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Brasilero dotado coje al bartender
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The Awakening, Chapter 3, Experimentation Begins. When Matt arrived home around 7pm, Jen was in the kitchen finishing up with the crock pot dinner she had prepared for them. He gave her the obligatory kiss on the cheek and went to change out of his work clothes. Jen had just finished setting the table when Matt came into the den. "How was work, hon?" Jen asked. "Not bad" Matt responded. "I had a pretty good day." "I had a pretty good day, too." Jen said.

"I even found something interesting." "Oh, yeah?" Matt asked, not really paying attention to how she said it. "What's that?" Jen pulled the DVD out of the drawer where she had placed it and held it up.

"It seems that somebody has been hiding something in the desk." Matt blanched. Busted! He was so embarrassed that he blushed and stared for a full 20 seconds before he said anything. "Uh, Jen… well, you see… Jim asked me to keep it because his wife didn't like having it in the house." He finished the last part quickly once he settled on an appropriate answer.

Jen stared at him. She raised an eyebrow and looked at him, her body language letting him know that she knew that was a lie. Matt sat down. "Okay, that's not true. Look, I've never lied to you and I shouldn't start now. I saw it over at Jim's during the poker party a couple of weeks ago and I asked if I could borrow it." "So does this stuff turn you on?" "Uh… yeah, I guess." "No" Jen said flatly, pushing Matt to commit to an answer.

"There's no guessing about this. It's a yes or no question. Does this sort of thing turn you on or not?" "Yes. It does. A lot." Jim admitted sheepishly. Jen's look softened. They had always told each other everything. This was the first time something was hidden from her.


"Why did you hide it? Did you think I would be mad?" "Not mad. Shocked maybe… or disappointed." Matt said with resignation. He was afraid she was going to call him a pervert. They had never talked about this kind of sex, experienced it, or, as far as he knew about her, seen it anywhere. "Honey" Jen came over and put her hand on his shoulder and looked down directly at Matt; she wanted to make direct eye contact.

"I'm not shocked. I think everyone is a little curious about this stuff. I'm not unaware that this sort of thing goes on and that some people are turned on by it.

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I'm just surprised that you felt you had to hide it from me. Have I ever given the impression that we couldn't talk about anything?" "No, you haven't.

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I guess I was just a little embarrassed because I got so turned on by it." Jen sat down next to him. "I watched some of it" she admitted. "And I have to admit that I was a little turned on, too.

Do you want to watch some of it together?" She knew he would answer yes, and her body was already feeling a temperature rise in anticipation of what was to come (cum!). Matt's face jerked up quickly. "Really? You weren't disgusted by it? I always thought that kind of thing was a little weird, but watching it really turned me on.

Do you want to watch it now?" Jen smiled. She was hoping he'd say that, feeling herself getting warm from the thought of watching and fucking Matt at the same time. "We can wait on dinner. Let's watch it a little." Jen stood up, went to the DVD player, popped it in, and then came and sat back down with Matt.

He had the remote ready and turned on the TV and started the DVD. The movie started from the beginning, so Jen asked Matt "Have you seen the whole thing?" "No" said Matt. "I only got through most of the first scene." He tried to sound normal, but just from the anticipation and seeing the scene start, his dick was getting hard. "Fast forward to that point" said Jen.

"We can start watching from there." Matt ran it to the point where the brunette was fucking the blonde in the ass. They started watching again. Matt was already as hard as he could be. "I think it's interesting that men like to see one woman fucking another, don't you?" Jen asked Matt. Matt, without taking his eyes off the screen, said "I'm not surprised. You get to see two beautiful women at the same time and one is doing exactly what men would like to do, fuck the other one.

Men have always been turned on by seeing more than one woman having sex." Jen could feel her pussy getting wet. She was trying to figure out if it was just the idea of sex, if she enjoyed seeing one woman fuck another, if it was the ass-fucking, or if it was the domination. Or maybe it was all of them. "Yes, it is pretty hot, I guess." And she stared as the blonde had a very vocal orgasm and was made to turn around and suck the fake cock. Just after that was when the man came over to make the woman suck on his cock as well.

