Blonde bint has her wet twat drilled cumshot and facial

Blonde bint has her wet twat drilled cumshot and facial
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Darlene Chapter 3 Darlene and I came out of the shower and we only had our towels wrapped around us, all the massage equipment was gone from the room, only a musky trace of Jennifer's perfume remained. That and the smell of sex.

I was buggered so I dropped my towel on the floor and laid back on the bed, Darlene did the absolute same. We kissed for a few minutes, strangely it wasn't awkward, I mean we had just finished a threesome with a 21 year old Thai masseuse named Jennifer, I had just finished fucking both girls, I had fucked and came in both of their arses, but like I said it didn't seem awkward. I was waiting for the questions or the accusations, but all I got from Darlene was that was one of my biggest turn ons ever, I had dreamt of being with another girl, I have even masturbated about it, today it happened, with that she let her fingers creep down to her pussy.

She wasn't masturbating but her fingers were just down there. Darlene rolled over and kissed me again and then looked at me seriously and said you fucked my arse, you really fucked it hard, I liked every minute of it but fuck it still hurts. And you came. And I really squirted all over you didn't I. Darlene was glowing. We must have been laying there for about a hour, it was 5.30pm Friday night and the room phone rang, Darlene answered as she was closer and it was a quick conversation, all she said was yeah we are still lying in bed.

Darlene hung up leaned back and said it was Jennifer, she is on her way up. A couple of minutes later there was a knock on the door, Darlene jumped up grabbed a towel and wrapped herself and went to open the door, in came Jennifer in her casual clothes, tight little denim shorts, black t shirt and sandals, typical Gold Coast attire.

I had got under the covers. Darlene was standing there with just a towel wrapped around her when Jennifer pulled the towel off her and kissed her. That was almost enough to make my cock hard again, Darlene and Jennifer kissed deeply then broke apart.

Darlene came and sat on the bed and Jennifer went over and sat in the chair. Jennifer asked what Darlene and I were doing tonight, Darlene said that we were going to go and eat at the hotels acclaimed Japanese restaurant, Jennifer said why don't we all go down to Jupiters casino, they have a great Chinese restaurant and then there are bars and a nightclub we can eat, drink and dance.

It sounded great. The girls started talking about what they were going to wear, it was a little strange as there was a 9 year age difference between Darlene and Jennifer. Darlene was soon standing at her bag showing a short black dress that was cut pretty low and showed her back, both girls were very similar in build, with Darlene being more busty. Jennifer was looking at a red skirt Darlene had packed, age old question why do Asians always look so hot in red.

In a flash Jennifer had stripped out of her denim shorts and t shirt and was pulling the red skirt up over her hips, she looked gorgeous. She was just standing there no top, no bra on just a red skirt on, Darlene pulled out the stockings and Jennifer was like a schoolgirl wanting to try them on, they were a little short and a the lace showed with the skirt but Jennifer looked at me on the bed and suggested maybe when we get back here tonight I might put them on for you.

What a thought. Darlene said she had pantyhose and soon Jennifer had opened a sleeve of the sheer pantyhose Darlene always wore, even Jennifer made a comment about how sheer they were. Darlene told Jennifer to try her black skirt that she wore on Friday night on and I was hard pressed to keep my cock contained at this point, Jennifer had taken the red skirt off, she looked at me and used her tongue to lick her lips while she was standing wearing only the sheer pantyhose, then pulled the black skirt up, the black one was the winner.

Darlene was still standing there naked, she walked over to me and pulled the sheet covering me off me, my cock had risen to its full potential. Darlene leant down and gently licked the head of my cock, Jennifer had pulled the black skirt off and taken the pantyhose off while watching Darlene lick my cock, she came up next to Darlene and licked the other side of my cock, this was heaven. Soon both girls were greedily licking my cock or sucking my balls, Darlene looked at me, then continued licking my cock, every now and then both girls would let their tongues touch.

Jennifer was gently grinding her pussy on my left leg, the licking and the grinding continued unitl my cock was twitching and my highs were quivering. Both girls knew what was about to happen and positioned their face and mouths side by side, when I started spraying my creamy cum both girls soon had cum covered faces.

Darlene surprised me by immediately licking the cum off Jennifer's face, if that wasn't a turn on what she did next made me almost cum again she kissed Jennifer and made sure that as she was kissing her she transferred some of my cream in her mouth to Jennifer.

