I want to give you the best blowjob of your life JOI

I want to give you the best blowjob of your life JOI
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Alicia was only 13 years old, and already she was becoming something of a slut. With her long brown hair, brown eyes, and slim, sexy body, it was no wonder. Her chest was still pretty underdeveloped, but she had a nice butt and great legs which she usually displayed beneath a very short miniskirt. (M+/f-teen, ped, oral, anal, orgy, gb) *** Becoming curious about sex at an early age, Alicia had broken her hyman from masturbation.

She had a magnetic personality, very energetic, and was popular with the guys in her junior high school, but the farthest a guy had attempted to go with her was grabbing her ass.

Just the very idea of sex acts made her get horny, and she would often whisper the word "fuck" to herself over and over again while playing with herself, until she'd cum, her little hand oozing with her own goo. She loved the taste of it, and wondered what it would be like to "eat out" a girl.

One day, Alicia came home from school to find her older brother, Mark, and his friends hanging out. Her parents were out for the week, and she couldn't help but get excited, having all these hot guys over -- unsupervised!

Since Mark was the 'grunge' type, a lot of the guys had long hair, scraggly facial hair -- you know, the "glamorously unglamorous" look Brad Pitt sports. There was also a girl there, too, and Alicia couldn't help but let her hungry eyes scan her breasts and bottom.

Mark and his friends greeted Alicia with a beer. She had drunk beer before with Mark, and although she hated the taste of it, she had one so the guys would think she was cool.

As she started to feel a little drunk -- and some of the other kids were already past that stage -- it was obvious the guys (and girl) were lusting after her. They didn't even try to hide it -- she even thought Mark, her own brother, was eyeing her! She purposely dropped a beer bottle so she could bend over to pick it up and display her fine butt.

And then it started: One of the guys grabbed that curvy ass of hers, and in a flash, Alicia turned around and took a good look at the huge bulge in the guy's crotch.

The guy, a particularly good-looking one, pulled her in for a deep kiss while she ground the palm of her hand against his hard-on, concealed by his jeans. Their tongues wrestling, smoldering with hot saliva, Alicia kept grinding her palm on his bulge, until she could sense he was approaching orgasm. She had french- kissed guys before, but it was never as exciting as this!

The other kids wooped and cheered, as a wet spot formed on her panties. Clearly, she was loving this. Suddenly the guy pulled his tongue from Alicia's mouth and, smiling devilishly, asked her "Do you spit or swallow?". Alicia had heard boys say that when telling sex jokes to each other, but she never really knew what it meant. Some of the other kids, quieter now, began to giggle anxiously. She must have looked confused, because the guy said, "Don't worry about it honey -- you'll learn as you go along." With that he pushed her head down to his crotch, unzipped his jeans, pulled them off, and let his thick hard-on flop out of his boxers.

Alicia knew what was going on now. The others were really getting excited by now. Alicia ran her hot, kittenish tongue down the underside of his shaft, and watched as it throbbed. It had a salty, but not unpleasant, taste. "Oh, don't stop now, baby!", the guy sighed, his voice shaky. She decided to cut to the chase.

She took his whole length in her mouth, grinding her tongue against his thickness. She could hear him moaning with glee as she sucked his dick with the urgency that a baby sucks a bottle. It felt like a thick, hot sausage! He pumped his huge manhood in and out of her, feeling every inch of her hot mouth sucking it. More saliva came into her mouth, and he could feel it, hot and sticky, roughly grinding into his dick.


It was all he could take. He started cumming, hot, slimy cum shooting into the back of the girl's throat. Alicia started with shock when she felt the first load smack against the back of her mouth. She quickly pulled his dick out, only to have it spit the hot goo all over her face. She felt the stuff splash onto her. Gross! The guy watched as his cum splattered onto her cheek, then her chin, and finally his last pump-full of it shot into her long brown hair, which was now hanging in her face.

The white slime oozed down the side of her face, off her chin, and down her neck. And the spot in her hair looked like someone had spat a loogee onto it! It was the most satisfying orgasm he'd ever had. Alicia knew what "spit or swallow" meant now, that's for damn sure. Now the gang-bang had begun. Immediately another guy stuck his shaft in her mouth.

Alicia tried to survey the scene as best she could -- all the other kids were taking their clothes off as fast as they could, and in a flash her own clothes were being almost literally ripped off! As she sucked on the throbbing dick in her mouth, she felt hot, sweaty hands pull her shirt off, her miniskirt down, then her training bra was ripped off, and finally her wet panties were yanked down her legs and pulled from her feet.

By now everyone in the room was buck naked. Alicia's heart was beating a million beats per minute, she had never been this excited or horny in her life! She kept grinding her tongue and sucking on the dick in her mouth, and from the corner of her eye she saw other guys jerking off, and she felt their hot slime splash all over her body. It felt so weird oozing down her belly, butt, and thighs! Now she was on all fours on the carpeted floor, with a dick in her mouth, cum splattering all over her body, and now someone was sucking at her wet pussy!

She turned her head a little to see three of her brother's friends, one a girl, the other two guys, giving her some messy oral sex.

One guy had his head facing her butt, and was sticking his tongue as far up as it would go into her pussy. The other guy was running his tongue deep into her butt-crack, probing it into her tiny anus. The girl stuck her head under Alicia's doggie-style body, and laid belly-up next to her on the floor.