Matt was also watching closely. He had not seen this part before. He watched as the man pulled out and shot several large spurts onto the woman's face. He reached down to adjust his dick without thinking about it. "Hmmm" said Jen. "I see someone is turned on enough to have a hard on." She reached over and put her hand on it.

"Maybe you want to do that?" she asked, referring to the screen. "Really?" Matt asked. "Cum on your face? That's something we have never done before." Jen stood up and took off all her clothes, ensuring Matt would not get soft. She just turned 22 and was no longer playing soccer, but Matt thought she was even more beautiful than in high school. She had put on about 10 pounds since then and it made her hips and tits fill out a little more.

She was almost a C-cup now and her hips were fantastic. She still had the most fantastic ass. Jen then got on her knees and crawled over the last couple of feet after undressing and looked up at Matt and said in a playful and attempted submissive way, "Master, may I suck your cock 'til you cum on my face?" Matt groaned.

She was playing it up. He repeated it back to her, loving the way it sounded. "Yes, my dear, you may suck my cock until I cum on your face." Matt rose up and Jen quickly skinned his pants and boxers to his ankles. He sat back down and slouched down a little so that she had better access to his cock.

He could see the look in Jen's eyes when she saw how hard his dick was… it was pure lust. She slowly lowered her head and ran her tongue around the head, making Matt groan some more.

"Does Master want to cum fast or slow?" Jen asked demurely. Matt smiled. He decided that he was going to milk this for all it was worth. He looked down at her and said "Just do what I tell you, my little cocksucker. I'll cum when I want." Jen smiled. She liked this game.

Matt picked up his dick and took it out of her hand. He pulled it back. "Lick my balls" he commanded. Jen complied, raking her tongue over his balls. She licked for a couple of minutes, pushing the balls around, completing soaking his crotch, until Matt pushed her back onto her haunches and stood up.

He aimed his dick at her mouth and said "Okay, don't suck it, just lick it and rub it all over your face." Jen complied. She licked down one side, letting the right side of his dick rub along her cheek. She took his dickhead and rubbed it all over her face, getting her face wet with precum. Matt groaned and said "Oh, my little facial-loving cum slut, suck it hard now." Jen grabbed his dick and shoved it into her mouth, swirling her tongue around his mushroom head.

She was amazed at how turned on she was by this episode and ran her fingers over her rapidly soaking pussy. She had never even considered this, and wasn't normally a submissive person, but she loved this game they were playing. She sucked hard and shoved it deep enough to almost gag. Matt was not overly large, only about 6-1/2 to 7 inches, but it was perfect for her. She was sucking and Matt was moaning.

He started thrusting, giving her the idea that it was getting close. She could feel him start to tense. Then he grabbed his dick away from her and yanked it out. Jen sat back on her heels, closed her eyes a little, and opened her mouth like a baby bird. "Oh, fuck, I'm going to cum on your face!" he yelled. "Yes, Master" Jen continued the game. "Cum on my face!" Matt's first spurt hit her over the left eye, leaving a trail from her hairline to her mouth.

She rose up a little to get more in her mouth. The second and third spurts went directly into her mouth and Jen pushed it up so that it dribbled out onto her chin, just like she had seen in the movie. Matt, however, wasn't done. He spurted three more times, though not as strongly, Jen moving her face around so that it went all over her cheeks. "Holy fuck." Matt exclaimed. "That was fantastic." He looked down at his beautiful wife. She was still sitting there, her face covered in his jizz, looking as beautiful as he had ever seen her.

He didn't realize how enjoyable this was. "Don't move and don't wipe that off" he said, leaving Jen sitting there on the floor, naked and covered in cum, some of which was dripping down onto her tits. Matt came back with their digital camera ready to take some pictures. "Whoa, just a damn minute…" Jen started to say. "Just sit there like the beautiful cum-soaked, cock-sucking slut you are" Matt said. Jen closed her mouth. That was interesting. "Why did I like that?" she thought. The flash of the camera brought her back to the present.