This lasted a few minutes and was a real turn on. Darlene was a little angry as she had got some cum in her hair so she, had to wash her hair again, so she was the first one up and off to the shower again, it was only about 6.30pm. Jennifer laid beside me still naked and soon as she heard the shower run she instantly put her hand on my cock and wanked me off gently, I was already hard and Jennifer whispered in my ear she could just fuck me right now.

I knew Darlene took relatively long showers especially if she was washing her hair that I figured we had at least 15 minutes. I pulled Jennifer up and my cock naturally found her slit open and moist, so access into her pussy was immediate. Jennifer didn't bounce up and down, she more ground and rode my cock by squirming around on it, was a great feeling and within 2 minutes Jennifer was licking my ear and told me she was going to cum.

This was great her young Thai cunt was gripping, squeezing and contracting on my cock as she came, she bit on my ear gently as she came. She kept squirming and grinding as she came and this was soon pushing me to a release, I would have loved to tell the world a 22 year old hot Thai pussy was about to take my load, but I remembered I wasn't allowed to plant my seed in her.

Fuck this was primal, just raw intense sex. I needed to get Jennifer off me and off me now I was that close, I told her so. Jennifer whispered in my ear just another minute im gonna cum again baby, please just another minute, your cock is driving me insane.

Ever tried not to cum, its impossible, in the words of Homer Simpson think un sexy thoughts. She ground down once, I could feel her pussy contracting, she ground down twice, she was grinding with a more intense approach, she ground down for the third time, her legs were gently starting to quiver, she ground down for the fourth time I put my hands on her tight little arse cheeks, her arse was shaking, she ground down for the fifth time, I had lost control, and sprayed my seed deep into her womb, spray after spray was fired from my cock buried its full 8 inches deep in Jennifer's pussy, Jennifer too let her orgasm release, and her Thai pussy had came.

Jennifer buried her head in the pillow to subdue her noise. Still the water ran in the shower. Jennifer lifted her head and looked at me and said I am so sorry, I just couldn't get off, I needed that, you filled me baby, you filled me with your cum. Jennifer rolled off me and our combined fluids ran out of her pussy down her thighs.

I should have been worried about what just occurred, but I just lay there basking in the knowledge I had filled this little Thai pussy with my cum. Christ I had unloaded what felt like a bucket load of cum in that pussy. I heard the shower cease and I was still lying on my back grinning like a idiot, Jennifer was lying beside me, her pussy still leaking my cream so she told me. Darlene came out and immediately saw what we had been doing, in fact she just said did you cum in her, shes not on the pill.

Jennifer said it was her fault she wouldn't get off me. Darlene soften her demeanor then looked at me again and said Christ how much did you cum, I sat up and looked and Darlene was right Jennifer's pussy was messy, Jennifer used her finger and scooped up some cum that had leaked on the sheets, like before she licked her finger clean, Darlene quickly got on her knees and started lapping up the cum from Jennifer's messy cum drenched pussy.

I don't know if she did this because she wanted to make Jennifer orgasm or if she wanted to lick my cum out of Jennifer's pussy, it looked like a mixture of both, Darlene was slurping at Jennifer's cunt and she looked content like a cat licking up cream, but like a cat every now and then she would lick at the rim of the bowl where there was no cream and when that lick was undertaken Jennifer would convulse gently and bite her lip in pleasure, clearly Darlene was teasing her clit every now and then.


Jennifer looked across at me and said your girlfriend is licking your seed out of my pussy. Jennifer put her hands on Darlene's head and pulled her closer to her pussy, then she said lick all your boyfriends cum out of my pussy.

Jennifer didn't cum and she let Darlene know that her tongue didn't satisfy her, Darlene looked a little angry and suggested Jennifer had a pretty good time while she was in the shower so she shouldn't complain. I don't know if the girls were getting catty or teasing each other. Jennifer took the opportunity to make her escape, she said she needed to go home and grab some stuff and she would be back in a few hours, Darlene walked up and kissed her and said don't be to long, she was just teasing I think, Jennifer looked a little more relaxed as well.

I was still lying on the bed naked when Darlene walked up and laid beside me, she kissed me and put her head on my shoulder, after a minute she rolled on her side and looked at me, she asked if Jennifer was a good fuck, I said it was different and then told her about it. Darlene asked if I wanted to fuck Jennifer again, I did but I also knew that what Darlene and I had was allowing me to enjoy this experience so it was a catch 22 I knew now that Darlene was open to this, it would happen again and again, so I guessed I needed to tread with a little caution.

