Culo perfetto di mia moglie da sfondare

Culo perfetto di mia moglie da sfondare
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Chapter 1: Friday 10th Saturday 11th One Friday morning, I woke up to the sound of my mother yelling for me to come down for breakfast, I looked at my alarm clock and saw that it was 8:09. I got up from my bed and noticed a raging hard on poking through my underwear. I couldn't understand how I've been waking up for the past few days with a boner.

Lately I've been feeling hornier than usual and today I didn't have time to relieve myself so I just put on a shirt and some shorts and went down. I went in the kitchen and the face of my 25 year old cousin Samantha was there to greet me, she was having a cup of coffee and eating some pancakes that mom had made just a few minutes ago, her eyes focused on the TV. Before continuing the story, let me introduce and describe myself a bit: My name is Robert, and at the time of this story I was 16 years old.

I'm well built with an athletic figure that I gained from playing all sorts of sports, I'm 5'8'' and weigh about 150 pounds. I have short black hair and black eyes as well. "Hey Bobby" Sam said to me with her sweet voice, "Come have some pancakes. Your mom is busy packing for your parent's annual vacation". I had just remembered that my parents decided to go to that cabin by the lake they go to every year for a weekend.

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I joined Sam on the table, her eyes refocused on the TV; she was watching some documentary about penguins. - "What are you watching?" I ask her. - "I don't know, something about penguins, I just turned the TV on and this is the first interesting thing I found." The reason Samantha had been staying at our house for the past couple of days and will probably be staying a couple more is that she had just recently gotten a promotion and had been transferred to a new branch of the successful bookstore she works for, that opened in our town and she hasn't found an apartment close to her new workplace yet.

So my mom offered to let her stay in our guestroom until she finds a place of her own. Now to describe Samantha a bit: She's a little taller than I am (not so sure about her exact height), she has long black hair, dark colored eyes, a beautiful face, natural 36 DD breasts (The reason I know this is because I once overheard her talking to my other cousin about them at a family reunion), a great shaped ass and a pair of long smooth legs.

And now we were sitting at the kitchen table, her, wearing nothing but a tight white T-shirt and a pair of my old gym shorts she had borrowed that showed off her sexy legs, and me eyeing her every chance I got, with a raging boner that I tried to conceal under the table.

I couldn't help noticing her hard nipples poking through that shirt she was wearing, which made me even hornier. She seemed oblivious to my stares but I couldn't be sure, I thought that she had caught me staring at a certain moment but she didn't react in any way so I just assumed it was my mind playing tricks on me.

Suddenly my mom came in the kitchen, followed by my dad after a few seconds, who then started to load the luggage into the car. "Behave during this weekend Bobby, and don't give your cousin a hard time" she said. Then she looked at Sam, handing her a piece of paper and some money, and said: "Here's a list of the numbers you can contact us on, here's some money if you need to get some pizzas or something and if anything happens don't hesitate to call us.

It's almost 8:30 and we need to get going if we're gonna enjoy this weekend". We then said our goodbyes and my parent took off for their vacation. I was so excited about the two days I had, to spend time with my cousin without the disturbance of my parents.

Sam finished her breakfast and said she needed to go take a shower and get ready for work. She didn't want to be late for her third day on her new job, so she got off from the kitchen table and headed upstairs, all the while I was watching her ass as she moved. My erection still hasn't subsided and I needed some relief, so I decided to wait for her to go to work so I could have the house to myself.

I finished my pancakes, cleaned the dishes and went headed for my room. Along the way I passed the guestroom and saw the door was a bit ajar, I peaked in and saw my beautiful cousin standing in front of the mirror putting on makeup with a towel wrapped around her body covering from her chest to just below her buttocks.

Her long legs still a bit wet and glistening from the sunlight coming through the window. I didn't want to push my luck and risk getting caught; after all, all she had to do was turn slightly for her to catch me standing there peeping at her, so I just went to my room and waited for her to head out so I can masturbate in peace. After about ten minutes, I heard a door shut and the sound of my cousin yelling to me that she was heading off to work and that she'll be home around 5:00.

I heard the front-door slam; finally I had the house to myself, I stripped totally naked because it turns me on even more to walk around in the nude but I couldn't decide where and to what I wanted to masturbate. I would usually masturbate to some porn but this time my cousin was staying with us, so I decided to venture into her room in hopes of finding something that would satisfy my sexual needs.

I walked up to the guestroom door and while reaching for the door knob I noticed my hand trembling. It was stupid of me to get scared, being that I was the only one in the house and that there was no chance of getting caught at that moment ,but still, the thought of going into the room my cousin was staying in, completely naked, had a weird effect on me.

I decided to just man up and go in, so I just opened the door and stepped inside. The room was completely tidied. I didn't want to go looking through it because there was no way of completely straightening it out to look exactly the way it did now, after messing it up with my search.

So instead, I went into the bathroom my cousin had just used. That bathroom was the guest bathroom, so my cousin had it all to herself the entire time she was staying with us.

The only way of going into it is by coming through the guestroom, and now I was inside. I looked around for a while, noticing the clothes hamper in the corner with the towels Sam had just used, laying on top of it. I took the towels off and laid them next to the sink, and then I opened the hamper and started looking inside. There was a bunch of clothes inside it, some from the past two days she'd been staying here, the T-shirt she was wearing this morning, my gym shorts and the thong underwear she was wearing today.

