Teen finds her friends dad coming out of the shower

Teen finds her friends dad coming out of the shower
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MY SEXUAL AUTOBIOGRAPHY PART - 22 FANTASTIC FUCKING This was the time when my boy friend Ramesh (now my loving husband) was in final year and I was in my second year of college. I remember this act as one of the finest and memorable fuck in my life because, as you will read below, we both did it like we were doing it first time.

We were not doing that purposely but all went automatically in such a fantastic way that made this fuck memorable for both of us. So. Read. I fought my way through the crowded hallway on my way out from my classroom. It was after the last class of the day and I was bucking the mass exodus of students on their way out of the building, I was heading for the road with the freedom of another weekend.

My boyfriend Ramesh (now my husband) was waiting for me down stairs. We both went up to bus stand together and boarded the bus to way back to our home.

We were talking slowly and lovely in the bus which made both of us hot. We rubbed our hot bodies against each others because it was not possible for us to do more than that in a bus.

He pushed his palm on my palm and we were in need of each other's body. I slowly asked him to come to my home in the evening for study.

Not actually for study but we needed to do our wish under cover of study. I got down from the bus near my house and he went to his home which was two stops away from mine. I went to my home jogging through the practically deserted hallway to my room on first floor. My father was sitting in the office which is on the ground floor of our house and my mother seems to be taking rest in her bedroom next to mine. I stepped into my room and locked the door.

I kept my bag on the desk. I loosened buttons of my top and sat down at my desk, digging out the Friday question papers and looking them as I waited for my boy friend to arrive. I looked myself in the mirror behind the chair, a very pretty girl, a late bloomer who is quickly turning into a lovely young woman, a tall, slim girl. I smiled for myself that how beautiful I am. My body is hard and fit from games like softball and field hockey and also due to my time spent daily morning for yoga.

My lush, teardrop shaped breasts that bounce freely under my shirt or t shirt whenever I keep them free from a bra, capped with long, thick nipples. My waist is tiny and my hips are delightfully slim, which help to emphasize my tight ass and my strong and shapely legs.

I went to the bathroom and checked another door opening in to my parent's bedroom. The door was locked from outside of the bathroom and inside of my parent's room.

I locked the bathroom inside so that no one can come in from my parent's bedroom. I have taken out my cloths and was standing under the shower. I was enjoying my shower and also enjoying my hands moving all over my sexy body. I have pumped my own boobs with my hands and rubbed/massaged my pussy. Water was running over my already wet pussy.

For a moment, I thought for giving a fingers treatment to my pussy but I dropped this idea because I wanted to enjoy real sex with my boyfriend and I wanted myself to be hot till my boy friend arrives and gives me a real fuck pleasure.

I have finished my bath and came out of bathroom wiping out my sexy body by a soft towel. I came down wearing a t-shirt without wearing bra inside, and skirt with panty inside, as it was already evening.

My mother and father were waiting for me on the table for evening tea. I have joined them for a tea and have informed them that my friend Ramesh would be coming to guide me on some of my class notes. I saw my boyfriend standing on the door of my house, his bag slung over her shoulder. I looked up and said, "Come on Ramesh and have a seat.

My parents knew him and they too welcomed him with a smile.


He wished good evening to my parents and glided into the room, took a seat and my mom have offered him a cup of tea. He dropped his bag beside it as he slid gracefully into the chair. As I sat quietly waiting for him to finish the tea, I was subliminally aware of his eyes on me, checking me out.

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He is a handsome boy, twenty one years old that time and quite fit, thanks to the three times a week visits to the gym. He is a six feet tall, with a barrel chest and a slim waist, well muscled but not pumped up like the weight lifters that hang out at the gym. We all finished tea and my parents went out as per their program saying that they would be going for some shopping and would return at dinner time.

It was a clear indication that we have two / three hours in our hands to make our evening memorable. Otherwise I was made a program behind closed doors of my room where no one disturbs me while studying alone or with any of my friend. Being alone at home made both of us happy for our free and fearless sex game. I finished up my tea and then looked at him. "All right, dear, what's on your mind?" He sat up straight and said, "I have a date with you." "OK," I said.

"And?" "It's the time for action" he said. "Oh? Oh! Yes, of course." "Let us play our favorite game" He dropped this little bombshell without batting an eye and I felt his cock lurch in his pants. "I too think so," I said. "I guess you are worried about getting pregnant," he said shortly. "That's not the problem. I have the pills and I am sure that you must be having some condoms too" I said smiling and looking at him with sexy eyes. "Well," he said, looking me in the eyes, "Yeah, than it is not a problem" We were home alone in my house, on the coffee table.

