Geile nackte haarige teenes

Geile nackte haarige teenes
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I'm 5' 10" 180 lbs and 48 years old. I work out every other day and I keep myself in very good shape. My wife and I have always had an open relationship and I had a vasectomy when I turned 40. My niece Desiree is 25 years old, married and had her second child 4 months ago.

She is a natural blond, 5' 4" tall, petite with perfect shaped B cup boobs and a nice bubble butt. Her husband John is a 6' tall former jock who now works as an architect. At the time of this story Desiree's husband was in the middle of a two week training course 1,000 miles away.

I along with my wife and a few friends were helping Desiree move the last few loads into their new house. They had bought a nice house in suburbia with a half acre of ground and a nice in-ground pool surrounded by a privacy fence.

John's mother had the kids for the weekend so that Desiree could finish moving in. We were packing their shoes into boxes when I notice that they all seemed to be the same size so I asked Desiree "does John have any shoes?" Desiree said "yes, he and I wear the same size".

She said "my feet are a bit big for a girl and his are rather small for a guy". All of the girls laughed at that and then Desiree asked me "what size are your shoes"? I said "eleven and a half extra wide".

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Her eyes got big and her face turned a little red and she looked away and said "Oh". We finished moving and I took everyone out to dinner. We were all going our separate ways when Desiree came up to me and asked me if I could come over and help her finish setting up their in-ground pool.

My wife said she was too tired to come but I could go if I wanted too. I gave my wife a kiss goodbye and she whispered in my ear "you had better take it easy on her; I don't think she has ever had a big one before". I said "what do you mean; she just wants help with the pool". She said "she has been watching your crotch ever since she heard your shoe size". I got my bathing suit out of the trunk of my car and my wife went home in my car while I left with Desiree.

When we got to the house Desiree said "I'm going upstairs to change into my bathing suit, why don't you change and meet me by the pool". I said "OK I will change and grab a couple of towels and meet your by the pool".

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She walked out a few minutes later with 2 drinks in her hands. She looked incredible wearing a 2 piece white string bikini. The top was made of 2 triangles of cloth and a string that tied behind her neck and a string that tied behind her back. The bottom was 1 triangle with strings that went up her butt crack and tied on either side. She said "what do you think?" I said "turn around slowly." She did and I said "you look incredible".

"Thanks I just bought this a few days ago". I said "I wasn't talking about the bikini, although that looks nice too" She turned very red all the way to her belly button and said "thanks a lot. I have had a very hard time losing the extra weight after my daughter was born." I said "you sure look perfect to me." She drank her entire glass of wine and said "thanks a lot, John didn't seem to notice." I said "he must be blind." She had never had a pool before so I showed her how to take care of it and while I was showing her she drank my glass of wine and filled hers up again and drank that.

The whole time I was telling her how to take care of the pool she kept stealing glances at my crotch and each time I caught her looking she would get this odd smile on her face and then look away. She also kept leaning in to watch what I was showing her and brushing her breasts against my arms. One time she did it hard enough that it moved her top over and her nipple popped out.

She said "oh, I'm sorry" "You don't have to apologize to me, I enjoyed it" I said. She said "thanks a lot" and turned red again.

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By now she was a bit drunk and while we were walking beside the deep end of the pool she tripped and knocked us both into the pool. The fall into the pool knocked the wind out of her and she came up flailing her arms and gasping for air.

I said "calm down you're OK" and I helped her to the side of the pool so that she could hold on and catch her breath.

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I pulled myself out of the pool and then she moved so that her arms were resting on my legs and her head was lying against my chest. She said "thank you for saving me I thought I was going to drown". I said "it wasn't that bad, you just got the wind knocked out of you" She said "yes it was and I am very sore.

Would you please help me out of the pool." I picked her up and got another great surprise, her bathing suit was now very see-through. I said "wow, I like your bathing suit even more now." She giggled and said "thanks a lot. Would you please give me a massage? My neck and back are very sore after that fall." I laid her down face first on the lounger and got some suntan lotion and started massaging her shoulders. I untied her string top around her neck and started massaging her neck and she moaned and said "your hands feel so good on me." I worked my way down her back and when I got to the other string for her top I untied it and she moaned again and said "thank you so much." When I got to the bottom of her back she said "you are making me feel so good!

Would you please do my legs also, they are sore from my knees all the way into my butt." I said "no problem I would love to get my hands on you butt." "I hope I can get a lot more than just your hands on my butt. You have me hotter than I have ever been before and we haven't even touched each others fun parts yet." I untied the strings on the bottom of her bikini and started massaging her legs all the way up to where I almost touched her pussy, and then I moved up to massage her butt cheeks.