Talking like this to Darlene must have got her a little horny as she lifted herself and sat down on me, I was still hard and my cock slid straight into Darlene's moist pussy. Darlene told me to tell her in detail how Jennifer fucked me. I did and soon Darlene was replicating Jennifer move for move. Darlene squirmed, ground on my cock, my hands were on Darlene's arse squeezing each cheek, Darlene started kissing and licking my ear lobe just like Jennifer did and soon Darlene was telling me she was about to cum.

With each squirm, each ground Darlene drove me that little bit closer to another unloading. Darlene ground down and squirmed her pussy hard down on my cock as she came, her arse just like Jennifer's was quivering in my hands, that feeling sent me over the edge and as I came deep in Darlene's pussy, Darlene was still squirming as she grabbed my face and started kissing me passionately. Darlene collapsed in my arms complaining of a sore pussy, and a sore arse, she said she didn't think her pussy could do that again.

We both got up and I had a quick shower as did Darlene about her fourth for the day, Darlene got out before me and I heard her call from the room that Jennifer was here.

I got out dried myself and made my way out to the room. Jennifer was dressing in Darlene's little blank skirt, she had pantyhose on and a red strapless bra. Bugger I missed seeing her naked. Jennifer looked up and winked. I suggested she didn't need the bra as Jennifer didn't have the biggest tits, Jennifer looked at me and told me to go fuck myself. Jennifer then put a dark pink/red top on in fact the bra wasn't needed as Darlene soon suggested she take it off, Jennifer did and other than seeing a little nipple outline there was no difference.

Jennifer then put a pair of red high heels on she looked gorgeous. Darlene quickly dressed in a grey short skirt, black high heels, a lacey half white, half black g string, matching bra and a silk top. Surprisingly no pantyhose or stockings. Jennifer had brought a bottle of champagne, so we drank that before we left. The three of us headed down to the lobby and we were soon in the first taxi heading to Jupiters Casino.

All three of us were sitting in the back and Darlene took my hand and rested my hand on her bare leg, she felt so soft. The taxi ride only took 10 minutes and we were soon at Jupiters, the doorman opened the door and we all exited.

Jennifer lead us straight to the Chinese restaurant, and she even had the forethought to make a booking. We sat at a table located beside the restaurant in what was made out to be a Chinese garden. We ordered dinner and drinks and were soon enjoying a wine. I was interested to see if Darlene was going to curb her alcohol input with another girl around, let alone another girl that I had just fucked and enjoyed.

A couple of times Darlene rubbed her leg up my leg and I used my hand to rub her leg and inner thigh. At one point my hand rubbed against Darlene's g string. Im pretty sure Jennifer knew I was doing that but she didn't say anything. We had consumed a bottle of wine and Darlene excused herself to use the facilities, I ordered another bottle of wine. Jennifer looked at me and brought me down to earth with a resounding thump, she told me she would see a doctor the following day for a morning after pill, it felt like my cock had been deflated.

But then Jennifer looked at me and said this is good it will allow you to cum in my pussy again tonight and tomorrow if I wanted. instantly my cock was hard again.

I felt bad for Jennifer I felt real bad but I tried to put it out of my mind until I could process it better. Darlene returned the same time the new bottle of wine was brought out, in fact it was like a traffic jam as our entrees arrived too. Darlene sat and drank a little more of her wine and I felt her leg rubbing mine, she put her right leg over my left leg and said lets eat. We dug into the entrees and Jennifer was right the food was explicit.

Soon we had finished the entrees and the waiter took away the plates. I let my hand rest on Darlene's knee, wow her skin felt so supple tonight, I let my hand wander up under her skirt and rested it on her inner thigh, I couldn't resist I wanted to rub my finger against that lacey g string again, as my hand crept up I soon found Darlene had removed her g string as my fingers had found her pussy lips, just touching Darlene's pussy in this restaurant at this moment was electric, I felt Darlene flinch, my cock had swollen.

I gently rubbed my finger along her pussy lips, I didn't part them nor did I finger her I just gently traced my finger along her lips. I felt Darlene's right hand moving towards my hand, her fingers touched my fingers and I felt something in her hand she gave me her g string.

The waiter came and poured some more wine and Darlene was certainly consuming the most, I was hopeful she would slow down a little.

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Jennifer stood and said she needed to use the bathroom and she left. I looked at Darlene and said you look incredible. I got her underwear in my pocket and slid my hand back under the table and under her skirt. Seeing Jennifer still wasn't back I slid my finger between the lips and immediately found Darlene's clit and out a little pressure upon it with my finger. All it took was 4 little rubs and Darlene's breathing labored and her eyes closed, fuck me she just came, she was really sensitive tonight.