I picked it up and held it close to my nose, sniffing the scent of her pussy. The aroma was hypnotizing; the smell was making my dick hard. I closed the lid on the toilet, sat down, took the thong, wrapped it around my penis and started jacking off into it.

Visions of Sam flashing through my mind, the image of her poking nipples on the breakfast table, her body wrapped in nothing but a towel after her shower and her long slender legs that I just adore. Then my thoughts changed to images of Sam sucking my cock, of her big breasts bouncing freely while she's on top of me riding my dick.

How I wish my fantasies could come true. An hour must've passed while I was sitting in that bathroom, masturbating into the thong, to thoughts of Sam, when I felt myself getting close. But I didn't want to cum into the thong and risk getting busted if the thong was discovered, so I stood up, lifted the seat, unwrapped the thong from my dick and came right into the toilet bowl.

I made sure to clean up the cum drops that landed outside the bowl, the sweat that resided on the toilet lid where I was sitting and I put the thong back in its place and the towels back on top of the hamper. I made sure to put everything the way it was before I came in. I got out and closed the door behind me. I went downstairs and jumped in the pool. A sudden feeling of coolness swept over me as the cool water surrounded my sweating body.

I spent about another two hours swimming and lying in the sun then I went in, fixed myself a tuna sandwich and went upstairs to take a shower. I spent the next four hours playing video games and watching TV. Five o'clock came and I was sitting in the living room watching "Family Guy" when Sam arrived from work she was feeling hot and tired. - "Hey Bobby! How was your day?" she asked.

- "Pretty boring, I swam for a bit and now I'm watching a bit of TV. How was yours?" - "It was good.

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I love my new job." - "Good to hear that." - "It's really hot outside though, I think I'll get out of these sweaty clothes and go for a dip in the pool. Wanna join me?" - "Maybe in a little bit. For now, I just want to relax and continue watching TV." But the real reason I didn't join her right away was that I wouldn't be able to hide my erection around her when I see her in a bikini.

So I decided to wait for her to lie down and start working on her tan before I sneak out and jump into the pool. That way my erection would be concealed under the water.

Half an hour passed, I turned off the TV and changed into my swimming trunks. I went into the kitchen and peaked outside to the backyard through the glass door.

Sam was lying down on her stomach on a towel she had placed on the lawn, her head lain on her hands. I couldn't tell if her eyes were closed or opened because of the dark sunglasses she had on. Her bikini top was undone, and her big breasts, smashed under her, sticking out from her sides. Just as I had expected, the mere sight of her was enough to get me hard. I crept past her and quickly jumped in the pool, hoping she didn't catch a glimpse of my boner. But to my surprise, Sam didn't move at all.

I had been swimming for a while when I noticed Sam waking up from the nap she was taking. I stayed completely still in the pool and got as quiet as I could. I'm not sure whether or not she knew I was there or if she didn't actually care but she started to lift herself up and gave me a side view of her breasts hanging down while she was in a sort of doggie position then she got up and retied her bikini top. After having lost my erection from swimming and trying to not concentrate on Sam's presence, the sight of her marvelous tits made my dick jump to life.

Sam got up and went straight into the kitchen. She never noticed I was in the pool. I saw her reaching into the fridge and grabbing a beer. It was the perfect moment to escape to my room without getting noticed. I got out of the pool, wrapped a towel around my waist to try and hide my erection in case I ran into Sam and went inside through my dad's office.

That way, there was a smaller chance of bumping into Sam on my way up. I reached my room and looked out of the window that overlooks the backyard. There was Samantha sitting on one of the lawn chairs gulping down the beer she had gotten from the fridge.

I had a perfect view of her front, her bikini top trying to cover her enormous tits, showing a great deal of cleavage, and her bikini bottom tightly hugging her hips forming a small camel toe.

Sam finished her beer, got up and jumped into the pool. She started swimming and the view of her voluptuous body was hidden by the reflection of the sun on the water. I went to take a shower; I took off my soaking swimming trunks and threw them with my dirty clothes pile. I jacked off during the shower to thoughts of Sam and spurted cum all over the walls of the shower stall. I came down to the living room after the shower to find Sam, already having showered, sitting on the couch, her legs under her, wearing a similar outfit to the one she was wearing this morning.

A tight green shirt hugging her breasts; I noticed the lack of bra because of the poking nipples she sported, and a very short pair of shorts that showed off her legs.

- "Hey Bobby, what do you want to do tonight?" - "I don't know. Whatever you want to do." - "I was thinking of ordering some pizza for dinner, and the maybe afterwards we could watch a movie or something." - "Yeah, sounds good." - "OK, I'll go call the pizza place.

Why don't you pick out a movie to watch later?" -"Sure." I opened the cabinet under the TV and started looking through the DVDs we have. I had already watched each one of them more than once but I didn't really care because my attention tonight won't be focused on the movie. I ended up picking "Broken Embraces": A Penelope Cruz movie with a bunch of sex scenes.

It was a Spanish movie though, and I didn't understand Spanish. The one time I watched it, I put English subtitles but mainly I just watched it to see Penelope Cruz naked. Luckily Sam took Spanish as an extra language in college so she'll be able to understand the story. Sam came back into the living room after having ordered the pizza.

