Escort Aline ferrari using red dress

Escort Aline ferrari using red dress
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It was a bright, sunny, summer day here in the sunshine state of Florida. The temperature was around 95 degrees, and it was very hot and humid outside. As soon as you walk outside, you start to sweat from the heat.


There are only a couple of ways to cool down when it is that hot outside. One way is to just stay indoor in the air conditioning, and the other is to enjoy the coolness of the water from a pool or the ocean. It was a holiday weekend, and I had 3 days off, so we decided to take a short drive up to Daytona Beach to spend the weekend up there.

You were wearing a pair of short jean shorts with the top button undone and a short white t-shirt that came down just below the bottom of your breasts, leaving your stomach fully exposed. I could tell from your nipples poking at the shirt that you did not have a bra on and because the top of your shorts were unbuttoned, I could tell that you were not wearing any panties as well.

Every time you bent over to pick something up, your shirt would go up around your neck and your beautiful breasts would peek out and be out in the open. Your outfit had already started to make my dick hard and you knew it. You had worn this outfit for that very reason. You were teasing me to no end as you were packing the suitcase, and you loved that you had my undivided attention.

As we were packing for our three days away, I saw that you were only packing one change of clothes and not much of anything else. I asked why you had not packed any more clothes, and you said that you didn't plan on needing to wear very much clothing these three days. Just the thought of this was making my dick even harder. Obviously, it was very apparent that my dick had gotten very hard and you knew that what you were saying and wearing was driving me crazy.


You smiled slyly and reached in your nightstand and pulled out your favorite toy. It is a small, red, waterproof vibrator and I knew exactly what we would be doing with the toy. My cock was wanting to come out of my pants and I could feel that it was rock hard. You walked by me and as you walked by, you brushed up against my rock hard cock You smiled as my cock jumped as you touched it through my pants.

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You started to massage my hard cock through my pants and it was driving me absolutely wild. I could not stand it any more. I grabbed your shirt and took it off, revealing your beautiful breasts with nipples that were as hard as diamonds. You in turn took my shirt off and started to kiss my lips and our tongues started to dart in and out of each others mouths. I unbuttoned the rest of the buttons on your shorts and they fell to the ground revealing your smooth crotch.

You teasingly undid my belt and unbuttoned my pants and slowly let them slide down to the floor. As you were slowly bending over while removing my pants, you see that my rock hard cock is struggling to be let out of my boxers. You slowly and methodically remove my boxers with my cock jumping out and all ready throbbing. You get down on your knees and take my hard cock and start to lick the head with your tongue.

You twirl your tongue around the head of my dick and I stand there trying my best to keep from exploding cum right then and there. You see that I am so ready to blow that you stop sucking my dick and stand up. You say that this was all I was going to get until we get to the beach.

But you had already gotten me to a point of no return.

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I gently grab your arms and turn you around and bend you over on the bed. I see that you also are very excited as your pussy is already wet and ready for my hard dick to be thrust inside of you. I guide my rock hard cock into your pussy and within two thrusts I have already buried my hard cock all the way into your pussy. I start to thrust back and forth as quickly and as hard as I can.

You start to moan as you feel my cock start to swell inside you. The friction from my thrusting is making you so horny as well. You start to move in unison with me as my cock is thrust further and further inside you. You start to shutter as wave after wave of your orgasm starts. I can feel your pussy clamping down on my hard dick and as I fuck you, all of a sudden, an explosion of cum is shot into your pussy. You cry out in pleasure as you feel the hot cum being pumped over and over inside of you.

As I withdraw my cock, cum is gushing out of your pussy as your pussy is not able to contain all of the cum that had come out of my cock. We go to the bathroom to take a shower and get cleaned up. This is going to be some weekend if this is how things got started. I can't wait to see what happens once we get to the beach. We had finished getting cleaned up and we went back into our room to get dressed.

You put on a bikini top that hugged your breasts, and you put on the short jean shorts that you were wearing earlier. Like before, you did not put on anything between the shorts and your smooth pussy. And like before, you left the top button undone, so that I could tell that there was nothing underneath the jeans shorts.

You knew that this would drive me crazy and you were right. I put on a pair of swim trunks and a t-shirt and we put the suitcase that did not have much in it into our convertible.

We headed out to Daytona with the top down on the car. The sun was beating down, but the breeze of the wind as we were driving down the highway, made it more bearable. You were in the passenger seat, sitting there with sunglasses on, leaning back, just soaking up the sun. I glance over and see your sun kissed body and imagine just how our weekend will go.

As I am driving, my cock starts to grow hard, as I continue to think about everything that we will do these next three days. I continue to drive along the highway and glance over at you again, and this time you had slid your hand down the front of your shorts.

I knew what you were doing, and you look at me smiling. You were again teasing me and you noticed that my cock had gotten rock hard again. You unbuttoned another button on your shorts exposing most of your smooth crotch. This made my cock even harder and you were enjoying what you were doing to me, but I still had to drive and keep the car on the road.

