into my hands massaging the oil into it. Stroking up and down and stopping to give the head an extra squeeze I keep massaging until I know you are going to cum. I know you are getting close because you are moaning, and your hips are thrusting your cock into my hands. I stop massaging you and guide your hands to my wet pussy. I take your finger and slide it between my pussy lips, feeling the wet that has started to form, to feel my hard clit getting harder as I press against your hand.

I take your one hand and when I rise up over you, I guide your two fingers inside me and once inside me I slowly ease down to sit back on your thighs with your fingers inside me.

I move my hips back and forth to make your fingers glide in and out of me. You take your other hand and flick my clit, making it stand up harder, your two fingers sliding in and out making my pussy wetter and wetter. Your fingers are making me so hot and wet, I pump them faster and faster feeling my muscles start to tighten around them knowing that I'm finally going to get my orgasm.


I push harder and harder, hearing my juices swish with every stroke of your fingers. My legs are parting wider and your fingers are going deeper. I feel that stirring in my belly and know that I am going to cum.

You sit up and brace me with your one arm around my back and drive your fingers into me faster and faster. Your face is buried in my tits with your tongue and lips sucking my nipples. I start to quiver and moan and feel my body tense with a perfect creamy, wet, hot orgasm.

You hold my body still as it spasm with each wave of my orgasm. Your fingers still sliding in and out of me, wetter and wetter, I finally stop quivering as you slide your fingers out of me and immediately put them in your mouth and suck my juices off. I can feel my cum oozing out of my pussy and making little droplets on your thighs.

Panting and still shivering, I wrap my arms around your neck and lower myself down onto your thighs again, rocking back and forth with you until my shivering subsides. Your cock is sandwiched between our bodies, hard and ready to go. I raise myself up and rub my clit against your cock. I grab your shoulders to steady myself and slowly lower my pussy over your cock, sliding you in with ease.

My pussy is so wet from my orgasm that I can hear the juices as I slide up and down your hard post. You put your hands on my hips and guide me up and down on your cock, each time you go a little deeper and a little faster. Your hands come off my hips and grab my tits, rolling my nipples in your fingers, your mouth sucking them and your hands kneading them.

You slow down and pull your glistening hard cock out of me. You grab a hold of my waist and shimmy down to the edge of the bed and put your legs over the end and position my legs so that they wrap around your waist.

My arms are around your neck and I slide them down and grab a hold of your forearms and lean my body back. My pussy opens and you guide your hard prick into my hole. As I lean back further I feel you go deep, so deep that it causes me to moan. I extend myself a little more backwards by hanging onto your hands. Your hips are grinding into me now and I meet each of your thrusts. My legs pull you deeper into me, feeling you grow even larger while you start to pound me harder.

The juices of my sopping wet pussy keep your hot poker lubed slick and push out of me as you push into me. I want this feeling to last as long as it can and I know I'm going to cum again because your stiff cock is hitting my g-spot, my legs are starting to quiver and my stomach muscles are starting to tighten. I slow down a bit and thrust against you hitting my sweet spot each time, and each time I get closer to gushing again. I finally hit my peak and I shudder and slam your cock into me, squeeze my legs around your waist and throw my head back as the wave of my huge orgasm over takes me.

It's a good thing you have a hold of my arms as this time my body goes limp for a few seconds because my orgasm is so intense. You grab me around the waist again and lay me down on the bed so that I can recover before we go at it again, because I know we are far from finished. Your hands are caressing and massaging my legs, working up to my pussy and I feel your fingers circle my clit, rub it and slide into my hole.

I am lying back with my eyes closed and not knowing what you are doing only feeling what you are doing. I feel your hot tongue licking my pussy lips as you raise my legs up to open me wide to you. Your fingers are still probing me as your tongue makes little circles around my clit, your teeth biting it, your lips sucking it, and you lapping up the juices that escape every time you pull your fingers out of me. I hold your head to my pussy pushing you harder into my clit so your tongue can find the sweet spot and it doesn't take long before I cum again.

It is only a little orgasm, but it still felt good. You slide up my body, I can feel your cock dripping with pre-cum and I know that you are hot for my hole. You roll me over and spread my legs and come up behind me and slide your cock into my hole. I raise my ass up to meet your strokes and feel your balls slap against me as you start to pound your hard cock into me. You have one hand on my shoulder and the other hand on my hip pulling me into you.

