Junge Tochter von lesbischen Oma gefickt

Junge Tochter von lesbischen Oma gefickt
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Slut Mom Fucks Young Coach Prt 1 It was hot summer day in july and I was going over Mikey,s house. He was one of my players and I thought I would help him out with his football game. He was relitivley new so I figuerd I could give him a few pointers.

I knocked on the door and when Jane opened it I thought my eyes were going to fall outa my head. There she stood, the beautiful 5'4'' latina goddess of my fanatsies. She was about 135lbs which was no problem with me as I liked my women more shapely than most girls. Her curly black hair resting on her dark bronze shoulders sorrounding her cute round face and her big brown eyes looking up at me threw her sunglasses. She was wearing a tight green shirt with the word bulldogs on it, no bra, and tight white pants.

"Hi Jesse, come on in," she said. "Mikey and Roger (her husband) have gone to the movies they wont be back for a couple of hours. I'am sorry I should have called," Jane added. "It's ok Jane, my cell phone is off anyway," I replied.

"Well no sence in you walking home right away. I'am about to fix some lunch would you like to stay," Jane asked I almost blurted out my reply.absolutely. "Well one sec ok, I need to go to my room I have a suprise," Jane said and smiled at me sexily.

"Ok," I said. Almost as soon as she had gone, she came out with a joint sucking it down.

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I wished that it was my cock she was sucking on. .As the cute 43 yr old finished the joint, she asked if I did not mind her smoking weed, has it just gets me as horny as hell, thats all. It came as a shock to me, is this really happening I thought to myself.

You know Mikey needs extra playing time, it would make Roger so happy if it could be arranged," Jane purred sexily to me.

"uhh like I said Jane its up to the head coach," I answered. "Shhh, shhh, I know you can do it," was her reply.

She walked towords me and backed me into a wall.

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She pressed her soft tits into my chest, I got hard instanly. "What about Roger, Jane. What if he, uhh." She shut me up by kissing me softly on the lips, thrusting her wet warm tounge in my mouth. I began massageing it with mine, and before I knew it my pants were at my ankles and her hand was around my cock.

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I unbuttoned my shirt and took it off and threw it on the table next to us. She kissed my chest, sucked my nipples and kissed my stomach down to my cock. She began licking the tip and sucking the head slowly, then went down all the way to my balls ,almost deepthroating me, but she began to gag.

Feeling her wet tounge on my shaft was amazing.

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She stood up and kissed me deep. I tasted my own precum on her lips.

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She asked if I could return the favour. I just nodded. She pulled a chair out from the table and began to undress her self. I stopped her. "Let me," I said.


I started to kiss her neck and mouth, unbuttoning her pants. As I pulled them down her bright pink thong poped out.


I went down to my kness and began kissing her legs and inner thighs. She had already took her shirt off. Her firm ripe breasts and large dark nipples protruding out. I reached up and began pinching her large dark nipples. I pulled her thong down and spread her legs wide kissing all wround her pussy teasing her. I licked two of my fingers and inched them in her tight wet shaven cunt, feeling her contract her pussy around my fingers sent shudders up my spine.

I then began licking her clit and sucking and biting it lightly. I sliped in a third finger in and began fingering her as hard as possible, hearing wet plopping sounds everytime i ramed it into her. "OH GOD YES, MMM JESSE HUNNY KEEP IT UP, OH GOD," she moaned as she came in my mouth. I stood up and gave her a deep kiss letting her taste her own cunt juice.

she stood up and moved over to the counter and looked behind her shoulder brushing her long black hair out of her face. She smiled and slapped herself on the ass. I watched as it jiggle for a moment ,and then walked over.

I spread her legs apart and began to dine on her ripe asshole. Kissing and licking the insides of her ass, thrusting my tounge deep in her asshole. "JUST FUCK ME SWEETY, I NEED A YOUNG COLLEGE COCK IN MY ASS," Jane shouted at me. I didn't hestitate.

I spread her cheeks apart and inched my 7.5 inch cock in her ass. As i pushed it in i reached up front and began pinching and rolling the large dark rubbery nipples in my finmgers. I started to fuck at a slow pace, not knowing how hard she liked it, but sure enough she told me. "FUCK ME HARDER, YOU BASTARD. YOU CAN FUCK MAMAS ASS AS HARD AS YOU LIKE," Jane screamed at me.


I dont know what that did but it set me off. I became a wild man, and my hips wouldn't stop bucking against her. My balls slapping back and forth against her dripping cunt. I reached up and she turned her head in time to see me smack her on the ass hard. "OOOOOOHHHHHH GOOOOOD YESS, SPANK THIS SLUTS ASS, SLAP IT HARD," she said. After several hard smacks I became worried because of the red handprints I was leaving, and that her husband would find out, but I knew I didnt really care inside.

I reached down with the hand I was smacking her with, and played with her clit while pounding the shit out of her. "OHHH GODDD, IAM GOING TO CUMM SWEETY. YES, YES, FUCK ME HARDER. GET YOUR FUCKING COCK IN DEEPER," she wailed at me. As she came all over my fingers, I pulled my cock out and licked my fingers clean.

Enjoying the taste of her cunt. I told her to get on her on her knees and suck my cock.

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"Just tell ur lil latina slut when ur ganna cum ,ok baby, I don't wanna miss a drop," Jane said. she began to suck my cock, tasting her ass as I pumped into her mouth. She had got a empty cup from the table and as I cried out I was cumming, she held it inder my cock as she jacked me off. "OHHH HERE IT CUMMMS BABY,"I said, and shot four good spurts into the cup. She looked at me with satisfaction in her large brown eyes, and raised the cup to her lips and began to drink it all down.

Scraping the sides with her finger, letting it ooze over her bright red nail. She sucked her finger, her bright red lipstick engulfing her finger as she claened all the remaining cum from it. We lay naked for what seemd like a hour together. "You know Jesse hunny, you should coach baseball this year to get mikey a good position, and maby I'll let you in my pussy as well as my ass next time," Jane whispered into my ear while nibbling on my ear lobe.

I couldnt help but smile. "Mayby I will," I said. Knowing damn well that I would. I wouldn't want to miss out on all the fun I was going to have, trying out all my fantisizes on my latin slut.