You were making it very hard to concentrate on driving. You sit up and reach over and grab my hard cock through my swim trunks and give it a hard squeeze. This surprise causes me to almost run off the side of the road.

I get the car back under control and you continue to tease my hard cock by squeezing it and every once in a while slipping your hand into my trunks and sliding your fingers up and down my shaft.

I find that I am driving faster than I should; just trying to get to our hotel so I can rip off your clothes and fuck you like I know you want to be fucked. Luckily, the police are not out today and we pull into the parking lot of our hotel. We arrived at the hotel and we check into our hotel room. My dick is still hard, just in anticipation of what I know we are going to be doing all weekend. We get to our room and open the door. As soon as I close the door, you pull down my trunks exposing my rock hard cock.

You smile and take off my shirt. Now I am standing in front of you, naked, and with a cock that is throbbing. I untie your bikini top and release your beautiful breasts with your nipples that are hard like diamonds. I then slip your jean shorts down to the floor.

You part your legs slightly, revealing the lips of your pussy. I pick you up and put you on your back on the bed. You spread your legs apart and I see that you are already wet from excitement.

I start to kiss your inner thighs and move up towards your pussy. I take my thumb and start to press and massage your clit. I stick two fingers into your wet pussy and curl my fingers upward so that I am pressing against your G-spot.

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As I am pressing against your G-spot, I start to suck your clit. I nibble on your clit and you start to moan as your orgasm starts to build up inside of you. I can tell that you are getting close to reaching orgasm as your pussy muscles start to twitch.

Knowing that you are so close, I start to thrust my fingers in and out of your pussy faster and harder. At the same time I am sucking your hard clit and play with it with my tongue. You arch your back as you scream in ecstasy as wave after wave of orgasm hits your body. You clamp down your pussy muscles trying to keep my fingers inside of you. I continue to suck on your clit and you are hit with another orgasm.

You clamp your legs tight against my head. You buck your hips against my mouth and each time you do, my tongue goes deeper inside your pussy. You beg for me to stop, but I have no intention of stopping anytime soon. I stop just briefly, and you are laying on your back out of breath. I open our suitcase, and as I unzip the suitcase, you look at me asking what I am doing. I reach in and pull out your favorite toy.

I hold it up and smile. Your eyes become wide as you realize what I had in mind. You tell me that you don't think that you can stand that because you have already reached orgasm 3 times.

I turn the vibrator on and the light hum almost causes you to cum again, and I haven't even touched you with it yet. I slightly brush the vibrating toy over each nipple, causing you to jump and inhale deeply. Your nipples are so sensitive and they are so hard that they feel like diamonds.

I can tell that you are already cumming again as you arch your back as another orgasm hits your body. I move the toy down your stomach towards your pussy. You feel the vibrations all through your body. I take the toy and slightly touch your clit. As I do so, you cum again, this time squirting your cum all over my hand and the toy. You again scream out in ecstasy as your body arches and wiggled as wave after wave of orgasm hits your body. You can't stop it, even if you wanted to, but deep inside you do not want it to stop.

I decide that now would be the best time for me to thrust my rock hard dick into your pussy. I get up between your legs and with one motion; I thrust my rock hard cock into your pussy all the way up to my balls. By now, you are just reaching orgasm after orgasm, and my thrusting of my cock into your pussy causes you to go into a fetal position as you continue to orgasm over and over again. Your pussy muscles have clamped down on my cock like it was in a vise.

After 10 minutes, you have finally started to relax from having 10 or more orgasms. I pull out and lay next to you. You are so tired that you have already gone off to sleep.

I lay there and think that these next three days are going to be some of the best sex that we have or will ever have.

We are lying on the bed, naked, completely spent from our extra curricular activity. After taking a short nap, we awake being famished.

We decide to get dressed and go to a nice dinner. You go get in the bath first and quickly get cleaned up. I watch you as you wash your naked body with soap.


You rinse off and it is my turn to take a shower. While I am in the shower, you go put on a little black dress that you had packed. You have on a pair of cute high heel shoes.


I finish up in the shower and get dressed in a pair of jeans and nice polo shirt. Your dress shows off your toned legs perfectly and is somewhat form fitting. We decide to go to a nice Italian restaurant. We sit down in a booth at the restaurant sitting next to each other, not across from each other. We order our food and you order a vodka and soda. While we wait for our food to come, we chat about what we would like to do this weekend and I place my hand on your thigh as we talk.

I slowly move my hand up until I am almost to your pussy. Imagine my surprise when I expect to feel a pair of thong underwear, but instead my fingers go straight into your pussy.

