Me encanta que vean el culo de mi esposa comenten

Me encanta que vean el culo de mi esposa comenten
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When we arrived at the video store, I obediently got out of the car and followed Grandpa inside. I should have realized that it was an adult video store. No romantic comedies here unless they involved anal from the pizza guy. The walls were lined with sultry movie cases and there were other girls there, naked but for black pumps and horse tails. We all had our hair up in buns. Grandpa took my robe and hung it on a hook behind the counter. He turned to a busty older woman, "This is my grand daughter, Ruby.

She has a two hour shift." He handed the woman the slip I'd received at the grocery store. "She's lovely. We'll show her the ropes. See you in a few hours." And just like that, I was left in the hands of Dolly.

"We're here to rent videos, plain and simple. Store opens at 9pm and closes tomorrow at 4pm." I thought what strange hours they were. "Evenings are for family." Dolly smiled and motioned be to a door into the back half of the building.

Through the door was a long corridor with doors on each side. Dolly opened one and motioned me inside. I walked into a 10 x 10 room, painted all black with a small sofa on the wall beside the door, facing a large TV screen on the opposite wall on the right. On the left of the opposite wall was a ceiling to floor metal pole, a parlor chair and a shelf with stereo and video equipment. Each ceiling corner had a speaker, and I could see other speakers hidden throughout the room.

"Each room has surround sound, sound proof walls&hellip.state of the art! You girls entertain. Now, I know you're a student and you're not allowed to be fucked. We'll send you clients that understand this, don't worry. You just put in the video they choose, and follow their instructions." "Yes, Ma'am." I was terrified. "Don't look so scared, darlin. Just be sweet and inviting and never judge them for whatever perversions you may see.

To each their own. If they ask you to dance, be as sexy as you can. Now, they're not allowed to fuck you or make you cum, but I will tell you that they're allowed to shoot their load wherever they feel like it.

You, are responsible for keeping your room clean. If they get any on you, you're to leave it where it lands." "On me?" "Don't tell me nobody's ever shot their jizz on you?" "Well, it's happened, but &hellip.

" "Well, tonight it might happen on purpose, many times sweetheart. Clean the floor, the furniture, the walls, whatever but if it's on you, that's where it stays. Some men come early in the night for fresh bodies, some come later looking for grossly defiled women." She widened her eyes at me, "I told you not to judge." I surveyed the room and walked to the pole, trying to sway my hips and gyrate the way I'd seen strippers do in movies.

It wouldn't be so hard. There was a knock on the door before long and I opened the door, smiling. A middle-aged man handed me a video and went to sit on the couch, pulling his pants down and getting comfortable. I put the video in and pressed play. The whole wall lit up with two men undressing a woman and letting her take turns sucking their cocks.

I was watching the movie, wishing I had a cock to suck when I heard a voice behind me, "Dance." I walked to the pole and swayed my hips, holding on to the pole and throwing my head back as seductively as I could, my tail swaying behind me. "Rub your pussy on the pole." I tried not to look surprised by the demand as I pressed my crotch into the pole and it slid into my slit and against my clit.

I slid up and down on the pole, moaning at the friction. I moved around the pole a few times, assuming the guy would probably want to see different angles of his request. I threw my head back and rode the pole so I didn't have to see him jerking furiously at his cock.

It felt dirty and weird to be watched like that. The girl on screen was being fucked in both holes now and her whimpers and cries were getting me wet. I wanted to be her.

The guy was enjoying it immensely and was jerking even faster now. "Get on your knees in front of me." I walked toward him and placed myself on my knees between his legs. He leaned forward, aiming his swollen cock at my chest and staring at the movie. When the girl let out an animalistic cry, the guy's eyes rolled back in his head and he grunted. Semen shot in streams onto my chest. He aimed shots at each of my tits and it started running down over my nipples and into the curve on the underside.

The man grabbed a tissue from the box, wiped his cock clean and threw it on the floor before leaving. I had never felt like such an object in my life. I had a stranger's jizz on my tits and now I had to clean up his mess before I did it all over again. The night was just beginning. I returned the video to the front, the cum slowly beginning to dry on my chest. I returned to the room and put the tissue in the waste basket and waited, trying not to think about what would come next.