We sat down flipping through the channels trying to waist some time till the pizza came, and after a while it did. The doorbell rang, so I got up to answer it. It was the pizza guy; I paid him and brought the pizza inside. I couldn't help but notice, when I was paying him, how he was gazing at Sam. He probably noticed her hard nipples too. I mean, how couldn't he have? You could probably spot them from a mile away. I was also wondering how her nipples were constantly hard.

I just assumed she was probably a bit chilly because of the air-conditioning that was on. When I came back in with the pizzas, Sam had already gone into the kitchen and was looking in the fridge. I grabbed a couple of plates and Sam asked me: "Where do you keep the soda?" - "Down in the bottom drawer of the fridge" I answered.

Then, when Sam bent down to get the soda cans, her shirt got lifted up a bit and her shorts got pulled down a bit, to reveal an even sexier pair of thong panties than the one I jacked off into this morning, sticking out and like a whale-tail. During dinner, we talked about random stuff. I found out she had a boyfriend in her old town but they had to break off their relationship because she was moving.

Then she asked me if I had a girlfriend and I told her not at the moment. I had broken up with my girlfriend about two months ago after finding out she was sleeping with some other guy.

I was still a virgin, the most I had gotten with a girl was oral sex, but I left that bit out of our conversation. We finished dinner and cleaned everything up. Then Sam went in to make some popcorn while I got the movie ready. She came back with a bowl full of popcorn and sat down next to me on the couch, regaining her initial position: her feet under her ass.

She sat to my left and placed the popcorn bowl halfway between us: half of it on her right thigh, the other half on my left thigh. The movie started with the first scene being a sex scene between a hot blonde and a blind man. Even though during the sexual act the body of the actors wasn't shown, but the blonde's big tits appeared just seconds before they started fucking, and reappeared after they finished. The sight of the blonde's breasts and the closeness of my cousin's body to mine started to have an effect on my cock, but Sam, too focused on the movie, never noticed a thing, or at least pretended not to notice.

We continued watching the movie, our hands sometimes bumping into one another while we were reaching for the popcorn at the same time. The two sex scenes by Penelope made me want to fuck Sam right there on the couch, but I knew I couldn't do anything about my desires. Halfway through the movie I got bored and tired of reading the subtitles so I just decided to go to bed. I went upstairs, brushed my teeth, took my clothes off (I always sleep in my underwear) and hopped in my bed.

My mind was too busy thinking of the beautiful sex goddess sitting in my house watching TV. I tried to clear my head so I could fall asleep but it was an impossible task. I got out of bed, and went downstairs to get a glass of water.

I just assumed that Sam would have been in her room by now so I didn't bother to put my clothes back on. But what I had assumed couldn't have been farther from the truth. What I saw shocked me so hard that I was just standing there more than halfway down the steps looking at Sam.

Even though I could only see the back of her head and the back of the couch, it was obvious to me from her shorts and panties lying on the floor next to the sofa, the movie that she had rewound to the hottest sex scene, and from the sounds and movements she was making that she was indeed masturbating. I snapped out of my trance and wanted to get a better view. I snuck into my dad's office, from there, I went outside to the backyard then I went back inside through the kitchen.

Our kitchen was opened to the living room where Sam was sitting, and now I had a good side view of Sam rubbing her clit. She had her eyes fixed on the screen, where Penelope Cruz is standing topless in front of a mirror, her tits were visible.

Was Sam fingering while looking at a naked female? Was she a lesbian? Or maybe she was a bi? I was so confused, but that quickly changed. Sam suddenly stood up went to the DVD player and took out the DVD she was watching but she never bothered to turn the TV or the DVD player off.

She went upstairs. I stood there wondering what she was up to and just when I was getting ready to head back to bed, Sam reappeared on the steps carrying a bag in her hand. She placed it on the coffee table in front of the couch where she was sitting and took out a DVD case from it. She placed the DVD into the player and went back and sat back down on the couch where she was sitting earlier. A second later, her shirt joined her shorts and panties on the floor. She was now completely naked.

She grabbed the bag from the coffee table and took out a large pink vibrator. Then my focus shifted to the TV screen where a title in a bright red color read: "Intimate Expressions".

I knew what that was; I once bought a bootlegged version of the same movie she was watching from a guy in Lebanon on a summer vacation there. My dad being originally Lebanese wanted me and my mother to visit his childhood country, so he took us for a month the previous summer to Lebanon where I made a couple of friends.

One of them had sold me a DVD for 2000LL, which is worth about 1.3$, that was the same one Sam was watching right now. It was a porno, the best porn movie I've ever watched, that featured one of my favorite pornstars: "Jules DeNyle". Sam continued to watch the movie; one hand pinching her nipples, alternating each time between her left and right breasts, the other hand holding the vibrator to her clit, using the vibration to stimulate it.

She then inserted the vibrator with one quick thrust deep inside her vagina. I was standing there, in the dark, working on my own tool, rubbing my prick furiously, enjoying the show Sam was putting on for me. I felt myself getting close, so I slowed down, not wanting to blow my load while the show is still going on. On the screen Jules was on all fours, with a guy on his knees in front of her face, with his dick being worked in and out of her mouth.

Then she started stroking his cock while tonguing his balls. Sam had her eyes closed, her head leaning back with her hand plunging the vibrator in and out of her pussy. That vibrator must've been about 10 inches, way bigger that my dick, which is only 7.5 inches long, and way thicker too. But that didn't matter to Sam; she was shoving the whole thing inside of her.

