Gay sex big ass nude boy Ian Gets Revenge For A Beating

Gay sex big ass nude boy Ian Gets Revenge For A Beating
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I stepped in Rm14 not knowing what to expect. i was late as i always was, but this time was different because My English Teacher had just retired and she was a Old Bitter woman that hated my guts so i thought it would just be more of the same.

When i looked up i saw no one but when i looked down i was a short woman and she couldn't have been a day over 23 years old. She had Full Round Boobs and since i was so tall i could look right down her shirt and she her white lace bra.

"Well Well who might you be?" She asked. "Ummm" I answered dumbfounded by the trade in we had made.

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"Hello Ummm, will you take your seat" she said in a sarcastic Voice. I took my seat Next to my friend Osbaldo. "dude have you seen the teach yet man she is practicly smoking standing up there"Osbaldo said trying not to stare. "Yea She is a little short for my taste but i can live with that"I answered. After a Class that i checked out Ms.Brooks more then i payed attenion to english. "You David, Stay after Class" she said when the bell rang."you have quite a attentence record." "Yea i do i just can never hear the bell" i answered lying my ass of."Its just not loud enough." "oh and by the way i could see you checking me out during class today"Ms.Brooks said in a semi-angered voice.

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I thought i was gonna get a thrashing about sexual harrassment like most other teachers would have done but she just sent me to lunch without another word. The next time thrid period came around i spent much time thinking about the short conversation MsBrooks ended with no punishment. I also notice she dropped things alot more after yesterday and wore lower cut shirts.The Next few weeks were strange becausee she moved me to the front of the classroom for no reason and frequently i caught her eyes moving up and down when she walked by me in the hallways and in class.

Then One day toward the end of Febuaryshe called me after class as she had done everyday since january because my grades were slipping and if i didn't pass her class i might not graduate. "Well David i see your grade when up from a F to a D" Ms.Brooks said looking at her computer."Not much of an improvement but its a start, I called your mother today she wasn't to happy with your grade so she asked if i could help you after school" "great"i said disapointed"another hour in this hell hole everyday" "oh Stop that Sarcastic attitude of yours and just get your butt over here aftre the final bell of the day"she said trying not to laugh.

After the final Bell i Trudged back to Rm 14 and opened the door walked in and sat down."i thought you wouldn't show up but you are always late for everything aren't you" she said knowing i never get anywhere on time. She pulled up a chair next to the desk i was sitting at and i could have sworn she looked down at the throbing dick in my pants."what is the thing you dont understand most in this class?" she asked me "do you mean right now?," i asked back "yes right now what dont you understand?"she asked getting frustraited.

"Right now i dont understand why you are looking at my cock." i said catching her wandering eyes even thou i didn't mind. She just Blushed and said," Sorry its just you are so handsome and i can see how big it is stretching your jeans"she answered shily. "I haven't been with anyone since before i graduated collage, i just couldn't because of all my homework and studying." i was walking a thin line and not sure what to do i said" want to change that Ms.Brooks?" " oh yes David i want to so Bad."she answered.

Then she got up pushed my Desk aside and fell to her knees, and before i knew it she had my 9 inch cock out and halfway in her mouth already.This was a sight to see she looked so hot as her head bobbed up and down on my dick.

Now i had sevral blowjobs before this but this was the the best by far even to this day she was the best cocksucker i ever knew. I couldn't last must longer from the sight her her sucking my dick, so i slammed her head all the way down and started fucking her face almost in her throat.

then a few seconds later i felt my Jizz building at the base of my cock so i took it out of her mouth and she jacked it hard until i shot my first wad in her face. She opened her Mouth as i busted my nut all over her face and neck.


"OH God David your Cum tastes so good i cant get enough" "yea now i will last much longer when i fuck you later on but for now let me repay you" she and i stood at the same time and i pulled off her shirt and her bra like she was on fire.

i grabbed her Tits quickly putting my mouth over her left nipple.

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I got coo's of approval from her. and i slowly worked my way down to her skirt. i bit the fabric pulling it slowly teasing her. "Oh come on you Teasing bastard just pull them off already!"Ms.Brooks demanded.

and i complied quickly slipping her short skirt off, and the wet spot on her panties was very noticeable they were drippeing her juices.i pushed her down so she layed ontop of her empty desk.

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i slipped her panties right off with ease and i began to lick her up savoring the taste of her pouty pussy. She was cleanly shaved with big pussy lips glisining from all her juices.

My intruding tougue soon found her clit and i sucked on it gently only to get my face smashed into her tight pussy. i began sucking on it arder and harder and got my face rammed deeper and deeper until she arched her back.

"AH AH AH COME ON DAVID SUCK MY CLIT MAKE ME UHUH IM CUMMMMMMMIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNNNG!"she screamed as her juices began flowiung out of her pussy and onto her desk as her orgasm subsided i quickly licked up all of her juices. she tasted so good i wanted more but i wanted to duck her more then ever so i flipped her over as my dick quickly sprang to life. " Oh yes Come on David i want to feel your huge dick inside of me come on now fuck me!"Ms.Brooks Pleaded.

i spread her lips and looked down her love tunnel as i suck my dick head inside od her pussy lips. i Could feel her pussy suck me into her as she moaned in pleasure.i rammed my cock all the way inside her getting screams of pain and deilight.

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she was tight but she wasn't a virgin. i thrusted in and out as she said "God Go Go david Fuck me harder Uh Uh My god This feelsa gso good faster david come on faster harder. I continued pumping in and out of her picking up great speed i could feel her tighting up as she was close to another orgasm and i couldn't last long ethier.

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"AH AH AH UH GOD YES IM IM IM CUMMING ALREADY AH AH AUH UH UH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" i felt juices flow out of her and down her legs. and i once again felt the cum building in the base of my dick."OH YES mS.BROOKS YOUR MAKING ME CUM YOU BETTER HAVE TAKEN YOUR PILL TODAY AND YOU BETTER TAKE IT FOR TOMORROW TOO!!!!" i said nearly yelling over he loud moans.

as the first shiot went deep into her pussy. i couldn't stop it felt like i would come forever but i soon filled her pussy and it started oozing out her pussy.


we collapsed ontop of each other. both breathing heavy. "I am coming everyday after school from now on"i said looking up at the clock. We had be fucking for at least 30 minutes.

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Ms.brooks laughed a little bit. "You dont have to wait till tomorrow to fuck me again David" she said"and please call me Stacey whenever were not in class please" " You dont Need to ask again Stacey" i answered. Please post your comments and tell me if i should make any mor eof these stories