I reach back and fondle your balls and feel the wetness of my juices on them. I squeeze and roll them in my fingers and hear you moan when I do it. Your pounding is getting faster and deeper now, with every stroke you start to make a growling sound. When I hear that sound I know that you are close to cumming and I start to squeeze your cock with my pussy muscles.

This intensifies your thrusting and all of a sudden I feel your grab my nipples as you bend over me and slam into me deep and hard, and your body shakes. The hot cum splashes inside me with such intensity that it fills my pussy and starts to drips out. You keep thrusting and I can feel you cumming again.

You give my nipples one last squeeze, and your fingers slide down to my pussy and slide into my hole along with your cock.

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You pull them out and bring them to my lips where I suck our cum off them, the salty sweet warm creamy juices that our bodies have made together. Your cock is still in me but has started to lose its hardness, and your fingers keep sliding in and out of me until I can't take it anymore and lower my ass feeling you slide totally out of me and slide behind me panting still from having a huge blasting explosion of cum.

The both of us are so tired that we just pull the blanket over top of us, our bodies entwined and fall asleep, knowing that we had a great night, with pictures and video to watch over and over again and know that tomorrow there will probably be more adventures to come. Morning arrived and we must have been exhausted, as we hadn't moved all night. The blankets that had covered us were still on us and our bodies were still entwined. You got up and jumped into the shower and I followed needing to have the hot water wake us up.

Dressed in our normal attire for the cottage, which consisted of a t-shirt, and shorts for you and usually a bikini top and cotton skort for me, we headed to the kitchen to make breakfast.

Our friends greeted us with coffee already made and it was just a matter of making all of us breakfast. All of us were in need of a hearty breakfast and it showed with the amount of food that we ate.

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It was suggested that we do a bit of hiking today, so we decided on making a picnic lunch, put it in our cooler bags with some cold packs, along with a couple of bottles of wine, a couple of towels and away the four of us went.

The terrain in our cabin area is a combination of boulders, bush, and small-secluded clearings. We have an area that has a huge, huge boulder that is used for a look out and this is where we decided we would meet up for lunch. We took to the trail and decided that we would take one trail, while our friends took a different trail, even though along the way the trails intersect and cross each other.

Off we went, the air was crisp, the sun shining between the trees was glorious, and it was nice and warm. I grabbed my camera out of my bag and made sure it was ready for anything that we may come across on our hike. The nice thing about our area is that it is somewhat private, there isn't another cabin for a few miles, and so you really don't see anyone else around.

We had hiked for about an hour and I needed to have a rest, grab some water and wipe off a bit of sweat. You already had your shirt off and I could see the sweat trickle down your chest, so it was a good thing we stopped for a breather and a nice drink of cool water.

We were about to get started again when we heard some giggling noises coming from an area just ahead of us. We slowly and quietly snuck up to where the noises were coming from and realized that our friends had had the same idea of stopping for a drink and to get toweled off a bit, but they were more than toweled off, they were laying on their towels and he had his head buried in her pussy and she had her mouth full of his cock.

We stopped and just stood there and took in what was going on in front of us. I slowly raised my camera and turned the video on and just watched the show as it unfolded.

Our friends had come to one of the secluded parts of the trail that is only marked by an overhanging willow tree. Once you turn off the trail at the tree you can find a small grassy area with a large flat rock that sticks about 2 feet high out of the ground and it is about 10 feet around.

It's a great place to throw down a blanket and meditate as the willow branches fall like a beautiful green curtain around the rock. Our friends had found the rock and like I said they had thrown their towels down and were buried in each other. They were completely oblivious to us being there, and we were only standing maybe 5 feet away from them, but it didn't matter, they were so busy with sucking and licking pussy and cock that they didn't hear or see us.

We stood there in silence while I videoed their passion and knew that we would have something to watch later that night with them.

