Girl show boobs on omegle

Girl show boobs on omegle
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The only sound that could be heard in the small room was that of a continuous, muffled beating sound. The owner of the sound was a young woman, standing in the centre of the room.

She was continuously punching a punching bag, her breath coming heavily and irregular. The floor of the room was covered in thin blue mats, like the kind you get in tumbling or gymnastics tournaments. In one corner was a column of four lockers. "Ten.more, nine.more, eight.more," she counted down as she hit the bag, her hits becoming irregular and misplaced.

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As she counted a breathless ".one.more!" She punched the bag with all her might, sending it swinging and putting her off-balance. A smile played across her lips as she hung on the bag, sweating and breathless. She held the bag for a few minutes, regaining her composure. As she started to cool down, she started shivering due to the cold sweat dripping from her body. The stone walls didn't provide much in the way of insulation. She then made her way over to the lockers, pulling some keys out of her sweatpants pocket.

As the locker door swung open, she looked at her reflection in the mirror attached to it. Her thick brown her cascaded over her shoulders, soaked with sweat. Her tank top too, was covered in sweat patches. She pulled this over his head and threw it to the back of the locker, revealing a tight-fitting white sports bra. She then dropped her sweatpants, revealing a pair of white cotton panties. After throwing the sweatpants in the locker, she reached in and withdrew a big white towel.

As she stepped away from the locker, she took one last look in the mirror before shutting the door, not bothering to lock it. A tuneless hum escaped her lips as she made her way out of the room, into the cold corridor beyond. She hurried along this, the cold freezing the soles of her feet so she had to tiptoe.

She made her way past rows of closed doors; the corridor was cold and was dimly lit by some cylindrical lights attached to the ceiling.

As she reached the sixth door in the corridor, she stopped, twisted the handle and entered. The room within was much brighter, with plain white tiled walls and floors, with a row of seven showerheads along one wall. The room was empty, and the girl hung her towel on a peg on the wall before stripping out of her remaining clothes. She removed her bra first, crossing her arms and pulling it over her head. Her breasts suddenly spilled free and bounced a few times before coming to a standstill, seemingly held up by some invisible force.

They were perfectly round, smooth and blemish-free. She lifted each one up appreciatively before letting it drop. Next, she dropped the plain white panties and kicked them to the corner of the room along with her sports bra. Her ass was her main asset, in her opinion. It was a slight larger than most her age, but didn't have the downside of sag with it.

Her pussy was clean shaven and small, the two small lips just protruding from between her thighs. She danced quickly over underneath one of the showerheads, and turned the knob with a squeak. A stream of icy-cold water was suddenly thrust upon her naked back and she shrieked, stepping outside the jet. Dancing from foot to foot with the cold, she tested the water every few seconds before jumping back in a minute later, the water having heated up finally.

She let the water hit her skin and run down her body while she caressed herself. She had forgotten her soap, so would have to make do with hot water. As she rubbed her body up and down, she silently congratulated herself on her successful training session. The girl stood there for a few minutes, before blindly turning round and switching the jet off.

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Wiping the water out of her eyes, she stepped away from the shower and made her way to her towel. As she rubbed herself off, she thought about the impending match she had to face on the coming Sunday. After she had got dry, the girl wrapped the towel around her and gathered her underwear into her arms. She then opened the door of the shower room, and stepped into the corridor.

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Normally, this place would have a few other girls in it, but tonight it was late and the girl had the training facility all to herself. The locker room that she had been training in before was a small room, with bare stone walls and a blue laminate flooring, partially covered in mats.

One solitary punching bag hung in the centre of the room, but that was it. The girl made her way to the lockers, rolling her shoulders as drips of water dripped from them.

She wasted no time in getting dressed, pulling a tight white t-shirt over her bare damp body. It rose just above her belly button, and TDWW was emblazoned in thick black letters across the chest area.

Her nipples poked through the thin fabric, but the girl didn't care.


It was dark outside, and no-one would notice. She then pulled a simple red thong on, twisting it and moving it so it sat comfortably. She then tugged on a pair of tight-fitting denim shorts, wriggling and jumping in her effort to get them on. Ten minutes later, the girl was walking down the corridor with a large bag slung over her shoulder.

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Her long brown face was tied up in a small bun, and she had iPod headphones sticking in her ears, dangling down into her pocket. At the end of the corridor was an large red industrial-style door, with a bar to open it. She pushed it open with a clunk sound, and it swung outwards, to reveal a set of concrete steps. She took these two at a time, swinging her arms to gain momentum. At the top was a set of double doors, with the same mechanism as the red one she had just come through.

As she opened them, the air suddenly seemed crisper and fresher, more clean somehow. She always forgot how stuffy being underground could be. She was standing in a large warehouse, filled with boxes and rows of empty shelves. It was empty of all signs of life, apart from one man sitting in a chair, his feet resting on a table in front of him and a crumpled newspaper in his hands.