I must have been put in the room for men who just wanted to shoot onto someone. In the next hour or more, I was splattered with semen in various parts of my body, sometimes where they weren't actually aiming. One aimed for my face, but his stream wasn't as strong as he'd anticipated and he dribbled onto my neck. I could feel the dried cum tight on my body everywhere. I cleaned up the tissues from the last man and went to return the video. My time working was nearly over. On my way back to the room, Dolly pulled me aside, "Your next customer is one of your potential husbands.

I phoned your Grandfather to verify that he had his application on file. Men who have applied for marriage are allowed more liberties than others." "What does that mean?" My heart began to race a bit. "They can't have sex with you, but they can touch you. Blow jobs are allowed, since it gives you no pleasure." She winked at me, "Just gets you worked up. So, do as he says. This is an opportunity for you to get to know what he enjoys, for him to get to know how you perform." "What if I don't like the things he wants from me?" What if I got a total sicko?

"You have no choice right now. This summer is for you to explore and be explored. You must do what they ask of you. We're here to serve them, my dear. We're made for their enjoyment." She turned before leaving, "Don't worry, you'll have a bit of a say in who you marry." I returned to the room and waited nervously. That sweet boy from the grocery store … oh how could I let him defile me?

I would be mortified. When there was a knock on the door, I opened it and smiled. It was not the boy from the grocery store, but a tall, dark and devastatingly handsome boy with green eyes.

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When he smiled I thought I would faint. He was beautiful. "Hi Ruby, my name is Chance." He eyed my body from head to toe, covered in semen, "I grabbed a movie, but I have no interest in watching it. I'd rather watch you." I was afraid to say anything. I backed up so he could come inside and shut the door.

He sat on the couch and leaned back. "Take my pants off, Ruby. Let's get started." I felt like I would shake to the ground as I stepped forward, kneeling to unzip his pants and pull them off.

He didn't wear any underwear. His cock was soft, waiting for me to work my magic.

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I pulled his pants down to his ankles and took them off, laying them on the arm of the couch. "Show me what you can do with your mouth." He laid his head back, keeping those piercing eyes on me. I felt like I was out of practice, but I cupped his balls with my hand and kissed the head of his dick softly.

I could see it slowly coming to life. I took the head into my mouth and swirled my tongue around the tip a few times, giving the tip a swift suck before letting it fall free.


It was still growing. I lifted his cock and placed it at my mouth, sucking slowly as I worked my way down the shaft to the base. I sucked and slurped until a full 9 inches of rock hard was in front of me. It was just as gorgeous as he was. I grabbed the base of the shaft with my hand and began working it into my throat, bobbing up and down.

"Oh Ruby, your mouth is amazing. Take it into your throat. All of it." Chance moved his hand to the back of my head and pressed me down. I opened my throat and felt his cock stretch and push its way down. I tried not to gag. Soon, he was ramming it down my throat, pushing my head down until my nose slammed into his pelvis. The saliva was dripping out of my mouth as I tried to keep my throat open and keep from gagging. Tears began to leak out of the corners of my eyes from straining so hard.

His breathing increased and his moaning started. I thought he would cum immediately, but it seemed to be slowly building. "Fuck, Ruby, yeah. Take it all, that's it." He started thrusting up, "Mmmmm fuck yes. I'm gonna cum in your throat, baby. Swallow it all, I'm cumming! AAAAAHHHHHHHHH!" It was a desperate cry of release and I could feel streams of jizz pouring into my throat. I did my best to swallow around his cock in my throat, fearing what would happen if I didn't swallow every drop.

When he stopped thrusting, I worked my mouth up and down the shrinking shaft, cleaning all the saliva and cum with my tongue, swallowing every drop I could find and milking what was left from his shaft. When I was confident he was clean, I leaned back on my heels and wiped my mouth.

I was smiling at me, "You're a natural, Ruby. I'm impressed." "Thank You, Sir." I smiled and swallowed, trying to get my throat to feel normal again. I had never thought I was good at sucking cock. "I can't wait to spend more time with you this summer." He let out a sigh and stretched a bit, "I need to piss. Open your mouth for me." "Sir?" Was he fucking serious!? "Hey, we have to get to know each other, right?