She had short, whitish blond hair and sparkling blue eyes. With a mischievious grin, the girl hoisted her head up to the underside of Alicia's body and ran her tongue down her belly, her inner thighs, and finally, her now sopping pussy. The other guy was still working on the dripping cunt, and now there were two hot tongues probing her twat! The dick Alicia was sucking finally came, spurting a load of hot slime into her mouth. She swallowed it all this time, and in the next second another guy had his rock-hard dick in her wet, slippery mouth.

It was too much for the poor girl, with her pussy on fire and a hot dick in her mouth! She came for the first time -- and it was monumental! When she started cumming, the blond girl shoved her whole mouth into her pussy, gripping Alicia's butt with her hands, as she slurped up the hot juices gushing from the depths of her teenage pussy.

Alicia came down from the orgasm just as the dick in her mouth came. Then she got a new surprise: One of the guys that was sucking her now shoved his boner into her twat doggie style! He wasted no time, passionately thrusting in and out.

Alicia gasped with pleasure at this new feeling -- she had masturbated with big objects before, but she was still really a virgin -- until now. The guy came quickly, shooting his hot goo into her belly.

As soon as he pulled out, another guy took his place, pumping away. Alicia was expecting another guy to put his dick in her mouth, but to her surprise, the girl that had sucked her before shoved her pink, shaven cunt in her face!

As the guys, one-by-one, fucked her young pussy from behind, Alicia started pleasuring the girl. The pussy at her mouth was already wet and Alicia was surprised to see the girl had such a big, thick clit that was hanging sloppily from her pussy lips.

Alicia went at it with her lips and tongue, even using her teeth, gently, to pinch it. The blond girl was moaning uncontrollably, showing a big, toothy grin that gave her a devilish look. Alicia then saw her brother, Mark, walk up behind the blond and begin to kiss and caress her body.


Alicia was shocked to see Mark's dick was dripping with wet cum! He was one of the guys that was fucking her pussy!

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The thought of it made her feel dirty and -- to her surprise -- even hornier! About five or six guys had fucked her by the time the blond girl came, shoving her pussy violently into Alicia's mouth as her hot juices gushed into her mouth. She stepped away, exhausted from the pleasure Alicia had given her, and plopped on a couch.

Alicia herself had come again a couple times when the guys were fucking her, but it wasn't as good as the first time, when the girl ate her out. The guys had stopped for a moment, so Alicia grabbed a pillow and laid her head on it, resting her arms, which had been holding herself up. Her legs were still kneeling.

She glanced at her pussy. It had white cum from the guys oozing out of it! Some of it oozed slowly down her inner thighs, while bigger globs of it plopped right out and hit the carpet. Damn, more guys must have fucked her then she thought!

Either that, or they had gone back for seconds. She ran one of her hands over her body, felt that it was covered in a layer of the sticky white stuff.

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Alicia rested her head for a minute -- but soon the guys were hard again. One of them fucked her pussy again, but by now it was so sloppy she could hardly feel it in her. Suddenly, she felt one of them spread her butt-cheeks. She knew what was coming now, and was a little nervous about it. The guy stuck two fingers into her now ruined pussy, gathered some cum, and smeared it in and around her butthole.

He then stuck his dick in her pussy, coating it with all that cum, and then slowly inched his shaft into Alicia's butthole. From the guy's point-of- view, her tiny, pink rosebud of an anus was too enticing to pass up.

He loved watching his dick inch into the tiny puckered muscle of her anus. Alicia thought it was the oddest thing she'd ever felt -- like a huge turd thrusting into her butt instead of out. Pretty soon the guy came, and the others lined up for an anal gang-bang.

Alicia loved the feeling of their hot cum shooting deep into her bowels.

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Places deep in her butt where she had never even felt before were filled with cum from all the guys! After a few guys had come in there, their dicks felt ticklish thrusting in and out of her butt, sliding and grinding with all the other cum that was already in there, splishing back and forth in that narrow tunnel. Soon her butthole was oozing with cum, just as her pussy was.

Mark stood and looked over his cute little sister. Her whole body, almost head-to-toe, was covered with cum. The stuff was plopping out of her pussy and forming a puddle on the carpet.

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Good thing that carpet's white, he thought, remembering he'd have to clean up after this little party. He noticed that even the insides of her butt-cheeks were smeared with cum. He bent down and parted her butt-cheeks, and found out why. When she flexed her anus, the white slime came oozing out, smearing her inner butt-cheeks.

The blond girl went nuts over this, and proceeded to suck the cum from Alicia's butthole, holding her slimy cheeks apart and pressing her mouth right to the tiny hole. Alicia could feel the cum trickling down her tunnel, and it was great! Mark sighed. "Whoa, guys, I think she's had enough!" Alicia couldn't agree more.

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Mark helped her stand up. As she walked to the bathroom, she could feel the guys' cum splishing around inside her pussy and butt. She stepped into the shower, turned on the hot water, and washed herself off as best she could -- even working her fingers up her pussy and anus, trying to wash them out. When she was finally clean, she came back out into the living room. Everyone had gone home, except for that funny-looking, cute blond -- who it turns out was Mark's girlfriend, named Patricia.

"You're a great fuck, kid.

I'll have to bring you to one of MY parties sometime, where you can really have some fun." Alicia grinned. She was looking forward to it already.