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It felt so good to finally get out of the house. With a young baby at home who was strictly on breast milk, it can be somewhat limiting to your time and where you can travel to. I'm not one of those who can easily just whip out a boob in public to feed my kid, so I tend to stay home a lot around feeding and nap times. Tonight, though, I finally get some "me" time. I'm going to surprise my dance troupe and show up unannounced to practice with them.

It will feel so good to move to the rhythm of the music, to sway as if each note has its own agenda with my body, and to just get out some of the frustrations of being a new parent by way of motion, sweat, and an elevated heart rate!

As I'm walking from the large parking lot to the dance studio, I pause for only a moment to enjoy the wonderful fall evening. I have always loved seaside towns in New England. There is a crispness to the air, and usually you can smell the ocean on a quiet night or morning. On any normal day, however, I don't usually like to walk in the downtown area in heels.

Tonight was proof as to why. As I'm walking in the dark I saw two men come out of one of the old buildings. It wasn't very late, only about 6:30 or so, so this wasn't unusual to see other people, but since it was so quiet and most shops close early, around 5:00, I was a little surprised.

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When I jumped back a bit, my heel got caught in the cobblestone walkway that many of the older towns are known for, and there was a shooting pain in my ankle. I yelped and stumbled at the same time. It didn't hurt too badly, but enough that I realized there would be no dancing tonight.

I was very disappointed since I was looking forward to my night out for months. The men I had seen heard my cry and immediately came to my side. The older one was probably one of the most handsome men I had ever seen. His hair was jet black, his skin pale without being ghostly, and his smile was perfect. He had a look of concern as he saw that my foot had twisted out of the shoe.

"You need to get some ice on that as quickly as possible to keep it from swelling," he said as he crouched down to my level on the ground. He looked directly into my eyes and I was mesmerized. He had the most piercing green eyes I had ever seen. They were stunning and gorgeous.

"Help her up," he told his companion. "We have an office just inside this building. I can get you some help there for the ankle, and then we'll help get you to your car." I was about to protest, but when I tried to stand on my own I found I couldn't. Okay, then. Ice from the handsome stranger it is… I took the hand of the younger gentleman, and again was stunned at just how beautiful he was.

As he helped me stand I saw he also had dark hair, but more to the dark brown than black, light skin, and his eyes were also striking but violet rather than green. As they both helped me hobble into their office some small part of my mind suggested that I shouldn't be going into a dark building with two strange men, but I really did need some help so I was hopeful that these two were Samaritans rather than thugs. The "office" they took me into was very dark.

It almost looked like a huge ballroom that had been converted. There was a desk and a set of chairs, but I couldn't see too many other details in the light. One thing that did strike me was that there were huge windows from floor to ceiling on one side, and the full moon was illuminated beautifully through one of them creating interesting silhouettes and shadows in the window and reflecting in the room itself.

It was both strange and beautiful at the same time. "Let's get this started." I was surprised to hear the older gentleman's voice come from across the room, to where I had presumed he was going towards a light switch.

His companion had knelt down and was helping me out of my shoe and was beginning to rub my ankle. I was surprised when in the dark he came back towards us, hands empty still no light and no ice pack. He looked at me intently.

Again, I was captivated by those eyes. Somehow they seemed to be glittering in the moonlight. "This may not exactly be what you expected," he began just as his friend tied something to my ankle, "but we have our own way of doing things." That's when the room suddenly lit by itself.

With nothing but candles in strategically placed holders. Soft, warm light filled the room and yet it was still dark.

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In my shock I didn't notice the younger man had also tied something to my other ankle, also with no shoe on. "What is this place?" I asked.


"How did you get the candles lit like that?" "I can do many things that most men can't." This was the only reply I got. I wanted to leave at that point. I wasn't in the mood for a magic show, but my legs were tied to the floor spread apart in a way that would make me fall over myself. "Let me out of here," I demanded.

My response was to have my arms pulled behind me firmly, keeping me in place against the chest of the violet-eyed man.

Fear began to creep in.