You never put any underwear on. Well, immediately my dick got hard and you smiled slyly. Here you are teasing me again, because you know there is nothing I can do in the restaurant, but let my imagination go wild, and it is going absolutely nuts. We finish our dinner and the entire time, all I can think of is fucking you all night long. We go back to the hotel room and decide to go take a swim in the hotel pool.

Because it is so late, there is no one else in the pool. I put on my swim trunks and you put on your bikini top and bottom and we grab a couple of towels and head down to the pool. We get into the pool and the coolness of the water almost takes our breath away. I see that the cool water has caused your nipples to become hard as your bikini top is straining to keep your breasts in it.

We hug each other in the pool, and we passionately kiss each other. Our tongues explore each others mouths as our hands are exploring each others bodies.

You grab my cock and start stroking it causing it to grow. I put my hand in your bikini bottoms and my fingers find your pussy. We look at each other and decide that we need to go back to the room and fuck each others brains out.

As you climb out of the pool, you had secretly undid your bikini top while in the pool, and you toss it at me. Your breasts are out in the open and you smile knowing that my cock is going to be rock hard.

You grab a towel and wrap it around you. I get out of the pool, and you can see that my cock is at full attention. I quickly grab a towel and wrap it around me to hide my hard dick. We go back to the hotel room, where we both know what is going to happen. We take our suits off and we lay down in the bed completely naked. We start to kiss each other while we start to enter twine our legs and bodies. My cock is rock hard and you are wet with excitement.

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You start to kiss my chest and you move down to my dick. You take the head of my cock into your hot mouth and start to suck hungrily. You bob your head up and down and with each bob up and down, you are putting more and more of my dick into your mouth.

Soon my cock is hitting the back of your throat. What you are doing is making me feel so good. You grab my balls while sucking my dick and you feel that I am about to cum. You start trying to swallow my dick causing my cock to swell and start throbbing in your mouth. All of a sudden, like a volcano, I explode with cum and you swallow every drop. I can't believe a blowjob could feel so good. I decide that you also need to feel good.

I turn you over onto your back and spread your legs exposing your very wet pussy. I start to kiss your pussy and stick my tongue into your pussy. You start to moan as you were already close to cumming. I grab your hands with my hands and try to put my tongue even further into your pussy. You start to buck against my head and with each buck my tongue goes further and further inside. You cum all of a sudden and you squirt your cum directly into my mouth.

I swallow as much as you squirt and you taste so sweet.

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After you cum, I turn you over onto your hands and knees and start to fuck you doggy style. You are so sensitive that it doesn't take long before you are cumming again. I grab your hips and really start to thrust my hard cock into you as far as I can. You continue to cum and your pussy muscles are grabbing my cock with all of its might.

I realize that I am going to cum again and while you are cumming, I cum as well. I explode more cum deep into your pussy. We both fall exhausted on the bed and go to sleep for the night. Or so I thought. We have been asleep for several hours and I wake up around 3:00am from having a dream about you. I look over next to me and there you are lying naked on the bed with a smile on your face.

You must be exhausted from all the fucking we had already done. But the look of your naked body lying on the bed next to me causes my cock to become hard again.

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I can't believe that I am so lucky to be fucking the most beautiful woman that I had ever seen. You are lying on your side with your back to me. I decide that I would try to go back to sleep, but I would cuddle with you first.

So I lie down and wrapped my body next to yours. My cock is up against your ass and is still as hard as ever. I hug you tightly and play with your nipples as you sleep. The light touch of my fingers against your nipples start to cause your nipples to get hard.

You start to stir slightly and you open your legs just ever so slightly. But it is enough that I can reach down and start to play with your clit. I start to massage your clit with my fingers and obviously it is having a good reaction as your clit is starting to get hard and you are starting to moan.

Instinctively, you open your legs more which allows me to get full access to your pussy. I know that you are asleep, but in a way, I want you to wake up because I want to fuck you some more, but I also know that you must be exhausted from the previous days activity.

I decide to see how far I can get you to cumming with out waking you up. So I grab the vibrator, turn it on, and start to massage your clit with the vibrating toy.

This must have been too much for you as you suddenly wake up and look at me with your beautiful eyes. I smile and give you a kiss on your lips and tell you how beautiful you are. You smile and grab my rock hard cock with your hand and you have already been wet from the playing I had been doing with you.

You guide my cock into your pussy and you wrap you legs around my shoulders. This opens up your pussy and with one thrust my hard dick entered your pussy all the way to my balls.

You gasp as you feel my throbbing member inside of you. I start to thrust hard and fast as you start to cum. I can feel the wetness of your pussy and the warmth of the inside of your body. You start to buck hard against my thrusting causing you to cum hard.

When you cum, your pussy clamped down on my cock causing me to explode my cum inside your pussy. You can feel the hot cum and the force of the cum inside of you causing you to reach orgasm again.

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You are shaking because you had cum twice within 1 minute. After climaxing, we both are still exhausted so we lay in each others arms and go back to sleep.