"Oh my God," Matt said after a few photos. "You are so fucking hot in these pictures! Now, I'm going to take some pictures of you wiping it off your face and licking your fingers. I want you to do it slowly and get it all, even off your tits." "Yes, Master" was all Jen could say. She was getting hotter and enjoying the picture taking. She started running her fingers over her face and pushing his cum into her mouth; Matt snapping pictures every couple of seconds. She even scooped it up off her tits and sucked her fingers, making a big production out of it.

Finally, it was pretty well cleaned up and she looked at Matt's dick. It was hard again. Wow! He was usually good for a second time, but never this quickly! She started to get up and Matt stopped her. "Where are you going, slave?" he smiled. "I need to check on dinner" Jen said, but not moving off the floor. "Put your hand in your pussy and tell me how wet you are." She stuck her hand down there, inserted not one, but two fingers because she was so fucking horny, and then brought it up to show Matt.

"Very wet, Master." "Suck it off your fingers" he commanded. She was actually hoping for this. Ever since that scene in the movie, she had been thinking about tasting herself again. "Mmmm, good" she said, smiling for him. "You made my dick hard again, bitch. What are we going to do about that?" "Whatever Master desires" Jen answered.

Wondering how far they would each take it. "Assume the same position as that blonde in the movie." Jen shivered in anticipation as she got on all fours and put her head on the floor.


They had had sex doggie position before, but she was so turned on she was afraid that she would explode as soon as he touched her pussy. Matt stared at his wife's gorgeous ass, her asshole and very wet pussy rudely on display.

This was fucking fantastic. He couldn't wait to try some other things, now that he was getting a taste of it. He snapped some pictures and Jen seemed to rotate her hips to ensure that the maximum amount of her crotch was visible.

Matt got down on the floor and leaned forward, just barely flicking his tongue over her asshole. She jerked at the touch. He had never tongued her ass before, but he was so turned on he wanted to try everything now.

"Pull your ass cheeks apart, slut" he said. Jen did and he started lapping up her pussy juices and running his tongue up over her asshole. It was hot and pink and he decided that he wanted to start training it to take his dick. He ran his tongue around her ass and then tried to make it hard and shove it into her ass. Jen moaned loudly and pushed her ass back against his probing.

Finally, Matt just wanted to fuck her and cum again, so he got on his knees and pointed his cock at her pussy. It went in easily. He started stroking at a pretty good rhythm and Jen was moaning loudly. "Do you like being fucked hard like this, my little slave girl?" "Oh god… yes, Master… I love it" she said between his thrusts.

Matt took his index finger and gathered some of the copious amount of pussy juice that was around his dick. She was soaking! He put his finger against her asshole and she didn't move. He slowly pushed on it, trying to get a little more as he did each thrust into her cunt. It was going in and Jen just kept moaning. Matt was amazed and now so turned on that he knew he was going to cum again pretty quickly.

He wondered about Jen, but she suddenly yelled "I'm… c-c-cumming… ugh… ugh. oh, fuck, Master, harder!" Matt took his finger out of her ass, grabbed her hips and started pounding her as hard as he could.

He could feel her suddenly shudder and shake and jerk a little and it was enough for him, too. He came in long spurts… thrust, hold and spurt… thrust, hold, and spurt… until he had done it about six times and finally he felt sated. Matt slowly withdrew his flagging cock and sat back on the floor. Jen stayed there, her very pink asshole and completely cum-soaked pussy on display.

He stared at it. Hmmm. Let's see how far she would take this. "Don't move yet." Matt commanded. He grabbed the camera and took some close-ups of her cum-filled pussy. Jen reached back and spread her lips a little more so that the cum was more visible and he snapped some more. God she was so fucking hot!

