Maa na beta ka dost sa phudi marwa li

Maa na beta ka dost sa phudi marwa li
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Welcome to the second chapter of my death. I have no taste for reminiscing, you should have been paying attention, if you weren't lucky for you I have already accounted the first chapter.

But I digress and wish to continue by recounting the next chapter of the story of my life after death. I awoke to perpetual twilight. I felt through my mind, I could tell it was twilight.

There were no windows in the room that my maker, Eva and her sister Annie had fucked mere hours ago as only us immortals could. Despite the lack of windows I knew it was twilight, darkness was approaching fast and I was hungry. I felt for the presence of Eva, she was awake but I couldn't tell where. I looked around the room, seeing everything clearly despite the almost total darkness.

I made out Annie's purple eyes gleaming from the head of the bed, "good evening Robbie" she whispered. "Umm… hi" I nervously replied, still not accustomed to the formality of her voice. I felt Eva's hands wrap around my neck and shoulders, she was kneeling on the bed behind me.

I felt her lean into me, her breath flew across my ear and neck. I remember how it felt when she rubbed her fang down my neck towards my rippling shoulder muscles.

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It made my vampiric skin extra-sensitive and I tingled from my neck down my back and to my groin, my skin felt like it was on fire. I felt a twinge in my newly huge dick and my hunger for blood receded a little, replaced with a lust for fucking my maker's sweet vampiric ass.

I felt an animalistic growl from deep inside Eva, she could feel my kinky desire, the link between our minds as strong as it was last night. Annie let out a short laugh, baring her fangs as she threw her head back, I sensed her intention before she moved but am too slow to stop her and she leaped towards me from the pillows at the head of the bed and straddled my lap, the delight that she beat her sister to her prize was evident as she wrapped her legs around me and locked them around my back.

Her horniness bled into my mind and mixed in with Eva's jealousy it brought my 10" vampiric dick to full erection, Annie moaned softly as it brushed her already swollen clit. She kissed me with vehemence, biting my lip just enough to draw a little blood. My fangs extended and I felt them prick the inside of my mouth but the fresh wounds heal as quickly as they were made and I grinned, showing Annie my teeth.

She lifted herself up and lowered herself on to the tip of my cock, my smile widens in anticipation and she lowered herself on to my cock, sliding slowly to the base, sighing softly as she does. The pleasure I felt inside her pussy was echoed in her mind. She began to raise herself slowly on my shaft, using my pale neck and shoulders for support.

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She continued slowly impaling herself on my rock hard dick and my mind was invaded by her overwhelming lust for more. Eva still had her arms over my shoulders, she had been massaging my chest and watching us both in the confines of our minds. However she stopped her voyeurism and removed her arms from my torso, stroking over my shoulders and up my neck as she did.

Annie sensed her sister's desire for my cock, and decided to share the massive load she was taking. Eva leant forward towards my mouth and wrapped her tongue around my fangs, massaging my tongue as she did. Annie paused her slow bouncing on my cock to fondle both her sister's nipples and Eva arched her back and let out another animalistic growl, her fangs extended further and her eyes flashed red, as luminous as her sister's were earlier.

She was hungry now, even hungrier than Annie was and she was willing to fight for my attention. My link to her was stronger than Annie's as she was my maker, I could sense her ploy before she did it, but believe me I was going to do nothing to stop it, and face it mortal, neither would you. As Annie bounced on my cock with her momentum slowly building, Eva slapped her sister's hands away from her nipples, tore her mouth away from mine and assaulted her sister's pussy lips with her tongue.

Annie moaned a slow moan that turned into a growling shriek as her tongue ran over her clit. Annie's eyes rolled and she threw her head back as her shriek became wordless when her breath ran out. I ran my hands over my maker's hips and I felt her buck as a spasm of pleasure caught her when I brushed her tit, I focused on her chest then, rubbing her nipples in circles before pinching them and then kneading the rest of her tits gently at first but with rising passion and strength.

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Her arousal was intensifying with every pinch of her nipples and lick of her sister's clit, however unlike Annie who was trying oh so very hard to conceal as much of her arousal from us, Eva was wide open to our touch and with every new wave of bliss I could feel myself coming closer to blowing a huge load inside of Annie. I don't know how to accurately articulate how it feels to have the pleasure of three immortal beings inside your head instead of just your own mortal consciousness.

