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Adorable japanische Teen stöhnt  während ihr twat Finger gefickt
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Kurenai sighed as she waited for her two students in the training field she had told Naruto to meet her at. They weren't late, yet. She just hoped that they didn't stay up all night making love like some shinobi do when they get their first slave. In a way, this was like their first test in self control. She had heard of several genins who passed up missions just to have sex and were kicked out of the shinobi program this year. She just hoped that her team wouldn't be like that. "Hey there Kurenai-chan," said a female voice from behind her.

Before Kurenai could turn around, a hand snuck past her clothing and began to knead her ass check. With a dark blush Kurenai turned around to see her best friend, Anko.

"What are you doing here?" asked Kurenai. He had tried to make herself sound demanding but Anko was just too good with her hands.

Anko smirked and decided to take things up a notch.

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Without saying a work a single snake came out of her sleeve and made its way to her friend's asshole. Anko watched with delight as Kurenai's eyes light up with shock as the snake began to press itself against the hole and enter her anal passageway. Once Anko felt it was far enough inside she used her chakra to cause the snake to begin to vibrate.

Kurenai couldn't help but to fall on her hands and knees by this assault. "That's much better," said Anko. "This is a much better position for you. It reminds me so much of the old days, don't you think." "Please," begged Kurenai. "My students will be here soon." "Yeah I know," said Anko. "They stopped by my shop last night and I made a killing off of them. I just wanted to let you know that I tested their chakra. The blond gaki is a wind user and his slave is a water user.

Not a bad pair. "Anyways, I'm here to make sure you don't go easy on the girl.

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I know you think of her like the little sister you never had, but that won't help her. Not in this line of work anyways. They both most realize the way this world works and not the way Iruka-kun tells it.

It is much more brutal than that." Anko then smiled. "But if you can't do it, I'll gladly take over as their sensei.

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I'm sure they'll both learn a lot from me." "No," said Kurenai. "I can handle this." Slowly, the snake in her ass left and returned to its master's sleeve. "Fine then," said Anko. "But just remember that I'll be watching." With that Anko turned around and began to walk away. "Anko-chan," said Kurenai. Anko turned around to look at her. "I know what you're worried about.

I promise that I won't let them go through what happen to me." "Don't make promises you can't keep," said Anko. "It took a year to undo the brainwashing that that bastard did to you.

And it happened because you let your guard down." "I know that," said Kurenai as a hand went to her collar. "I lost my master because I was unwilling to do what was needed to complete the mission.

We were caught and I became the slave for that Iwa-nin until I was rescued." Anko shook her head. "No," she said. "You became his puppet. There is a difference." Anko then let out a sigh.

"Just remember to get those kids ready. I can't wait to see how big that blonds' dick gets in a couple of years." And with that, Anko vanished in a swirl of leaves. -x- A few minutes later, Kurenai saw Naruto and Hinata walking together. They looked so carefree and happy. Naruto had his hand behind his head and Hinata had hers in front.

Both were laughing and smiling. A pang of guilt hit Kurenai as she remembered what she had to train them to do. As much as she wanted those two to be happy, some things just weren't meant to be. Yet still she prayed that this wasn't one of them. "Well you're not too late," said Kurenai as she got their attention. "Let me start out by saying that I will do everything in my power to see that we get through as many missions as possible.

But I won't lie, there will be sacrifices. "Now let me explain a few things. In the shinobi world, almost everyone out there will have a slave that can be captured. Naruto, if you capture one you will have a choice: kill or tame. If you decide to tame her and succeed then she will be added on as one of your slaves. The more slaves you capture, the more information you are more likely to get out of them. Things like jutsus for example. Also, you can bring up to three slaves with you on missions to serve as your team.

But just remember that the same applies to Hinata. Someone will try to capture her and make her their slave." "I WON'T LET THAT HAPPEN!" yelled Naruto. Kurenai nodded. "I'm sure you won't," said Kurenai.


"But there is always that possibility so I want you to train hard so that doesn't happen. Also know that in order to take the chunin exam you need to have at least one slave and three to take the jonin exam. So just know that there will be people who will try to get Hinata for that purpose. "Moving on, there are several ways for a slave to regain their freedom. The first is if their master releases them.

Another way is if the master dies and there is no one to claim the slave. Then, if the slave makes the rank of jonin or special jonin they can be freed from their master and gain a Konoha tag to show that she now serves the village.

"Now the collars around our necks cannot be removed until we are freed and no longer serve the village. While we wear them, they use a bit of our chakra to serve as a means of birth control to ensure that we don't get pregnant on a mission.