Our mains arrived and I saw Jennifer making her way towards us. Jennifer sat and she immediately saw the contented look on Darlene's face. She leant forward and looked at Darlene and said did you really do it, I must have looked confused because Darlene said I told Jennifer I was going to do that, I was just hopeful you were going to play along.

We ate our meal and I couldn't fault the food, we also ordered more wine and sat and enjoyed. It was about 10.00pm and Jennifer was eager to get to the nightclub. Darlene stood and whispered in my ear she wanted her g string back, I fished it out of my packet and Darlene made her way to the bathroom, I guess to put it back on.

Jennifer put her hand under the table and squeezed my crotch and said she hoped I was going to be good to go tonight. I didn't think id have any problems. Jennifer also suggested that Darlene had drank a bit more than both her and I, she finished it with what happened today she probably needed it, sadly I new a little better, I prayed I was wrong but I was pretty sure I knew what was going to happen tonight, that was Darlene face down passed out.

Darlene got back and I settled the bill and we headed towards the nightclub. As we made our way there I let my hand rub the side of Darlene's skirt, she had put the g string back on I could feel the material through the skirt.

Darlene turned her head and told me its only on until we get home then she wanted to wear my cock. Jennifer heard part of the conversation and asked what she said and Darlene turned and told her she had put her g string back on but as soon as we got back to the hotel both Jennifer and I had better keep something in her pussy, Jennifer smiled and held Darlene's hand.

We made our way into the nightclub and it was all dark, and loud with strobe lighting, we found a table and sat. Jennifer said she wanted to buy Darlene and I a cocktail so she took off to the bar. Jennifer returned with 9 shot cocktails, 3 each. We started with something green, midori and something, bit too sweet for me but Jennifer was only 22, Darlene threw her one straight back.

The second one was brown and was a baileys based flavor, again a little sweet again Darlene threw her one back. Id seen Darlene drink heavily, but I was wondering if id see her throw up tonight. The third cocktail was black with something white floated on top, black smbucca, that was ok but im a simple guy give me wild turkey and dry and im happy.

Jennifer got up and took Darlene out to dance, they both got a little grindy with each other and soon had a few people looking at them. After about ten minutes both returned and both were pretty sweaty, so I got up and had a bottle of wine as well as some cold water.

Jennifer looked great, she really was a stunning oriental creature and I wondered how her looks would change over time as they sometimes do with Asians.

Darlene too looked sensational. Darlene had drank her water and had soon consumed a glass of wine. Jennifer was talking to this blonde girl who was lucky to be 19 when she turned around and introduced Megan to us. Megan worked at one of the other resorts and Jennifer had worked with her for a while.

Darlene had drank another glass of wine and I knew I either needed to get her out in the fresh air for a while or get her back to the hotel, I told Jennifer I was going to take a walk around the grounds with Darlene.

Jennifer said she would come, Megan too said she would come for a walk, I figured if we walked around for 30 minutes Darlene would bounce back a little.

Jupiters Casino is built on the corner of a river and has nice gardens around the river that you can walk around, it has a mono rail that operates between the Casino and a shopping centre/surfers paradise beach.

We made our way out of the nightclub. We walked down a walkway that led us to the river and we strolled along the river. The night air was lifting Darlene and giving her a second wind so to speak, the four of us walked slowly around the gardens. We found a few seats by the river and all sat down and talked between us.

Megan was talking to Jennifer when she stopped talking, looked at Darlene and me then looked back to Jennifer and said you fucked both of them. It was quite the show stopper. Was a interesting moment. Jennifer was smiling as she said Megan he actually butt fucked both of us. Megan openly asked both girls what it was like, she said her boyfriend wants to fuck her arse but she wont let him.

Darlene started telling Megan she was hesitant about letting me near her arse but she decided she was going to let all her walls down this weekend. She finished telling by telling Megan by how intense it was and how she squirted as she came, she also said that having Jennifer lick and rub her clit while I was fucking her arse was helping her have such a huge orgasm.

Jennifer looked a little embarrassed. Jennifer said she really needed to use the toilet and Darlene said she wanted to use it too. Both Darlene and Jennifer stood and said they would be back in a few minutes, they got up and started making there way to a side entrance.

I looked again and both Darlene and Jennifer were holding hands and they walked off. Megan noticed it too and turned towards me and giggled. Megan was like atypical 19 year old she asked me if she could ask me a question, being a smart arse I said ask why ask one ask ten, I don't think Megan got my sense of humor as all she said was ok I will.

