MILF Tanya Tate baits a teen into her wild wishes then fucks her

MILF Tanya Tate baits a teen into her wild wishes then fucks her
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so this is the story of me and my hot neighbor having sex.


so it was my birthday, I was turning 18 and my parents, family and my neighbors were over, I was getting tons of gifts and money, but most of all my neighbor was staring at me weird like she wanted me.

she had dark brown hair and blue eyes that every guy would die for.

but sadly she was married already but I had a huge crush on her since I was like 10. after a while when the party was over everybody was hanging in my dads garage drinking beer and doing shots, but me and my neighbor Lauren were sitting around the bon fire just talking.

every time I talked to her she would stare at me like she was imagining something. we talked for like a half our but then she wanted to go drink with everybody else.

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there wasn't really anything to do in my house, so she sent me over to her house to play some x box. she turned everything on for me then left.

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I played some call of duty for a while but then I started to get a little horny, so I thought to my self that she was drinking with everybody and im alone. I thought to my self she wouldn't be back for a while so I ran into her bedroom and pulled some of her underwear out and laid them on her bed. I pulled out like 5 panties and laid them out on her bed.

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I noticed they all were from Victoria's Secret which made me get harder faster. I pulled down my pants and underwear and started jacking of to her panties.


so I jacked it off for like 10 minutes and I shot my load all over her panties. I shot my load on here panties, her blanket, her pillow and the wall. I always had huge cumshots. as I pulled up my pants and put her panties back where I got them with still my cum on them I turned around and Lauren was standing in the door way of her room.

I totally freaked out and got worried she was gong to tell her husband or something but she didn't. she had a sexy but shocked look on her face. she walked over to me and kissed me. I kissed back and we started to make out. then she pushed me on her bed.

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I fell back on her bed then scooted up to get comfortable. then she got on and got on top of me, we were kissing really hard now taking heavy breathes between our kisses as I ran my hands up and down her beautiful curves. she pulled off her shirt to show her boobs and her bra, they were nice and big. she unbuttoned her pants but didn't take tem off yet. she took off my shirt, pulled the covers over us and went down south of me and unbuttoned my pants. she took my pants off and pulled out my ten inch dick out from the front hole in my boxers.

she gasped and said wow as she saw my long dick. she then started to stroke it then licked it with her tongue. she then put her mouth around it, started to suck it and play with the tip of my dick with her tongue.

it felt so good and it seemed like she was a master at it but she said it was the second dick she only sucked.


she did this for a couple minutes until I shot my load deep into her mouth. she took her mouth from my dick and she appeared from the covers in front of my face again, she opened her mouth to show me the cum in their. she closed her mouth took two swallows then opened her mouth back up and their was no cum in her mouth and I was surprised because I filled up her mouth to the top.

I knew I jizzed a lot in her mouth because she swallowed twice to eat all the cum. she went back under the covers sucked my dick again then got up and stood in front of the bed with a sexy smile on her face. she unhooked her bra and let it fall to the floor showing her big beautiful boobs and tits. she then turned around bent over showing me her ass and started taking off her pants. she took them off turned around and she was wearing full black panties from Victoria's Secrete.

she then took then took them off and threw them at me. she crawled back under the covers, appeared in front of my face again and kissed some more.

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she took her head away from me to stop kissing, I looked into her beautiful blue eyes and she looked into mine, we both ad straight faces and then she shoved my dick into her pussy which felt nice, wet and soft, it felt even more amazing looking into her beautiful blue eyes as he did it. she then started going up and down on my dick and she moaned and her nice big tits bounced also. I grabbed her curves as she bounced up and down and she started moaning a lot and loud and so did I.

she fell on to me kissing my neck which felt so good, we fucked for a couple minutes and now I felt the cum about to she out of me. she then got back up from me put her hands on her head and she said she was going to cum. we fucked for a couple more minutes then I shoved my dick into her as far as it would go and shot my huge load into her as she screamed her head off as we were both cumming at the same time. she fell on top of me. we bot breathed really heavy to catch our breath for a couple minutes.

when she got up to take my still hard dick out of her pussy a river of cum splashed out and spilled onto the bed.

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she went and took a shower as I sat in bed thinking about every thing we just did. I got up walked into the bathroom and that is the end of this story and the beginning of the next story. The End if you want me to make the next story comment and I will try to make it. This was a true story and did happen.

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