College girl dared to start a threesome

College girl dared to start a threesome
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Sophomore year. Summer school… great.

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It's not that I'm not smart, I just don't try, nor do I give a damn. In fact… I give a damn so much, that I'm faking going to summer school. How does one do that? Well, not easily. The alarm rings as I roll over to shut it off. I struggle to get out of bed and hobble downstairs to the bathroom.

I think to myself, washing my face, how completely pointless this whole act is going to be just to avoid 15 minutes of conflict with my father. I shower, brush my hair and teeth, and run back up the stairs to my bedroom. I rustle through my drawers pulling out everything I needed.

Black bra, black tank top, black 'Tuesday' panties, black jeans and black socks with white skulls on them. To complete the ensemble, a black zip-up hoodie with band patches all over. Ya… I went through a Goth phase, sue me.

I bolt down the stairs and quickly put on my Chuck Taylor high tops. Afraid of running late, I skip out the front door and two houses down the street to the public bus stop.


Headphones in place, I paid the bus fee and took my usual place at the very back of the bus. 5 minutes later the bus began to pull into the station and my eyes caught a boy dressed like me. I walked off the bus and around to the station. Our eyes seemed to meet.

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Shyly I took a seat on the bench to listen to my music. This boy walked right in front of me and our eyes immediately locked. "Sorry to bother you, but I saw you walk off the bus and knew I had to meet you" he said.

I was completely shocked. People don't just come up to you randomly and say stuff like that! In the movies sure, but not in real life. I was so stunned I merely stared into his blue eyes. "I'm Aaron. Are you going to summer school?" he asked. Again, dumbfounded, no words came out. I just shook my head.


"That's too bad. Will you be here when I get back?" I nodded furiously. Aaron smiled and laughed slightly. "I'll see you then." He kissed my cheek and boarded the bus. For the next 3 hours I sat in that spot waiting for him to come back. I fantasized about our lips touching, his tongue sneaking past my lips to find my tongue.

Our tongues touching, gliding, caressing each other. I couldn't keep my thoughts away from those blue eyes of his.

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They practically immobilized me! My mind then wandered to other things… naughtier things. I was focused on what was under his baggy black jeans. I had never seen a penis in real life before, but I had watched enough porn to know what to do with it.

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How would it feel and taste? By the time the bus had arrived I was really horny and I had never been so wet. I saw him instantly as if I had radar that pointed directly to the object of my desire. I got up and walked towards him. Before my mouth blurted out what I wanted to do to him, he spoke. "I couldn't concentrate in school. I thought about you all day. Your green eyes and that beautiful raven hair…" he stated, and somewhat let his words drift.

Having that small moment to gather my thoughts and keep the obscene things where they should stay, I finally spoke. "Sorry about this morning. I do talk, I'm Kelly. Not going to lie I thought about you while we were apart too." "Can I maybe walk you home?" he asked as he grabbed my hand. I smiled, not being able to help it. "Of course." The entire way we held hands and talked. I listened and spoke as if I was on cruise control.

But my mind… my mind was wandering to things hidden in his jeans again. We were walking past a parking ramp when he pulled me into the darkness inside it. Our eyes met again and it was like lightning. The desire radiating off both of us.

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He backed me into the inside wall of the ramp and kissed me hard. Our lips knew what to do. They parted and our tongues met like long lost friends in an embrace of remembrance. While our tongues danced together it was like magic.

I was getting wet again. My hips ground into him and felt his hardness against me.

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Like wolves at a feeding we went at each other's mouths and bodies. His hands went from my face to my breasts like magnets. He knew the right spots and made me squeal softly into his mouth. His mouth left mine wanting and moved to my neck, an extremely sensitive spot on me. The instant his lips hit my pulse it felt as though water was hitting a dam in my pussy so hard it would break.

I moaned softly and his right hand left my breast to venture lower. With no trouble he slipped his hand into my pants rubbing my clit through my panties. I know he could feel the wetness on his fingers. He let out a masculine noise as his fingers went past that barrier and into my pussy.

I ground myself onto his fingers wanting more. I grabbed at his neck and moaned his name loudly. "I take it you like that?" he questioned rhetorically. His voice was deeper now… a masculine whisper in my ear. The sound of that voice, his breath on my face mixed with his rhythmic fingers sliding in and out of my wet pussy took me over the top.

I clawed, unknowingly, at his neck, my head thrown back, gasping for air and moaning at the same time. Tiny waves of pleasure ran through my body and out my pussy onto his fingers. When Aaron finally brought his hand up to view the damage, it was dripping onto the cement beneath us. He grinned at me, clearly proud of himself. I was still euphoric, and hornier than fuck. I smiled wickedly at him and took his hand in mine, bringing his fingers to my mouth. One finger at a time, I liked my juices off of him and noticed his eyes flutter.

He then pulled me into him, thrusting his tongue in my mouth, trying to taste what I licked from his fingers. He was rock hard against me. It made me need him so much more… I had to pull his face away. I was going to get to do what I had day dreamed about. I slowly fell to my knees, watching his eyes for a reaction, and I got it. His eyes went wide, watching as I unzipped and unbuttoned his pants. "Take it out… I want it!" I demanded.

He seemed stunned for a moment, but quickly did was I told him. He lowered the front of his pants and boxers for me. He stood at attention in my face and his fingers began running through my hair. I quickly scanned the parking ramp for onlookers. It was dark and deserted. Everyone was still at work. Focusing my attention back on Aaron's cock I recalled what I had seen in the porns I watched.

I gripped the base of him and began slowly stroking his shaft up and down, watching his eyes. He never took his eyes off my hand on his cock.

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As his hand began to bury itself deeper in my midnight hair, I stroked faster, now licking the head. His eyes finally began to close as my mouth enveloped the head of his dick and worked my way down the length of him and back up. Over and over again I made my way up and down his shaft. Aaron's hand yanked on my hair sending a wave of pleasure down my spine. Suddenly he pushed my head down onto his cock, nearly choking me. Just then a burst of liquid heat shot down my throat. I swallowed it all down.

Aaron released my head, moaning apologies for choking me. I had to shut him up, to make him enjoy these final moments of pleasure. I took the last length of him in my mouth as he came a bit more. Slowly I slid my mouth back off his cock, sucking as I went. I could bear to waste any of his cum.

One final flick of my tongue on the head of his dick and I was on my feet, feeling accomplished, smiling. Grinning like an idiot really. When Aaron finally opened his eyes his mouth moved, but no sound came out.

"You're welcome." I stated.