"Hi, Mark." She called over, taking one of the headphones out of her ear. "All finished, now." The man looked up from his newspaper and smiled. "You were the last one, right?" He asked, as he stood to his feet. From the table he picked up a large industrial chain with a heavy iron lock on one end.

"Yeah." She answered, watching as Mark walked over and wrapped the chain around the bar, then clicked it together with the lock. "Well." He said, clapping his hands together.

"I can go home, then." "Sorry for making you wait." She apologized sheepishly, starting to walk towards the door at one end of the warehouse.

"No problem, Katie. As long as you're ready for Sunday?" "I sure am. Will you be watching?" He started to follow Katie, hands in his pockets. "Maybe." He said. "It depends if I've got anything on." They walked in silence until they reached the door, which Mark unlocked with a key from his pocket.

"After you." He smiled. She smiled vaguely back, before stepping out into the cool night. She walked to the edge of the sidewalk they had emerged on, and stood next to the road.

She heard the door clang shut behind her, and then Mark joined her. "How are you getting home?" He asked her. "I'm going to walk." She answered, turning towards him. "Do you need a lift?" He asked, genuinely concerned.

"Nah, I'll be alright. The fresh air'll do me good." She smiled, unzipping her bag. Her long, bare legs shone in the moonlight, and she pulled a thick cardigan out of her bag.

"If I don't see you before Sunday, good luck with the match." Winked Mark. "Cheers." She replied. "I'm sure my training'll come in handy, though." She smiled. "Oh yeah, that reminds me. There's a new kid coming down and I was wondering whether you could run her through a training session tomorrow?" Katie sighed, pushing her headphone back into her ear.

"Yeah, why not?" And with that, she turned on her heels and started walking. Katie lived in a spacious flat in the centre of town; she got paid well for her work. Well, what did she work as, I hear you ask? Katie was a type of wrestler, working for the TDWW (Total Domination Womens Wrestling).

It was a simple sport, really. It was an underground sport, literally. Katie enjoyed her job. The wrestling she did wasn't like the stuff you see on tv, even though it kept the same basic fundamentals. In TDWW, neither wrestler is allowed to bite, kick, punch or anything else that is seen as a direct force of pain that is not grappling or locking of a body part. There are a number of ways to earn points in a TDWW match. The first way is to strip the other wrestler of her clothes, (it was an all woman's sport).

For each item of clothing removed, the other wrestler earned herself four points. If one contestant strips the other totally naked then they earn seven points. The naked contestant can keep on wrestling, however. The other way to earn points is by committing sexual acts. For example, each sexual act is followed by its own amount of points per five seconds.

So, if one wrestler started fingering the other, (say the points given for fingering was 2) she would earn two points for every five seconds that she carried on fingering her. The main source of the money for the wrestlers was given by the spectators. It was a proper sport, and many men (and a few women) came to see it, both because it was a sport and for sexual pleasure. Some people describe it as a mix between live porn and a sport.

Because of this, all of the women had to be either lesbian or bisexual, and had to be attractive. Katie herself had been scouted after working for a modelling agency for a few months. She had quickly grown accustomed to the fighting lifestyle. It took a lot of skill, and the wrestlers had to forget their modesty. They also had to put on a show for the spectators.

When Katie arrived at her flat, she threw her bag into a corner. She was too tired to wash it right now. It didn't take long before she had stripped, had a quick wash and passed out naked, on top of the bed covers. ((The next day/ )) Katie woke to find sunlight streaming through her window.

She glanced down at her naked body through sleepy eyes, and slowly turned over to look at her clock. It took a few seconds before she could comprehend the numbers on the clockface, squinting in her effort to decipher the answer. 21:26, it read. Damn twenty-four hours clocks!

She thought as she tried to bully her tired brain into working. As she worked it out, the realisation hit her. Half Nine? Half nine? Surely not! She had overslept, by an hour. That gave her half an hour to get ready and get to the club. It took twenty minutes to get there alone! She instantly leaped from the bed, scrabbling round nakedly, trying to find some clothes.

Eventually she found some clean ones, and pulled them on. The clothes that each wrestler had to wear was a pair of running-style short shorts, and a strapless tank-top with TDWW emblazoned across the front. If the wrestler wanted a good rating from the punters, they also had to wear some 'appealing' underwear.

Even though she wasn't having a match today, she put on a red lacy thong and matching bra to set a good example to the new girl she was training. She slipped some trainers on, and left the flat. She wasn't worried about being seen in what she was wearing, because she'd run and then she'd just look like any other runner. She shut and locked the door behind her, before setting off down the hallway, already running. After she left the block of flats, her feet hit the pavement in a steady rhythm.