"Okay. Roll over on your back, pull your legs back to your chest and grab some of our cum from your pussy and eat it." Jen immediately rolled over and obeyed. Matt snapped pictures of her feeding herself some of the cum from her pussy. All he could think of was how hot she was in this position! They had never done this before and the entire episode was so hot he figured he was going to get hard again just watching her.

For Jen, it was just as hot. She had had a tremendous orgasm and had really enjoyed the way Matt had reacted. He had been so turned on he had gotten hard again in minutes and fucked her good. Now he was practically drooling over her dripping pussy, watching her slurp up their mixed cum from her fingers as she ran them through her gash and placed them up to her mouth.

And this was making her so hot again, that she finally started rubbing her clit and pinching her nipples. She could see Matt's eyes widen and a smile come across his face. "Keep that up" said Matt. "You are so fucking hot when you do that.

I've never seen you look so fucking slutty and dirty. You look like you can't get enough sex." "I can't right now" Jen said. "I need to cum again, Master." She continued using Master, knowing that she might get one more rise out of Matt.

She was right. She did. And they fucked missionary until they both came again. The Awakening, Part 4, Expanding Horizons. The next day after their first encounter was Saturday and when they were both awake, Jen decided to discuss their previous day's escapades. "So what about yesterday did you enjoy the most?" she asked Matt, propping herself up on an elbow.

Matt looked at her, briefly wondering how honest he could really be. Since she had been so open, he decided not to withhold anything. He sat up. "I loved all of it. You know I love you and your body. However, when you started saying 'Master' and acting submissive, I almost couldn't stand it. That made me so horny, I got hard within minutes of my previous orgasm. I don't think I've ever had three orgasms in about an hour.

What about you?" "Well, both my pussy and ass are a little sore, but I too, was really turned on by acting submissive. Once I gave in to you taking pictures of me, I realized that I really enjoyed it. I wanted you to give orders and make me push the limits of my sexuality. When you pushed your finger into my ass, my body reacted like you were throwing gasoline on my sexual fire.

And when I came… oh, God, I thought I would never stop spasming. I wanted it to go on and on. I wanted you to make me do anything you wanted." "Anything?" Matt teased. "Well… just about anything." Jen hesitated. "I'm not sure what my limits are when it comes to that. That was our first time, and I think we need to explore some of that before I know. Is there something in particular that you want to try?" She smirked and sat up, the covers and sheet sliding down to expose her gorgeous breasts.

"I hadn't thought of anything new. I was just wondering if anything else in the movie turned you on." Matt reached over and lightly tweaked a nipple.

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Jen blushed a little. She was almost afraid to say it, but she really wanted to, and she could actually feel her sexual side heat up with the thought and Matt's caresses.

"Actually… I was turned on by a couple of things. I was turned on by the anal sex in the first scene and the use of the toys and the public display of a woman in the second scene." Matt's eyes widened. "Public display? Toys? Really? I never thought that you would like that. I'm not sure I like the idea of sharing any part of you with anyone.

I'd have to think about that one. As far as the anal sex and the toys, well… I loved it yesterday when I was able to put my finger in your ass." He stroked her breast some more. "And I wouldn't mind trying it anytime… anywhere." "Hold on, Romeo" Jen responded. Her body was heating up, but she was not sure her sore areas were ready for that.

"I'm a little sore and not sure I'm ready for that right now." Matt hesitated. What the hell, he thought. He leaned closer to Jen and in a harsh whisper said, "Listen up, my little ass-fucking slave. I want you to get down there and suck my dick until it's hard and then you're going to bend over and offer me your little virgin asshole, got it?" Jen blinked.

She looked at Matt. She was unsure, but her body was telling her otherwise. She was getting wet and her right hand had automatically moved toward her pussy. She looked at him for a couple more seconds and realized that this is what she wanted.

The game was on! "Yes, master" was her response. She yanked the covers back. Matt's dick looked like it wasn't going to need much assistance. It was approaching full hardness now. This time when Jen got down to Matt's dick she studied it more closely than ever before. She checked out the large vein running down the side. She looked at how the circumcision had left him with a large mushroom head that blossomed at the top. His dick had a great upwards curvature, too. She knew that when they were in the missionary position it seemed to hit her g-spot perfectly.