I have locked the main door and I glanced at the clock. It was six o'clock in the evening on a Friday. He said. "Julee, this is a nice place." My brain was happy to see him and I knew that his cock was overjoyed. We walked into the living room, we sat down on the couch and he looked at me. "Where do you want to start, my cock is standing up and begging you." I was on his lap, her arms wound around my neck as we kissed with lips locking.

I was panting like a little steam engine, my breasts in his palms and was caressed, finding my swollen nipples easily through the crop top t shirt that I was wearing without bra. Our kiss broke and my head fell back as he let his lips wander down the side of my neck and up the imposing slope of my breast. I squealed and then moaned as he found and lightly chewed my erect nipple through my t-shirt.

And then I was moving off of his lap and straddled his legs and bent down, kissing him again and moaning into his mouth when his hands landed on my fabulous ass. He felt the cheeks of my butt, marveling at how they fit into his hands so perfectly and at the springy musculature of them. He was squeezing them was like squeezing a pair of soft rubber balls. I groaned deep in my chest when he slid his hands under my skirt and onto the baby soft skin of my flesh, his fingers finding the deep divide of my ass crack and delving into it.

I moaned and pushed my ass into his hands as his fingertips found and massaged the tight rosebud of my asshole. I broke our kiss again and rose up on my knees, pulling top off with a quick motion of my arms, and he found himself admiring the set of my young and well shaped tittles. My nipples were long and thick and were perched on areas the size of silver coins.

I leaned forward and fed a nipple into his mouth, humming with pleasure as he sucked on it and batted the erect flesh with his tongue.

His hands continues to explore my delectable ass and I gasped as he abandoned my tight anal pucker and journeyed deeper between my legs, sweeping the gusset of my panties aside with his fingers and finding my drooling labia. "Oh God!" I whined as he ran the side of his hand through the deep trench of my pussy, his finger bumping the erect spire of my clit as he massaged my cunt. "Lean back, baby," he told me and I did, bracing myself with my hands on his knees.

He made short work of getting my skirt off of me; it buttoned from waistband to hem and came off easily. My panty was another matter. In his impatience to get at my hot little cunt, he ripped the panty off of me, grabbing them at each hip in his fists, tearing them and letting the useless rag land on his lap.

"Not fair!" I giggled and started pulling at his shirt. He raised his hands and let me strip it off of him, watching as my bright eyes widened when his muscular chest came into view. I flung his shirt aside and hummed with pleasure as I ran my hands over him, feeling the hard-won muscles beneath the mat of his chest hair. I got off him then and grabbed his hand, pulling him to his feet and dropping to my knees in front of him as my hands went to the waistband of his cutoffs.

I deftly unsnapped them, yanked down the zipper and then tugged them down with his underwear, gasping as his erect cock burst into view.

"Oh dear!" I gasped, sitting back on my heels. "It's so lovely and big!" I said like I have seen it first time. I was eying his rod like it was a snake ready to strike the young girl. He backed up and sat down with his legs spread wide open, letting me get a good look at his cock and his big balls. "It's a couple of inches bigger than an average penis," He said, not mentioning the fact that it was a solid eight inches long, more than likely a good two or three inches more than an average Indian cock.

"Go ahead," He said smiling. "It won't bite." I gave him a lovely smile and slowly moved closer, kneeling between his wide-spread legs and turning my attention to his sexual tackle, my cool hands going to the thick stalk of his cock. He sighed as I bent it back and let my fingers trace the bulge of his urethra and the gnarled veins on the shaft.

My fingers fluttered down the shaft and onto his balls, holding his sack in my hands and feeling the loose movement of his testes inside the clean shaved bag of his scrotum. And then my hands went up the shaft again, bending it forward as I looked at his deep red glands. He moaned as the lovely young girl explored his equipment with the lightest of touches, my face so close to his cock that he could feel my hot breath on it.

I bent his cock towards my face again, gazing at the urethral opening as a drop of pre cum oozed out of it. I wiped the drop off the tip of his cock with my finger and rubbed it on his cock head with my thumb, feeling the slippery texture of it as my finger and his cock head slid easily against each other. I took a hold of his cock again, my hand instinctively sliding up and down the long shaft and milking another few drops of pre cum out of his cock.

I watched it slowly running down the bloated head of his rod and then my head suddenly darted forward. He moaned as I licked it, the sight of my tonguing his cock the sexiest thing which he would have seen after a long time.