I had the idea of walking up to Sam and offering to help her out in reaching an orgasm, but I was too big of a coward to act on such impulses. On the screen, Jules was now laying on the guy, her back facing him, jumping up and down on him, enveloping his dick with her vagina.

Sam's moans mixed with the sex sounds from the movie were making me so much hornier. She started to moan louder; she was on the verge of a big orgasm, and so was I. I grabbed a couple of tissues from the kitchen table and came right into them. At the same time, Sam had experienced a great orgasm and had stopped masturbating. She put the vibrator back into the bag, and stood up, turned off the DVD player and placed the DVD back in with the vibrator.

Suddenly it hit me; Sam could catch me any minute. I didn't have time to go back out to the backyard, and even if I did, I'd be in too much of a hurry that I'd make too much noise. My only option was to hide under the kitchen table and wait for Sam to head up for bed. But Sam had a different plan in mind.

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Thinking that I was upstairs in my room, fast asleep, Sam didn't bother to put any clothes on, nor did she bother to hide her bag, she just placed it next to the coffee table on the floor. Feeling kind of thirsty, she went into the kitchen.

She opened the fridge and got a beer out. She sat on one of the chairs and placed the beer on the table. She didn't cross her legs or anything, she just sat there, with her legs spread open.

I had a good frontal view right into her pubic area. I noticed that her pussy was completely shaved except for a small triangle patch of dark colored hair over it. Her pussy was the most beautiful pussy I had ever seen. I could hear Sam guzzling her beer ignorant of the fact that I was staring straight into her love hole. Her pussy lips still opened, her scent filling the air, pussy juice dripping out of her.

That was the most amazing moment of my life so far. Nothing I had ever done or seen could ever compare to being at such a close distance to my cousin's labia. I leaned in trying to take up more of her scent, and then suddenly Sam stood up and went back into the living room.

She had finished her beer and retreated back to the comfort of the couch. She put her clothes back on, lied down on the couch and started watching some show on TV. That was my opportunity to escape. I snuck outside, then into the office, and then went back up to my room. I made sure to dispose of the tissues I had cum in.

I threw them in my bathroom trash can and went to bed. Exhausted, I quickly fell asleep. I woke up around 2:00 am because of the scorching heat. I got up, went down to get a glass of water. In my excitement with the show Sam had unknowingly put on for me just a few hours ago, I had forgotten the purpose of my initial heading for the kitchen: To get a glass of water.

And now I was going to get a drink. When I stepped downstairs, I saw the TV was still on but Sam was not in sight. When I approached the TV to turn it off, I saw that Sam had fallen asleep on the couch. The shirt she was wearing had been lifted halfway up her stomach. A devilish idea came to me. I left the TV on because any alteration in the surroundings might cause Samantha to wake up, plus I needed some light for what I was about to do, and turning on the lamp is too risky.

The sudden light shock might disturb her sleep. I walked slowly up to Sam sat on the coffee table. I noticed the bag; she hadn't bothered to take it back up to her room, she hadn't even bothered to hide it. It was still set there, resting on the leg of the coffee table.

I picked it up and opened it to examine its contents.

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The DVD she watched earlier was there and so was the pink vibrator. The DVD didn't interest me much since I had already seen it a countless number of times so I picked up the vibrator and started looking at it. It was the first vibrator, or in fact the first sex toy I had ever seen in real life. I had seen many before in pornos but I've never been in contact with one. It was still wet from when Sam had used it; I smelled it and it smelled like the scent I smelt in her thong and the one I smelt under the table.

I was becoming obsessed with that scent. I decided right then that I would do anything in my power to get a taste my cousin's pussy but until then, the next best thing was the taste of her cum.

I ran my finger along the vibrator and stuck it in my mouth. The taste was different than any of my girlfriends'. I mean, the ones that I got to eat out at least.

Some of them thought it was disgusting, others didn't let me even feel them up, but the ones that did let me go down on them enjoyed it a great deal. I had a thing for eating pussy; I still do to this day. I put the vibrator back in the bag and placed it right where it had been. I was anticipating what was about to happen.

I nudged Sam to see if she would wake up but she didn't. If she did, I could just play it off that I came downstairs for a cup of water, saw her asleep on the couch and woke her up to get her to go to her room. But lucky for me, she didn't move a limb after nudging her three more times.

I can proceed with my plan. Still sitting on the coffee table, I stood up, pulled my boxer shorts down, tossed them on the floor next to me and sat my ass back on the coffee table. It was the kind of table with thick square legs that could support my weight. Afterwards, I reached slowly, and gently placed my hand on top of Sam's breast, just letting it linger there for a few moments, making sure she didn't wake up to catch me molesting her in her in her sleep.

But still, she didn't feel a thing, her breathing was stable; no sign of her waking up. I started to squeeze a bit, taking every action I make very slowly as to not disturb her, but she never woke up, the entire time that night, she slept like a baby, unaware of me feeling her up. I started to get bolder, lifting her shirt up over her breasts, squeezing a bit harder, feeling both her tits up at the same time.

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Her breasts felt amazing; I'm not sure what to compare them to, so all I have to say is that they felt amazing. Being so big, they didn't fit into the palms of my hands, but that was not a problem at all. I pinched her nipples; I even sucked on them a bit, but not for too long because I was sure that if I had kept on sucking, she would have definitely woken up.

