Interracial threesome anal bdsm sex

Interracial threesome anal bdsm sex
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For thirty dollars a lawn, mowing grass in the heart of summer was not always worth it but I needed the money for school and if nothing else being busy from ten until two and then again for four until six it kept me out of trouble at least during the week.

In Florida it seemed that of the fifty or so customers I had each day I was always mowing grass. The St. Augustine grew as if it were on steroid. It was good exercise too. That Monday morning my first stop and only stop for the first time since the summer began was the Wilson home.

The Wilson's had the standard patch of grass as I liked to call it. They had a patch out front and a little in the back besides the pool area. The house was the typical stucco painted peach like many of the other house in the neighborhood. I knocked on the door. Mrs. Wilson came to the door. I was already sweating from pushing my mower from my house to hers with the gas trimmer resting on top and a bag slung over my shoulder with a few shearing tools. She opened the door. There she stood, dressed in a two piece bikini and nothing else.

At forty Mrs. Wilson had no kids and it showed. She had the body of a bomb shell. Her hour glass shaped and toned thighs and abs, though not wash board abs, were easily the envy of younger women and the rack she had on her seemed the size of melons. She had her sandy blonde hair pulled back in a pony tail.

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"Jeff, I'm glad to see you," she began smiling. Her lips were full and red with lip gloss, her hazel eyes sparkled as her oval face lit up at seeing me. "Thanks Mrs. Wilson. I'm going to start in the front okay." "You know I've told you to call me Claire anyway when you done I'll be by the pool." I nodded.

She turned letting the spring close the door. It gave me enough time to see her from behind. She didn't have much of an ass but for her age and considering she was white it wasn't bad at all. I started first trimming the edges with the weed wacker and around the trees and shrubs. It usually took me an hour to do a lawn if I did everything including pruning of some of the plants and sure enough it was around nine when I finished the back and walked up to the back door of the patio.

I'd long scared away Mrs. Wilson with the noise and she had gone inside. Kicking my shoes off I stepped onto the hardwood floor. I'd been in the house plenty of times.

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"Mrs. Wilson," I called out, "I'm done." I got no response. The back door led directly into the kitchen. She was not there nor in the living room or dinning room. I wasn't about to go up stairs until she called out. "Jeff. I'm upstairs you can come up." Still breathing hard and in the back of my mind thinking I needed a self propelled lawn mower I mounted the stairs and came to her door.

Was I naïve? No. I reasoned she'd be still in her bikini though and even as I moaned my thoughts occasionally drifted to her form. I was after all a fifteen year old adolescent male with raging hormones. I reached the doorway to her bedroom. She was backing me, bent over on the floor, her ass up the bikini bottom flossing her ass while she searched for something. "Are you okay Mrs. Wilson?" "Something rolled under the bed Jeff. Can you reach it for me?" "Sure," I said and took up position next to her.

"What was it?" "My ring," she said. As I bent over I felt something warm on my ass and jumped. Mrs. Wilson laughed. "I didn't mean to scare you but I could never resist a hot ass." My heart was racing.

Was this hot woman in a hot pink bikini hitting on me? Yes she was. I didn't know what to say and she knew it and she took advantage of it. She moved closer coming within inches of me and then even closer her breasts pressing against my sweat drenched tee shirt, bulging in the small bikini top.

She took a breath of me and sighed, closing her eyes. "You know I've watched you so many time Jeff.


I love seeing your sexy chocolate skin glistening in the sun." She bit down on her lower lip, then pursing them. "Hmmm." Her hand found my crotch. I pulled back and fell onto the bed.

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She smiled almost a smirk on her face as if to say, "Got ya." "You've worked so hard don't you wanna play Jeff?" She cooed. I lay back staring with wide eyes, my arms splayed on either side of me and my legs slightly apart. I was hard, I was hard from the moment I step into the room and saw her tone tanned ass staring back at me.

She began to sway from side to side her hands moving behind her back and liberating her luscious breasts. The top fell off and her breasts plopped out, bouncing. They were not saggy but they were biggest I'd ever see about the size of two mini melons.

They glistened with tan oil like the rest of her body but it was them that held my attention because as she swayed they swayed too. I could feel my dick pushing against my pants. I glanced down and could see it standing upright or rather trying to stand upright and so could Mrs.

Wilson. She licked her lips still swaying slowly turning as she did until she backed me. She bent and gripped her bikini bottom. She pulled dropping it to her ankles. From where I lay I could see her crack and the slit of her pussy.


I could see her thick licks protruding. She straightened and turned. Her pussy was hairy but trimmed neatly. I licked my lips realizing that sometimes she tanned naked, the thought sent a sweet chill through my body.

