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Gay masseuse hunk mouth fucks straighty
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Character Descriptions: Devin: 15 years old. 5 "7 1/2".


Sandy, brown hair. Brown eyes. Nora: 16 years old. 5 "7". Long, black hair. Blue eyes. Rose: 18 years old. 5 "8". Semi-long, brown hair, usually kept in a ponytail. Blue eyes (like her mother and sister). I'm writing this because I know they'll be sending me off soon, but before that happens I have to tell you how it all started. It was not my fault and I had no intention of things turning out like this.


they just sort of did. I'm sure that if you hadn't left that week, these chains of events wouldn't have happened. "How long will you be away?" I asked you. you held your suitcase tightly in your hands and gave me a steady look for saying you'd be away for a week. You and I had a strong connection, I was your only son after all and with me being all that was left of your husband, you were the only one I had full blood connection with.

You gave me a tight hug before you entered your cab and I watched you leave. I felt uneasy not having you around. Even if you had only been gone for five minutes.

You could say I had separation anxiety despite already being fifteen. But you raised me to depend on you. I closed the door and entered the living room, feeling depressed.

Nora and Rose were sitting on the living room couch. "What's wrong with you?" Nora asked. She never put up with my crap. Not even when I was little.


Usually I'd just let her say what she wanted, but I wasn't in the mood that time. I won't say that your absence is what made me snap, but it made something that had been prolonged finally happen. You could say my sanity had been deteriorating for a long time.

"Shut the hell up," I snapped at Nora. I not only took her off guard, but Rose as well. I didn't even wait to hear a response from either of them and headed off to my room. I crawled into bed feeling particularly shitty. Rose came into my room to check at me at some point then telling me she'd be stepping out to visit a friend of hers and wouldn't be back until late at night.

I just laid in bed for a while, not even really thinking about anything. That's why I was able to hear the sound of my door opening. I looked to my side to see Nora standing there. She looked sort of pissed and you know how she is.

She always likes to have the last word, which was something not in her favor. The anger was building up inside of me.

"What do you want?" I mumbled, already knowing what she wanted. She wanted to chew me out, regardless of how crappy I felt. "You shouldn't have spoken to me like that-" I cut her off by waving her off and rolling over to fall the wall. It really pissed her off; she dug her nails into my shoulder and yanked me over to face her.

"Don't ever fucking do that to me again," she shrieked at me. I simply just started at her, trying to get my anger under control. "That's what I thought," she said arrogantly. That was the last straw for me. A part of my brain shut off and another part of me turned on. This one was more animal like. As Nora turned to walk away I yanked her by her long, black hair, throwing her on the bed.

Before she could acknowledge the situation I was on her. "What the hell?" she barked at me. "Shut up!" I shouted, striking her across the face. She stared at me in disbelief. I wanted to put her in her place for one. She was only a year older than me after all.

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Whatever came over me, it made me so much stronger than her, or at least feel stronger. It was like I had been possessed. I would have believe it if that were the case. I grabbed both of her hands with one and placed them above her head.

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She had started to get a grasp of what I had planned for her. That's when she started kicking and screaming. But no one was home except for us. I smiled at this thought.

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"Please," she begged, hearing her sound so pathetic might have been enough for me, but I enjoyed degrading her.

in fact, I was getting off on it. My dick was growing hard inside of my jeans. I simply smiled at her.

I was doing this mostly for dominance, getting off too was only a plus. I ripped open her button-down shirt and the buttons flew in different directions of my room. Nora was crying then. A part of me felt awful for doing this and another part was tired of all the things she had done to me over the past years. Since her bra unclipped from the front I opened it with minor complications. her breast were at my full display and I cupped one of them in the hand I have free.

I looked up at Nora's face and her eyes were watery and she had a sullen expression. I continued to look at her as I toyed with her left breast. I trusted she had come to terms with what was going to happen and removed my from her wrists. I lowered my head to play her left nipple inside my mouth, sucking on it as my hand played with her right. I was a fool. Nora kneed my hard on with full force and I have to admit it crippled me, but my drive to dominate my sister was stronger.

She had rolled off the bed, falling and attempting to stand to get out of my room. I leaped after her, grabbing her right leg and she her left kicked me int he face. i wasn't in the mood for this and I wasn't going to let her win again. I got a hold of both legs and used them to get on top of her. I used one hand to pin her down as I used the other to pull her pants down along with her underwear.

Nora was screaming louder than before. One I finished, I moved my hand down to my pants. I unbuckled my belt and pulled down my jeans and boxers. "Stop!" Nora shrieked, as she felt my cock pressed against her.

It was a lost cause, I wanted to tell her that, but I was too distracted with the sensation sex would bring. You see, I was a virgin. I only knew what to do from what I'd learned and seen from porn online.

I attempted to line my dick up with her pussy and she was fighting and kicking hard.

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"if you fight anymore, it'll be painful," I told her. She didn't stop. She kicked harder; shouted curses at me, along with threats. It was the inevitable and i forced my tip inside of her tight, warm pussy.

She was screaming still, but at least she had stopped moving so much that I had begun to get frustrated. I forced a little more inside of her. I knew I should have probably felt something as I slipped more and more of myself inside of her, but I didn't.

Not at all. "You're not a virgin?' I asked her. She answered me with silence I just assumed that meant that she wasn't.

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Otherwise I would have felt some sort of resistance or seen the blood. Finally, i was able to get in at least half of myself into my sister, she was so damn tight. I placed my hand on the the back of her head and forced her head into the carpet as I pumped into her.

She was breathing hard and the noise of of sobbing seemed to have been replaced by something else. if I knew any better, I would have said she was moaning. I removed my hand from the back of her head.

I moved my hands to her hips and pressed my stomach against her back. I was on the verge of cumming. The feeling of cumming was familiar to me and it had been for years, except that the intensity of my upcoming orgasm was multiplied by ten. the secrecy and forced made it all the more fulfilling.

I fucked my sister hard as I was on the verge of cumming. "How do it feel being fucked by your little brother?" I asked. She didn't reply and I thrust hard into her. ".good," Nora mumbled. "I can't hear you," I growled, thrusting into her with all my might. Her whole body shook with each thrust and I swear I felt her bucking against me. "It feels good," she cried. That's when I felt her tight pussy clamp around my dick and she came violently and loudly, my allegations had been right.

She had enjoyed it. Not as much as me of course, I pulled out, flipping her on her back. I rubbed myself hard and released ropes and ropes of my cum over her mostly naked body. Her chest slowly rising and falling with each breath she took.

"Taste my cum," I commanded.

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She didn't even hesitate. She wiped some off of her face with her index finger and slipped it into her mouth, looking at me for approval. I nodded, handing her a towel off my floor to clean herself off with. Almost immediately, I felt myself returning back to normal.

I stared at her in horror, at what I'd done. "I-I'm sorr-" Nora cuts me off this time. "I won't tell anyone." So this is my first posting so please be gentle.

Real gentle. I thought it'd be nice to write in the mind of someone that was completely crazy. And I was right. This might just be a one shot if not many of you like it or I don't feel like continuing it on.

The introduction is in case I want to continue it.