I had one hand on her left breast, the other rubbing my dick when I had the idea of grabbing her hand and putting my balls in her palm, as if she was cupping them. Then I wrapped her hand on my cock, placed my hand over hers and started moving it up and down mimicking her wanking me.

Her soft skin felt great around my penis. I stood up placed one leg on the sofa next to her head and bent down trying to tea-bag her but my balls couldn't push into her clothed mouth so I just laid them on her fleshy lips. Then I stood up, on the floor in front of her, and started to trace my penis around the features of her face until finally resting it on her lips. I wished that she would wake up and suck my cock, engulfing it all into the warm cavity of her mouth, deep-throating me and letting me cum down her throat while she swallows every load I spurt into her.

But I knew that could never happen, if she did wake up, she'd probably chop my dick off and then tell my parents what I was doing, who would then ground me for years. But then I would never be able to face them or ever look them in the eye, so I'll have to spend the remainder of my teenage years locked up in my room. I start to freak out but I quickly snap out of my fantasy and regain my composure. Sitting back down on the table, I reach down and lightly brush my cousin's mound with the tip of my fingers over her shorts.

But that was not enough for me. I had to achieve my purpose and attain the object of my desire, even if it was with a simple touch. I reach for Samantha's waist band and lift it up calmly, lifting both her short's and her panty's waistbands. With the other hand, I reach inside, greeted by a furry patch. I run a finger along it, feeling its softness. Then I reach in a little further and place my hand on Sam's clean shaven genitalia.

Using my index and third finger, I spread the outer lips of her vagina and plunge the two fingers deep inside. If she could fit that entire vibrator in there, I'm pretty sure two fingers won't have a dangerous effect on her. Her opening was wet, her inner walls supple.

I extract my hand from my cousin's pubic region, slowly and carefully let go of the waistband, hold up my fingers to my nose inhaling deeply before putting them in my mouth to taste my cousin's delicious love juices.

I place a couple of tissues in front of my cock, grab one of Sam's boobs with my left hand while jerking off quickly with the other. I felt my orgasm approaching and suddenly I start spurting cum into the tissues I had placed. I grabbed a couple more to clean up the mess I had just made and readjust Sam's shirt over her tits. Who knew that having a box of tissues in each room of the house would be so useful? I grabbed the cum-filled tissue pile, headed upstairs, threw it in the garbage can inside my bathroom and jumped back in bed.

I noticed while laying in bed that 4 intense jack off sessions in less than 24 hours had caused my dick to start aching. It didn't take much for me to fall into a deep sleep. Again, I had forgotten to get myself a glass of water. But that didn't matter, nothing did in fact. I was happy and nothing could have gotten me down at that moment. Chapter 2: Saturday 11th Sunday 12th The next day, I woke up around 11:00 am because I was so exhausted from the night before.

I went downstairs, and found a note on the fridge that read: "Hey Bobby, I'm off to work, but I'm coming home early today cause I only got half-days Saturdays. I'll be home around 1:00. Bye. Sam" Cool, I thought, I'll only have to waste two hours before Sam comes home. I logged on to Yahoo messenger and quickly a chat box popped up. It was my best friend form school, Eric. Eric: Hey Dude! What's up? Bob: Oh nm just woke up. What's new with you? Eric: Nothing man, how has your summer been so far?

Bob: Good. What about yours? Eric: It's been great! Bob: Good to hear that man. Eric: Listen dude, if you're not busy today and tomorrow, you wanna come have a sleep over at my place? Mom said it was OK. Bob: I don't know man, my parents are away this weekend and my cousin is staying over.

I'm not sure I can. Eric: Oh OK, I understand, maybe next weekend. Bob: Yeah sure. I spent the rest of the two hours chatting with my friends and catching up on their news.

Some of them had gotten summer jobs, some just stayed home all day, and this one guy, Alex, had been on vacation in France, visiting his uncles and aunts living there. It was around 10:30 pm there when I chatted with him. Three hours flew by since I've been up; Sam had just arrived home carrying a bunch of bags in her hands. I helped her out with them, she gave me three bags to take into the kitchen but there was one bag I noticed, which read on the side "LaSenza"; she quickly took it upstairs.

LaSenza was a local lingerie shop I knew from hanging out in the mall with my friends. When she came back down I asked her why she came a little later than when she said she would.

"I needed some stuff so I went to the mall, then I got some groceries so I can cook us some lunch" was her answer. She put an apron on, I asked her what she wanted to make, and she said chicken. Then she told me to peel some potatoes and chop them into medium sized pieces.

We ended up fixing lunch together, making small talk in the meantime; then we ate the tasty food we had prepared. We finished eating, did the dishes together and Sam decided she wanted to work on her tan for a bit. I, being so sweaty and feeling so hot form the dreadful weather decided to take a dip in the pool. I changed into my bathing suit and went out to the backyard. Samantha followed me just a couple of seconds later, wearing a bikini, holding a beer bottle in her hand.

She lied down on a lawn chair and placed her beer on a small table next to her. I sat down on a chair next to her. She drank her beer and turned around on her stomach. She undid her top and I started to get an erection. Wanting to hide my growing member, I was about to jump in the water when I heard Sam's voice calling my name. "What do you want?" I ask her. - "Can u help me put some tanning oil on my back?" she said.