I was waiting for the first question and you could see Megan trying to work out how to phrase the question. After a minute I said Megan just ask what you want, she just blurted out 4 questions in the one mouthful. Whats it feel like when you put your cock in a butt, which girl did I prefer fucking, did Jennifer lick Darlene's pussy, didn't Darlene get jealous. At that point I suggested one question at a time. Megan said sorry its just I didn't know Jennifer did that.

I said in answer to your first question, it feels really tight when I slid my cock in either one of the girls butts, it's a different kind of feeling fucking a butt. As for which girl I prefer, I am dating Darlene so I guess I prefer her and lets be honest she is allowing this to happen and I hope she lets it happen again, Megan said that didn't answer the question, which one is better, Megan wanted a definitive answer.

I looked at her and said Darlene is older and clearly been with more guys, but that ok, Darlene is very at ease with her body, hell she has a gorgeous body that I cant keep my hands off, Jennifer too has a sensational body, she is younger and probably a little tighter but if im honest I prefer the feel of Darlene. Jennifer really did lick Darlene's pussy in fact she licked it after I had came in it and finally Darlene did get a little jealous when Jennifer and I fucked when Darlene was in the shower.

Megan asked what happened so I told her Jennifer and I had fucked and I had came in Jennifer's pussy, I told her Darlene then licked Jennifer's pussy clean, I didn't say anything about Jennifer not being on birth control. Megan looked at me and asked did I plan to see Jennifer again, I had been thinking about that and with my job I was often in Queensland and I would like to see her again but I thought it may be better to say lets see what happens over the next 48 hours.

I thought maybe she wouldn't want to see me or Darlene may not want me to see her again. I looked up and saw both girls walking back towards us.

Darlene said come on I feel like dancing again. And within a few minutes the four of us were back in the nightclub. Darlene, Jennifer and Megan were soon dancing and enjoying themselves.

I was watching Jennifer dance and her young Thai body was very pretty, the skirt and pantyhose she was wearing really made her legs like absolutely incredible. As horrible as it sounds I was hoping Darlene would pass out tonight because that would leave Jennifer and I.

with that in mind I got up and ordered 12 shots, with my wallet a little lighter I returned to the table and waved the girls over, I think Darlene took the fact I ordered shoots as acceptance to drink heavily, Jennifer looked at me a little weirdly.

We all downed two of our shoots pretty quickly, Darlene just went and drank her third one before any of us were waiting. I offered her mine and said I would rather a bourbon, Darlene quickly drank that.

Jennifer said she too would prefer something else and offered Darlene her drink, Darlene quickly downed that then grabbed Megan's hand and went straight back to the dance floor. Jennifer said she would come to the bar with me, once out of earshot she said what are you going.

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I told her Darlene will get back to the hotel and pass out, I then told her what I did to her the night before and I then told Jennifer I wanted her again, no interruptions. Jennifer smiled then said I might want to get a few more drinks then. I got my bourbon, and Jennifer got a vodka and tonic, I ordered 4 more shots. We got back to the table and Jennifer went straight back out to dance and I sat. the girls looked great dancing together. In fact all three girls had a few admirers as I could see more than a few guys having a good look at the girls as they danced.

All three returned back to the table and Darlene straight away downed a shot. Megan had another one, but she was looking a little worse for wear, I didn't want another guest tonight, im pretty sure Jennifer had the same thought I had and asked where Megan's boyfriend was, she said he will be here soon. Darlene took another shot and I could see she was tipping over the edge, no stopping her this time. Megan announced she wanted no more shoots and said she needed water, she headed towards the bar, I looked at Darlene and said more for you honey.

Darlene leaned across the table and both Jennifer and I leaned in, Darlene said if I get drunk tonight Jennifer you will have to satisfy him on your own, I dont think I had heard better words, then Darlene looked at me and said do you want to find if Megan can come home with us. I just said it will be fine. With that Darlene took another shot. There was only one shot left. Megan returned with a glass of water. Darlene stood and drowned the last shot and grabbed Megan's hand and off to the floor the 2 headed, a minute later and Jennifer went to join them.

It was about 1am and Darlene was starting to look like she needed to get home, the effect of all the shots were taking their toll, Megan's boyfriend arrived and he I was more than interested in the thought of screwing Jennifer, as he just couldn't take his eyes off her arse. Jennifer knew this and couldn't resist by telling him that Darlene and her spent most of the day in bed with me, letting me do what I wanted to them, she finished by telling him that we were going home and she was going to eat my cum out of Darlene's pussy, she even leant over and squeezed his erection.