With the show over, we snuck back to the trail and headed toward the flat boulder for lunch. We arrived in time to get everything setup, wine open and lunch made. Our friends arrived about 15 minutes later and we all enjoyed the wine, the food and the conversation, knowing that what we saw we would share later on after supper. We casually talked about the hike, and while we were relaxing and letting our lunch settle, I perched myself on one of the boulders that was away from where we ate, dropped my top and lay back feeling the sun on my body, warming it through and bringing it alive feeling the breeze blow across me.

If it weren't for the fact that our friends were just a few feet away, I would have dropped my shorts as well, but I was enjoying the breeze as it blew up the legs of my shorts and across my pussy, you see I didn't wear underwear, so if I brought my knees up and opened my legs a bit, everything was open to the breeze.

You were busy putting the stuff away from lunch and didn't notice that I was sunbathing on the rock, until you happened to stop and look up to find me lying there just a few feet away. You were a little surprised to see that I had taken my top off because our friends were not that far away from us.

When you came over to me you just looked at me in astonishment, never had I freely laid there in the sun with my top off and people around, but as you stood there, close enough for me to reach out and touch you, I just smiled at you and rubbed the inside of your leg, letting my hand wander up higher and higher.

You slowly moved closer to me, and my hand made its way up your shorts to rest on your cock. I gave it a little squeeze and you gasped. You froze immediately not wanting to attract attention to what I was about to do. You slowly sat down beside me, my hand still up your shorts and you just placed your hand on my boob and without creating any attention you started to squeeze my nipple.

You moved your hand from nipple to nipple, squeezing and pinching me until they went red and hard; all the while you are smiling and talking with our friends. Our friends then decided that they were going to go a bit further down the trail and packed up their stuff and headed out. Once they were gone, I wrapped my fingers and thumb around your cock and gave it a good squeeze.

I can feel you getting hard, so I keep squeezing your cock and then shift to your balls and give them a little massage. Each time I squeeze your cock you squeeze my nipples and they are standing erect and hard. I take my hand out of your shorts, sit up and face you. I pull your shorts down and see your cock spring out. I pull you towards me and guide your red cock head into my mouth. My tongue finds the slit and works its way in and out, licking and sucking you as I take you into my mouth.

Your hands lace themselves in my hair, holding my head against you, guiding me back and forth while I suck you, lick you, and nibble your hot cock. I can hear you breathing heavier, and I hear a little moan when I flick and nibble the very tip of your cock. As much as I love the feel of your cum, I don't want you to cum in my mouth, so I slow down the pace, slide you out of my mouth and slip my hands around your hot rod, and start to pump you and feel you grow harder.

The boulder is quite hard under me, so I get up and lay the towel down on the grass and we lay down. I can see the outline of your hard cock poking through your shorts, begging to be set free, so I pull your shorts down over your cock and grasp you roughly and start to pump you again. Your hands wander to my stomach and slide down the front of my skort. You pull back the skirt part and your fingers probe for my wet pussy. I feel you slide a finger into my hole and slowly draw it back out.

My legs immediately open wide for you. Your hand slides under the waistband of my skort and probe around till they find my clit, rubbing it until it grows hard. You roll onto your side facing me, my hand still stroking your cock and keeping it hard, but you take my hand away, pull down my skort and bend your head down so that your tongue probes my clit, dancing along its edge, sucking at its peak, your fingers all the while sliding in and out of me, going deeper finding that special spot.

My hand grabs your head and guides it to the fleshy area just below my clit, that's my favourite place, my most intense place for orgasms. Your tongue laps at my hole drinking in the wetness that has started to ooze, brought on by the attention that my pussy is getting. Your fingers feel so good, sliding in and out of me, along with the heat of your tongue on my lips and clit.

I don't want to cum, but know that I am close; I want us to explode together. I push your head away, pull your fingers out and pop them into your mouth, open my legs wide and set astride you, slowly sinking your cock into my hole. I am well lubed from your fingers being there, and you slide in so smoothly.

I lower myself and lay on you, kissing your neck and chest as I go, finally reaching your lips where we have a slow passionate kiss, as my hips start to grind with yours and my thrust meet yours as you bring your body closer to mine while pushing your pulsating cock into my hot, soaking pussy. We pump faster and faster eagerly awaiting the explosion that we know is coming hard and fast. I feel that tightening in my stomach and know that I'm on the edge, as I arch my back and start to shudder when I feel my hot cum start to flow and just as I start to shudder I hear you growl with the onset of your explosion of hot cum into me.