She spread her legs wide and said "please touch my pussy, I need to cum so much and I know that once you touch me I will cum in no time." I said "I won't touch your pussy until you get up on your knees and push that sexy butt up in the air." She was on her knees in two seconds and she said "now please touch my pussy please!" I stood there and admired her for a few seconds before I started kissing her butt cheeks and she said "oh my god you are going to lick my pussy.

Please lick my pussy; no one has ever done that before. " I licked her butt cheeks and started slowly licking closer to her pussy. By the time I was licking the outside edge of her outer lips she started trembling.

"Dam you, you are driving me insane. Please lick my pussy so that I can cum. I will do anything for you, just lick my pussy." Juices were dripping from her pussy by now and I started licking her inner lips but not quite touching her clit. Her whole body was shaking now and she kept saying cum, cum, over and over and she was getting louder each time.

She had the biggest clit I have ever seen, it was probably ½" long! I finally did a butterfly dance on her clit with my tongue and she started screaming, came and drenched me in her cum. She then passed out for a few minutes. While she was passed out I went into the house and got her a glass of cold water. She sat up and looked up at me sleepily and said "wow you are incredible." "No you are the incredible one.

I am the lucky one that gets to play with such a sexy devil that cums incredibly." She said "I have never cum anywhere near that hard with anyone else." "I have never wanted to suck anyone's cock before.

I have done it twice before after boyfriends whined for it, but I didn't want to. Their cocks were small and I easily put their entire cocks in my mouth.

I would not let them cum in my mouth. I have been thinking all afternoon that I really want to suck your cock and have you cum in my mouth. I know you are much bigger than anyone I have ever had before.

Would you please sit on the side of the pool and I let me get in the pool and suck you cock?" I said "oh yeah" She squealed and grabbed my bathing suit and pulled it down. She then grabbed me by the cock, pulled me over and started licking all over every inch of my cock and balls.

She had an incredibly long tongue and she really knew how to use it. She said "I want to see how much of your cock I can take in my mouth." I said "please put my cock in your hot sexy mouth.

I want to feel your luscious lips wrapped around my cock while that long sexy tongue dances all over my cock." She moaned and shook a little and then slowly slid my cock into her mouth while dancing her tongue all over it.

She worked up and down my cock slowly and she managed to get abut half of it into her mouth. She had one hand cradling my balls while the other one played with her pussy. She kept moaning the whole time and she would pull my cock out and lick it from time to time. She was getting me very close to cumming but I wanted to prolong my pleasure. I was hoping that I could get her to cum when I came in her mouth. I said "your pussy tastes great. Would you please bring those fingers up so that I can lick them?" She shivered again and pulled her fingers out of her pussy and brought them up to my lips.

I licked her juices off of them and she kept shivering and watching me do it. She then surprised me by putting her fingers in her pussy and bringing them up to her mouth and licking all of her juices off of them.

She moaned very loud and said "Mmmm my pussy does taste good. Now that I have my cum in my mouth please put your cum in there too. I want it so bad, please give it to me. I know that when you cum it will make me cum too so please cum because I really need it." She then went crazy on my cock moaning and trembling and sucking and licking me.

She would push my cockhead partway into her throat and then moan really long and the vibrations were driving me crazy. Finally I couldn't hold back any longer and I blasted cum into her mouth. It seemed like I would never stop cumming and she kept swallowing every drop and moaning louder and louder.

When I finally stopped cumming she pushed me back and started screaming and came and then collapsed back into her chair. After our breathing returned to normal she said "we never did make it into the pool. Would you please sit on the side of the pool so I can suck that cock back to being hard?" "I would love to" I said "but only if you will let me stuff my cock into that hot little pussy of yours once it is rock hard again." She said "Please fuck me.

We use condoms and I haven't had anyone cum in my pussy in a long time and I really want to fell you shoot your cum in my pussy after I cum all over it a few times." Just the thought of fucking her hot little pussy had me hard by the time we were in the pool mid thigh. She climbed onto my cock and wrapped her arms around my neck and started moving up and down on it slowly and taking a little more each time.

Her pussy felt very tight and very hot like a velvet vise. Every time she took a little more of me she would shiver before coming back up and that just added to the incredible feeling. Finally she took me all the way into her incredible pussy and held herself there. She was trembling all over with me buried in her and she was moving a little from side to side when I felt what she was doing. "Oh my god you cock has my pussy so stretched out that my clit is rubbing against your pubic bone" she said.