I hesitated, for fear of getting my boner discovered but I had no excuse for denying her request. I came and placed a chair to her side and grabbed the oil bottle. Poured some of the liquid in the palm of my hand, and started rubbing it on Sam's shoulders. - "Can you give me a shoulder and back massage while you're at it? I've been really stressed out lately, having moved away from home, forced to make new friends at a new job." - "Sure, no problem" I replied.

The oil made Sam's smooth skin glisten in the sun. I pressed down harder on her back and shoulders, running my hands up and down from her neck to her lower back. - "Do you have a problem in spending the evening alone tonight?" she asked me. - "Uhm, no I don't. But why? You going anywhere?" - "Yeah, I have a date tonight." - "Ooh, a date.

With who?" - "Just some guy at work called Josh." I started to get a little jealous; a plan was forming in my mind. - "I just remembered, my friend Eric invited me for a sleep-over at his place tonight.

And I probably won't be home until tomorrow afternoon." I lied. I had no intention of going over to Eric's place but I was going to fake my leaving and sneak back home in hopes of catching Sam in the nude or doing something erotic. I mean, look what she did last night when she just thought I was asleep in my room. Now if she thought I was not home she might get a little kinkier with her actions. The sound of my cousin interrupted my chain of thoughts. - "Don't forget to do my legs next, Bobby." I reached for the bottle and poured some more oil on my hands and then placed them on Sam's thigh.

How could she keep her skin so smooth? There wasn't a single strand of hair on her entire body except for the hair on her head and the triangle patch over her pussy. I gently rubbed along Sam's legs, applying oil all over, reaching sometimes into her inner thighs and sometimes to the lower part of her behind. I had finished my task. I readjusted my cock, straining against my swim shorts but now my penis head was peeking through the right leg hole.

At least now when I stand up, there won't be a tent forming in front of me. I could easily hide my erection as long as I make sure to walk at the right angle as to not show my member sticking out. I quickly get up and dive into the pool. I had been swimming for about 40 minutes when I heard a splash behind me. I turned around and found that Sam had stopped tanning and had jumped into the pool. She came up to me, held the top of my head with both her hands and pushed me inside the water in an attempt to playfully drown me.

I thrust myself upwards and place my hands on her shoulders and pushed her down into the pool. We played for a bit, wrestled for a bit, my hands sometimes "accidentally" brushing up against her chest. We spent the rest of the time swimming and talking. Around 7:30, I showered and told Sam I needed to go over to Eric's place. She offered to give me a ride but I declined saying it wasn't necessary because Eric's house was just a couple of blocks away.

She went into her room to shower and get ready for her date, I yell out to her that I'm out, and slam the door but stay inside. I sneak back up to my room and sit on the bed, waiting impatiently for her to leave.

I hear the doorbell ring and just a few seconds later the guestroom door shuts. I hear the sounds of high heels clicking, the front-door opening and the voices of two people talking. A few moments later the front-door closes. I was envious of that guy Josh, even though I had never met him or talked to him before, I knew he was just interested in Sam to get into her pants, but I knew I couldn't stop Sam from seeing whoever she wanted. I walked out of my room and into Sam's. I looked under the bed for the bag that contained the porn DVD but it wasn't there.

I looked in the closet but I only saw shelves with clothes on it. I looked in the other closet but all I found was two dresses hanging.

But what I did notice, that the closet, containing only two dresses was more than enough to fit me inside.

I stepped inside it to test if my assumptions were correct and indeed they were. I had enough room to stand inside the closet and if closed the closet door more than halfway I could stand there and not get detected. Tonight, when Sam comes home, I'm going to sneak into her room, hide in the closet and take pictures of her while she's changing from her date clothes to her pajamas. But for that moment, I needed to find that porno. I step outside the closet and look in the drawers. There it was, in the second drawer next to the bed.

I grabbed it and ran back to my room. I loved that movie so much that I regretted leaving the bootleg I had bought back in Lebanon because it was illegal to bring it to the states with me.

I grabbed a blank DVD to copy it and hide it with me. I put the original back in its place in Sam's drawer and came back to my room. I ended up watching the entire movie that night. I turned my laptop off and hid the copied DVD between piles of other discs.

At about midnight, I heard the front-door open; I grabbed my camera and ran into guestroom, closed the door behind me and hid in the closet, leaving its door slightly open. From the way I was standing I had a perfect view of the entire room. The camera I had with me was a standard digital camera but what was so special about it is that it didn't make any sound when it took a picture or when it recorded a video. I, being such a voyeur at heart, changed the settings of the camera to mute it.

I could even turn off the flash so I couldn't get caught if I was taking an upskirt shot or any sort of voyeur picture. Any minute now, Sam was going to walk into the room and undress so she can put on her sleeping clothes. But boy was I in for a surprise. The guestroom door began to open and the light turned on. In walked Sam, wearing a loose dress that came halfway down her thigh, and holding a guy's hand as if leading him inside the room.

I assumed that it was Josh with her. I rapidly hit the record button on my camera and pointed it in their direction because what was about to take place could not be entirely captured by photos.

Sam pushed Josh down on the bed so he was lying on his back but his feet were still on the ground, then she lied down on top of him and they started making out. His hands wrapped around her lower back. She was rubbing up against him, dry humping her crotch into his.