We both are shaking with the eruption of our sex juices combining together creating one hot, velvety, thick cream of love.


We keep pumping our bodies together until the last ounce of energy has been expelled. I collapse on top of you, breath coming hard, bodies wet with sweat, and the cream of our afternoon delight trickling out of my cunt as your cock slips out. As soft slumber overtakes us for the moment, I lay there on top of you, feeling your heart beating, listening to your breathing slowing down, and feeling the warmth of the sun on our bodies.

As reality sneaks back to us we gather our clothes, towel and the rest of the picnic stuff and head back to the cottage. We both jump into the shower and get ready for our company to come back.

While we are waiting for our company to come back, I upload the video I took earlier of them on our hike and add this to the video I took last night of us on the dock. Tonight the movie of the week is going to be the hits of the weekend.

I just get the editing done and the video burned onto a disk and our friends walk in, smiling and telling us how great the hike was. They excuse themselves to go shower and change and we start supper. I am still turned on by what happened this afternoon and I let you know this by rubbing against you as you prepare the salad for supper, and just to tease you even more, I stand in front of you on the other side of the kitchen island and slowly unbutton my shirt revealing my ample cleavage bursting from my bra.

As I continue to undo my shirt I lean over the counter and pop my tit out and rub it against the counter and feel the coolness hit my nipple. You just stand there in disbelief and stare at what I just did, and with my nipple hard I pop my boob back into my shirt, button it back up and finish helping you with the salad. Dinner was great, steaks on the barbeque, grilled vegetables, nice romaine and tomato salad and of course a nice bottle or two of wine.

Dinner finished, dishes cleared, coffee on, we all strolled out to the front deck. The night was warm and we all enjoyed our coffee while watching the sun go down. You walked down to the fire pit and started a small fire, just enough to roast marshmallows to make Smore's.

We all laughed at that, 'cause you're never too old to make Smore's. While we were roasting our marshmallows I explained to our friends that I had a special video to show everyone tonight for entertainment, and I explained to them that it was something that only the four of us would enjoy. This intrigued our friends and they started to ask me questions about it, but I wouldn't tell them anything other than they would enjoy it. Dessert was finished and you put the fire out and I suggested that we all go back inside, change into our jammies or whatever we would be most comfortable in and then we would watch the movie.

So off to our bedrooms to change into something comfy, and in my case my button down night shirt, something very accessible and in your case, your comfy pajama shorts, the ones with the button missing on the crotch flap and only being held closed by the elastic band in the waist. Our friends returned wearing very comfy night wear, he wearing just cutoff track pants and her wearing a pair of baby doll pajamas with a very low neckline, so that when she bent forward you could see her tits and with him, when he sat down you could see the outline of his cock.

We opened another bottle of wine, and I had thrown all the large pillows onto the floor along with a couple of blankets and we all gathered there for the video. You turned down the lights, lit a couple candles, and started a small fire, just enough to take the chill out of the air as it was starting to cool down.

With everything set, I pressed play and sat opposite our friends to watch the reaction on their faces to seeing our love making session last night on the dock along with the pictures I took of you in the moonlight. As the video of our love making progressed, I saw the surprise on our friend's faces and they couldn't stop watching.

I watched how they unconsciously started to caress each other as they sat there leaned up against the pillows. His hand was rubbing her thigh through the material, while her hand was rubbing his bare thigh. You were sitting there watching them as well knowing that they were totally oblivious to either of us being there. I could see that your cock was starting to spring up, and I just gave it a quick rub, just enough to say that I'd be giving you more later so please be a patient cock and behave.

You gave me that grin and knew exactly what I was doing. They were starting to get into the video as I watched their hands move to skin on skin. His were up her thigh and probing her pussy, while hers was stroking his cock through the front of his shorts. As the video went on I couldn't help but get wetter and wetter, so I took the plunge and grabbed your cock through the opening of your pj's where the button was missing.

I then slid down in front of you and filled my mouth with you. You were rock hard, and I could feel you throbbing each time I plunged you into my mouth, sucking, licking, and biting you. I held you in my hand and licked your red head, driving my tongue into the slit, biting the ridge and sucking your first drops of dew as they oozed from the tip of your hot cock.