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This is something I like, something I'll need from my wife." "I don't mean to be disrespectful sir, but may I ask why?" Chance chuckled and leaned forward, "That's okay, it's a valid question. See, I was raised in a house where the women cater to the men without question. My mom literally did everything for my father. She was rewarded, I've heard her screaming orgasms my entire life. But she enjoyed making him happy, whatever it took." "Oh." I pondered that thought.

"Hey, if I need to take a shit, I want my privacy. But when I'm relaxed and comfortable, getting up to piss is an annoyance I shouldn't have to deal with. My wife can help keep me comfortable by taking care of that for me." I kept my face blank and he continued, "Look, I'm healthy, I eat organic and vegan and I stay well-hydrated.

As far as piss goes, it doesn't get any cleaner." He touched the side of my cheek and stared into my eyes. When he leaned back again, he held up his flaccid penis, "Now open your mouth and take just the tip into your mouth." "Yes, Sir." I moved forward, trying to put the thought of what I was about to do out of my head. If I refused, I would be severely punished and that thought terrified me far more than drinking from this man's cock.

"I'll try to keep the stream slow for you, just keep swallowing. I'll tap your forehead when I'm finished." "Yes, Sir." I took a deep breath and wrapped my lips around the head, waiting.

The stream did start slow. I swallowed over and over and pretended I was chugging apple juice. It wasn't that bad, though swallowing warm liquid wasn't something I was used to.

He was right, it didn't taste that bad. I managed to obediently swallow until I felt a tap on my forehead.

I slurped the tip and let it fall out of my mouth, clean. "Was that so bad?" He smiled, "Look how happy you've made me! You should be very proud of yourself, Ruby. Usually the first time girls do that, they gag and make a fucking mess." He stood and began putting his jeans back on. "Thank You, Sir." I needed to burp. Oh dear Lord I didn't want to burp!

I held it back and smiled, waiting. "I have to go, but I'll be in touch with your Grandfather. I'll let him know I'm very interested in you, Ruby." He kissed my forehead and left, leaving the door open. When Grandfather picked me up at the end of my shift, I wrapped my robe around my cum-drenched body and we left. The ride home was full of marriage talk.

"So, you met Chance I hear?" Grandpa was watching the road. "Yes, Sir." "What do you think?" "He pissed in my mouth." I wasn't sure that was something I could do 'til death do us part. "Ah, that's common. He's a clean kid, you'd be well hydrated." "Is that even sanitary?" "Sanitary?" Grandpa laughed, "It's not dangerous, if that's what you mean.

It's simply his preference. If you don't take to it over the summer, we'll consider that when choosing your husband." "Do I get any say in who marries me?" "I'll ask you a few questions about each one, see what your thoughts are. Ultimately, it's my decision as your guardian and trainer." He was quiet for a few minutes as the road got bumpier and I groaned, impaled on the dildo. "Have you thought about whether you want to stay in the lifestyle? I know several men who would be heartbroken if you decided to leave." "I've thought about finding my mother.

I've also worried that I won't be happy with a conventional man. But I hate being thought of as a possession as well." "And what do you think your father and your brothers used you as at home? You were a possession to be used as they saw fit." "I guess you're right." I wasn't allowed to have boyfriends, the only people who had enjoyed my body were my family. I never cared then, why did I care so much now? Because I didn't know the men?

"After summer is over, these men won't be strangers anymore, Ruby. You may even grow fond of one or more of them." "Yes, Sir." He was probably right. When we arrived home, I was hooked to the machine and videos were put on to loop throughout the night.

The machine was put on a low setting and moved in and out of me slowly. Grandpa left the door open and stepped into the hallway, "The machine is set to secrete a lubricant every half hour through the night just in case things dry up.


See you in the morning." All night I was aware that I was being violated. I slept, but my dreams were filled with sex and visions of Ryan and Chance, each doing unspeakable things to me. When I woke up, I was covered in sweat and I could feel liquid dripping from my pussy onto the rubber sheet. My ass was laying in a puddle. "Good morning, Ruby." Grandpa shut off the TV and stopped the machine, which slowly pulled out of me and stopped.

