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Dominikanisches Mädchen hat explosive spritzen  wait für sie
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I've been crying myself to sleep every night since this whole ordeal started, though I've been doing more crying than sleeping lately. My eyes are puffy, sore and red and I'm staring at the ceiling in my bedroom. It's late maybe two or three in the morning? it's hard to tell, my vision is blurry from the tears. I hear a rustling noise in the bushes outside of the window I go and look to see what it is.

There's somebody outside in our back yard throwing pebbles at the window above mine, my moms room. I'm about to open the window to yell at them when I see who it is, Colin. He's looking right at me, smiling. He puts his finger up to is lips as if to shush me, then drags it across his neck in a cut-throat like manner, it's a vague threat 'be quiet or else'. He's distracted by movement in my moms room.

"Jenny.Jenny." He hisses, trying to find a balance between a whisper and a yell.

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I've only ever heard people refer to my mom as Ms. Robins or Jennifer, never Jenny, only my dad used to call her that. My moms window slides open.

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"What are you doing here? go away, it's late." My mom responds trying to match his tone of loud whisper. "I want to see you." "No, you can't somebody will hear you." "Like who?" "You know who, now get out of here before you wake him up." the window slides shut again. Colin looks at me again, still smiling, I move away from the window and press myself up against the wall.

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My heart is beating so fast, I stand there for a moment and let myself calm down Thank god I think to myself Thank god she didn't invite him up at least she still has the respect for me not to have sex with him while she thinks I'm asleep in the room below.

I can hear shambling noises along the side of the house and my heartbeat and anxiety begin to rise again. At first I think Colin is angry that he can't have sex with my mom and so he's climbing up to my window to humiliate me somehow.

But the noises move past my window and keep climbing higher, my anxiety and heart rate climb with them.

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He's going to my moms room, he's going to climb though her window like a love-sick teenager from some sitcom. Although Colin probably is a love-sick teenager, or more likely lust-sick, this is nothing like a sitcom. I hear her window slide open and the shambling noises outside turn into shambling noises inside as he climbs into her bedroom.

My mothers angry muffled voice is leaking though the ventilation system and into my room. I can't make out the words but I can make out the inflection, she sounds annoyed. Colin is trying to calm her down in his signature pandering tone and it seems to be working slightly, she is still annoyed but she's not as loud and she is letting him speak. He laughs, my mother sighs, He says something, she responds, not annoyed anymore, almost.sympathetic?

What are they talking about? he says something else and she laughs, It's slight but I can make it out, a small chuckle. She responds, they both laugh. This is probably why she is so enamored with him, he makes her feel young.

He's young and handsome and well built and popular, he's throwing pebbles at her window and climbing through it at night, she probably feels like a teenager in high school again. I am a teenager in high school and I've never got to have an experience like this before but my mom gets to experience it twice? and Colin get's to have it with my mom? it's so unfair, my heart feels like it's being rung out like a sponge. Why couldn't I make her feel young?

Couldn't I make her feel the way he does? I look down at the four inch tent in my boxers and I'm reminded that, no, I can't. The voices above me stop I can hear the shuffling of footsteps but they soon quiet down as well, What is going on?

I need to know, she wouldn't fuck him here, there's no way, not with me in bed right beneath her. I crawl under my bed to the vent in the floor that connects to my mothers room and press my ear up against it so I can hear clearly what's going on. "Mmfph.Mmfph." sounds like the kind of muffled moans made when two mouths are pressed tightly together, that combined with the sound of clothes rustling and falling to the floor paints the kind of picture I don't want to imagine, but do anyways.

I guess she would fuck him here, and she is going to. My heart would sink if it wasn't already about as deep in my stomach as it could go, if it went any deeper it would be in my ballsack.

With the way my emotions and libido are mixed together right now though, it wouldn't surprise me if that's where it already lived. I shake the thoughts from my head, what am I doing?

no more, I hate this. I can't do anything about it but I'm not going to indulge in it anymore, it's sick and only makes me feel worse. I crawl out from under my bed then crawl up on top of it and under the sheets, I'm going to sleep.

No sooner than I close my eyes do I hear the sound of two bodies fall onto the bed above me. My eyes open up and I stare at the roof for a moment, it's silent, I shake my head again and close my eyes go to sleep.