I thought Megan was going to explode she went that red. Darlene, Jennifer and I all made our way out of the nightclub and were quickly dispatched in a taxi heading towards the hotel.

On the taxi ride Darlene was sitting in the middle between Jennifer and I, once away from the lights of the casino I slid my hand straight up under Darlene's skirt, problem was Jennifer too had the same idea and her hand was already fingering Darlene, I slid my fingers under the other side of her lacey g string and started rubbing Darlene's clit.

Having the underwear there was just uncomfortable, so Jennifer started pulling her side down, I did the same from my side and we were soon rewarded with Darlene's underwear being down by her high heels. I used my foot and got one leg out and Jennifer got the other leg out, she giggled as she finally got the g string in her hand, then quickly got them in her hand bag. With only 5 left we both quickly went to work, rubbing and fingering Darlene's pussy and clit, Darlene had basically passed, out but we didn't care, Jennifer whispered how soft is her thighs, I just nodded in agreement.

We got to the hotel and we let ourselves out of the taxi, I had partially woken Darlene up so she was at least on her feet. We led/supported Darlene to the elevator and it opened automatically and we headed up to our room.

Jennifer said support her for a second and dropped to her knees and put her head under Darlene's skirt and quickly gave Darlene's pussy a lick. The elevator stopped and Jennifer quickly stood, we got Darlene out and Jennifer quickly kissed me all I could taste was Darlene on her lips.

We got Darlene in the room, and we laid her on the bed, Jennifer said I will get her undressed, In a flash Jennifer was stripping off the passed out Darlene, all that was left was her bra and her high heels, Darlene looked amazing with just her bra and high heels on, her pussy was still wet from the quick servicing Jennifer had given her in the elevator. Jennifer turned to me and asked if I was going to fuck her, I wanted too I really did but I also wanted Jennifer more so I shook my head, Jennifer asked me help roll Darlene over so she could unclip her bra, Jennifer stopped and said the matching bra and g string were gorgeous, she asked were I got them from and I said Bra's N Things, Jennifer said she will have to go there.

We quickly worked together and unclipped Darlene from her bra and soon she was on her back completely naked, she was still wearing her high heels, Jennifer was about to take them off but I said leave them on she looks sexy like that. Jennifer couldn't resist and sucked Darlene's little nipples, she also let her fingers wander and was soon finger fucking Darlene again. I was really starting to get horny and was hoping Jennifer would turn her attention to me. Absently I walked to the window and fuck me there across the way in the other high rise was the woman that only the night before watched Darlene and I fuck, she was sitting in a seat staring into our room.

I forgot the curtains were wide open, I looked back over the room and now Jennifer had her head buried back in Darlene's pussy. I said Jennifer our peeping tom is back and watching Jennifer got up from the passed out Darlene and walked towards me, instantly she saw the other woman, Jennifer asked was this the one that you and Darlene put a show on for last night.

Wow I thought so much had happened in 24 hours. Jennifer kissed me and told me she wanted to put a show on for this peeping tom too, she kissed me then whispered in my ear what she wanted to do. In a flash Jennifer had ripped her top off, exposing her sweet little tits to our peeper.

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We were kissing hard when Jennifer turned and faced the window, putting her hands up on the window, she had bent her waist a little and I wasted no time pulling her pantyhose downshe wasn't wearing any panties, the pantyhose sat bunched up down by her feet, Jennifer lifted her short skirt up and bent over a little, this presented her little pussy.

Jennifer also asked if I liked her hairless pussy, I was shocked she was hairless. Her little black tuft of pubic hair was gone, she said I thought you would prefer me clean. I did but now wasn't the time to discuss that. I had my jeans down and soon stepped out of them and my cock was incredibly hard, I kind of wanted to play a little first, but Jennifer was determined to have her moment.

I drove my cock into her pussy and she told me to fuck her harder, I sure was hoping that window was strong as I was pounding Jennifer from behind. The other woman had came right up to her woman and she was naked too. Must have been incredible to see Jennifer pushed up against the window with me fucking her from behind. Jennifer was moaning and told me she was a slut and she belonged to me, treat me like im your slut.