I was panting and dying of thirst as Grandpa released my wrists and ankles and I curled into a ball. He set a large bottle of water on the night table and told me to shower when I was ready. When I'd rubbed my wrists back to life and drank as much water as I could stomach, I went to the bathroom to pee. Grandpa stood in the doorway, keeping watch. I thought I would cum just wiping when I was finished. "Today's the big hike, huh?

We better get you ready, Ryan will be here in 45 minutes." I showered quickly and was careful with my sore pussy.

My ass was a little sore as well from the large plug the night before. Grandpa followed me into the bedroom to lay out my clothes for the day. Denim shorts that put daisy dukes to shame. When I pulled them on, they had been modified to button just above my pubic hair line (if I'd had any left) and cut so far up the back that they nearly fit like a thong.

When I looked in the mirror, my round athletic ass cheeks were on display. Next, Grandpa handed me a white, sleeveless shirt that he tied just below my breasts so that my breasts were nearly half on display.

"Pony tail and hiking boots and get downstairs for breakfast." When I got to the table, Grandpa had pulled my chair out for me. I lowered myself onto the dildo and scooted forward to eat.

"Depending on how your hike goes, Ryan may be sending me his list of desired alterations this evening." Grandpa was reading through the information on my marriage prospects. "Alterations?" "Every man has specific tastes in a woman, Ruby. It's very rare that a woman is born with everything we desire in a mate." I stayed quiet with my opinions and simply asked, "So like … blonde hair and piercings and stuff?" "Those are common, sometimes breast augmentation is suggested, but in your case I doubt that will be on anyone's list." He smiled at me sideways and kept eating.

"When does all of this happen? When I graduate from the school?" When do I know what has to change about me? "When you help me go through the applicants and start narrowing them down. If there are any that have completely unacceptable terms for you, I'll consider turning them down so they can focus on other girls in town." "I think drinking piss should be unacceptable." I couldn't imagine doing that for the rest of my life.

"That is something that takes getting use to, adaptation. That's not something to consider as unacceptable right now." I finished eating and got up to rinse my plate. I was supposed to help him narrow down the list but I didn't have any say in what was unacceptable to me?

Once again, I was merely property. The doorbell rang and Grandpa went to answer it. Ryan was in cargo shorts and a tank top with hiking shoes. He looked me up and down and smiled, "Good morning, Ruby. I look forward to getting to know you better today." "Yes, Sir." I didn't know what else to say, but that was the one thing I knew I shouldn't forget to say. Grandpa waited until I was outside and shut the door behind me.

In Ryan's convertible were three other girls dressed exactly as I was and smiling. Two were in the back and one in the front seat. He must have money? He was a cashier at the grocery store, he couldn't afford a car like that unless his family had money. Ryan took over introductions, "Ruby, this is Tasha, Naomi, and in the front is Blaire." They all smiled and gave little waves and polite greetings.

We were all brunettes with brown eyes, except for Blaire. She had striking blue eyes. We were all similar in build but I noticed I had the largest breasts; everyone else looked to be a small C. That wasn't unusual for me. Tasha scooted closer to Naomi to make room for me in the back seat. I sensed that we were all curious about each other but no one spoke. It seemed we didn't want to bother the man in the car with chit-chat. "Girls, don't be shy.

At ease, get to know each other." Ryan put on sunglasses and drove toward the hills. Tasha turned to me instantly, "You didn't grow up around here, how do you like it?" "It's&hellip.all very new." I knew my opinions wouldn't impress anyone.

Naomi leaned forward and talked to me over Tasha, "I've never seen a girl who didn't grow up in this lifestyle just move here and jump in like you have." "I didn't really have a choice. I was sent here by my father." "Are you a virgin?" Blaire didn't even turn around, just spoke the question into the wind. "Um, no." I looked at everyone else and I saw no judgement. "None of us are." Tasha smiled, "We're just curious about an outsider.

Did you have a boyfriend at home?" "No. I wasn't allowed." "So you just fucked family then?" Blaire still had not made eye contact with me. "Yes? My father and my brothers." Tasha and Naomi spoke in unison, "Us too!" Blaire finally turned around to look at me, "Ryan doesn't approve of incest." I didn't know how to respond, but Ryan decided to speak up for himself, "Blaire, I think it's best you just face forward and enjoy the drive." He glanced back at me in the rear-view mirror, "Everyone was raised differently, I don't judge.