I hear them moving around a bit on the bed and I try and ignore it but it's in the back of my mind screaming at me He's going to fuck my mom, he's going to fuck my mom. The voice is fueled by the periodic sounds of them moving around on the bed above me, they aren't having sex yet, but they will be soon. None of it is helped by my hardening dick painfully struggling to stand up against the weight of my heavy blanket.

I tuck it into my waistband but that doesn't help much, it's painfully throbbing with blood and very difficult to ignore. The shuffling above me starts to become less periodic and more rhythmic, and I begin to hear my mothers long muffled moans, the foreplay is over now, they are making love to each other in her bed.


He's fucking my mom, he's fucking my mom the voice repeats louder and faster in my brain.

Every time I start to tune out the sounds of my mom moaning and her bed groaning I'm startled back into clarity by her headboard smacking lightly against the wall. Just like me they probably start tuning out the rest of the world and get lost in their lovemaking and fuck each other with a more and more steady tempo until the rocking of the bed gains momentum and smacks against the wall pulling all three of us out of our concentration.

Either that or Colin is doing it on purpose because he knows I'm listening, probably both. My hand starts drifting over towards my boxers as all this is happening, my dick is throbbing and hard. Like an itch you can't scratch, the more you try to ignore it the worse it gets.

I fondle myself a little, just to satisfy the itch a bit and let my mind relax so I can go to sleep. It's not enough, I start touching myself, just rubbing and grabbing it but not stroking.

I try and stop but it's too difficult, every time I move my hand away it slowly works its way back like it has a mind of its own. I'm stroking it now, through the fabric of my boxers just go away already I think to myself why wont you listen to me?.

I try and block out their sounds but it 's not working, the part of my brain that's trying to block them out is fighting a losing battle against the part that is trying to focus on them. I've now pulled my dick out through the fly and am stroking it with my fingers and thumb, not yet fully committed to masturbating.

My mothers moans begin to rise up through my mind and into the forefront of my thoughts and everything else starts to fade away. Like one of those 3d paintings, the white noise falls into the background and the image reveals itself as clear as day. The image is of my mothers soft naked body being defiled by a ten inch long thick cock attached to a horrible asshole. My eyes are wide open, I now have a firm and strong full fisted grip on myself and I'm staring directly at the spot above me that my mother is getting fucked at.

Her breathy voice is so pronounced in my mind now it's almost as if she's whispering her moans for Colin directly into my ear, teasing me with them, I swear I can feel her breath on my neck. I'm sweating heavily, there's no tears this time, only anger I hate him, I hate him, I hate him is now the monotone motto repeating in my brain as I stroke myself hard and angrily.

It doesn't take long for me to orgasm, it's a weak and unsatisfying orgasm that stains my sheets but it does the job.


I feel my eyelids growing heavy and I begin to get sleepy, a common side effect of masturbation. There's a strange mixture of emotions in my head now, hatred of self and hatred of Colin all wrapped up into one confusing package.

But something odd happens, the same sounds that drove me into a frustrated angry heat begin to soothe me. The rocking of the bed is a metronome ticking away hypnotically and my mothers muffled moans of passion become a softly sung lullaby that lulls me to sleep. I dream of her, we're both naked floating in some bright celestial space, she's truly an angel here, my angel. "Mommy, I love you." "I know dear, mommy loves you too." she responds angelically.

She floats towards me and reaches out her hand coming closer and closer to my tiny dick. Light and heat radiate off her hand and surrounds my petite member as it stands erect, as if it was trying to reach out to her as well. I can feel her warmth, she's so close, her hand is almost there. It's getting warmer, so warm, her fingers stretching out mere inches away and slowly growing closer, it trembles with anticipation. Just then I'm pulled from my sleep as the warmth begins to cool my eyes begin to open and I see a blurry figure standing over me.

"Mommy? Is that you?" "No it's not your mommy, loser." my eyes focus and I see Colin standing over me with his dick out, he's peeing on me. "Sweet dreams? You talk in your sleep you know." "I-I Wha-what is- what are yo-" "I gotta go, have fun explaining that to your mom, bed-wetter." and with that he shakes his dick off right in my face, splashing drops of urine in my eyes and lips and climbs out my open window.

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I don't fully register what just happened, I'm still only really half awake but the cold wind from the open window and the quickly cooling soggy spot I'm sitting in wake me up pretty quickly. I look down at my groin where he pissed on me, I'm soaked, It must have been one of those long pisses you have to take after you have sex.