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They will also turn red if we get an STD so they are very useful. "Now I want you both to remember this. Sometimes your missions will call for you to get close to your targets. Even to the point where you have sex with them. This is something that you're both going to have to get used to. Hinata-chan, Naruto will have to sooner or later sleep with other women just like you will have to sleep with other men." "Like hell that's happening," said Naruto as he pulled Hinata close to him.

"If I have to, I'll use a kage bunshin to do that kind of stuff in her place!" "N-Naruto-sama," said a blushing Hinata. Kurenai just sighed.

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"Well, you can do what you want," said Kurenai. "Just don't blame me if you have to go to therapy." Naruto blinked, wondering what she meant. Kurenai considered telling him about the other abilities of the kage bunshin, but decided against it. "Anyways, well start training and go until noon. Then we'll pick up a mission and finish up the day with some sex training." "Why do we need sex training?" asked Naruto.

"Various reasons," said Kurenai. "First off, to train you so that your enemy won't get the information they want out of you. A lot of people share information in the heat of the moment. And you got that slave owners guide so you know what kinds of things you'll need to learn when taming your potential new slave." -x- It was a bit later and Hinata and Naruto were doing chores, ah I mean missions. Right now they were picking up trash. The morning training had been demanding.

The first thing Kurenai had them do was trying to walk up a tree without using their hands. This was to help them with their chakra control and was a skill that they would need in the future.

Not to mention that she said she wouldn't take them on any advanced missions until they could walk on water, something that Naruto considered to be a bad joke.

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Hinata had done the best getting halfway up the tree while Naruto could only take a step or two up. But after Hinata had given him some advice he began to make more progress. After Kurenai told them that time was up they had lunch and took their first mission.

"Hey Hinata-chan," said Naruto. "I don't think I can do this." "W-What do you mean Naruto-sama?" asked Hinata as she tied her trash bag. "I don't think I can hurt you," said Naruto. Hinata blinked and Naruto continued. "I'll have to eventually capture other kunoichi and have sex with them. You told me how you felt about me and I really like you." Naruto then turned his head away. "I just don't want to hurt you." "Naruto-sama," said Hinata.

"It makes m-me really happy to hear you s-say that. But I k-know how important your dream is t-to become H-Hokage and I don't want to stand in t-the way of that. I'll stand by y-you no matter what you choose because m-my dream as always been to be by your side. As long as I a-am, I'll be happy N-Naruto-sama." "Hinata-chan," said Naruto as he stared at her. He then gulped.

"Alright then, I'll keep going.

But if you ever want me all to yourself just let me know. You were the first person to say that you loved me and I would never do anything to hunt you. Understand?" Hinata nodded as tears of joy came rolling down her cheeks. -x- "O.K.," said Kurenai. All three of them were now naked in their training ground. The two genins couldn't help but feel embarrassed while in front of their sensei. From what they could see, Kurenai had large breasts, a nice ass, and a neatly trimmed bush.

"Today, I will be showing you what you will be up against when dealing with an enemy slave. Hinata-chan, please watch and take notes of what I do. Naruto, come here." Once Naruto stood only a few feet in front of her, Kurenai captured his lips in a surprise kiss.

Naruto's eyes nearly rolled in back of his head as her tongue began to explore his mouth. Unlike Hinata, she knew where all the pleasure spots were. While she did this, Kurenai brought a hand down and cupped Naruto's ball sack. She played with it for awhile and then began to stroke his hardened wood. Hinata could hear her master moaning loudly as she watched him with their sensei.

She could hear her heart break when she saw the precum on his dick.


He was feeling good with another woman and all she could do was watch. Now she realized how hard it would be when Naruto did capture another slave. That thought appeared in her head as Naruto came, shooting his load onto the grass. Wordlessly, Kurenai pushed Naruto to the ground. She then put herself above his still hard cock and lowered it until she was all the way inside. And then she just stopped. She didn't move a bit. But Naruto was panting and it looked like she was trying to keep himself from coming.

Hinata activated her Byakugan and gasped.

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Kurenai was tightening and loosening the muscles in her pussy to massage Naruto's cock from the inside of her hot and moist hole.

She was also adding chakra to increase the sensation and keep Naruto from cumming. "Sensei," panted Naruto. "I…can't…" "I know," said Kurenai. "This is something that you'll have to train to resist. That way, you won't be at the mercy of you enemy.

I think that's enough for today." With that, Kurenai stopped the flow of chakra and Naruto came hard. Kurenai got up and walked away like nothing happened. Until you can make me cum, you won't be ready for the chunin exam. So we'll pick this up tomorrow nice and early."