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Teenfidelity eliza jane hardcore pov creampie aktion
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Camp Out Surprise Part 2 As I finished up my dinner of fresh fish, I rinsed off the dishes in the lake. I had been much more aware today of the beach at the end of the peninsula where the group of girls from the Charter Boarding School for Girls were.

I could tell little more than that there had been people out there at times. They were the size of ants from this distance. Suzanne's telescope must have been very powerful for the three girls that visited me the night before to have observed me.

I prepared to take my nightly bath and couldn't help but wonder if I was being watched. I noticed every move I made as I disrobed and approached the water. I chuckled at myself. I had been bathing in this cove for four years and was totally unaware that three teenage girls had been observing me, but their visit last night was one of the most amazing sexual experiences I could imagine, even though it was just a handjob. After cleaning up I slid some shorts on and began reading. The girls had insinuated that they would be back and I just hoped it was true.

I kept the fire going so that my location would be easy to find. Shortly after sunset I could hear something in the water. As I focused, I could see the moonlight illuminating a canoe with three people in it. As they got closer I could see one was taller than the rest and another had blonde hair that glistened in the moonlight. It appeared Suzanne, Stacy and the brunette whose name I never heard were returning. They were much earlier than the night before. My cock plumped at the anticipation.

What would tonight hold? As they arrived I helped them pull their canoe to shore. "Decided not to walk this time?", I asked. "We thought we'd try this", Stacy responded.


"It was a lot faster", Suzanne added. We all went and sat down around the fire.

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"So, what brings you ladies here tonight?", I asked feeling slightly awkward. "You", Stacy responded not checking her words. When I looked at her I found her hard to take my eyes off of. She was again in her uniform just like the other girls, but it was obvious that her body was amazing. She was about 5'7 and her long blonde hair flowed down her back.

With about a C cup, her breasts just cried out to be touched and her eyes were as blue as the sky. My thoughts were interrupted when the brunette said, "We've been talking and we have some new questions and things".

She was about 5'9" with legs that went on for miles, but my mind snapped back to her the night before as she exposed her perfectly suckable breasts to me. "Wait a second", I answered, "Before I answer anything else, I need to know your name.", I said playfully. The tall slender brunette looked puzzled, "I guess I never introduced myself", she matched my playful tone. "I'll tell you my name after you take your shorts off." My sorts were about my only bargaining chip, but we weren't going to get anywhere if I had them on, so off the shorts went and I found myself in the same position as the night before.

I with my exposed cock hanging in front of three beautiful young ladies. "Melody", the brunette said with a satisfied tone.

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"I still can't believe how big it is", Suzanne said almost talking to herself as she stared at my cock. "It hasn't even gotten started yet", Stacy added acting amazed. It was quite fulfilling to be the center of their awe. "We should probably start with a review", I said, trying to move things ahead.


"That sounds like a great idea", Suzanne responded, "can I do it again?" "Well, first it starts with arousal, remember", I instructed the young lady.

"O yea", Suzanne said. "It seems that you're already getting harder just being exposed to us and thinking about what has happened before, but let me see if I can help".

Suzanne then removed her shirt and unclasped her bra exposing her D cup treasures. At only about 5'5" she had a small frame for such large breasts. Her kinky brown hair flowed down so far that it rested on them. "That's working", Stacy added. As beautiful as Suzanne's breasts were, Stacy was just as breathtaking fully clothed. "I can help too", she said as she reached over and ran her index finger the length of my cock. "Wow, he really likes that", Melody exclaimed as my cock grew hard, partially because of the touch and partially because of the hand that was touching it.

"How's that", Suzanne asked, "Do we pass our review?" "Straight A's", I responded as I snapped back into reality. Suzanne slid her shirt back on and Stacy sat back down removing her hand from my firm cock. I definitely wanted more. "So now that you've had a review, what would you like to cover tonight?" "Well", Melody spoke up, "We've been talking and we were wondering about Blowjobs." My cock grew even harder at her statement.

Would I actually end the night with a blowjob from one of these girls? "Ok", I replied, "what do you want to know?" "So do I just like get real close and blow on it?", Stacy asked. I held back a laugh and said, "No, it really doesn't have anything to do with blowing.