"Stroke my cock like this, honey," He said, seeing me "how I liked to masturbate. This is special about you that whenever we meet, we do it like we are doing it first time." After that he got my stroking on the cock the way I liked it, he started toying with my hair while at the same time guiding my mouth closer to his upright cock.

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My soft lips parting as my mouth moved closer to his shaft. "Aaahh," he moaned when I closed my lips around his raging erection, the first inch disappearing into my mouth. Surges of sheer lust shot through him as his beautiful girlfriend begin to suck his cock. His head fell back and he moaned again as I sucked the head of his long pole, incredible feelings of ecstasy radiating from his cock shaft. Every nerve ending was jangling as I gradually sucked him deeper and harder, my velvety soft lips sliding lower on his erection.

He moaned again as I drew My mouth off of my saliva soaked cock and ran my tongue from the base of his balls to the tip of the plum sized helmet. I gently hefted his golf ball sized balls in my hand and closed my lips around his cock again, taking almost half of the rigid shaft in my mouth before the head prodded the back of my throat. "Yeah, that's it, babe," He moaned in approval.

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"Suck it, honey. Damn, what a good little cock-sucker you are!" His words of approval spur me on. I started sucking harder than I had before and my tongue joined the action, scrubbing delightfully against the bottom of his cock.

He wound his fingers in my hair and held my head steady as he rocked his hips up and down, fucking the first few inches of his cock into my mouth. When his cock head hit the back of my throat, I gagged, but after he did it a few more times, which allowed him to slide more of his length into my mouth. As he fucked my mouth with his thick cock, he looked into my eyes. It was so fucking hot, face-fucking the young beautiful girl and the pleasure was incredible.

My tongue swabbing over the head of his cock and my soft lips massaging the shaft had him about to unload a major load of spunk into my hotly sucking mouth. It usually took him solid fifteen or twenty minutes of sucking his cock before he fires his cum. I have always prided himself on his stamina but I was sucking him off was really getting him to cum earlier. My soft lips and busy tongue were pulling the cum from his balls quicker than ever had before.

"I'm gonna cum, baby!" he gasped. "You're gonna make me cum so fucking hard!" Sliding my lips off of his diamond hard cock, I asked, "What do you want me to do? Do I swallow it or." "I wanna cum on your tits!" he grated. "I wanna cum all over your beautiful tits!" I smiled broadly and scooted back as he clambered up off of the recliner and stood over me.

I leaned back and arched my back, thrusting my gorgeous titties up at him, staring at his cock and waiting for him to splatter his steaming hot cum on my tits. "Do it, darling!" I purred. With my right hand, I lifted my right tit, showing him where I wanted him to cum on my ripe young body.

I spread my legs and began to speedy stroke and massage my clit with my left hand, whispering, "Do it! Shoot your stuff all over my titties! Oh God, this is sooo fuckin' hot!" He grabbed his twitching cock and started to jerk off, stroking himself hard while he looked directly into my smiling face. "Augggh!" He bellowed when the first jet of cum rocketed from his prick and splattered on my right nipple.

My eyes closed and I cried out, orgasming as his cum shot onto my breasts. And then I leaned forward and opened my mouth, catching some of his spend on my tongue.

The sight of the sweet young girl with a mouthful of his cum heightened his arousal and he bellowed second time as he ejaculated on me, painting my face with his cum. "Oh, fuck yes!" I moaned. I grabbed his still hard cock in my hand and sucked it back into my mouth, milking the last few remaining drops of his cum onto my tongue.

"How does it taste?" He asked as I used his cock to gather his cum from my face and then licked the spunk off. "It is salty, as always" I replied."I like it always." I stood up and he swept me into his arms, taking me off my feet with one arm under the firm cheeks of my ass and the other around my narrow back that hand cupping my heavy tit.

We kissed a passionate kiss that went on and on. He could taste himself on my tongue and in my mouth and that just strengthened my lust for him.

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Our kiss ended and I put her nose on mine, looking deeply into his eyes. "Put me down, please," I said with a little smile. He set me on my feet, copping a feel of my fabulous rump as he did so, and making me squeal and giggle. I took a hold of his semi-hard cock and started towing him towards the stairs.

"Where are we going?" He asked. "The living room is fine for a blow job," I said, switching his cock from one hand to the other and turning around, backing towards the stairs so he could guard and see my moving ass from behind.

"I wish to have a fuck in a bed, not on the floor or a couch." I could feel his cock starting to harden in my hands and he could see it too.