From what I remember of my mortal life, imagine the moment you wake up, that feeling of total sensitivity you get from your head to your toes and then imagine someone was stroking all of your body at the same time, then imagine that on top of all that, someone was going down on you in the most incredible way.

Feel as I feel mortal, and then times it by three, for us immortals rarely fuck singularly. One victim may not sate us, and we might kill our victim before his or her's pleasure can be achieved. My mind was full of such pleasure, and I celebrated it as Annie finally failed concealing herself to us, her mind shattered like a brick through glass with the epicentre centred over my dick as she came.

Her muscles tensed, her body shuddered, her head flew forward and she bit her tongue as she screamed. Her orgasm was so intense that she threw Eva and I into the throes of our own undying bliss. Eva shouted out and gushed over the sheets and my arm, her legs convulsed and she collapsed, shaking like her sister.

I tensed and gritted my teeth, my eyes closed as I shot my load into Annie, she who had so masterfully foiled her sister's plot to fuck me and satisfied us all instead. It was a long time before anyone stirred, it must have been a mere fifteen minutes but it was a time of extreme satisfaction, I was at one with the world, a newly born vampire admiring memories I wouldn't be ashamed of in the future, and it felt good.

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But soon our bellies rumbled, and we felt the pull of the hunger once more. "Get up Robbie" whispered Eva, "it is time I taught you to hunt." "You must choose your target carefully Robbie, although every mortal can sustain us, some can repulse you with their taste, some can even make you sick, although none can kill you just from drinking" Eva breathed.

It was a few hours later, and Eva and I were perched on a fire escape across the road from a nightclub, it was about 2am and the club was still going strong, with drunken mortals aged from the newly bloomed 18 year-olds to the more experienced adults in their 20s packed in tightly on the dance floor and packed even tighter into clothing that barely covered more flesh than a bikini.

To Eva and I it was a veritable banquet of easy pickings, and I would be dining well that night. I nodded my understanding and examined the crowd outside, desperate to be granted entry by the intimidating doorman. "For the best pickings you must look for the shy and sly ones, male and female they both exist, and they taste the best. Alcohol makes the hunt easier, but it also taints the blood, and a drunken vampire can often become a dead vampire, for he forgets the pain of the sun, and the burn of the light." I gritted my teeth and she added with a whimsical smile "and the sober ones taste better." I smiled then, and my fangs extended, but not because of her pun, I had spotted a face I recognised, a crush I had in high school leaving the club.

Hannah. She was a friend of my cheating ex-girlfriend, but I never made a move because she was seeing a good friend of mine, however it seemed that she had no such qualms as when I extended my consciousness towards hers I found that not only was she relatively sober, she was cheating on him with that boy on her arm.

"Perfect" I muttered. "Good Robbie," Eva muttered "now we follow her somewhere we won't be disturbed." We followed the pair across the night, leaping from roof to roof like the night dwellers we were, and before you ask mortal no we cannot fly, we do not transform and to my knowledge there are none that do.


Soon the pair arrived at what might have been the man's apartment, he was drunk and so his thoughts were extremely convoluted, all he had within him was a primal desire akin to my own, although whilst he yearned for Hannah's body, all I cared for was her blood.

"Now," whispered Eva, "we wait until we know they're comfortable. You can have the sober one, as it's your hunt, but you drink the drunk next time." I nodded and we jumped down to the street, keeping to the shadows we observed the house, eventually noticing the upstairs window light up, I was going to move then but Eva held me back.

"No" she whispered. Another few minutes passed, and the lights went out again. "Now" she thought and we climbed up to the recently darkened windowsill.

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Our vampiric eyes could make the gloomy room out clearly, I saw the mirrors, the wardrobe, the desk and the carpet, but most of all I saw the cheating whore that would soon feed me and the poor fool who had taken her home entwined on the bed, covers thrown away and underwear strewn across the floor. Eva slid her fingernail into the glass, which held for only a second under her immortal strength, she lifted the latch deftly, neither the latch nor the glass breaking made a sound louder than a cat's mew and the occupants were busy inside anyway.