It's more about licking and sucking" "Well that sounds interesting", Melody stated. "So am i supposed to fit that whole thing in my mouth?", Suzanne said trying to understand. "No, you just pull all in that you can, but you don't just hold still you move your head back and forth like you did with your hand last night", I answered her.

"See, the head of my cock is extremely sensitive, so the used of your tongue and lips there is very effective. You can also stroke the base like you did last night to help bring me to orgasm." "I so have to try this", Melody said. Before I knew it she was on her knees in the sand and wrapped her lips around my tip.

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I had to fight to keep my legs under me when I felt the warm sensation of her mouth. "Go Girl!", Stacy cheered her on. "What's it like?", Suzanne asked. Melody slid her mouth off of me and said, "Big and salty", then she looked up at me, "Did that feel good?" It took me a second to find my voice when I responded, "yes, very good. Now make sure you cover your teethe with your lips or it could hurt." "That's good to know", she responded and then took me back into her mouth before.

She almost gagged herself she took me so far in, but continued to suck away. I touched the top of her head and moved it back and forth a couple of times to help her get the feel. "is it good?", Stacy asked. Melody answered her without fully removing me from her mouth, "It's really good!" "Use your hand too", Suzanne suggested.

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Melody brought her hand up and wrapped her long fingers around the bass of my cock. She held it firm as she sucked on me. She began to pull away and started licking me all over. The evening breeze blew across my soaking wet cock with a cooling sensation, then she took me in again. "Look at you go!", Stacy added again. Suddenly she had realized the power of her tongue as she rolled it over me while containing me in her mouth, then she took me in deep and thrusted her hand down my shaft firmly.

By then I was moaning in pleasure involuntarily. "what's it like?", Suzanne asked Melody, but got no response.

I could hear and feel her moaning in pleasure as she sucked my rock hard cock. "Melody, what's it like?", she asked again, but Melody had entered another world. She was truly a natural at this and she seemed that she was truly in her element with my cock in her mouth.

Over and over she thrusted her hand down on me while sucking me like a hoover and I could feel in coming and realized I hadn't told her about swallowing or not.

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Just as I tried to speak I blew a massive load into her mouth. I fully expected her to jerk back as cum sprayed into her throat, but she just kept stroking and sucking. Ecstasy flowed through my entire body as she took my load in and I noticed I didn't hear her moan, instead I heard a series of gulps as she swallowed my hot cum.

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The orgasm seemed to last forever as she continued to stroke and suck on me. It was like she was pulling out more and more. Finally I stopped cumming and she slowly withdrew my cock from her mouth, sucking to the very end. When she looked up and smiled at me, I could see a little bit of my cum dripping from the side of her mouth, but most of it was nowhere to be found. No longer able to stay standing I collapsed into the sand. "So, how was that", Melody asked. "That is actually the most amazing BJ i've ever had", I answered while panting for air.

"And I didn't get near as messy as you", she said jokingly to Suzanne.

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"I liked it messy", Suzanne responded, "So will you tell me what it was like now?" "It was the most amazing experience I've ever had", Melody explained while the other two girls leaned in. "It's so big that you can't get it all in your mouth, but there's so much to play with. It also get's harder in your mouth, which is really cool, but the best part is hearing this big guy moan in pleasure to every little change you make. I guess I really like salty things.

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I could do that every day." "Than your man will really like you", I said imagining what it would be like to experience that on a daily basis.

"So can you do that more than once?", Suzanne asked. "It is possible, but usually I guy needs some recovery time", I responded. We all sat around the campfire for a couple of more hours as they asked me questions about experiences I had and other things. I remained disrobed at their request as they told me that they just really liked to look at me. When it was time for them to depart Stacy walked by me brushing the back of her hand against my cock and giggling.

Melody walked over and bent down kissing the tip of my cock and said, "I'll see you tomorrow", directly to it like it was her pet. Pleasure pulsed through my body and before I knew it the three girls were paddling away in their canoe. There I stood alone and naked still shocked at the events of the last 36 hours and knew that more shocking things were in store for me the next evening. I could hardly wait.