After a few minutes, she regretted not putting on a sports bra, as her boobs bounced up and down every time her foot hit the pavement, attracting looks from a group of young men she passed. Even still, she managed to reach the club in record time, breaking her last record of thirteen minutes by forty seconds. As she entered the warehouse that was the front of the club, Katie found Mark sitting in his usual place.

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Mark was one of the founding members of TDWW, and was responsible for all the new wrestlers and letting the current ones into the club. "Hey Mark, where are we today? Down in the training rooms?" "Nope." Said Mark, not looking up from his paper. "You're in the match ring; give the new girl a feel of things, ya'no?" "Yeah, I get you.

Cheers Mark." And with that, she set off through the warehouse. She was glad that they were in the match ring, it got really stuffy underground. Instead of going through the double doors at the back of the warehouse, she went through the large red door marked FIRE EXIT.

She found herself at the top of about nine circular rows of seats. She noticed a girl already standing in the square arena below. She was standing in one corner, looking nervously towards Katie as she approached. Katie raised a hand as she took in her appearance.

She was definitely attractive, like all the wrestlers were. She had shoulder-length blonde hair that surrounded a pretty face, and a petite figure. She was smaller than Katie, but height was not always an advantage. She was also wearing the TDWW tank-top, and a pair of light blue running shorts. "Hey." Said Katie, as she reached the arena, and opened the mesh door to enter it. "Sorry I'm late." She smiled. "It's ok." Said the girl apprehensively, "I haven't been here long myself." "Good.

What's your name, by the way? Sorry if I'm being rude, I just didn't know I was training you 'til yesterday." It was only now that Katie noticed that the girl was extremely shy. That'd be a turn on for some punters, but it could also mean her downfall if she got too embarrassed. "Lucy." She finally replied. "Well hello then, Lucy." Smiled Katie.

She was already thinking on how best to approach the training of this new, shy but attractive girl. She could take it easy, and ease her into the wrestling, but that could take weeks and it wouldn't really get her ready for the matches. No, she'd have to try another tact. She clapped her hands, before throwing her bag to the side of the ring, and removing her shoes. Lucy, she noticed, was already barefoot.

"Right." Said Katie, clapping her hands. "First question: Have you ever watched a TDWW match?" The reply was instantaneous. "Yes." She gushed. "I've been watching them over the internet since I started wondering about joining, but I've never been to a live one." "Well that's good, you'll know the basics then.

Let's see what you're like. First off, I'll just start you off easily, because it's your first time." Lucy looked extremely nervous, wringing her hands together.

"Run towards me, straight at me. And use your brain." Lucy looked bewildered for a moment, but started to jog nervously towards Katie. Katie stood slack, with no aggressive stance. As Lucy drew near, she suddenly stepped forwards, so she was right in her face.

She took Lucy by surprise, gripping her arms and twisting her round, pushing her as she did so. She threw Lucy over her outstretched leg, sending her crashing onto the mat onto her front.

The mats didn't hurt, but it was a shock to her. Katie instantly leapt on Katie and straddled her back, making sure she couldn't move. She could hear Lucy grunting underneath her. "So." Katie said, in her relaxed position. "The simplest of mistakes:You didn't use your brain. So, from this position, what could I do?" Katie knew Lucy was extremely embarrassed, but she still managed to reply.

"I don't know, I can't remember!" She muttered, giving up the struggle to get up. "I'll show you then, shall I?" Katie said.

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As it turned out, Katie would have to use shock tactics. She made sure she was putting enough pressure on Lucy to keep her down, whilst shuffling down her body. When she was sitting on Lucy's ass, she reached forwards to the hem of her tank top. Lucy immediately began struggling with renewed determination, but to no avail.

Katie leaned forwards and pulled the top over her head in one swift motion, revealing a string black bra. "Thats what happens." She said. She heard Lucy gasp in embarrassment as Katie pulled it off, and she smiled.

"And in future, you might want to wear a bra a little sturdier than this one, it'd come off in seconds." She fingered the small, fragile knot in one finger, teasing it upwards. "In a match, I would take this off. But this isn't a match, so I'll let you off. But from now on, I'm showing no mercy." He heard Lucy murmur something, and glancing down, he noticed her face was scarlet, and she smirked.

"This is the worst position to be in," said Katie, still sitting on Lucy's back, "because I can literally do everything." She swivelled around so she was facing the other way, and slapped both hands on Lucy's bum, feeling it tense under her touch.

"This would let me gain a massive amount of points, and you'd most certainly lose." She chose this moment to get up off Lucy, and stepped back.

Lucy scrambled to her feet, and Katie doubted that she'd ever see anyone as embarrassed as she was now. Her face had gone bright red, and she was covering her boobs up with her arm, even though she had a bra on. She wasn't angry, just embarrassed.