She toyed with her breasts, squeezing them pressing them together as she came towards the bed, slipping her hand down between her legs and her slit then sucking on the two fingers that disappeared between her folds of sweet pussy flesh. I sighed loudly. She smiled licking her lips. She got down on her knees and took hold of my shorts and pulled. I was breathing fast my heart thundering in my chest. Never did I even think about her husband coming home though if I did think about it that would be unlikely since he worked until late.

My shorts and underwear came off simultaneously and left my seven inches of cock out to Mrs. Wilson's delight. "Mmmm, nice," she said. Crawling up between my legs she let her breasts dangle on either side of my shaft rubbing against it. The soft mounds sent shivers through my body. I closed my eyes. I wanted to fuck them as she rubbed them against me. I felt as if I'd cum right then and there. Mrs. Wilson pulled back. The warmth of her tits was gone. I open my eyes just as eyes on me she lowered her mouth over my shaft.

I'd never had a women suck on my dick before. I'd watched porn and wondered how it felt and here I was getting it. It was sweet feeling her hot mouth on my sucking on my head as if it were a candy cane. With one hand wrapped around the base of my shaft and her mouth around the widest part of my head she sucked.

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She sucked hard and she sucked fast and as if knowing when I was about to explode in her mouth she slowed and teased my head, sliding her tongue into my hole increasing my tension. I bucked beneath her and moaned in spite of myself. She pulled back after driving me to the edge two more times. "You like?" She asked. I nodded licking my lips. Five feet five inches, a slim woman maybe a little plump but a delicious plump she crawled on my shaft holding it with her hand and positioning at her opening.

Slowly she enveloped me. Her pussy was smooth as silk and hot. It was surprisingly tight and wet. Once she was down on my shaft taking me all inside her she began to rock back and forth on me. Her hands on my chest she rocked slowly then moved faster and faster as if she intended to snap my dick off. I reached up and grabbed her tits and squeezed.

She threw her head back and moaned. "Uhhhhhhh!

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Yeah. Yeah baby." Her tits were soft and thick. I wished I could fit them in my hand but my hands though big were no match. "I'm cumming," she cried out between panting breaths. The stimulation overwhelmed me as well but the pain as she bent my rigid shaft back was intense but yet sweet when she relaxed. She shivered and I felt her pussy tighten. She leaned forward still moving. She smiled. "I didn't feel you." She said beginning to move up and down on my shaft exposing it to the cool air before shrouding it in the depths of her pussy.

"Cum inside me." She said. I pushed her and rolled over on top of her. Still inside of her her legs now in the air and my hands planted firmly on either side of her I began to pound her pussy.

Like a piston my dick went in and out filling her repeatedly. I could feel her pushing up to meet my each stroke, the soft hairs of her pussy brushing against me with each stroke. I felt my balls slap against her ass. I felt her legs around my ass tightening and her arms curled around my neck squeezing me. I felt my stomach contract. It was then I realized it wouldn't be a good idea to cum inside Mrs. Wilson but it was too late.

I exploded in her. A rocket of hot cum shot out of my shaft into her pussy. A second shot erupted with less intensity but with the same fire sending a shudder through my body.

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"Don't stop b…baby, make me…make me cum." She panted. I continued stroking her hoping I wouldn't get soft to quickly. She arched her back and pressed her hairy mound against me her breasts pressing against my flesh their warmth coming through the fabric of my tee shirt. I was in heaven. "Uhhhh. Ahhhhhhh baby." She sighed She pulled back smiling up at me. "Don't worry baby." She winked.

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I slipped out of her laying on my back, her milky juices streaking my dark chocolate shaft, residual cum rolling down my shaft. Mrs. Wilson leaned over and with a soft tongue like before lapped at my shaft cleaning her juices and my juices off.

"Mmmmm." I moaned. "Hmmmm." She moaned the vibration sending a wave of pleasure from my shaft to my core. She pulled back straightening. She stood. I stared up at her. She stared back. "I think you deserve a little bonus for the job you did on my turf." She said. I admired her body my eyes moving up and down coming to rest on the inside of her thigh where my milky white cum in two globs rolled down her thigh and dripped onto the bed. She jumped of the bed dropping another glob on the carpet.

"Come let me clean you up." She said over her shoulder heading into the bathroom. I sat up. "You want your bonus don't you?" I smiled. I'd gone this far I may as well enjoy the rest of it I reasoned slipping of the bed. "Yes Mrs. Wilson." "Claire Jeff. Call me Claire." "Okay… Claire." It was then that I knew this would be more than a weekly visit to mow her front lawn the added bonus was worth it.