Pay for help my to have a good sex all night like never my gf too bad for me

Pay for help my to have a good sex all night like never my gf too bad for me
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my names Murphy i'm 24 years old 5'7" and unfortunately I've always been attracted to young girls i know its wrong but i cant help myself one Saturday afternoon u was in my garage playing pool with the door open to let in some air and to use the light from outside to see. i was just about to sink the eight ball when i saw a little girl with beautiful straight red hair pail white skin wearing a tight black top and tight jeans she had maby a small B cup tits with a small but shapely ass.

she saw me looking at her. hi she said hi good afternoon i replied nice pool table can i play? yea sure there is soda in the cooler if your thirsty (pointing to the cooler in the corner) thank you my name is Katrina i'm 18 i'm Murphy nice to meet you she went over to the cooler and bent over i couldn't help but admire that tight ass of hers as she took her little sweet time picking a drink she finally picked a Dr pepper opened it and took a sip rack them up she said as she set down her soda i stopped starring long enough to rack up the balls and handed her a pole cue you break i said Ok (she bends over getting into position giving me another good look at her ass before turning around again) how about we make this a little interesting?

for every shot we miss the other gets to ask a question and the person who missed has to answer. who ever makes a ball in can make the other do whatever they want within reason of course.

sure why not she turns back around bending over again she gives her ass a little wiggle before making her shot giving my dick a little shock.

it was a clean break nothing went in though.

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Ok ask me a question? said Katrina what do you do for fun besides coming to a strangers house to play pool? i like to swim and tan at the pool at my house.

i imagine her naked pool side enjoying the sun my dicks now half erect and growing. taking my shot trying to get the six ball in a corner pocket i make my shot but the six ball bounces off the corner ask away do you have a girlfriend Katrina asks a little wide eyed i said no i don't she smiles and takes her next shot missing damn she said what kind of music do you listen to?

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pop and classic rock i take my next shot sinking the 10 ball how about you give me a little kiss on the cheek smiling she says ok i kneel down a little so she can reach me she gets up close she hugs my arm squeezing it between her small boobs and kisses me on the cheek i could feel her tongue lick me my dick is now fully hard all 7 inches she looks down at my bulge and smiles.

she walks in front of me and grinds her ass on my erection and kisses my other cheek the same way.

wow i'm glad you liked that she said i make my next shot but with my erection distracting me i miss have you ever had sex with a girl my age? Katrina asks no i said do you want to? she asks again. i couldn't answer my throat was to dry to make a sound she bends over wiggles her ass and makes the 2 ball in she turns around sits up on the tables edge and bites her lower lip Murphy i want you to make love to me and make me a women your women.

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i walk up in front of her spreading her legs feeling her thighs in my hands as i lower down and kiss her gently on the lips. she pushes back into me probing her tongue into my mouth i follow suit adding my own tongue into the mix i move my right hand up squeezing her left breast in my hand. she moans egging me on. Katrina!?

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Katrina!? where are you? Katrina breaks away crap that's my mom!

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jumping down from the table she walks to the still open garage door just in time to avoid her mother seeing us in our trance of lust. hi mom i'm over here! i'm playing pool with Mr Murphy as she waves her mom over. oh i see i hope your not bothering the young man as she kept glancing down at my hard on and her daughter mom this is Murphy.

Murphy this is my mom.


hi my names Abbygale you can call me Abby holding out her hand. i reach out and shake her hand. its nice to meet you Abby would you care to join us?


i said to a basically taller version of her daughter they looked so much alike they could be mistaken for sisters Abby looked as gorgeous as her daughter with tits just a little bigger i would love to but i just finished making lunch for Abby and i. i just came to get her. just you and Abby?


no husband? no Katrina's father left when she was born i was only 16 when i had her.

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sorry to hear that if you don't mind me saying it was a bad decision on his part well it was nice meeting you Abby i had fun playing pool with your daughter maby all three of us could play together soon. yea mom can we? i don't know sweety you have homework to do. i finished it please mom? Katrina begins to pout Abby gives a big sigh and says ok but i want you to check your homework and make sure every things correct ok? Ok mom thank you so much Katrina says with a smile murphy what would be an ok time for Katrina and i to come over later?

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how about 4:30 pm and ill order pizza for dinner around 5 sounds ok? thank you sounds great see you then say Abby with a smile as she looks back down at my hard on.

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to be continued.