I smiled and turned around again, showing him my beautiful ass. I spread my legs and slowly bent over until he was looking at me from between my legs. I rubbed my ass cheeks with my left hand as my right hand was still holding his growing cock. We were heading for my bedroom, holding his cock and moving my gorgeous ass in a sexy way. He flopped me down on the bed and he was in between my legs. Oooh!" I gasped as his hands went to my thighs, spreading them farther apart, and his hot breath hitting my juicy pussy as it was on his view.

I stared down at him through the cleavage of my wobbling breasts, watching him as he spread my cunt lips open. My pussy was perfect, clean shaved, ready for action. At the top of my young slit, I was sure that he could see my lovely clit. As he gazed at my little pussy, my first thought was that it was going to be delightfully snug on his thick cock. He lowered his face to my juicy pussy and sucked my pussy lips into his mouth.

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He dragged his tongue over and then thrust it deep into my pussy, drew it out and licked my clit too. My head fell back and I moaned as he sucked my clit into his mouth and massaged it with the tip of tongue. I spread my legs even wider and tangled my fingers in his hair, pulling his mouth tightly against my cunt as he went down on me.

"Oh God! That feels. Oh God!" I said as his fingers found my clit and teased it while he drove his tongue into my cunt and licked as much of my vaginal walls as he could reach.


I moaned as his lips closed around my clit again and my body locked up when he carefully inserted his middle finger into my cunt. He slowly worked his fingers deeper inside of my pussy. "Oh God, oh, I love it!" I groaned as he flicked my clit back with the tip of his tongue. He kept his tongue dancing over my rigid little clit and stopped fingering my weeping little pussy, reaching up to my tits and cupping them in his big hands.

He was sucking my hard and erect nipples and once again, one of his hands reached up to my leaking pussy, stroking my clit until my climax started to develop.

I cried out as he took me over the top. "Eat me darling! Oh God, I'm Cumming! Eat me!" I squealed. As my orgasm washed over me, I pushed his face back deeper between my legs and clamped my thighs tightly around his head. I ground my smooth pussy lips against his nose and mouth, covering his face with my juices. "Cumming! Cumming so good!

You're making me cum!" my voice rose to a scream as he continued eating me out. my cum juices gushed from my pussy as he attacked my clit, taking the engorged bud between his lips and sucking on it back and forth with his tongue. I went into a series of orgasmic convulsions that left me gasping and panting for breath as he gave me one gigantic climax one after another. He made me cum one last time before he took his mouth off from my cunt, leaving me lying limply in front of him, sweating and breathless.

He was powerfully aroused as he rose to his knees and looked at me. He slid his hands down my legs and grabbed my ankles, moving deeper in between my legs and spread them. He pinned my ankles to the bed next to my shoulders, and that rolled my ass up, putting me in the perfect position for him to fuck me.

I groaned and opened my eyes only when I felt the head of his cock pressing insistently in between my legs on my pussy door.

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I lifted my head and looked down the length of my body to where his cock was prodding insistently against my labia, trying to get in. "Get it in!" I gasped. He leaned over me and rammed half of his rampantly erect cock into my wide-open pussy. "Aaahh!" I squealed as I felt his thick cock spreading my pussy. My eyes, which had been closed, snapped open and my head came up off of the mattress.

I stared at his cock, embedded halfway into my pussy. What a beautiful view it was. I drew in a huge breath as he pulled out until only his cock head was inside.

And then he drove it into me a second time, getting almost three quarters of his shaft into me. I squealed as he pulled it out again. This time, as he drove it back into me, he grabbed both of my lush young tits, filling his hands with them and squeezing. My eyes were watching the entire length of his heavy cock vanish inside my tight little cunny. My head fell back and I thrust my tits up into his hands.

My thighs widened automatically, trying to lessen the pressure of his thick cock buried deep in my pussy. "Oh dear!" I moaned, my voice was thick and heavy with passion.

He leaned over me and sucked one of my swollen nipples into his mouth, sucking and chewing on it as if it could give him milk. At the same time, he slid a hand down over my flat, firm belly and put his thumb on my clit, mashing it like a doorbell. My hips bounced up at him, forcing the head of his cock against my cervix and I wrapped myself around him like a boa constrictor as another orgasm blazed through my ripe young body.

I moaned and grunted in his ear as my cunt spammed on his invading cock, milking his rod like trying to make him cum. "Ungh, oh, baby, you're so fuckin' tight!" I grunted between thrusts. The urge to get my belly filled full of cum was damn near impossible to fight. Our moans of pleasure filled the room, along with the lewd smacking of sweaty flesh against sweaty flesh.