Her hands were still up above her head on the window and I grabbed at her hair and pulled her head back, it was pretty rough but Jennifer just told me to fuck her. After a couple of hard thrusts Jennifer was cumming all over my cock. I was about to blow my load and Jennifer told me she wanted me to cum over her face in front of the peeper. Our peeper clearly had a hand between her legs and looked like she was happily pleasuring herself.

I told Jennifer I was about to cum and she quickly got on her knees, presenting her face for me to blow all over. Our peeper had leaned forward now and was really intently watching what we were doing. She didn't have to wait for long as I shot stream after stream all over Jennifer's face, over her eyes, her nose, mouth and even a stream went into her hair.

Jennifer wiped it off her eyes and then licked it of her fingers. Our peeper was rubbing her pussy again. Jennifer wiped the rest away and licked her fingers and said did I like being rough with her, I liked it when the moment was presented, Jennifer said I think our peeper needs to see some more, she quickly grabbed a few pillows and positioned them in from of the window.

Jennifer laid on her back, tore off the skirt and put her legs in a folded positing pushing her waist up a little and said ride me baby. My cock was still hard and I instantly mounted Jennifer.

Jennifer said put my hand around her neck and squeeze and fuck me. I did as she said and my left hand was gripping Jennifer's neck, I then drove my cock into her. The harder I pumped her pussy the harder I wanted to squeeze her neck, Jennifer told me to squeeze harder and I did, the harder I squeezed the harder I wanted to fuck her, a couple of minutes later I was ready to explode, Jennifer was shaking as her orgasm overcame her, she begged me not to cum in her pussy yet.

I gotta admit I was dying to fill her again pussy again.


Jennifer was still cumming all over my cock, this time she wanted me to cum all over her little tits. Pulling out was so difficult especially considering Jennifer came again and she wrapped her legs around me as she came. She begged please cum on my tits baby please. I pulled out and was soon spurting on her tits.

Jennifer kept her eyes locked on our peeper as I blew my cream all over her tits, Jennifer was soon wiping the cum all over her nipples and tits. Certainly was a horny site, I really wondered what our pepper thought here I was fucking a different girl tonight, putting on a show for her.

Jennifer quickly rolled over and was on her hands and knees, I assumed she wanted me to fuck her little cunt doggy style. I said I really wanted to cum in her and she said soon, once more for our peeper and I will be all yours, please baby just once more, this is turning me on so much. I positioned myself behind her and put my hands on her hips but Jennifer put one hand behind her and told me to hold her hand, then she put her other hand behind her and I held that, now I was holding her up with her arms held behind her back, this was new.

Jennifer told me to make the last show good. Jennifer was really getting in to this, I son had my full 8 inches in her pussy, and this position made me feel like I was really filling her, Jennifer even said my cock feels so big in her right now. I was fucking Jennifer hard, but as I pulled her arms back more that changed the feeling making her feel tighter again, I was going to have to try this position on Darlene.

The harder I pulled Jennifer's arms back the more she told me I was filling her. This was great, I could feel my cock plunging into Jennifer's pussy and Jennifer was telling me she could feel my cock drilling her nice and deep.

Jennifer started shaking a little and this little telltale was a sure sign she was about to orgasm, I was starting to feel like I was about to explode, I don't know if it was the positionbut I thought I could feel the head of my cock head pounding into her cervix.

I really wanted to cum again, and I really wanted to cum while my cock was this deep. Jennifer was starting to really convulse, I was hoping she would just relent and beg me to cum in her pussy. Her cute little arse was really quivering and the more it quivered the more it sent shivers through my body.

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Jennifer bucked her body one final time and her pussy had one final convulsion, her little cunt was squeezing my cock so hard it felt like a vice. I pushed my hips hard forward and felt the resistance at the head of my cock for the final time, this move drove Jennifer to a huge climax, she wasn't screaming but she was in a complete pleasured state, I couldn't resist, I know Jennifer had said one more time but I just couldn't pull it out.

My cock sprayed its cream buried deep with Jennifer's body, my cock was still squirting cum as I collapsed down on Jennifer. Jennifer now had her face down and was breathing heavily and my cock was still twitching in her pussy. Jennifer moaned something about that was just fucken incredible, you cock just fills me so good. She then surprised me by saying I am so glad you came in my pussy, it just feels so god with your cum in me. I sild my cock out of Jennifer's pussy, as it came out there was cum dribbling out and running down her thighs.

I looked across and our peeping tom was looking satisfied, I reckon she too had been pleasured. Jennifer stood and looked a little unsteady on her feet, she said she was a little dizzy after what we just did, I helped her to the bed and she laid down. Jennifer was still breathing heavily, she was still quivering a little, she even said the feeling is still making me shiver. I went to pull the curtains closed and turn the lights off but Jennifer said leave the lights on.