Not that I would know anything about that but I imagine they're similar to the ones you have to take after you jerk off. "God damnit." I mutter to myself, what am I going to do?

It's not like I can tell mom that Colin pissed on me in my sleep after he was done fucking her. I look at the clock, it's four-thirty in the morning, they must have been at it for an hour or so, I still have time. I can gather up my sheets and clothes and put them in the wash before mom gets up, I'll flip the mattress and make up an excuse later. Gathering up all the sheets and blankets I slowly open the door and tip toe down the hallway towards the laundry room.

As I turn the corner to my horror I see my mother coming down the stairs right in front of me. She is wearing only her bra and panties and her hair is wet with sweat, so is her skin, she smells of sex. I look down at her legs and notice her panties are wet, I think I can see some cum smearing out around the edges of them near her inner thighs. If he came inside of her again she was probably heading downstairs to clean herself up in the bathroom.

I quickly shoot my gaze up towards her face before she notices me looking. "Oh! Jessie! you scared me." I can't think of anything to say, I just stand there stupidly and stare at her. "What are you doing with your sheets?" "N-nothing." she pauses for a second. "What's that smell?" then her face lights up with realization and she looks at me in almost shock "Did.did you.pee your pants?" there's a slight tone of disgrace in her voice as she says it.

"N-No!" It's all I can think to say, I can't even come up with an excuse. She looks down at my boxers and notices they are soaked in piss, then looks back up at me, her expression is filled with shame and disappointment. "Jessie, you're sixteen years old, you can't be wetting the bed anymore." I've never felt more embarrassed and humiliated in all my life, I'm completely mortified. It's worse than the time Colin pulled my pants down in front of everybody in the hall and the girls started to laughing at me, worse than the time he picked me up by my underwear in front of Lisa McMillan and dropped me into the trashcan, even worse than the time he fucked my mom and showed the video to everybody.

She's looking at me like they do at school, this isn't supposed to happen here, this is my home, she's not supposed to see me like this.

"I-I just.I had to much to drink! Before bed I mean! I had a bunch of water, that's all." she rests her head on her hand and sighs then she looks up suddenly, she must have noticed how she looked and realized the state she was in. "I don't have time for this, I have to go to the bathroom, just put your stuff in the laundry room." she says brushing me off hurriedly. I continue on with my humiliating chore, I don't even know how to describe the feeling, shame, humiliation, disgrace, all of it and more.

I can't bare the thought of having to look her in the face again and I can't bare the thought of not being able to bare looking at her beautiful face again. After I'm done putting my clothes and sheets into the washing machine I go back to my bedroom flip the mattress and fall asleep almost immediately, I'm emotionally exhausted.I wake up late Sunday morning and head downstairs, mom is already up eating cereal for breakfast.

"Hey mom." I say trying my hardest to act like nothing happened. "Morning honey." she responds obviously trying the same. "Watcha' eating?" I ask, just trying to break the uncomfortable atmosphere. "Just some cheerios." I sit down at the table with her and reflect, it's not supposed to be like this, we used to be so close, now it seems like she's trying to avoid me.

I have to do something, I want to get us back to where we used to be. "So, what are you doing today?" "Nothing- Err, I, uh, I might need to go to work today, I'm not sure." She never has to work on Sundays, she's just leaving herself some wiggle room in case Colin wants to see her today. "Do you want to watch a movie with me later?" she looks up at me kind of surprised. "Um, I'm not sure, why?" "I don't know, we just, we haven't been able to spend that much time together recently, I sort of miss you." A smile lights up across her face, I miss seeing it so much.

"Aww, that's so sweet honey, I've missed you too. I'd love to watch a movie with you later and maybe we can spend some quality time together afterwards? you seem sort of distant lately." "Thank's mom, I'd like that." The bad mood from last night seems to lift from me completely, this is the mother I remember, this is how we used to be together, I'm so happy right now. "Oh, um, that is if work doesn't call, you know how busy we've been lately." and my bad mood slams back down onto my shoulders.

She just put spending time with me in second place to getting fucked by Colin, I hate him. I finish my breakfast silently and head back into my room trying to think positively Maybe he won't call tonight, I hope he doesn't call tonight, please don't call tonight.

In my room I sit down at my computer and begin doing homework for school tomorrow, the folder on my computer titled "your mom" sits there mocking me every time I look at it.

