Chubby guy from Elpaso Texas

Chubby guy from Elpaso Texas
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It was May 3, 2012 at Washington high school. The last day of school before summer, as I headed for the exit I noticed something, a map of the school.

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The map read "you are here" at the back of the school. I looked at the clock, 3:28 that means I have 2 minutes to get to the other side of the school.

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I burst out in a rush of speed not a person in sight. I entered the cafeteria, jumping over every table in my way. Next the class rooms, passing chemistry, science, advanced math, programming, I'm going even faster now.

Passing the lockers, I stopped dead in my tracks. I loved a girl, her name was Nacarrsa.

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And right in front of me was her looker, left open. On top of her books, a folded up note.


I quickly grabbed it and examined it, at first it was a conversation about a really hard question on the finals, but then I read a sentence written by camellia I like her too, but not quite as much as Nacarrsa. Her sentence read "hey, this is kind of awkward but, when we were leaving class, jack was behind you and was starring at your butt, he had serious hard-on" nacarrsa had responded "I know, it's kind of a sexy-cute thing for me, boys have to be boys." "I guess it is kind of cute, he has such a big cock!" "Yeah I know!

I swear every time he around me, he has a raging boner! It makes me so wet!" and that's where the conversation ends. Half scared out of my mind and wishing it would show when a girl was wet, a heard a slam.

I looked around the corner, the automatic doors were closed. Looked in the school for the entire summer, alone (or at least that's what I thought). There's probably some food in the cafeteria freezer, that I could eat so I have some food, and obviously I have some water from the water fountains. I walked toward the principal's office, left open strangely.


Inside was a key labeled, "all access key" now I have a key to all classrooms and closets in the school. Suddenly I heard screaming from advanced math.

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I rushed over and used the all access key to get the door open. It was nacarrsa and camellia they both ran toward me as soon as I opened the door, and hugged me (luckily from the side, because locked in the school with two hot girls made me a little bit hard.) "Thank you so much!" said nacarrsa.

"No problem." "Hey we have to go do something real quick, do you mind staying here?" "Sure, you're not going to call your parents are you? You can't miss an opportunity like this!" "Don't worry we won't!" they closed the door behind them.

For four minutes I listened to giggling outside.

"Alright you can come out now!" before I left I saw something on the board it read "Mrs. Jackson" she was the new teacher next year, under her name I wrote "big tits" so it now read "Mrs. Jackson big tits" I walked out of the class room and they were waiting for me " come on." They were leading me somewhere but I didn't know where, but then I noticed something sticking out of nacarrsas and camellias locker, it was panties and bra laces!

They started to break into a run and ran into chemistry they cracked the door and I heard giggling inside. I opened the door and I couldn't find the light switch. Suddenly I was tackled by the two girls, and they were both completely topless and had knocked me down to the floor, and now I know what they were doing outside the room!" camellia stuck her bare boobs in my face!

And nacarssa was tarring of my pants like wrapping on a present! I couldn't speak!

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By this time nacarssa had ripped of my boxers and had began stroking my cock! But then I did something I dint even see coming, I started licking camellias boobs! they were bigger than Nacarssas, but Nacarssas ass was perfectly sexy!

Nacarssa began sucking my cock! She moved on quickly to bouncing her sweet pussy up and down my cock, and was fingering camellias clit! They pleasured me and each other switching to a position were camellias ass was in my face and nacarssa was still bouncing up and down on my cock while camellia sucked nacarssas boobs!

I couldn't believe I hadn't cumed yet! " looks like we have a tough one here!" said nacarssa with a sex smile. After just about ten more minutes I finally cumed nacarssa got off just in time and a load of cum shot up into the air.

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Thank god for gravity, because it came back down and soaked the girls! They began fiercely licking in off each other, if two 17 year old girls licking load of cum of each other doesn't turn someone on, nothing can. While trying to finish of the cum nacarssa was giving me a blowjob this time I cumed fast and a whole lot more I cumed 6 times on them they tried to lick it all off. But nacrssa had had enough of this she wanted my cum inside her she got into position and began bouncing up and down this time I could see her boobs bouncing up and down to, camellia was licking nacassaa ass, there wasn't even any cum!

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I heard moans of pleasure and finally I cumed in her pussy it was over flowing! I guess it was over because she laid down beside me and so did camellia; we were so worn out we all passed out! Look for part 2! Thanks for reading