All I can speak to is how I will run my own household and handle my own family." "So your Grandfather &hellip. How is he?" Tasha seemed hungry for information. "My Grandfather doesn't believe in incest either." "That's too bad.

I've always wondered what he would be like. My whole life I've had a crush on him." Naomi seemed disappointed. "He's always been so handsome and his wife … she was never altered, not at all. He loved her just as she was and &hellip. God they were so in love. It was hot. Do you know that he never slept with other women or girls? Never." "He has a woman who sleeps with him now." I didn't imagine it was a secret.

"Ginger, right?" Tasha seemed to know the story, "She's super sweet. She's just taking care of his needs until he decides to take another wife. Her husband is sort of loaning her out to him." "Another wife?" "Probably a younger one, but yeah. A man can't just be alone!" Naomi said it as if it were an impossibility. "People do it all the time." I regretted sounding so judgmental but the thought of someone taking my Grandma's place didn't seem right for the sake of sexual gratification.

"Not here." Blaire spoke her last comment for the remainder of the drive. I forgot that I was in a sexual vortex where the rules were all upside down. The rest of the drive was very imformative. Tasha and Naomi filled me in on a lot of details about the town and its inhabitants. I didn't know most of them and wouldn't remember the stories about them if I met them on the street, but it was nice to talk with other girls. Ryan seemed to enjoy that we got along as well.

He would watch us in the rearview mirror and smile or laugh under his breath. I was most curious about Blaire, but she didn't speak, just listened. I wondered who I could ask about her. When we got to the trailhead, we all got out and stretched and grabbed a water bottle from the cooler Ryan had brought. We started down the trail, Blaire leading.

Ryan fell behind everyone and pulled me back with him.

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"Sorry about Blaire. She's not very happy today." "It's fine, really, Sir." "See, we grew up together ; we were neighbors. It was sort of always assumed that we would just grow up and get married. She doesn't like that I'm considering other women." I nodded but didn't say anything.

"But … my father told me that I shouldn't limit myself and I should make an informed decision.

And Blaire has become so disobedient as we get older. I think she'll need a lot of discipline and that's just not something I want hanging over my head every day of my life." He sighed and looked forward at the three bouncing asses hiking in front of us, "I think I'll end up marrying a sweet girl." "Good choice, Sir." What else could I say?

I knew for a fact that I wasn't sweet. But …maybe with a sweet husband that just happened? It seemed like one of those things Grandpa would say could change over time. "I'll marry one of you four girls.

That much I know." He ran to catch up with the other girls, then turned to walk backward and watch me run to catch up. I knew he was just enjoying my tits bouncing down the trail.

When we stopped for a break three miles in, we sat in a small grassy area and caught our breath before anyone said anything. I looked around and thought it must me every man's fantasy. Alone in the woods with scantily-clad women who were sweaty and panting. Blaire took off her clothes and pulled Ryan's shorts down, immediately attacking his cock with her mouth. She didn't waste any time! Naomi stripped down and took her place next to Blaire and began licking and sucking on his balls while Tasha knelt next to him and made her breasts available to him to suck and play with.

It took me a moment to realize that I was suppose to be joining in all of this. I left my clothes in a pile and went to kneel on the other side of Ryan, offering my chest for him as well.

I instinctively began running a hand over his chest and admiring his muscles under his shirt. When he turned to me, he smiled and began nibbling at one of my nipples, rolling it between his lips. I couldn't help it, I moaned. It felt amazing.

Tasha moved closer and kissed me. I was surprised and didn't move for a minute. She giggled and kept working her tongue into my mouth. Ryan seemed encouraging, "Go ahead Ruby, you're not breaking any rules. My future wife will have to be very comfortable with other girls." I didn't care what his future wife would have to do, but curiosity got the better of me and began kissing Tasha back, moaning as Ryan continued to tease my nipples.

"You girls are all so beautiful, it's overwhelming." He leaned back and observed his situation with wide eyes. Two women lapping at his crotch and two more women pressing their breasts against one another, kissing. In this bizarre man world I was now a part of, this was just a normal hike.