I should just delete it, my mouse moves slowly over the icon and hovers above it for a moment. Why is it so hard? just delete it, you don't want it anymore. I right click and move the pointer over 'Delete' but I hesitate. I slide the mouse down one more to 'Rename'; "My mom" it now reads, I'm ashamed of myself.

Later that evening I'm downstairs watching television on the couch, my mom hops down on the couch beside me. "Hey sweetie, watcha' watchin'?" "Oh, nothing really." "Wanna watch that movie now?" "Yeah, sure!" "Okay great, you pick the movie, I'll go make some popcorn." I can't help but stare at her butt as she walks away into the kitchen, it's so perfect I want to put my face between her cheeks and fall asleep in it.

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I turn back at the television and head to the pay-per-view channels, I'm trying to find something that she would like. She loves romantic comedies so I figure I'll find one and we can watch that together but there's only one available it looks like.

I read the description, It's about on older woman who falls for a much younger guy. I don't really like the sound of that, it hits a little too close to home. It might be a little uncomfortable watching that with mom but it's the only romantic comedy available so I go for it anyways, how bad can it be?

Mom comes back from the kitchen and puts the bowl of popcorn between us then she sits down on the other end of the couch, she curls up next to the armrest brings her knees up to her chest and puts her feet on the couch.

I see she is wearing the anklet I made for her, it makes me smile, she's not wearing any socks. Her feet are so small, her tiny toes are curled up cozily and the soles of her feet looks as soft as the skin on her cheeks.

I bet they would feel so good, so delicate and gentle, I wonder what those tiny toes would feel like curled up around my- "So, what are we watching?" she interrupts my thought. "Oh, it's a romantic comedy." "Oh great, I love those." "I know." I respond and we share a smile.

The movie starts off slow and me and mom are both visibly bored, this isn't going as good as I thought it would but still, it's nice to be next to her sharing some time together. The male lead is introduced, he's roughly 6 feet tall, blonde hair, blue eyes well built and handsome, as a matter of fact he.he looks just like Colin. I look over at my mother slumped over and bored resting her head on her hand.

Her eyes widen and she starts to sit up straight, I think she notices the resemblance as well. She's obviously no longer bored, as a matter of fact, she's leaning in and watching the movie intently now. I find myself watching her more than the movie, I see her getting sucked into it. She sighs longingly during scene where he takes his shirt off at the gym, giggles girlishly at the scene where he playfully smears some cake on the lead actresses nose, furrows her brow sympathetically as he makes a love lorn speech.

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She is completely enthralled with the film even though its absolute cliched tripe. I know my mother she may love cheesy romantic comedies but she's a lot smarter than this. The movie begins to come to an end, but not before the traditional and always uncomfortable sex scene.

The room is lit with warm glow of candlelight they both slowly start to undress in front of each other and kiss passionately. They fall onto silken sheets, his sweaty back arches as she runs her fingers down it and her legs wrap around his butt as he thrusts slowly in the vague direction of her groin.

I look over at my mother and she is visibly flushed and squirming a bit in her seat, this must be what I look like when I'm trying to hide a boner from her. Her hand is resting on her thigh dangerously close to her pussy and I see a single small bead of sweat run down the satin flesh of neck and come to rest at her collar bone, I want to lick it up.

Her jugular vein is pumping blood vigorously, I can imagine where to. "Can I get some of that blanket over there honey? it's a little chilly in here." she says, that's strange thing to say while you're sweating I think to myself but hand her the blanket anyways.


She lays it over her lap and I see her hand move down between her legs and stay there, I know what she is thinking of. She is imagining the blue eyed lead in the film as Colin and herself as the older woman that is being passionately taken by him and she is touching herself to that fantasy while she sits right next to me.

Almost as soon as the love scene ends her cellphone starts ringing, she wriggles it out of her pocket and I crane my neck to see the name. Her face lights up brightly when she see's it, mine does not, It's 'Bigboi' why does he have to ruin everything? "SorrysweetieIhavetoanswerthisit'swork." she says rushing the words out of her mouth, she throws the blanket off of her and runs upstairs to her bedroom like a schoolgirl. I wait until I hear her door slam shut upstairs and then I run to my own room and crawl under the bed towards the vent in the floor.

I take the grate off so I can hear better and press my ear as tightly against it as I can. Sound travels though the aluminum vent like a megaphone, I can hear my mothers voice, it's a little echoey but I can make out everything she is saying.