"You've got to forget your modesty." Laughed Katie. "In a match, spectators will be watching, and at one point it's likely you'll be stark naked on the mat getting fingered, it's why you joined, isn't it?" She asked, raising an eyebrow.


"Yeah." Muttered Lucy. "It's just a shock, is all." Katie smiled. Lucy stepped forwards, and held her hand out for her tanktop. "Oh don't get this back." Said Katie, and she threw it to the side of the mat alongside her bag. "We train as if we're in a match, so put your arm down and lets carry on." As though it was the most embarrassing thing in the world, Lucy let her arm drop, revealing an amazing cleavage, barely held in by the string bra.

"Nice." Muttered Katie, before she got back to her senses. "Now, there's going to be no mercy. If I get you down on the mat again, it's all coming off!" She motioned up and down Lucy's body to indicate what she meant. Lucy gulped. For the next twenty minutes, they worked tirelessly, and Lucy worked with renewed determination, barely managing to keep all her clothes on, even though there was a few close scrapes.

Of course, Katie was letting her have it easy, but she was still doing well. Suddenly, Katie leaped forward as Lucy dropped her arms to her sides, breathing heavily. Katie tackled her to the floor, and quickly pinned her arms to the floor. Lucy struggled, but her eyes gave her away: she knew what was coming. Katie managed to pin each arm under her shins, and smiled. "Never drop your guard." She said, grinning from ear to ear.

"Now let's see what's under here, shall we?" She leaned forwards and slowly pulled the string ties on either side of her chest, undoing the bra and prevailing against the renewed attempts of Lucy's to throw her off.

She finally pulled the bra off with relish, letting it fall to the floor as she caught sight of Lucy's breasts. They were amazing. Because she was so young, they didn't sag a bit, were perfectly smooth and round, and had perfect, erect nipples. "Wow." Breathed Katie appreciatively. It was because she was so preoccupied looking at the beauties, that she didn't react quickly enough to Lucy's newest attempt to throw her off, and landed on the mat with a thud.

She got to her feet instantly, but there was no need. Lucy was already standing, gripping each boob in each hand.

"They're nice, why're you covering them up? The punters are going to love you, babe." He saw the briefest of proud smiles dance upon Lucy's lips before it disappeared. She stepped forward, slowly. She put her hand out suggestively, and Lucy didn't step away. "What did I say," she said, each syllable rolling silkily off her tongue, "about never dropping your guard?" There was a brief quizzical look on Lucy's face before Katie suddenly dropped to her knees, gripping hold of Lucy's waistline as she did so.

She pulled her running shorts down, and pushed her over onto the mat so she could get them free. She pulled them over her ankles, and stepped back to her feet, twirling them around her finger.

She let them go, and they flew through the air, and they, too, landed next to her bags. He heard a gasp emit from Lucy as she was rendered almost naked.

Katie looked down, and took in the sight of her black thong, which matched her bra, with a tie on each side. "Come on, get up!" She laughed. Lucy managed to pull herself to her feet, and amazingly, let her arms fall to her sides, and letting her boobs fall free.

She seemed to have finally forgotten her embarrassment. [i]Maybe not totally. Mused Katie, as she noticed the pink tinge that still remained on Lucy's cheeks.

It was only now that Katie noticed that Lucy was probably the most attractive new wrestler they'd had in a long time. "Right, now I'm going to show you some moves. Come here." Lucy started walking tentatively forwards, and Katie knew that she was itching to cover her exposed boobs. "Right, turn around." Ordered Katie, and Lucy reluctantly obeyed, looking to the opposite wall.

Katie admired her ass for a second, before stepping forwards. She reached around, and placed a hand lightly on each boob. "This," she said, feeling Lucy tense under her touch, "is worth five points, for every six seconds that I were to hold it. I could do it in any position, and it's easy points." She stepped back and let Lucy turn around. She ran her through a few more positions and moves that could gain points with the boobs, before saying: "Now I'm going to let you try some of these out on me," She quickly pulled her tank top over her head, revealing a white lace bra.

Attractive for the punters, but not too easy to get off. She didn't have much modesty after years of working at TDWW. She watched Lucy's eyes go wide as she confidently reached behind, and unclasped her bra. She dropped it to the floor, revealing her boobs. Even though she was a few years older than Lucy, they were close rivals, due to Katie's higher fitness and overall physique.

For the next ten minutes, Lucy ran through the moves, relishing the chance to explore Katie's body. Then, it was the end of the training session, and neither girl had lost her bottom half of clothes. "You can put those back on now." Panted Katie, sweating and pointing to Lucy's discarded clothes.

"And I'll see you here the same time tomorrow. And you'd better have some decent underwear on." Lucy smiled in a reply, and went towards her clothes. "Oh yeah, I'm wrestling on Sunday, you coming to watch?" Lucy's eyes widened, and she nodded.

"Yes. I'm sure I will." She winked.