She licked slowly around that mushroom head and heard Matt groan. Then he started giving directions like he had never done before and Jen tried to follow each one. "That's it, baby, run your tongue slowly around the head. Mmmm. Now suck on it a little. Oh, yeah. Now run your tongue down the underside and lick my balls. Oh, yes, you are such a good little cocksucker.

I don't think I want that sore ass right now, I just want to cum in your pretty little mouth." Jen moaned and increased her effort to get him to cum. Matt stared down at his beautiful wife sucking his dick.

Her back and ass were visible to him, and he could see his dick disappearing into that wonderful, furnace of a mouth. He knew he was going to cum.

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"Here I come, baby. Get ready for a large load." Matt was starting to jerk his hips in order to reach his orgasm and Jen complied by sucking on the head, running her tongue around the crown and jacking off his dick on the bottom with her hand. "Oh, fuck, here it is!" Matt yelled. Jen held still, holding his cock about two inches into her mouth as he jerked and spewed cum into her mouth.

She greedily swallowed it, deciding that there was nothing more delicious than taking the cum of your lover. She kept it up until Matt relaxed and then she let him pop from her mouth. "Oh my God, Jen, you are a wonderful cocksucker" Matt said. Jen smiled. "Evidently. I enjoyed being your "cum bucket" this morning. Now let's get up, because I need something else for breakfast, too." Later that day, while Matt was visiting a friend to watch some sporting event (there was always another one to be viewed), Jen was sitting at a table with a new friend of hers from the neighborhood.

They had gotten to know each other a little, and now this woman, Joanna, was telling her a little more about her sex life with a previous boyfriend than she was comfortable hearing. TMI! "How about something else to drink" Jen offered. "Ummm. I could use a little something stronger." Jo said.

Jen got up and was fixing another drink when Jo noticed the DVD case from the porn movie laying on the counter, where she and Matt had accidentally left it in plain view. "Oh my god!" Jo said. "Are you into this stuff, too?" Jen froze. Oh, shit! Jo found that nasty DVD! At first, Jen tried to play it down. "No, but Matt found it interesting to watch after seeing some of it at a friend's poker game." And as she was saying it, her mind was finally registering what Jo had said… "too?", meaning are you also into this stuff?

"But apparently you are, aren't you Jo?" Jen said it a little suggestively. "Well, okay," Jo admitted, "my last boyfriend and I tried it a little." Jen continued her questioning. "So, you tried it 'a little'. Did he just dominate you, or also do some public exposure and domination? Did you enjoy being exposed by him? Was it always just you two?" Jo looked at Jen sheepishly, blushed, and admitted, "I loved it.

I couldn't really explain it to you, but I was so turned on! It was mostly just the two of us, although one time he had someone else help him.

Why?" she asked with a sly smile. Jen grinned greedily. She thought they both knew where this was going. "Stand up, take off all your clothes and walk past my front windows." She said it in a firm, but calm voice. Jo stared at her. She was shocked, but she knew she was being reeled in and would comply eventually. She really loved to display her body, but she continued to stare at Jen until Jen stood up and held out her hand.

Jo stood up and Jen started unbuttoning her blouse. "C'mon. You know what to do." Jen said. She did, so Jo slowly took off all her clothes until she was buck naked. Jen looked at her to appraise her physical appearance while she turned and walked into the living room and past the front windows.

There was no one outside at that moment, but it was the anticipation and possibility that was making Jo wet and Jen could see that. Jo was about 5' 1", 105 pounds, jet black hair, pale skin, and big brown eyes.

As she walked her tight little ass looked very cute and firm. "She can probably get any man she wants." Jen thought. Her body was well proportioned.

She had B-cup tits, small waist, and that beautiful ass. "Probably better than mine." When Jo returned to the kitchen, Jen had picked up Jo's clothes and was holding them. Jo put out her hands for them but Jen said, "Not yet.

