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My name is Preeti and leaving in Aurangabad (Maharashtra). It happened a day in Jul-2010 when myself and my mom were alone at home and my papa had been to a business tour in Pune for a week.

I am my mom (Swati) were getting bored in the house on Sunday afternoon so I thought to go out for lunch in the nearby 3 star hotel and asked my mom so she agreed and immediately she called to her boss (Mr. Khot) on his mobile from her mobile and said that we will meet at the Hotel. So Swati (my mom) told me that do call my friend Anita also.

So I invited Anita too and but before that I replayed the call which my mom called to her boss and heared all the words they talked.

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As my mom invited him to lunch so that they cud have a session in the parking when he calls her to meet below. So immediately I said to my mom that Anita is not coming.

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This was my plan to see what my mom and her boss Mr. Khot do.


We managed our dressings and I was ready weakling tight jeans and tight shirt written fuck on my boobs. My mom wore a light yellow thin satin saree, yellow low cut blouse, yellow petticoat, red c thru bra and panties which my dad gave her on their anniversary. So she cut the tags of bra and panties and wore that set. With some perfume and deo below her shoulders. Before that she clean shaved her choot by the razors and came out of the bathroom after a wash and bath.

We started at dot 13:00 hours noon and reached by our Nano car at 13:30 hours and catch table and ordered some soups and mom said slowly to the waiter to pour some rum in her soup bowl.

After few minutes the soups came, And the waiter gave a chit to my mom that her boss is waiting for her in the parking lot so she managed to give a sweep to me and asked me to have soup and order food by that time she will come in 1/2 an hour so she went straight to the washroom and had a piss in the toilet and again cleaned her pussy with the tissue paper. I also followed her in the parking near our Nano car and was surprised to see her boss Mr.

Khot standing nude near his car and laid a carpet on the floor. My mom came shying near to him and he said wow Anita u r looking gr8 and sexy. Ur figure is also good yaar of 36 24 36 well maintained. He immediately pulled her near him and kissed her on her lips which were applied strawberry flavor lipstick.

He kissed her for 5 mins and then dropped her pallu and was starring her boobs and immediately ripped off her blouse hooks and all the hooks fell on floor. Anita was standing still in front of him and he then tear blouse apart and thru the 2 pieces of her blouse away. He then asked her to walk to the red car parked near our Nano so i have to hide myself and watch her she does. She walked like she was walking on a ramp show and turned back and went away with the same style of walk to her boss.

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She uttered few words loudly to her boss that I want to get fucked here in the parking only. She sat down and sucked his cock for 15 mins. He fucked her mouth with great jerks and then said to stand on. He sat on his toes and licked her bellybutton for a minute and untied her petticoat by pulling only her saree in a second her petticoat came rolling in her legs she stepped down from the petticoat. He picked her petticoat and opened his car doors and kept it in on the steering. And then he wore his clothes and asked her to take the pallu on her shoulders and walk back to the table for lunch.

I was surprised to see my mom walking in saree, bra and panty only.

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As from far away also her bra and panty were visible under her saree. I rushed to the table and were having soup and masala papads. She sat near to me and he opposite to her. Then they both had a hot drink and i had a soft drink. Mr. Khot said hello to me and gave a kiss on my cheeks and just touched my t-shirt to touch my medium sized boobs.

I was angry on him but calmed down as I was eager to wait and see their sex session. After having the drinks he ordered some food for us and told to the waiter no one near him for 15 mins and then the food. The waiter said yes sir and went away.

He removed his shoes and socks and moved his leg under the table and touched my mom's small pussy by spreading her panty by his leg thumb. My mom gave a jerk to her body and then he fucked his pussy for 15 mins and moved his chair towards her chair.

Then the food came and we all had a delicious food and then they ordered a triple scoop of ice cream for me and my mom said that she will back after a piss and she went away and her boss pretended that he received a call and he also went away. I smelled a doubt and asked the waiter to wait for some time and so I also reached near our car. Mr.

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Khot was again standing nude between the 3 cars and behind him was a concrete wall. Mr. Khot called to my mom and said remove your saree in the toilet only and then called to the waiter to bring that saree back after 45 mins.

I was surprised to see my mom walking only in bra and panty. As it was a sunny day so by the way of sunlight i was able to see her shaved pussy and her boob cherries too. He then laid her on the carpet and in minutes he ripped out her bra and pulled the hooks of her bra and they got break.

My mom was moaning loudly aaaah aaah ooouch aah aah aah tear my panties too and fuck me like a wild bear. He chewed her nipples and bite on her neck, boobs, shoulders, stomach and low stomach too. Then he cut her panties by knife in 4 pieces and put those pieces in her choot deeply. Then he kissed her on her choot and made a 69 position so to get the pieces clearly out of her sweet pink choot.

He removed one by one the panty pieces out of her shaved choot and gave a strong bite on her choot lips. My mom moaned in pain he was recording all their positions and sex chats and moans in his video cam kept on the roof of the car.

After biting and licking her choot for 20 mins he made her stand and allowed her to bend on the bonnet of the car and fucked her in doggy style.


My mom was uttering to him in marathi language as " my puchchi ragadoon kadh, mala purna pane zhav ani majhi gulabi puchchi laa aaj to laal laal kar, zavoon kadh mala aaj char char do thok mala" as wild fuck my choot, full fuck me and turn the color of my pink to red pussy and screw me wildly. After 10 mins to laid on her back on the carpet and again lick her fucked pussy for 4 mins and again fucked her laying on her and biting her nipples as her nipples were in erect form. After 10 mins he ejaculted his lund ras (semen) on her mouth and boobs.

She licked all his semen and cleaned her with the tissue papers from the car. He then asked her to just pull the petticoat around her part boobs and her thighs were also visible. As the boobs and her gaand and choot were covered with the wrinkled petticoat. He then asked her to get washed in the toilet of the hotel and said that he will bring a black saree, black petticoat, black blouse, with lemon color bra and panty to wear in the toilet for her.

I walked away to the table and were having the licks of ice cream by the spoon and my mom walking in different style as she was fucked badly for 45 mins. She was wearing a thin black saree and from her blouse her bra was clearly visible as if she wasn't wearing the blouse.

I questioned her how could you change so she said that she pissed on her saree in a hurry piss and her boss brought her saree and all clothes by that time as she was unable to come out in that wet clothes. Many of the hotel customers, executives and waiting saw her when she was coming for fuck in parking area in red bra and panties and also after fucks in the yellow petticoat. That time I came to know that she was whore of her boss Mr.



Mr. Khot paid the bill at the restaurant reception and gave a 100 rs. bundle to her as a token of pleasure. A smile was on her face for the best fuck she had as yet. And again i was surprised that her boss told her that his friend also needs to fuck her in 3some session in the night. He said to her that this hotel at 20:00 hours sharp in 5th in room no.

510 with red saree, red petticoat, red blouse and c thru black panty and bra.

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But b4 that remove your blouse and petticoat in the parking lot and then move thru stairs and not by lift to get the clear view of your shape and size to all the customers present in the hotel. My mom shook her head as yes sir and then we travelled back to our home. In the travel time no one of us chatted. The night stories of my mom follows…