Before we entered, Eva whispered to me "fuck her if you wish, she will only satisfy you with her blood, but if you wish for her mutual pleasure do so. Whatever you decide, don't drag it out, the fact that there are two of them makes it more likely we will be caught.

I felt cruel then, I felt like a immortal creature clinging to the windowsill of my victim's bedroom, she didn't deserve mercy, she didn't deserve the bliss I could give her. I may have been changed that other night, but I still regarded her boyfriend as one of my closest friends. She had betrayed him, and deserved no mercy from me. My thoughts and expression told Eva of my intentions, she nodded, and through the haze of hatred I felt for my soon-to-be victim I felt a stirring of arousal in my maker's mind, but she didn't act upon it.

Instead we swept into the room, silent as can be. We stood there for a moment, examining our prey but our appraisal was cut short by Eva, who darted across the room and grabbed the boy by the neck and lifted him out from under the cheating Hannah.

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His dick slapped her face as he was pulled up to be throttled, which later would make me chuckle. All I thought of was Hannah's blood now though, I craved it desperately. Hannah opened her mouth to scream as she watched Eva choke her lover and I clamped a hand over her mouth. I spun her to face me, lifting her up to her toes as I did. Her eyes widened in recognition and I heard her say my name in shock in the confines of her mortal mind. "Yes" I whispered, my fangs extending.

Her terror rose and I pulled her towards my teeth, I impaled her neck on my fangs and sucked deeply, drinking her life fluid with one hand still clamped around her mouth.

Half a minute passed, and I felt her life ebbing away, I felt that I could stop then, that she would have learned her lesson, but a fire burned deep inside me and I couldn't stop, wouldn't stop.

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Her life ended in my arms. I dropped her cheating husk to the floor and tensed my blood-soaked body, I felt like roaring at the sky, my blood was on fire and every vein in my body pulsed with energy.

Instead I glanced over to Eva, she had made short work of her victim, being as big as he was. She dropped him and looked over to me, she grinned an evil grin, showing me her lips that dripped with blood and her extended fangs. The blood was affecting me, and I felt an overcoming need to fuck her brains out right then and there.

Her eyes clouded over as the thought crossed my mind and she took a step towards me, ripping her blood soaked tight black shirt off her body as she did, she didn't wear a bra and her 32Es stuck out perfectly. They bounced as she stood another step and threw herself on top of me, the blood lust driving us both crazy with desire.

We fucked then, like only two immortals drunk on blood lust could. She ripped my shirt and jacket off, I took the opportunity to pull her dark jeans down. She pulled my cock out of my jeans and began to engulf me, I growled and she growled around my meat right back.

I bent down and bit into her tight ass, I slapped her left cheek and bit the right one, sucking her blood as she sucked my cock. She moaned in ecstasy and I felt her pussy flinch, a steady flow of horniness overcoming her. I withdrew my fangs and flipped her over, my cock flying out of her mouth with an audible 'pop'. She pulled my dark jeans down, pulled her panties aside and jumped onto my cock, taking my to the base in one. The time for foreplay was over, we both needed to cum, and from the feelings she could no longer hold back from me, she was close.

She straddled me at first, regaling in my appreciation of her pussy as she brought me closer to ecstasy with her. But soon I wanted to be deeper inside her, and I flipped her off my lap onto the bed, she automatically stuck her head into the pillow and lifted her ass into the air, I paused for a second, admiring the near-perfect view and she wiggled her butt at me a little with an almost cute whimper.

I grinned and slid into her with full force. I slammed her pussy until I felt my orgasm approach, hers was fast approaching too, we teetered on the edge for as long as either of us could take, and when I could take no more I showed her what I was seeing, something I had barely managed to keep back from her.

At the sight of her own pussy being fucked mercilessly from behind by my cock Eva lost control and came with such force I was overwhelmed with the flow of ecstasy and came deep into her cervix.


I wasn't worried about getting her pregnant, I doubted she was eligible. We collapsed, shaking our come-down out of our system. Herein ends the second chapter mortals, my third chapter will follow in a short while, but I thought I'd entice you further with the knowledge that Carol, my own cheating bitch, will feature. And there will be blood.