"You will leave when we're ready to allow it. You won't be missed. You'll be home by morning." My left arm was pulled to the side by the man behind me while the one speaking to me tied it to a rope that was dangling from the ceiling.

As I struggled, the same was done with the right.

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I was now spread-eagled in a standing position and unable to free myself. That was when I saw the knife. "Oh no, please for the love of God don't hurt me…" I moaned, sobbing and pleading. Again, the green eyes glittered. "Don't worry, it's not for your skin." With that, my clothes were cut off piece by piece until I stood there naked before them in the moonlight.

I was mortified, scared, and desperate for a way out. "Pay attention." I looked at them before me. "Now, I'm sure you know what we have in mind.

What you don't know is how. We're a little different from most men you've been with." As he spoke their clothes simply vanished. I didn't know if I had been drugged or what was going on, but this was just getting creepy. I tried to pull myself free to no avail. "Don't struggle. You'll need your strength." I stopped and watched. I had to admit, even though I was being held hostage these men were incredibly well-built. The older one was slightly taller and more chiseled, but the younger one was perfectly toned.

To my shock the younger one started stroking the older man's cock. He groaned in delight. "Let's let her see it now." The younger man stepped away, and I saw that the cock was indeed growing, it was big and thick.

About nine inches long. But it was moving oddly, like a snake would move as if it were possessed with a mind of its own. I was terrified and fascinated all at the same time. It twisted and turned, got thicker as it reached out. The younger man licked his lips in anticipation. I saw his cock was growing as well at the sight.

He was also well endowed, about eight inches long and thick with many veins bulging along the entire length of it. On the underside, there were what looked like suction cups near the head. "Who or what are you?" I almost whispered the question, afraid to hear the answer but desperate to know. They both chuckled. "Truth? We're demons. It's our time of year to hunt and fornicate at our will." With that they came to where I was tied.

A cold shot of fear went through my body. My breasts were heavy from not having fed the baby in a while, and a drop of milk came to the tip of one nipple. The taller of the two stood behind me and put his hands on my waist and leaned into my neck, whispering in my ear. "You will not feel fear, but you will feel our heat." His warm hands slid up to my breasts, cupping them.

"You are heavy. Time for a release." I could feel his snake-like cock twisting along my ass crack and around my cunt. It was unreal. The second stood in front of me and crouched down to my breasts.

He grabbed one and latched on, sucking hard and making me cry out. I could feel my milk pumping out into his greedy mouth. He groaned with pleasure and continued to milk me. He stroked my breast as he sucked, flicked my nipple with his tongue, and worshiped my breasts.

His cock was growing even harder as he sucked on me, while his partner was gently nipping my neck and exploring me with his cock. I could feel myself getting wet despite my fear. As the first tit was drained, the cock in front of me found my clit with one of its suction cups and latched on, gently suckling at it and making me arch my back and rise on my toes a bit. It made access to my other breast ready for the same treatment. I was getting drained, I was getting eaten out, and I was getting this from beings that didn't belong in my version of reality.

I was starting to not be sure what was real. I was finding that I was aroused by being between these two men, one sucking my tits like never before, and the second holding me in place while offering them to his friend, and his own cock was doing its strange dance around my ass and pussy. As it grazed the entrance to my pussy again it felt my dampness and he chuckled.

He knew they had me. His cock found the entrance to my ass and began to press. I whimpered in protest, but I was held tightly in place. I felt his cock get through the opening, then retreat just a bit, then push forward a little more, then retreat again only to push in again.

It was like a snake working its way into a hole. I could feel it writhing within me, getting thicker, feeling it squirming around, not just a normal in and out motion like a human man but like it was its own entity but attached to this demon who commanded it. The pain was overpowered by the cock that was actually sucking on my clit and the mouth greedily drinking my milk. I was in a fog of ecstasy. Finally, my breasts were empty and the demon in front of me stood up and slid his cock all the way in my pussy.

