Footsie under table

Footsie under table
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I hope you have read 1 2 3 Thank for the wonderful colorful comments. you make my day. Dilemma 4 The next day, whilst Krystal slept peacefully, the alarm beckoned me to rise and I headed off to work. I was extremely busy with my duties, and time flew by quickly, before I knew it, lunchtime was upon me.

I had no thoughts of Tracey, until I heard her voice coming from one of the interview rooms, she had her back to me, talking to one of the clients. I remembered our little encounter in the medication room the other day, with a smile. I kept walking, thinking am I playing with fire, playing around with Tracey the other day was naughty, but fun. Perhaps I should tell her, I was sorry for teasing her the other day, and that Krystal and I were good. Just then, I heard the scurry of feet behind me, it was Tracey rushing up behind me," Hi stranger", discreetly, she lightly touched my buttocks.

I turned, and smiled, informing her I had days off recently and how had she been.

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We walked, and talked, Tracey keeping very close to me, I could smell her alluring perfume, I felt so comfortable when we chatted. Tracey had that natural ability, to keep one interested in her conversation, and of course her attractive appearance helped. I was thinking, how should I tell Tracey, we should ease off, that our playing and teasing each other should stop.

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We parted company at that point, having to go to different areas of the ward, I hadn't been confident enough to broach the subject yet. Then a 2 p.m. staff were requested to attend an in service, educational film, in the study room. I positioned myself at the back of the room, we were informed the film would go for approximately 30 minutes. As the lights were being turned offfor better viewing, Tracey entered, and sat beside me, we were sitting behind desks.

All of the other people were in front of us, their backs to us, eagerly awaiting the film to start. The film had only been running for one minute, when Tracey, reached and placed her hand on my crotch, my eyes darted to her, I could see the smile on her face.

Fuck, I grabbed her hand to stop her playing, she leaned over closer, blowing in my ear. Luckily we had the desk for cover, and everyone was intently viewing the film. I thoughtfuck, we can't draw attention to ourselves, we have to be quiet.

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What's she doing, teasing I know - but I don't want to lose my job and I'm sure neither does she. Well the grope and ear blow, certainly had its affect, Mr penis rose in my pants.

Oh shit ! Awkward. Tracey by sitting so close, was distracting, the natural warmth - of our bodies was increasing. I was hoping that Tracey had, had her fun and would back off.


I was wrong, she took my hand, and pulled it towards her open mouth, selecting one of my fingers to suck. I didn't want to make a sound by rejecting, so she sucked my finger, moving it in and out of her mouth, it did feel good.

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Then quietly, Tracey moved a little in the seat, parting her legs. She took my wet finger and guided it down to her mound, her other hand pulling up her dress, allowing access. Tracey was very wet, and although from the angle I could not access her pussy, I was able to connect with her clit.

Which when I rubbed itI could see she was struggling to keep quiet, but the enjoyment was obvious, she came. The movie was rolling along, all the others engrossed in itunaware of what was happening behind them, and Tracey and I had no idea what the movie was about. We didn't give a shit. Tracey's seat was wet from her cum. She reached over and grabbed my caged cock again, and to my surprise, undid the zipper, releasing it.

My cock sprang bolt upright, under cover of the desk.

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Fuck this was so not good - should we get caught. But highly arousing and exciting.


I leaned back a little, my legs spread a little, fuck my cock was raging, wanting a fight, wanting a fuck. Tracey touched my lips with her cum covered fingers, and motioned Shhhh with her finger. Tracey then dipped her hand between her legs again, gathering cum, and reached over, with her slippery hand/fingers, and commenced moving it up and down on my shaft. Ohh so good, gotta be so quiet.mmm. I close my eyes, Tracey could sense the build up of pressure in my cock and ball bag, I'm sure she would love to have her lips consuming my cockas would I, but circumstances deem that not possible.

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Dilemma. Fuck What to do. No chance to decide, Tracey has decided for me . Tracey increased the pumping of my cock, squeezing at the right times, pumping faster, maintaining a quietness of stroke, how I'm not sure. I clench my eyes, they are closed tight, I hold my breath, arch my back a little.

My cock erupts, Tracey holding my cock firm, pointed at the underside of the desk, shooting my cum in spurts onto it's under side, dripping onto the floor I'm sure.

I have tears in my eyes, attempting to be quiet. Tracey rubs her fingers over its head, wiping up whats left of the cum, and sucks her fingers.

mmmm I open my eyes, nobody has noticed, I am so relieved on both counts. The movie is almost over, and we quickly adjust our clothing and sit up attentive, quietly glancing at each other, grins radiating on ours faces.

We sat and waited for the others to leave, then followed, the educator asking did we find the session beneficial, to which we replied, very satisfying. We both looked flushed, getting some strange looks. Tracey telling them, it was too hot and stuffy in the study room, to which the others agreed.

Tracey then informed me, that when the educator goes, she will quickly, slip into the room and clean up any evidence left behind. I thought good idea, I was wondering what the night cleaners would made of my cum. I did not see her again, for the rest of the shift. I prepare to go home, thinking I'll check the study room first, in case Tracey was unable to get there, she had, it was clean.Whew !!!

I am driving home, my thoughts on both Krystal and Tracey, fuck I am a moronic idiot, a fucked in the head fool !!! Krystal is my partner, we have our problems, we have been through a lot, but I do love her. Tracey is just a work colleague.

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I glance down at my crotch, it's you, you little fucker, Mr Penis your to blame. I reach down to adjust him, uh ohh, he's still horny from work. I drive into the drive way, Krystal's car is in the garage. We exchange greetings, a light kiss. I attempt, a cuddle and a grope of her buttocks, Mr Penis encouraging me. Krystal brushes me away, not in the mood.

As I stated in previous episodes, when in the mood a great fuck, but when no interest, do not go their - danger. Oh well, a quiet dinner . relax with a book, video games or watch T.V, and yes, a relieving oily shower for Mr penis.

Dilemma. Fuck what am I to do.


I should end it with, Tracey But she takes me by surprise, and our encounters are so exciting. Tomorrow I will speak with her . Tonight I will think of what to say.I will stop it before it gets not want to lose total control.

Dilemma . Yes that's what I will do.