"Yeah. yeah .Well that's too bad, I really wanted to see you tonight." She giggles "Yeah, me too." I can't decide if I'm happy or disappointed that I can only hear one side of this conversation.

"No, you can't Jessie is home tonight.I know he was but that was different, he was asleep.No Colin, that was a one time thing.I don't know, he's always home on the weekends." I'm always home on the weekends because I don't have any friends and I don't have any friends because Colin is always humiliating me in front of everybody. "He wet the bed the other night.I know that's what I said!" She's gossiping about me to him over the phone, she's acting just like the girls in school do.

Colin has probably had a conversation just like this with some of the girls at school and probably about me as well. I hear her laugh. "Come on Colin don't say that, that's mean." Did he just make fun of me? did she just laugh at the joke? My heart aches, not you too mom, please, you're the only girl I know that respects me and doesn't laugh at my expense, please don't start now.

I begin to wonder if this what she was like in school or is Colin turning her into this? My mom and dad got married pretty young and he's always been a mean jerk. I know that they met in high school, dad was probably just like Colin, maybe he is just her type? No, I don't want to believe it she's not supposed to be like this, my mother is sweet and caring and kind. She's not catty and mean and superficial like them.

"I probably shouldn't be telling you this stuff but I don't have anyone else to talk to and you're his friend, maybe you can help?" You can talk to me! Why won't you talk to me? He can't help, he only ever makes things worse, why don't you see it!? "Some times I worry about him, he's so small for his age, I wonder if he's just a late bloomer?.No! That's not what I meant, I meant his size, not his.size, besides how would you know how big he is down there?" Oh god, they are not having this conversation about me.

"Oh no, really? They laughed at him?.Well that explains why he's flunking gym." He's telling her about the time everybody made fun of me in the shower after gym class, I don't go anymore. "He's really that small?.I don't know where he gets it from, his father wasn't nearly that small." She giggles "Oh, don't you worry, his father doesn't even compare to you.mmhmm.Yes you are.You're the biggest I've ever had." I don't want to listen to any more of this it's too humiliating and disillusioning, I try and crawl out from under my bed but I'm stuck.

"You like that? You like knowing that you're the biggest?.Yeah, big boy.No other man I've ever met compares to you." I suppose that includes me as well, I don't want to hear this but I can't move either.

My dick is getting hard but with the way I'm pinned under the bed I can't reach it with either of my hands. "Are you touching yourself right now?.Me too.I'm wearing my pink panties.You know the ones.Yeah those ones.I'm not wearing a bra.

I could be not wearing anything at all, If you wanted.Oh yeah, what else do you want?.I want that too, I want you to bend me over your knee." Oh jesus mom, what are you doing to me?

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My dick is so hard and horny I'm humping at the air. "Yeah spank me raw.oh god, I'm your bad girl.I'm only bad with you baby, punish me." I'm frantically humping at the air now, it's doing nothing for me but I can't help it, it's like some kind of animalistic instinct.

".You want to know what I would do if you were here right now?.I would crawl across the floor towards you, undo your fly with my teeth and unbutton your pants with my tongue.You know how limber my tongue can be Colin.I'd pull your pants down and bury my face into your boxers and pull your dick out with my mouth.Uuuh.I'd suck on your bag until you got hard. Then I would suckle on the tip like a baby nursing on a bottle.Mmm yeah, I love the way your milk tastes." I can't believe what I'm hearing from her, I had no idea she had these kinds of thoughts and fantasies in her head.

".Mhm.okay, I'll tell you what I love about it.I love how big it is, I love how thick it is and I love how hard it is.It's so masculine and powerful, I want to submit to it. I think could cum just by sucking it, sometimes I think I could cum just by looking at it." I'm writhing around on the floor with lust right now, My dick is begging to be touched, pleased, satisfied somehow.

I manage to twist myself onto my belly somewhat so my dick is pressing against the ground and start humping the soft shag carpet on the floor. It's a truly pathetic scene but I need to satisfy myself so badly right now I'd do anything.

"I want to sit on it, I want to impale myself on you." "Yeah mommy, sit on it." I start to interject myself into her fantasy. ".Ooh, yeah.mmmm.I'm going to take a seat right on your big dick until you're so deep inside my pussy you can feel my heartbeat.mhm.Then I'm going to rock back and forth on it." "Oh yes mom that's so hot." I close my eyes and fantasize as I my hips pathetically hump away at the floor.