We continued like that for quite a while, all of us taking turns stuffing his cock in our throats, making out with each other and watching him enjoy it all. Finally, he started breathing hard and closed his eyes. "I'm gonna cum." No sooner were the words out of his mouth, Blaire shoved two of us out of the way and started deep-throating his dick like it was a contest.

She squeezed his balls and when he came in her mouth, she moaned and swallowed like it was the greatest gift she'd ever received. Tasha and Naomi rolled their eyes and began dressing for the hike back while Blaire dutifully cleaned Ryan with her tongue and then dressed as well.

On the hike back, Ryan had a quiet argument with Blaire and she again took the lead, anger fueling her speed down the trail. Ryan paced behind her, obviously wanting some time to himself as well. Tasha was full of chatter, "Blaire is so selfish. I think Ryan wanted to have you swallow him, Ruby.

Since you're the newest of us." "Me? Oh. Well, he should have said so." "Blaire didn't give anyone the chance to say anything. I'm so tired of her attitude." Naomi was pouting a little. Tasha patted her on the shoulder reassuringly and kept talking, "I heard he only chose her as a prospect because of their families.

I don't think he has any intention of marrying that girl. I overheard his demand for regular threesomes and orgies with other girls … her jealousy wouldn't stand for it." I was finally curious, "So, how many marriage proposals do you guys have?" Tasha grinned, "I have five. Naomi has three. How many do you have?" "I don't know?

Grandpa hasn't told me." "You should find out. And read their profiles. Get rid of the absolutely-nots right away and don't waste time with them. You're being given some say, right?" "Of course." "Well, some girls aren't." Tasha sounded sorry for them. Naomi finally chimed in, "I know two girls who have no say in who they marry. Can you imagine? NO idea what you're in for? No thank you." "When do we choose a husband?

Or … when are we promised to one or whatever?" I had been wondering how long this courting ritual went on. "By next week. Once school starts and we spend six months being trained, they have to know which classes our husbands want us in.

And since we may need part of the summer for alterations and such … the decision has to be made sooner than later." Tasha looked at me, trying to see how I was processing the information.

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"So, it's like a sex school, right?" They both giggled, but Tasha finally answered me, "It's a finishing school. Once we graduate, we will be the perfect wife for our husband. We'll know exactly what his desires are, what turns him on, how he expects us to behave at home and in public. . .we'll be ready. Then it's wedding season! It's huge here in town." I didn't say anything. They sounded giddy.

I was horrified. Sent off to school not to learn anything but to be turned out as a perfect wife and sex slave? What planet was I living on!? "Don't worry." Naomi put her arm around me as we walked, "You'll like it! That's why it's good to have a say in who you marry. Hopefully you guys will have the same tastes in all of those areas." "I came from a very different world.

Men have to make fools of themselves to get a woman to marry him in the real world." "The 'real' world?" Tasha sounded offended, "Where sexuality is buried so deep that you have sexual deviants, predators and rapists roaming the streets?

Honey, the crime rate here is nil. There's no use for it, everyone is satisfied." She had a point. I was still fighting it instead of trying to fit in. "I'm just having a hard time with a town full of women who are fine with the fact that they're nothing more than property." "Property … technically.

But I dare you to find a woman in this town who isn't head over heels in love with her husband. We LIKE this life, Ruby. The ones who don't … leave. And they're free to go, no shame and no judgement." "So you CAN leave if you want? That part is true?" I still wondered. "Of course!" They both giggled, "But I think you'll stay!" We finished the hike with girl talk and the ride back was plans for the summer.

Tasha wanted to come over in a few days and have some pool time with me. It actually sounded nice. Blaire didn't say a word in the car and looked at no one.

When I was dropped off, I hugged Tasha and Naomi and made them promise to stick to our summer plans. Ryan got out and walked me to the door. "Looks like you made two friends today." He smiled and ran his hand over my cheek.

"Yes Sir. Yeah, they're really nice. I'm sorry about Blaire, I know drama is tough to deal with." "It's fine, I'm calling her parents over tonight to retract my marriage offer. I just don't think it's going to work out. It will be the talk of the town, you wait and see." We laughed and then he leaned down to kiss me. He was a good kisser, but so sweet that I didn't feel any passion from him. "Thank You for the hike, Sir." "You're very welcome. I hope to see you again soon.

And I know I'll see you at the store." He winked and headed back to the car.