Vibrator DEEP Inside her Tight Shemale Ass

Vibrator DEEP Inside her Tight Shemale Ass
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They all sat there. Jeffery with his limp dick sitting there and his sister's with dried cum on their tits.


Their parents are walking down the halfway towards the bedroom. "Hey you guys were hom…" said mother. "You guys are in so much trouble," said father. The two turned around and had a whispering chat. "Okay you two come with me," said father to the two little girls. The two girls exited the room with their father while the mother stayed inside the room with Jeffery.

"Mom I can exp…,"said Jeffery before he was cut off. "Don't talk," said mother as she approached him.

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She took his cock in her hand and stroked it. Jeffery didn't know what was going on as his cock got hard. She continually stroked his cock never speeding up, never slowing down. Meanwhile, the two girls were being led by their father to the parent's bedroom. "Neither of you is to say a word," said father. He told Allison to stand in the corner and don't move.

He took Elizabeth to the bed. Then he took off his shirt and pants leaving him standing in his underwear. He pulled down his underwear exposing a 10-inch penis with huge, hairy balls. The two girls gasped at the size.

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Then he took out a tube of KY and squirted some on his fingers and he played with Elizabeth's tiny asshole.

She felt extreme pain as his fingers entered her little star.

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After a little while he put the head of his cock against the tiny little asshole. "It's not going to fit," screamed Elizabeth. "What did I tell you?" questioned father and with that the head of his cock pushed into her ass.


Slowly he pushed his length in. Elizabeth was screaming horribly for the next 20 minutes as her father shoved his fat cock in and out of her tiny little ass.

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When he felt is first sensation as to he would cum he pulled out. He then turned her around and told her to suck his cock.


She put the head in her mouth and sucked, but then he put a hand on the back of her head until more went into her throat. He fucked he small mouth with his large cock until he felt his cock spasm.

He took his cock and shoved it down her throat until his cock spurted wad after wad of cum down her throat. "Swallow it all," said father. Some of it dripped out onto the floor.

Their father picked up Elizabeth and spanked her 3 times.

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"Lick it up and if you don't then I'll spank you again," said father. Elizabeth got on her hands and knees and licked up the cum off the floor. Meanwhile, Jeffery had already cummed once, but mother was still stroking him and he was going to organism again.

He let another set of spurts fly onto his chest to join the already dry cum. Mother continued to stroke him hard again.

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Meanwhile father already started fucking Allison's ass. He fucked her hard for a half-hour until he felt the sensation. He pulled out and made Allison suck his cock while he pushed her on it. She had some drop to the ground and father spanked her.

She licked it up just as Elizabeth had. Back to Jeffery his cock was now hurting. His cock was raw and after this he had no more cum. He spurted the last of his cum on his chest and there was a thick layer of dried cum on his stomach. The mother then led him to the other room so they could see what happened to each other. "Rest up you guys because tomorrow we are switching groups," said mother as she walked out of the rooms with father.

There the 3 sat the 2 girls with gaping assholes and Jeffery's cock raw. They were all wondering how their gay incest would go tomorrow. Leave comments for part 3