Gagged sub disciplined by two maledoms

Gagged sub disciplined by two maledoms
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So I've been away from my girlfriend for a month now and it's been killing me we have had a very active sex life and my hand just isn't the same as her wonderful wet tight pussy, i'm finally on my way back to her and boy do I have a surprise for her.

I pull into her apartment complex before she had planned on me arriving I send her a text say it will be another hour till I get there and I get pic message of her in a sexy green teddy I bought her that has a green lace bra that perfectly fit her 32b breast and has black sheer hanging down over her amazingly flat stomach and she decided to spice it up and put on the black crotchless panties that I love the back of the teddy is open to expose one of the best asses around I got so hard thinking about and of what kinky fun I had planned for this goddess.

I hurry climb the three flight of stairs with my bag of that will kick up the kinky we already enjoy in but I have a little fun planned before I get to all that.

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I slip on a robbers mask covering my face and have sweats and a hoodie she has never seen before I knock on the door and move out of sight so she can't see me through the peep hole. She ask who's there and I say in a deep voice delivery she opens the door and I rush in pressing my hand to her mouth before she can even react and wrap my body around her before she can run she starts to scream into my hand I quickly shut the door and over power her seeing as she is 5'4" and 120lbs.

I easily out match her being 6'4" and 220lbs all muscle from my college sport strength training I move her into her bedroom she is kicking and scream as we good but to no avail I throw her on her bed and pull a air soft gun on her and tell not to move or scream and I won't shoot she had no idea it wasn't a real gun and just sat there wimpering I grabbed a nice ball gag from my bag and throw it at telling her to put it in her mouth I then move and secure it behind her head.

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She had hastily put on a robe when she went to the door I told her to take it off she reluctantly did so with the gun waving in her face I then grabbed the hand cuffs that were sitting on her bed side table and made her move up on her bed face down and cuffed her to the bed I then removed the leg restraints from my bag and tied her feet to the corners spreading her out I could she how wet she was from me throw her around she always like it rough and got so wet when I muscled her around but there was still fear in her eyes I started undressing but kept the mask on and move up in between her legs smacking my dick against her perfect ass and leaned over and whispered in her ear how I was gonna fuck her so hard her face showed confusion she had recognized my voice but still in to much shock to realize it was me I slipped a blindfold over her eyes and got up I set up my iPad to capture this on tape I removed my mask picked up her vibrator then removed her blindfold she was so shocked to see me she had a pissed off face and I could clearly hear through the gag I'm gonna kill you I apologized but slid my finger down her slit pulling up sloppy wet fingers to her face and saying you liked it though I returned my fingers to her wet slit and the anger slowly went away to be replaced by pure lust she was begging through the gag for me to fuck her but not yet I set the vibrator on her clit and turned it up she quickly started to grind on it looking me in my eyes with pure want and lust she wanted me so bad but I want to prolong it I resumed my position behind her rubbing my cock up and down her drenched pussy as I lubed up a surprise for her.

I've been talking to her about anal for a long time and I figured this was a good time to show her pleasure could come of it not just pain like she assumed I could tell she was getting close to orgasm the way she was moan and bucking so I placed my hard cock at the entrance to her wet pussy waiting to plunge my cock to the hilt when her orgasm struck so I can send her into a wonderland of pleasure and right when it hit I did just that and her body shock with an intense orgasm as I let her come down I slipped in the lubed up anal beads into her virgin ass since she was so relaxed it slide in easily but I could tell from the death stare she was not pleased and could her her muffled screams of get it out but I let it in and started burying my dick deep inside her and those lust filled eyes returned focused on my cock diving in and out of her soaked pussy after a few minutes I slowly started to move the anal beads in and out matching it with my cock pumping in her the moans grew greater and I could tell she was loving the feeling of having her pussy and ass fucked I reluctantly stopped slamming my cock into that heaven on earth hole and removed the anal beads I turned back on the vibrator moving it to her clit and started to eat her sweet pussy as I lubed up my cock for her sweet ass as I got back up I rubbed it up and down her pussy positioning it at the entrance to her pussy but as I pushed I quickly shifted and eased my cock into her tight ass she let out a muffled scream I turned the vibrator higher letting her adjust to my cock in her ass I slowly started a rhythm plunge in and out of this forsaken hole but not even she could hold back the moans of pleasure it was causing her to fuck her ass this spurred me on like no other I picked up my pace slamming into that tight ass but it wasn't long before I could fell my cum moving up from my balls the wonderful feeling of the tightest hole I've ever been in I gave on finally thrust and emptied my load deep inside her ass I slowly removed my cock and undid her gag only to be yelled at about fucking her ass but she did admit she liked it after the pain subsided but she promised she was gonna get me back i undid her bindings and lead her to the shower so we both could freshen up and this was only a start to a sex filled night we had left.