I was working my awesome little cunt on his cock. "Fuck me! Fuck me hard!" "Is this we want, honey?" he said. "Yes! I want you to slam that cock into me. Make me scream!" I told him. "You sexy! ," He grunted, "You've wanted me to fuck you for a long time haven't you?" "I want this always!" I replied, "We wanted to fuck hard and longer." I grabbed his hair and pulled him down into a dizzying kiss, a kiss that was more passionate and had more sexual heat in it than any other kiss.

He had started stroking his cock in and out of my pussy in a beautiful way. A few minutes later, I was moaning into his mouth as another climax began to build. He began to torment my tits, cupping them in his big hands and squeezing them tightly, letting them go and then pinching the nipples, rolling them between his fingers and pulling them until my ripe little tits were cone shaped. My nipples slipped from his grasp and my breast snapped back to round again. I gasped, pushing them again into his hands for more abuse as he did it again.

He moved a little higher in the saddle until the top of his cock was rasping over my swollen clit with every stroke and moments after he did that, I came as he rammed his cock deep in my pussy, my eyes were closed in pleasure while the velvety soft walls of my cunt massaging his rod.

I gasped for breath as my orgasm faded, kissing him passionately as he continued to fuck my juicy pussy. He sucked a turgidly erect nipple into his mouth and chewed it lightly, spat it out and kissed me again. He crushed my tits in a strong grip and I screamed into his mouth as another orgasm ravaged in my young body. My pussy was grabbing his cock as I came and came. Juices were coming from my cunt, invaded my ass and pressed against his moving cock through the thin membrane that separated the two holes.

"Oh God!, "Fuck me Love! Fuck me, fuck me, and fuck me!" I was in a great pleasure. My legs were around his hips, my heels beating on his ass as I spiraled my hot, wet cunt up and down his relentlessly pounding cock, working hard for the next monster orgasm that was building in both of our belly.

I could make out that he is nearer to his cum shot with my next orgasm. He picked up the pace, hammering his big cock into me, his heavy, sperm laden balls slapping against the firm cheeks of my ass as we fucked.

He thrust his finger in and out of my asshole in sync with his cock in my cunt, and then played a hunch. He buried his straining cock up to the balls in to my convulsing pussy and came, bellowing as his cock fountain his thick and warm cum into my pussy with a great force and his cock started to dance in to my juicy pussy with every shot of his cum. I have tightened my grip once again on him as I was again on seventh sky with a very strong and wonderful orgasm.

He stayed in me as our climaxes passed, and then rolled to my side, taking me with him.


I would have liked nothing better than him to stay on top of me but I was little bit tired as I have experienced many orgasm by his skillful fucking. "How do you feel, honey?" he asked, looking into my eyes. "I knew that it would be so good with you," I murmured, giving him a smile. He kissed me again, his tongue moving against mine languidly as he gently caressed my back and my fabulous ass.

"Mmm," I sighed as our kiss broke. "This is nice." I hooked my leg over his hip and pulled him closer, trying to keep his softening cock in my tired pussy for a few more minutes. "How does your pussy feel?" "It was feeling very good a few minutes ago," "That's not what I meant." "I know." I drew back from him and we both looked down as his soft cock fell out of my pussy, followed by a gush of his semen and my juices.

I am a big lover of soft cock but I cannot play with soft cock for a long time because it becomes hard very soon with my touch. I rolled to my back and reached down between my legs with both hands, catching the mess before it hit the bed. I suddenly got out of the bed and headed for the bathroom door. "I'll be right back. I gotta clean up." I returned from bathroom cleaning my hands and leaking pussy. He was sleeping on the bed on his back with closed eyes.

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His soft and sweet cock was resting on his balls. It was a wonderful view and I could stop myself to take his soft cock in my palms. I did not waste much time to take his soft cock in to my mouth to suck it. I was sucking his soft cock knowing that it will become hard very soon and I felt it growing it slowly slowly in my mouth. I took it out from my mouth and kissed on his growing cock for the last time in that evening as that was the time to return my parents back to home.

He stood up and kissed both of my nipples one by one. Our hearts were wanted to play another fucking game but our minds were telling us to leave it for some other time. He kissed me and we went down to collect our cloths lying near couch. After wearing our cloths we came back to my room with my teared panty. He took my teared panty and put it in his bag to throw it out somewhere on way back to his home. I took another panty to wear it. After half an hour, my parents returned home with shopping bags in their hands.

My parents have opened the main door with the help of their key. We were studying in my room like good students. He left my home after dinner but till than we had good fucking while alone and also had good study in presence of our parents at home. Julee