He lifted up her skirt to reveal her lovely ass clad in a sexy pair of lace panties. He started to feel her behind up while she started unbuttoning his shirt. She began kissing his chest, working her tongue all around it, down to his waist. She got on her knees on the floor between her legs and unbuttoned his belt buckle.

She then unzipped his jeans and he lifted his waist off the bed to help her pull them down. He had already kicked his shoes off and Sam slid his jeans and socks entirely off. A lump had formed inside his underwear; Sam massaged it through the underwear before freeing it of its cotton restraint. She grabbed his dick with her right hand and started tugging at it while licking his balls and sucking them into her mouth.

Then she started licking up the shaft to the cock-head and back down to the shaft before engulfing the entire thing with her mouth. Josh started moaning from the deep-throat Sam was performing on him. She kept it up until he placed his hand on top of her head and told her he was about to blow his load if she didn't stop. She stood up, still between his legs and sensually lifted her dress to expose a set of matching lace bra and panties. That's what must've been in that LaSenza bag: sexy lingerie she bought for her date.

But what puzzled me is that Sam had planned to sleep with the guy before going on a date with him. Was my cousin such a slut that she would give up sex on the first date?

The mere idea made my dick jump in my pants. Every action they made was being captured by my camera. Josh lifted himself up into a sitting position and took his shirt all the way off. He threw it in the pile with the rest of his clothes. Now his head was at the same level as Sam's tits. He reached behind her and snapped her bra clasp. It fell down into his lap; he grabbed it and tossed it aside. Sam's breasts didn't move an inch; despite their size they were very firm. Josh placed his hands on them and said: "You have wonderful tits".

Then Sam replied: "I'm glad you like them". He started to massage them, trying to cup them entirely in his hands but I was sure his attempts would be unsuccessful; I, speaking from experience. After a little while he gave up and instead placed his mouth over Sam's left nipple and started sucking on it, he then switched to her right nipple. He kept alternating, paying the same amount of attention to each one. Sam had an expression of boredom on her face so she pulled Josh up, lowered her panties and sat on the bed, legs spread wide, exposing her wet snatch to him.

- "Eat me out!" she requested. - "I'm not a big fan of pussy eating." He said. I was so shocked. How could he not want to bury his face deep into her vagina?! I could sense the disappointment in Samantha's expression but she wasn't going to force him to do something he didn't want to do, and wanting to make the best of the situation, she grabbed Josh by the penis and guided him inside her. "Don't worry, I'm on the pill" she assured him. I wanted so badly to jack off at that instant but I couldn't, firstly, because I didn't want to leave cum stains in my cousin's closet and secondly, because the movements I would have made while rubbing myself would have restricted my ability to film properly and that was not a risk I was willing to take.

The scene I was shooting would serve for my masturbation purposes later on and I had to make sure the filming was perfect. The two love birds were now humping in the missionary position. The smell of sex filled the room and the groans and moans were probably heard by anyone passing by our house. Josh was thrusting his cock into Sam, her legs lifted high in the air, her hands placed on his ass forcing him to thrust deeper.

Sam was yelling out: "OH Shit! OH Fuck! Keep going! Keep going!" while he furiously he pounded into her, never missing a single beat. Their sweating bodies were rubbing up against each other.

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Suddenly Josh pulled out and asked Sam: "Can I fuck you up the ass?" - "What kind of girl do you think I am? Do you think I'm some sort of slut that would let you fuck her in the ass on the first date?" she replied in fake anger.

"You don't get anal until the second date" she then added with a wink. Josh turned Sam around so he could fuck her doggie style. He reinserted his member into her wet cavity and continued to fuck her mercilessly. After a little while Sam yelled out "Don't stop! I'm so close, don't you dare stop!" and they both experienced a mutual orgasm and collapsed on the bed on top of each other.

Josh stayed inside her until his dick shrank back to its normal size; he got down from her back and lied down on the bed next to her. Sam turned over so she was sleeping on her back and in less than 5 minutes fell asleep. Josh then stood up, put his clothes back on and helped himself out. Their fuck session lasted for more than 40 minutes. Lucky for me, I had an 8 GB memory card in my camera that could film up to 60 minutes and the battery was fully charged, so I caught everything they did.

I gently pushed the closet door open, stepped outside and reclosed it. I walked to the edge of the bed; Sam was sleeping with her legs spread open. I took a couple of pictures of her entire body, then some up-close pictures of her cum filled pussy with the semen oozing out of it.

I made my way to my room, closed the door and turned my laptop on. I plugged the battery of the camera to the charger. I uploaded the video and the pictures on to it and made some copies just in case it broke down someday and had to format it. I hid the copies I made with the copy of the "Intimate Expressions" DVD.

I watched the video of Sam and Josh and jacked off to a wonderful orgasm before finally falling asleep. Chapter 3: Sunday 12th Sunday morning, I woke up around noon. My nightly adventures had been causing me to oversleep for the past two days. I peed and washed my face and sat back on the bed.

I couldn't go outside my room since Sam didn't know I was home. So I just sat there thinking of a way of faking my arrival from Eric's house. I grabbed my cell phone and called home. I heard the phone ringing downstairs and a few seconds later Sam picked it up. I informed her that I'd be home in three hours, and she told me that my parents had called this morning and that they'd be home around the same time.