I groaned at being so filled up. Both were so thick and deep into me that I thought I'd burst, but I loved feeling so full! They each used their own rhythm, one like a snake and one pumping in and out fast, feeling the ridges of each differently and somehow together. I felt myself being brought to the brink but being kept there to just hover with no real release. They both gripped my hips and sides to pull themselves deeper in.

The on in front was pumping his own hips while the one behind was standing still while letting his serpentine cock wriggle and twist and pump itself up into my ass. As they moved, both got hotter and hotter. They weren't breaking a sweat, but I could feel the heat from both cocks deep inside me, making each motion even more intense.

I heard the one in front with the cock up into my pussy start to grunt as he thrust in faster and faster. His cock was getting harder, and his eyes were starting to glaze over.

"Fuck her hard. Harder…" the one behind me commanded. The green-eyed demon moved as if in a frenzy, threw his head back, and then he howled.

It sounded like a wolf baying. At that point I could feel his orgasm travel up his cock. It actually shivered itself up into me, and the heat was intense! I could feel my insides being bathed in a very thick and hot liquid, but it wasn't dripping out.

It felt like it was coating my insides and it was almost burning but without the discomfort. It was unreal, and it was bringing my arousal up to an even higher level.

As he came down from his climax with labored breath he looked deep into my eyes and grinned. There was something almost chilling in it, but I was too aroused to care. He withdrew his unusual cock and I began to try to pump my hips to release some of my own sexual tension. "Your turn will come…" growled the one behind me. His hands grabbed me tightly at the hips and he pushed himself as close as he could, pushing that cock deeper into me.

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It had stopped with the serpentine movements and was now twitching very fast, to the point of almost a vibration. I could feel a growl forming deep in his throat, his teeth on my shoulder, and then the hot thick liquid erupted deep into my body.

I was in agony with my own need and no true relief. I desperately wanted to thrust, to rub, to have some form of control over my own body to build up my own orgasm and feel the waves of it wash over my body. Instead I couldn't even masturbate since I was tied to be a toy for these two creatures. "Call him over." I felt the cock in my ass slowly slide out, almost in a teasing manner and I was being supported against the chest of its owner while he gripped me around the waist with one arm and the other caressed my abdomen and wound the hand up to stroke my breasts.

Suddenly, there was another growl from across the room. I couldn't see what was going on at first, but eventually I saw the darkness form into the shape of a huge dog-like beast with three heads and a tail that looked like a sea serpent.

This thing was enormous. The heads could look me in the eye without my having to bend down.

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I immediately froze on the spot. "Clean us up." One head went to the man in front of me and started licking his cock, almost seeming to swallow it whole but only succeeding in making him erect again.

Another tongue went immediately to my pussy where it dove in and lapped and flicked around my clit and deep within, rubbing my G-spot. I was afraid I was losing my mind with arousal. The third head tried to reach around to the demon behind me but couldn't quite reach, and it seemed to be getting very upset and frustrated by this.

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I didn't notice that the demon behind me had released my hands because I was frozen between something like fear and lust and for an animal at that! I found myself rocking and moaning, grinding my crotch against this creature's tongue… When it finally stopped I collapsed down on my knees, by breasts aching to be emptied again and my pussy quivering with need. Gently the two men brought me over to a chair, tied my hands behind my back and tied each knee and ankle so that I was totally exposed.

"Open your mouth," one of them commanded. I was happy to comply as the snake-like cock was shoved down my throat. I could feel it wriggling around almost gagging me and then pulling back just enough to let me breathe only to have it shoved roughly down again. This happened over and over, the whole time the other just softly played with my clit driving me to the brink but never allowing the orgasm that he was building up.

I kept trying to push myself forward to get just a bit more friction, but he wouldn't allow me to cum so easily. I was getting frantic with desire, and turning into a slut for anything in the room that would penetrate me and give me the release I desperately needed. Finally I felt the spurt of that strange, sticky cum going down my throat.

I moaned again and pushed my mouth further down the shaft to make sure I didn't miss a drop and pulse after pulse came crashing into my mouth. When he eventually finished he pulled out and looked thoughtfully at me, and then out the window.