It did feel so incredible, kind of like having a finger rubbing against the top of my cock while her pussy kept squeezing my cock. "God I have never felt this way before.

I keep going higher and higher" I leaned her back and sucked on her left nipple and she started a low moan. Once I got to her right nipple she screamed and came, soaking me in her juices. She was a bit dazed so I just held her for a few minutes so that she could recover.

She said "I am way too far gone to move much but I really want to please you. I really want to feel your cum shoot into my pussy. Would you please take me in the house, bend me over the end of the couch and fuck the hell out of me until you cum?" "That's the best offer I've had in years" I said.

I took her into the house still impaled on my cock and spun her around and bent her over the end of the couch. I grabbed her by the hips and just pounded my cock in and out of her pussy for 20 minutes.

She came screaming at the top of her lungs 3 more times and each time she squirted a lot of her pussy juice all over us to the point that there was a pool of it all over the floor. We both heard something and we stopped and looked up to see a very well built redhead with her top pulled above her boobs and her shorts around her ankles. She was at the back sliding glass door with two fingers in her pussy and the other hand squeezing her left nipple.

She was kind of slumped against the glass and she looked like she had just cum. I had sweat pouring off of me and I need to breathe for a minute. Desiree pulled herself off of me and sat on the sofa. Then she said "I need to recover for a few minutes. I would love to watch you fuck her. Would you like to fuck her while I watch?" "Yes" "I dare you to walk over to her and ask her if she wants to fuck.

It would be so sexy to watch her suck my cum off of your cock. She has to do that before she can stuff your cock into her pussy. You also have to promise to cum in my pussy after you fuck her." I said "OK but you will have to suck her cum off of my cock before I fuck you again." We didn't notice that the redhead had walked in until she sat beside Desiree on the couch, reached out and grabbed me by the cock and pulled me over to her.

The redhead said "I'm Karen from next door and I will do anything you want as long as you promise to let me cum on your cock." She then started licking Desiree's cum from my legs, my balls and finally from my cock. She said "Desiree your pussy juice tastes good on him." She then started sucking my cock.

Desiree said "that is so sexy" Karen said "you think that is sexy watch this." She then bent herself over the end of the couch, laid her head in Desiree's lap and simply said "fuck the hell out of me please" I took my cock and started teasing her pussy with it. I danced it up and down in her lips and I would let just the head dip into her pussy and then pull back out.

Karen shivered every time I did this and then she turned her head to face Desiree and moaned long and low. Desiree's nipples were as hard as rocks so I knew this was turning her on also.

Karen said "please give me you cock. I love to be teased and you are doing it incredibly but now I need your cock buried in me. I will do anything you want just please give me your cock." I said "I will give you all of my cock as soon as you start licking Desiree's pussy." Desiree looked a little shocked as Karen grabbed her leg and flipped it over her head so that she could get to her pussy. Once Karen's tongue hit Desiree's pussy she let out a little shriek and laid down to give her better access.

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I stretched back for a moment to admire the view. Karen had a gorgeous butt with just a little red pubic hair, then her boobs which were easily C cups and they were on the other side of the cushion on the end of the sofa. Karen's face was buried in Desiree's pussy with one of Desiree's legs on the top of the couch and the other on the floor. Desiree had her hands on her boobs squeezing her nipples and her eyes shut with this incredible look on her face. I then slowly started sliding my cock into Karen's pussy and then pulling it back out.

Each time I would go a little deeper than the last. I finally had my cock fully into her pussy and I held it there.


She started moaning loudly into Desiree's pussy which then made Desiree moan. Karen said "OK now, do it. Pound my pussy!" Desiree said "Oh yeah pound that pussy. Every time she moans she vibrates my clit and it drives me nuts." I said "OK you asked for it." I started pulling my cock out slowly so that it was just touching her pussy lips and pounding it back in making my movements faster with each stroke.


After about a minute Karen screamed and came which made Desiree scream and cum also. Desiree squirted Karen's face with her juices and Karen choked for a moment, so I stopped to let her recover. "Wow I've never heard of a woman squirting when she comes" said Karen. "I've never done it until today" said Desiree. "I guess he brought out something new in me." "I have never licked a pussy until now so I think we are even" said Karen.

I said "we're not even yet because I still need to cum" Karen said "pound my pussy until you cum." Desiree said "yeah cum in her pussy because I want to eat your cum out of her pussy.

I want to watch you fuck her until you cum." So I went back to pounding Karen's pussy and she came twice more before I finally came. As soon as I finished cumming Desiree came over and ate every last drop of my cum out of Karen's pussy and Karen came one last time while she was eating her out.