Jessica and Virginia hardcore sex and sperm share

Jessica and Virginia hardcore sex and sperm share
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Introduction Her name was rose she was 18 like me her hair was dark black her eyes were blue as water and above all she was completely obsessed with vampires. My name is, has been and eternally will be Kaze Tenma or the demon of the wind, I'm 18 by this world's judge of age I'm six foot even and have a very athletic body type and most importantly I am a true vampire.

Chapter 1 The first day I saw her she was working at the local grocery store, I had walked in to purchase a few things i needed to keep the illusion of being normal like three hundred containers of ramen. As i walked through the store i kept my eyes open for any new prey while i was there and out of just the corner of my eye i saw her i didn't and still don't know what struck me first her long black hair running halfway down her back or her blue eyes that seemed they were carved out of the ocean's waters but none the less i knew the simple truth, I wanted her.

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I walked up to her forcing myself to try and force small talk with her seeing if there was anything we had in common as we talked the subject drifted from subject to subject until finally it rested on the subject of vampires. we talked for hours standing there as she told me the theories of vampires as i explained the truth to her until finally she looked at me and asked" are you a vampire?" I stared at her in shock just wondering if i should tell her the truth or not finally after what seemed hours i realized if i needed i could just kill her so i looked at her and told her my truth that i was a vampire and i explained much about me just setting the truths out there feeling around for the knife i kept in my pocket just in case I had to make it look like an accident or a random attack.

as i did this her eyes widened at first in shock then in joy as i finished my story i started moving away so i could just sit with myself until i had to kill her but she looked at me with her blue eyes and she kissed me at first slow nervously but as we felt each other her so warm her hearts pace slowly picked up until finally it was beating so hard it nearly drove me insane until finally she looked at me and said "can you wait here a moment i have to make sure the coast is clear", i looked at her puzzled and asked her "for what?", She simply turned to me, winked and said"you'll see." and walked off.

Chapter 2 Before long she came up to me again not saying a word grabbed me by the hand and led me into a back room we started kissing once we were alone.

I felt her lips pressed to mine feeling her body pull closer into me i felt myself getting more and more excited. I slowly slipped my tongue between her lips gently massaging hers with mine feeling her gentle body.

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She pulled away from me and asked " will you be my master?" I turned to her slightly shocked slightly embarrassed and i told her "yes you may" she kissed me again and laid down on a table near her saying near jokingly" what does master want from me?" i looked at her partly embarrassed but mainly shocked i had never had a slave before so i looked at her and said "i want your body now" with that i ripped her shirt open hearing the buttons drop and roll away as they hit the ground one by one.

she stared at me at first shocked by this outburst then she kissed me whispering im so horny for u master" with these words she spread her legs slowly exposing her little secret.

under her skirt she was wearing a pair of lace black panties that matched her bra perfectly. she lifted her ass to let my slide her panties off her silky legs as she undid her bra, as her panties slid down her legs i noticed her pussy was perfectly shaven to a satin finish. gently i guided a finger inside her tight, wet pussy feeling it moisten as i probed deep inside her with my fingertip.

with this she moaned arching back sticking her breasts high into the air. staring at her lovely breasts i grew the courage to suck them place my lips gently on one of her perky nipples gently massaging it between my lips.

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with my free hand i cupped her breast and slowly but firmly massaged it. With this she laid back making it possible to slip another finger deep inside her tight womb, as i gently fingered her i heard her moan my name over and over and gently plead for more so without much hesitation i stripped down.

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as i stood there naked feeling how cold the concrete floor was against my feet i saw her staring at my body, I asked her "do you like what you see?" she nodded and beckoned me over to her. as i kissed her pulling myself up onto the table she spread her legs and i heard her whisper the words "brutalize me please master" i looked at her and got a bad idea, taking the remnants of her shirt i tied her hand behind her head just to tease her.

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as she playfully struggled against the ropes i spread her legs wide and guided every inch of my big hard dick deep inside her tight body letting her pussy adjust to my size. i slowly started rocking kissing down her neck and breasts feeling her softness, breathing her warmth and tasting her scent rocking deeper and deeper letting her feel all of my big hard dick. Chapter 3 As i rocked harder and deeper she started moaning at first softly but as i forced my dick deeper and harder into her tight wet pussy the moans quickly became screams of pleasure.

listening to her screams i realized that some one was going to hear us so i quickly grabbed her panties and made a make shift gag. hearing her moan against the gag and struggle against her bonds stirred something inside of me i started lusting after making her hurt making her cry and most importantly making her bleed.

quickly and quietly i pulled my blade from my pocket keeping pressed between two fingers i slid it across her soft skin as she arched in an orgasm. i rocked gently with her watching her blood run down her bosom and run down to her naval. i took my fingers and slowly drew on her sweet body little figures and designs using her blood for ink. looking at this sweet appetizer i couldn't help but taste her sweet sweet blood lapping it off her breasts as we made love.


feeling that carnal desire nurtured i wanted to fulfill another grabbing her by her waist for leverage i pulled her deeper and deeper onto my big hard cock, rocking harder and faster until she was screaming in orgasm after orgasm. finally i felt the urge to climax i looked her in the eyes and asked her " where does my slave want my load" she begged for me to give her a facial.

i cut her ties and throw her to the ground she quickly got to her knees and started rubbing my big hard cock begging" please master frost my face" in one flash of a second i felt my seed escape and watched it coat her pretty face. she slowly licked it off and started sucking the head of my dick swallowing all my hot juices she could reach.

then i heard it faint but enough to tell me something was coming i quickly grabbed all of my clothing and ran out into the back yard pulling my pants on as i did. in the back ally i rested i lit a smoke i couldn't believe what had just happened, what a rush it had been i was dressed now but still out of breath it was all so incredible. but now the fun was over i had to get home and no way i could go back to that store again but there are worse things.

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as i walked home i spotted a coffee shop i decided to go in and that's where i saw her. to be continued