Black Soul Trained Her Properly

Black Soul Trained Her Properly
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It was a late night and I had just got home from practicing with his band. It was friday, I had nothing to do, like any normal friday night for me.

It was 6:30 going to bed early was nothing new I would sometimes I would take naps that lasted 18 hours I called them short comas'I took off his blue skinnies and his t- shirt and hopped into his bed as off couse I slipped my hands to rub his 6 inch cock completely shaved. This didnt last long I just wanted to feel it. I quickly feel into my dreams.


At 9:30 I wook up quickly to my phone ringing, I grabbed and saw a txt from my friend Alice, the txt was stupid so I didn't want to reply I looked at my inbox saw I had about 13 messages from Erika who didnt usually talk to me we sat together and talked, but out of school she usually ignored me. Erika: "Hey im bored" Erika: "HELLOOOOO?" Erika: " your a bitch answere your phone" Erika: "uhmm fine dont wanna reply i guess you dont want me" Erika: "that last one was a joke ^_^" Bassically the same from there.

I sent here a text " Still want me to come over?" no reply so I thought it must be a no.

after clicking throught my CD collection he popped in a CD and began to just sit there listening at 9:52 his phone went off Erika: "uhm yea, like i was sleeping but you interuppting, that is way better" Me : " haha fuck you i was sleeping when you texted me, ill be over in a minute" I ran upstairs after throwing on skinnies and t- shirt I headed out the door keys in hand shouting to my mom A few turns later I was at her house.

Hey heyy so what did you wanna do? nothing im just bored you staying the night my mom still probably wont let me ill ask though good She said the last part with a wierd it made me wonder for second but i shrugged it off. So wheres your mom, shes out with some guy, o ohh yea getting some HAHA!

I bet Shell be gone most of the night ohh so that gives us time. (CUTOFF) haha start being gay again. Night went on as usually me laying on her bed with her next to me on her laptop.

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We went downstairs about 2 hours into the night my mom saying it was okay for me to stay the night and we started watching a movie. It was stupid so I made jokes about it, she just blurted out EAT ME okay she did something i did not expect, immediatly ripping off her sweatpants, Which at first i though was a joke until i saw her take off her boxers too (yes she wears boxers) She just looked at me with her exposed pussy which was wet she stuck a finger in it and told me Do what you said you would, Erika, im gay.

you know want me!

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she yelled she took off her shirt, she was really hot, for any guy, small tits but a nice ass and good body i didnt care about the tits im gay why would I, but she was hot even for a gay guy. come one are you not a little turned on.

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she leaned closer rubbing against me, friction I guess is what got me hard the denim running against my cock she reached felt my hard bulge through the pants she was right.

I leaned foward kissing her neck and lips, slipping my tounge into her mouth i pulled her ass in the air sucking on her neck slipping a finger into her little ass hole she moaned a bit as i slipped a second in, i went down her body kissing it licking her nipples until i reached her pussy i began licking the lips, sticking my tounge in her folds to lick the inside of her pussy, after minutes of tounging her pussy and her clit, she began cumming and squirting all over my face she got up and licked it off.

She pulled her boxers back up and laid down on the couch. She looked me and just laughed. It was great she said but uhm, your gay?!!?


haha no your not I knew you weren't. It was a err heat of the moment sort of thing dont count on happening again. Yea right, she jumped on me her tits still hanging out. So I like it kinky, ill be upstairs.

or you can go home. What do I do i thought, could this really be happening it couldnt be? I've been called hot and hit on by girls, never fucked one, i've had sex with plenty of guys! I went up the stairs about 20 minutes later she was laying on her bed asleep, maybe she shrugged it off, its better this way.

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I stripped to my boxers and climbed in bed cuddled close to her and just i was about to drift i noticed she was naked she was wet too, i took off my boxers just for some reason and went to bed. I wook up at 2:30 AM to no Erika, where did she go her mom wasnt home yet sho i just shrugged out of bed and walked into the bathroom she was in the tub, she looked at me and asked me what I was doing.

Going to the bathroom? I turned to her and let my pee stream go all over her face and in her mouth she was so appauled and she cried as I pee'd all over her chest and face she whimpered. WHAT THE FUCK?! What, you said you like it kinky?. Uhm, that was soo. hot.

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Why did i like that? I dont know. I said She asked me to get in, so I did i fingered her while in the tub but not much besides that. We went back to her room laid on her bad and drifted off to sleep her naked body in my arms.

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When i wook up she was still there however the time was 6:30 her mom would surely be home soon, I shook her and told her that, she got dressed and sent her mom a text that we were going somewhere, and we left out the door. She hopped in the passenger seat shivering it was cold out we were both wearing skinnies and a t-shirt. with no bra, I could see that by her nipples sticking out. where too? i dont know, im hungry?

mee too, hmm. Ofcourse we went to mcdonalds haha its cheap, The day went by normal no mention of what happened. We got back at 3 pm her mom told us she wouldnt be home till tomorrow so we went back to her place.


I never expected the next.