Your head was back, your eyes closed, and your hands were holding my head in place, guiding me as I fed your muscle in and out of my hot mouth.

I popped my tits out of my nightshirt and guided your hot cock between them. This is one of your favourite places to be, and I felt you start to move your hips up and down to thrust your cock and feel the friction that it creates when you rub between my tits.

Each time you thrust your cock up my tongue met the slit and licked it, this sent shudders down your spine. Your thrusting was getting faster and I could hear and see you starting to get close to cumming.

Meanwhile our friends had assumed the 69 position and were enjoying sucking each other. I looked at you and shook my head and whispered "no not yet", and with that I slowed you down, gave your cock a little kiss and put my tits back in my nightshirt.

I pointed to the video and whispered to you that we would cum together when the next video played. Our friends were still enjoying themselves, and once in awhile they would come up for air. On one of these occasions we heard a gasp and that's when they realized that the video after the stills of you, was of them making out earlier today.

You had been waiting patiently for this video to start all the while stroking your hard member. They again were amazed at what they were watching, but seemed to enjoy the effects that it was having on them. They went back to sucking each other and then I saw her pull his cock up and she then straddled him, and he pulled her top off and buried his face in her tits, sucking and biting her nipples while she rode him up and down, her holding on to his shoulders and squatting over his hard large cock.

Your stroking was getting faster as you watched them get off on each other, so I knew it was time for some action of my own. I unbuttoned my nightshirt all the way exposing my tits and pussy, and I lay down with my legs facing you.

I lifted my left leg and placed it on your shoulder while my right leg bent opening my pussy wide. You turned, one hand still pumping your cock and the other hand sliding fingers into my hot wet hole. I could feel the wetness growing as you slid your fingers in and out, and then you would lick them off, slide them back in my hole and then pinch my clit. My hands were on my tits, pinching and pulling my nipples, making me moan and grind my hips into your probing hand.

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I couldn't take much more and I pulled you to me, my leg still across your shoulder, you turned and in one swift move you drove your hot cock into me, going deep with each stroke. You grabbed my other leg and put it up on your shoulder as well, and this only opened me more, and I felt you reach my sweet spot, the tip of your cock teasing each time you pounded into me.

My nipples were rock hard, as your hands squeezed and pinched them, I reached down and grabbed your balls and squeezed them as they slapped against my pussy. We had a fuck fest going on, our friends were grinding into each other, their moans and sighs, getting louder, so you knew they were getting close to cumming.

I could feel my body start to tighten and you could feel my cunt grip you as my orgasm built with each thrust that you did. I could feel your cock grow harder and harder and I could hear your breath getting faster and I knew that it wasn't going to be long until we would be gushing with our cream together. I heard the groan and gasp as our friends started to cum together, and saw how their bodies shook with each spasm as it passed through them, then I felt my spasm start and as it did I felt you thrust into me really hard with your hot cum hitting the walls of my cunt and mixing with the cream of my cum as our bodies shook with huge, creamy, ambrosia orgasms.

Just as this was all happening the video was showing our friends climaxing on the big screen as well, talk about art imitating life and vice versa. All of us were well spent and lay relaxing with our partners, no one saying anything, no one really moving, no one really looking at each other.

I slowly got up and put my nightshirt right, bent down and put your cock away in your pj's, hit stop on the video and poured more wine.

I handed you your glass and took a long sip, feeling the cool liquid slide down my parched throat. Our friends were basically doing the same thing, she getting her jammies back to normal and him putting his cock back in his pants, so I poured them more wine and sat back. We all agreed that the video was a hit and that we must do it again before its time to close up the cottage for the winter.

A plan was hatched to meet back here at Thanks Giving and make sure the video camera has fresh batteries along with the camera. Wine drank, bodies spent, we blew out the candles, put out the fire and returned to our rooms where we knew that one of two things was going to happen, either more sex or sleep, in our instance it was sleep. As I got back to editing my photos a grin stayed on my face, knowing that we are all looking forward to Thanksgiving, and the turkey will not be the only thing that will get laid out on the table that weekend, that I am sure of.

The End.