I didn't know what she was up to so I just decided to watch the sex video I taped the day before. I got naked and turned the laptop on. I placed it on the bed and lied down beside it. The video started, Sam walked into the room with Josh and they started making out. I grabbed my cock and started rubbing it. All of a sudden, I heard a splash coming from the backyard. I paused the video playing on my laptop and walked up to the window.

There was someone underwater in the pool. Of course it had to be Sam. I watched closely as Sam pushed herself out of the water, jumping as high as she could. Her beautiful breasts bounced out of the water. She was still naked; I couldn't believe that she would go around the house naked if she thought no one was around. I swiftly grabbed my camera and started snapping shots of her. I kept photographing her, while she swam and tanned, until she went back inside the house.

I laid my camera back on the table thinking I'll upload the pictures onto my laptop later and sat back down to continue watching the video. I pressed play and resumed my jack off session. The video had arrived to where Sam was asking Josh to eat her out when out of nowhere the door to my room came bursting open and in walked Sam, with the towel she was laying on while tanning around her.

The expression on her face was one of shock. Mostly because she didn't expect to find me in my room, let alone catch me naked and masturbating. I was so embarrassed; I had nothing to cover myself with. I just sat there and placed both my hands over my cock and balls in an attempt to cover myself up. Sam looked away and said: "I'm so sorry for barging in I didn't expect to see you here.

When did you get home?" - "Why did you come into my room?" I asked her. - "I wanted to take a shower but I don't have any clean towels anymore so I came in to grab one out of the cupboard in your bathroom." Right about that moment, the video was playing the part where Sam was begging Josh to "Keep going". Sam automatically recognized her own voice. She walked up and sat next to me, grabbed my laptop and looked on the screen.

I was busted! There was nothing I could do to hide the fact that I was jacking off to a video of my own cousin getting fucked. I waited for her to get mad and start yelling at me but she never did. Instead she just asked me: "Do you find me attractive?" I was in a shock that it took me a lot of will-power to mutter out the word "Yes".

Then she asked "Do you fantasize about me" and again I was barely able to answer "Yes". Finally she asked "Are you a virgin?" and for the last time I replied "Yes". She grabbed my hands and pulled them away from my dick.

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She started staring at it for a few seconds before grabbing it. "You have a nice dick" she says. She stood up, took the laptop and placed it on the table so it wouldn't get in our way and sat down on the bed again. - "Do you want to see my tits?" she asked. I simply nodded my head, not believing that my gorgeous cousin that I have fantasized about for the past few days was sitting next to me on my bed asking me if I wanted to see her tits.

She stood in front of me and told me to take the towel off her body. It took me a moment to understand her request so she just grabbed my hands and placed them on each side of the towel. I grabbed it and slowly unhooked it, letting it drop to the floor. For the first time ever I was staring at my cousin's naked body with her consent and it felt great not having to worry about getting caught. I must've been in a sort of trance because my cousin said to me: "So are you just gonna stare at them or are you gonna do something with them?" I reached with both hands and grab Sam's breasts.

I started massaging them and pinching her nipples. Sam let out small moans, as I continued my assault on her tits. I then started to lick her tits and bite her nipples. She sat back down on the bed and grabbed my dick. She resumed her stroking and with her other hand played with my balls.

I lifted myself completely onto the bed and Sam got next to me. We started making out, while I placed my hand on her pussy and started to finger her. She got down between my legs and started sucking my cock.

I was close to blowing my load because I had been masturbating before Sam had caught me. I told her that and she said it was ok, to cum in her mouth because that way I will last longer afterwards. She started to deep-throat me trying to make me cum as fast as she could and it didn't take her a long time before I started yelling out "I'm gonna cum!" but she just kept on sucking my dick until I started ejaculating down her throat, and she swallowed every last drop of it.

My cousin was such a good cock sucker. She must've gotten that skill from practicing so much. She started to stroke my dick back to life and in less than a minute it was hard again. She lifted herself up and started guiding my cock into her vagina but I quickly stopped her. Instead, I turned her around so she was on her back and got down between her legs. I was finally going to eat her pussy. I began licking her mound, sliding my tongue up and down her slit, stopping for a second to lick her clit.

Then I pushed my finger into her opening and continue nibbling on her clitoris. I keep up my attack on her mound sliding down a couple of times to lick her ass-hole. She was totally surprised by my actions. She told me that rarely any guy she's been with had gone down on her and none had ever licked her ass-hole. She loved the new experience I gave her and had an orgasm.

I got up and grabbed Sam's hand to help her up as well. I lifted her up and placed her on top of my desk.


She wasn't too heavy for me to lift, being that she's somewhat light and I, having an athlete's body. I shove my cock into her and start thrusting into her with all my might, giving her a very hard pounding.

The pussy-drilling I inflicted on her had an effect of giving her two more orgasms. Sam was right; I did manage to last longer than I would have if I hadn't cum from the blowjob. We kept fucking until I couldn't last anymore so I shoved my dick in one last time and erupted inside Sam's vagina.

I pulled out and watched my cum drip out of her. We got up and went in to shower together. I got hard again in the shower so we fucked while standing in the shower. We then got dressed and went downstairs to watch some TV. About half an hour later, the front door opens and my mom walks in and asks: "How was your weekend, kids?" "Great" we both answer her while looking at each other and smiling.

And my mom finally says "Good! Now Bobby go help your father unload the car." And that's the story of how I lost my virginity to my cousin.