"Then I'm going to bob my tushy up and down on it until I can feel you burst inside of my pussy." 'Ooooh mooom your pussy feels soo good, do you like my big dick?' "Mmm yeah.You like that baby?" 'Yes! I love it mom!' "Now tell me what you're going to do." 'I'm going to fuck you so good with my big dick mom, I love you so much.' ".Uuuh yes, more." I'm grunting softly into the vent as I grind at the carpet, although it's more like a whine than anything, my voice cracks periodically as I grunt away into the floor.

"Ugh! uh.uh.I'm almost there." 'Oh yes mom! me too!' "Oh!. I'm going to cum." 'Cum for me mom, cum on my big dick.' "Oh god.yes!.I'm about to cum!" she's getting louder. 'So am I mom! Oh mmooommy!' "Oh Colin!" she moans his name loudly as she cums.

It resonates through the vent and rings through my head completely destroying my fantasy as I spurt a few weak loads into the carpet and start whimpering pitifully. As I'm cumming into my carpet tears roll down my cheeks and drip into the vent with the tempo of a leaky faucet.

"That was great Colin, not as good as the real thing of course but still fantastic.Alright, I'll talk to you later.bye." and she hangs up the phone and goes to bed. My hips are still slowly humping the floor and my eyes are still slowly dripping tears.

I continue on this way for about a minute or so before I regain control over myself and my emotions and struggle to get out from under the bed. It's late and I have school in the morning, I should really go to sleep but I don't. I sit down at the computer and spend the entire night beating off to videos of Colin fucking my mom.

The next day at school is like a blur, I'm so tired from staying up all night watching those videos that I have trouble staying awake during classes, it's almost a blessing in disguise though as in my zombie-like state I also barely register the usual taunting and name calling that goes on constantly through-out the day now. I raise my hand during history class and ask the teacher if I can go to the bathroom, as I get up to leave I hear Colin speak up from the back of the classroom.

"Oh! I have to go to the bathroom as well sir, may I go too?" "Fine, fine just hurry up." As I'm walking down the hall I hear Colins footsteps behind me hurrying to catch up to me. "Hey buddy" he says condescendingly as he pats me hard on the back "Man your mom is a freak dude, you wouldn't believe the things she wants me to do to her." actually I would, I heard some of them last night, but I don't say anything. "What's wrong buddy? Why the long face?" he has a smirk on his face as he says it.

I speed up to try and get away from him and turn into the bathroom, I hear his footsteps enter the bathroom behind me so I immediately lock myself into one of the stalls before he can corner me or anything. "Aw come one little guy." He says knowingly "Don't be like that." "Why don't you just leave me alone already, haven't you done enough? Please, just go away." There was a time when I could grin and bear his teasing or tell him to shut up or go away but after what he has done to me, I'm no longer above begging him to stop.

"Did you hear about the party I'm going to be throwing at my house on Saturday? Everybody is invited. Oh- I mean, except you of course, you understand right? It would be uncomfortable, what with your mom being there and all." That last comment startles me a bit, what does he mean my mom's going to be there? "My mom wouldn't go to a high school house part Colin, especially not one I wasn't even invited to." "Well, why would you be invited?

After you punched me in the face and said all those nasty things about my mother? She'll understand. My parents are out of town and it wouldn't be right of me to throw a party at their house without adult supervision, she'll be the chaperone." "I've known my mom for a lot longer than you have Colin, she's not going to do this and even if she does go to your party what do you think is going to happen?

She's not going to do anything with you in a house full of kids I go to school with." "She would if it was a house full of kids from my old school that have never met you, never will and don't know who you are. I'm just having a little reunion with some old friends, or at least, that's what I'm going to tell her and that's what your going to tell her too if she asks or else you know what will happen." I'm fuming red, I wouldn't have believed this rouse would work a week ago but after everything that's happened, he just always seems to win.

"That's a stupid idea!" I shout, my voice strained with worry and doubt "She's not going to fall for it! Don't even waste your time trying!" it's a desperate and obvious ploy. "Don't be mistaken girl-name, your mom might think she's coming to chaperone a 'get-together' but I'm going to make sure she parties, gets drunk and gets fucked, and I'm going to be the one doin' the fuckin' " I hear him stomp out of the bathroom and the door slam shut behind him, I slink down on the toilet and try and think what to do.