I think we should sit here and enjoy our drinks a little longer, don't you?" Jo stared for a second and then tried to reach for her clothes again. Jen slapped her hand. "Sit down Jo, and don't reach for your clothes again until I tell you, got it!" "Okay" Jo said softly, enjoying the forcefulness.

She loved being ordered around during sex. "What?!" Jen said quickly. "What did you say? What are you going to call me?" "Mistress?" Jo asked quietly, not sure if that was where Jen was going. She just knew that she was extremely turned on. She was not sure that Jen meant anything sexual, but Jo had had plenty of experiences with both men and women and Jen was pretty hot. She wouldn't mind a little attention from her.

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"That's right. Now sit down while I get us some more to drink." Jen put the clothes on the table as a test to see if Jo would leave them there. She started making some mixed drinks and glanced back and Jo was watching her closely, but was not reaching for her clothes. Jen returned with her glass and looked at Jo. She had her legs crossed. Her nipples were very hard.

"Are you turned on by all this?" she asked. "Very much, Mistress." "Show me how much" Jen responded. Jo looked at her for a moment and then opened her legs. Okay, she thought, let's do this! She put the foot of her nearest leg up on the table and left the other on the floor. She spread her legs as far apart as she could and ran her fingers through her gash.

It was soaking. She held up her fingers to show Jen. Jen stared at Jo.


She noticed that Jo seemed very relaxed and was obviously enjoying this. Jo's pussy was pretty well shaven except for a small arrow above it, which pointed directly to the "spot". It was splayed open, revealing the inner lips, already glistening and ready for action. Even her clit was starting to make an appearance.

And her nipples were so hard they were ready to cut glass. "Lick them clean" said Jen. Jo did, savoring them, making a big production out of slowly cleaning them.

Jen stared. Jo was teasing her back, and she liked it. She was getting really turned on by the rude display of Jo's pussy and the way she was licking her fingers. "Put your fingers back in your pussy." Jen commanded. Jo complied immediately so Jen then said. "Take them out. I want to taste them." Jo smiled, hoping that this is what Jen meant. Jen, on the other hand, was not sure how far she wanted this to go, but she was enjoying ordering Jo around as much as she enjoyed her husband doing this to her.

Damn! She was also horny from this morning when she blew Matt, but didn't get to cum herself. Jen sampled Jo's pussy juices from her fingers. It not only tasted good, but the feeling she got from sucking another woman's pussy juices off her fingers while ordering her around was making her wet.

It was part of the "forbidden fruit" of her upbringing, and she felt mischievous and devious and fucking horny doing it. Jen finished licking Jo's fingers clean and said to her, "Okay, slut, follow me." She led her new slave into the den where she sat on the couch.

"Kneel in front of me with your ass up in the air. Put your head on the floor and stay there. I want your ass pointed towards me." Jo complied immediately, looking like she loved every minute of it.

Jen looked at Jo's beautiful pussy and ass. It really was quite a turn on. She knew right then that she was going to really enjoy this. First, some toys. Jen went back into the kitchen trying to decide what would work as toys right away.

She finally opened the fridge. She took out a cucumber and a carrot, and then rummaged around in a drawer and found a black magic marker. She went back into the Den and Jo was still kneeling there.

Jen sat down and looked at her ass again. How far did she want this to go? She had never done anything like this, but the video she had watched a little further on the DVD where a woman had trained a slave to service her husband was intriguing. Did she have the desire to have Matt fuck another woman? What about the woman's ass? She was not sure that she wanted her ass fucked, but maybe it would be fun to guide Matt's dick into this little beauty's ass in front of her instead.

Jo grabbed the remote and turned on the TV. She knew that Matt and his friends would be watching the local team on ESPN. She turned to that channel to see that it was in the fourth quarter, but there was a lot of time left. She wanted to think about this before Matt came home. Coming next: Part 5. Jen Trains Jo. How far will they go?