Ebony mama eating a black shaft

Ebony mama eating a black shaft
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=================================================================================== This story is a true story of my first time with a mate of mine called Rob, he was the guy to take my viginaty away and this is the tale of this story, a few more things happened after this which i will write about if you want me to.


but i wanted to share this with you as it was a great night =================================================================================== The night started off in an English pub in an English town.

Me and my mate was watching football in this pub. It was a game between my local side who were low down in a lower league and a team and a really successful premiership team. The beer flowed pretty well that day as we cheered on our local side with the guys. The English law is 18 for drinking, but rules are made to be broken, when you know the bar staff, i was 17 and my "mate" was 16. I'm 6ft tall, lanky with long curly hair and my mate was a bit shorter and out of proportion, not really too good looking really short hair and no style.

We were both in jeans and a football shirt. The game kicked off and the drink poured and drank as quickly as they were poured. We were getting quite drunk. And then on the 70 something minute my team scored from a header and it was 1-0. You can imagine underdogs winning the mood was electric!!.

I needed more drinks to calm my nerves and my heart was racing. We chanted till the 90th minute the game was over and we won 1-0 progressing in the FA CUP. We drank the night away and by around 11ocklock that night we really weren't sure where we were.

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We decided to crash at my place on my bed together. bad idea when you consider how drunk we were . Well I guess it was a good idea depends how you look at it. Jump forward about 2 hours we were laid in bed and both of us awake talking drunk nothings, Rambling on about nothing. No need to go into details it was me who made the first move "I wish i was gay" i said .

No reply. "Then I could do this" I started rubbing at his belly, his hand didn't push me away, I rubbed lower over the top of his jeans with enough pressure to stroke over his cock. It's worth mentioning that even though we had a few to drink we was not out of it and we was in control. "I could also do this with you" i started to peel away his belt He was still voiceless I checked his glazed over eyes to see if he was asleep but he wasn't.

He was just laid there. I was spurred on by this as it wasn't a rejection I stood up headed to my door and turned my light off, not sure why just think it made it more natural, plus my parents were in the same floor and it was late so didn't want them asking questions.


I got back and lay in bed with him. His belt was unfasten and I had access to his button on his jeans which I got to work fumbling around in the dark feeling how to unbutton him, eventually managing it.

I put my hand down his jeans no able to move around "if I was gay I could do this" Still no reply but I was moving my hand around, I was hoping I could feel weather he was hard or not, I wanted proof he was enjoying this. I put my thumbs over the top of his jeans and tugged them down, then moving my hands back up and tugging his boxers down to his knees.

I moved my hand up the inside of his leg and gripped his cock, holding it tight in my hands moving my wrist in my hand working him up and down, He was very hard, I couldn't see but he was longer than me but a lot thinner his foreskin was tight "I'm not going to complain" He said "I bet your not" I answered back with a smile on my face I worked him some more with my hand, he was moaning a little getting more and more into it.

"Nothing wrong with a little mutual masturbation is there now, if i was gay id suck you off, You think that's a good idea" "No" He replied with a deep breath and lust in his voice "What do you care your drunk" With that i lowered my head down the bed towards his cock. I liked up the shaft and lowered the head into my mouth, and then I took further down the shaft. I don't normally go straight into this I like to tease but it was dark and I couldn't see it, I wanted to feel what it looked like.

I caressed his pole with my tongue, he was long and thin very warm I could feel his pubes on my nose from were I was, he was very hairy in this area. It was not the most pleasant start to a blowjob I ever had, the drink made him go to the toilet a lot and he tasted of piss till I cleaned him off and his balls were sweaty and smelly after the long day he must have had.

I have to admit though I did enjoy this the manly smell was making me so hard and made it more real. It was pitch black so i was working on touch, taste and smell so this cock was perfect. I was working away with my mouth running up and down his shaft stopping to lick down and run my tongue over his hairy balls. I was trying my best to deep thought him every now and then making me gag which he obviously liked as he was thrusting against my gags.

I then brought my head up sucking on his head while I rubbed my hand over his shaft. I rubbed him down and pulled his foreskin over his head, he twitched as I did this, he wasn't used to it I lowered my head again, holding his cock by his shaft I ran my tongue round his newly exposed head. Thus a strong taste sensation a mix between old and new piss and pre cum ill not lie it was heavenly.

My cock was so hard in my jeans I loosened them and shimmed them of franticly while I used my mouth to devour his cock. By now my mate was worried he would lose his cock whore he griped my round the back of my head gripping my hair and shoving me down on his penis. I moved my head away from his cock and kissed his belly, I straddled him moving my body up against his body, our cocks met.

This was the first time my cock was out it is smaller than his, but thicker and shaved, its foreskin already pushed back my balls were a lot bigger than his too from what I worked out. I was holding myself up above him looking down at him "You can tell anyone about this, our little secret, if you do I'll let you do anything to me" I stretched the word anything out so he knew I ment anything "You know me" He replyed I didn't quite know what that meant so I took it that it was our little secret.

I lowered down and our lips touched and we kissed passionately for around 5 mins, our tongues darted around each other's mouth and we caressed each other body's under our shirts.

As he caressed my nipples my body rubbed against his and his cock feel under my body and rubbed against my arse. I stopped kissing and move my balance up a bit, reaching back to grab his cock and holding it against my hole. He knew what I was up for and gave me a signal which meant I knew he wanted it too, he moved his hips up, and so I shifted my balance back down and his head slipped in my tight hole this was the first time I ever been fucked in the arse and it hurt like hell, it almost felt as if no more would go in.

I rocked back some more making his pole slide further up me, i was only a little way there it already felt like it was in my belly. I was moving back and he was moving up for me i then felt my bare arse meet his pubes and I new I made it all way down.

I kept in this position a while, thinking of what i just done, I then rose up, Then back down, Slowly.

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I repeated this motion slowly a few times, was still hurting like hell, but what you expect, no lube, no condom, just my salvia on his cock for lubrication.

Eventually i managed to pick speed up as his pre cum lubing me up i managed to get more speed. I was hovered over him in a sit up position shifting balance forward and backwards as his thrusted in time to me. I then sat up on him for a while moving my body up and down on his cock before moving back to this same position. He moved his hands around onto my arse spreading my arse cheeks a little this time I stayed still and he pounded me.

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He was getting fasted and moaning loudly. My eyes were squinting and i was sweating i was in so much pleasure. His thrusts got slower and more controlled.

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Then it happened is were i felt his cock swell, he shoved up deep inside me and filled me up with his cum. I stayed sat on him for a while. The feeling of been fucked by a man was great something i never felt before, i slowly rocked while his cock was still hard and then got off my man. I kissed him for a while a little more light heartily than before we was shattered he togged at my cock a little but before I came he fell asleep.

I lay next to him and cuddled close smelling his sweaty Oder, with his cum dripping out of my stretched arse. I ran my figures though his pubic hair and around his balls, I smelt my figures, his smell was so sexy. He moved to his side to get more comply in bed and I spooned him my cock fitted nicely in his arse crack. And i feel asleep soon after wrapped around him.

I never came that night, but he made up for it in the morning.

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Imagine if we can have this much fun drunk and tired imagine what tomorrow brings. I