"It's time for you to go home. The moon is dimming and sunrise will be here soon." I was so flustered! I still needed that release. The smaller one came over to me and gently blew into my eyes, nose, and mouth. His breath was sweet, like that of a flower. I started to feel so disconnected from my body, like I had been drugged&hellip.

When I woke up I was in my own bed, naked, raw, and breasts hard as rocks and throbbing with the need to be emptied. My husband was sleeping next to me. The baby was still sleeping in the crib. I slowly reached out to my husband, caressed his limp cock until it began to stir.

He grunted in his sleep. I gently rubbed it until it began to get stiffer and stand upright. Before he could awaken, I straddled him and pushed down until he was buried deep in my pussy. I gently rocked as he woke up, a little bit groggy but very pleased.

I leaned over his face and pushed a nipple into his mouth. "Suck me. Hard." Now I had his attention, and he was thrilled to comply with my demand. It had been a while since I was interested in sex since the baby took up so much of my energy, but I was still incredibly turned on and still wanted to cum. I rocked on his cock as it grew and he sucked as hard as he could, flicking my nipple and drinking down my milk. "If you stop I'll leave you blue balled" I warned him.

He clamped down even harder, only stopping to switch breasts every so often. "I am totally going to fuck you right now, and you are my sex toy. I am so horny and I want nothing more than your thick cock to be shoved into my pussy over and over.


Don't you dare cum until I say you can." As I was talking dirty I heard him groan and felt his cock twitch as it strained. I slid off, leaving just the head inside, gently bouncing on that sensitive tip only to slam down the full length, grinding it against my g-spot and rubbing my clit against his body. Over and over until I felt my own orgasm start to peak and then release in waves throughout my entire body. It lasted forever.

It was too short. I pulled off of his still throbbing cock and out of his mouth and stood next to the bed. As my husband watched, I grabbed his erection and pumped it vigorously, only stopping to position myself between his legs and suck him in the rhythm I knew he loved, in a way that he could feel my breasts lightly bounce against his upper thighs and scrotum.

I heard him moan and start to pump his hips up into my mouth as he reached for my head to push down, but I stopped him. I gave him one last hard suck as I pulled off of his mouth. He twitched in frustration until I got on all fours. "Now it's your turn, babe." He scrambled to get into position behind me and slammed his rigid member deep into my drenched pussy, over and over and over, pushing my entire body up the bed.

I started cumming again almost instantly. I howled into a pillow and rode this wave, my entire body quivering and glistening with sweat. "Don't cum yet!" I managed to say. I heard him growl at me and keep going. "Seriously, save some energy!" He slowed down, but barely. I pulled off and turned to look him in the eye with a mischievous grin.

I took his cock in one hand and his balls in the other, gently playing with both. "I know what you want most of all, but do you think you deserve it or should I just let you go to sleep now with no release?" I gave his scrotum a gentle but firm tug downwards and he groaned. I reached into the side table and got out some lube. I slathered his cock with it and got back onto all fours.

"I'm all yours," was all he needed to hear. He grabbed me by the hips and slid his cock into my ass slowly at first, savoring every delightful inch as it went in. God it hurt, but at the same time I felt so full! Once he was fully in he let it rest a moment and then started pumping in and out, slowly, small amounts at a time, and building up to a frantic pace of pulling out almost all the way only to slam into my ass with all his might. He pulled my hair hard, so that I wasn't on my hands anymore but he was holding me upright as he pounded my asshole, holding me in place by the hip with the other hand.

I heard him half grunting and half whining with pleasure, and I felt myself rocking back to meet him thrust for thrust. "I'm your bitch now, use me as hard as you want!" That's all he needed to hear before he erupted deep into my ass with his hot, salty seed.

I felt him spurt over and over, and when he was done he was still hard. "I don't know what got into you tonight, but I hope it happens again and again," he told me.

I wondered if he knew what he was really saying. Surely he didn't know about the evening's adventure, but it was one I would never forget.