She patted the bed next to her and I laid down, Darlene was still passed out on the bed on one side, I was in the middle and Jennifer was on the other side. Jennifer asked me to hold her, she was still quivering every now and then and she was holding me really tight.

She whispered in my ear she wanted me to see her again. We kissed and the kiss alluded there was a lot more to come for me tonight. Jennifer said she would be back in a minute she wanted to have a quick shower, she grabbed something from her bag and I watched her naked little body slip into the bathroom.

She was right she only showered for a minute then I heard the water shut off. When Jennifer returned she was wearing the black stockings I had bought for Darlene, she looked incredible and instantly my cock was stiff again.

Jennifer said look at her bald little pussy, it looked magnificent, Jennifer said is it good enough to eat, all I did was lick my lips, I thought Jennifer would lay down, but instead she told me to slide down the bed a little and she wanted to suck my cock while I ate her pussy, this was just incredible, she mounted my mouth and slowly lowered her pussy down, first she just sat there letting me savor her pussy, she was grinding on my mouth and I thought this was heaven, she then leant down and took my hard cock in her mouth, her tongue was swirling my cock in her mouth.

All I could was grip her arse cheeks with my hands and pull her down harder on my tongue. Soon she was withering her pussy on my face as I teased her clit with my tongue. I let my hands wander a little and I was soon teasing her arsehole with my finger, Jennifer attacked my cock with a renewed vigor and I was the one how was soon telling her I was gonna cum, all this did was ensure Jennifer redoubled her efforts and she was soon deep throating and using her fingernails to tickle my balls.

I on the other hand was fingering her arse now with two fingers, and rubbing her clit between my front teeth and tongue. This was gonna be a close competition to see who made who cum first. Jennifer won, her tickling on my balls sent me over the edge and I was soon unloading my cum down her throat, I was just grunting as I came.

Jennifer was about 30 seconds behind me and she soon shook with a uncontrolled pleasure. She lifted her mouth off my cock and gently licked the head of my cock.

Jennifer lifted her thighs and my face was coated with her juices her pussy looked like it had been ravaged, her pussy lips were red and raw and sat spread apart. I pulled both fingers out of her arse and Jennifer quickly spun herself around and laid beside me. She asked how do you make me cum like that, I had no answer.

We both pulled ourselves up the bed, I looked at Darlene and she was still sleeping the booze off. Jennifer saw me looking at her and asked if I wanted to fuck Darlene, I didn't, partially because I was worn out but mostly because I was enjoying this time with Jennifer. Jennifer pulled herself on top of me and instantly my cock found her warm envelope, Jennifer just manipulated it so that it slid completely in, then she lifted her chest and was sitting up on me.

I thought she was going to ride me, but Jennifer was going to take this opportunity to talk. First Jennifer asked if I wanted to see her again, of course I did, she asked how often I could come up and I explained that I could come up at least once a month with work.

Jennifer asked if she came down to Sydney would that be ok, of course it would. I knew the question was coming but didn't know how she was going to frame it. Jennifer told me that even though we had only known each other for the day she could have very strong feelings for me, I could have pretty strong feelings for her too. I told her that my thoughts were like her thoughts. Jennifer squirmed a little harder and squeezed my cock with her pussy and said I don't like a ditto answer.

I said ditto and Jennifer ground her pussy on my cock. I suggested I would keep saying ditto this was fun, she then slid her pussy almost off my cock, just a little of the head was in. She looked at me and said if you don't have feelings don't say it, it wont hurt me, you can still fuck me.

I looked her in the eye and said I could have very strong feelings for her, I kissed her to enforce this, with that she slid her pussy back down over my cock. It felt incredible, even Jennifer said that felt so good.

I pulled her face back to mine and we kissed passionately again. I knew Jennifer wanted to talk about the fact she might be pregnant but she didn't know how to start the conversation.

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I spoke and Jennifer put her finger to my lips in the signal of be quiet, she said we will talk about in later. Jennifer started grinding her pussy on my cock and squirming her hips against me, I laid back and closed my eyes, this was how the problem started, but it felt so good.

this time I could feel Jennifer's stocking clad legs rubbing against me and the feeling of her pussy enveloping my cock overtook me, I released my orgasm ejaculating deep inside of Jennifer, this little 22 year Thai princess took another load of my cream, Jennifer collapsed on top of me a minute later, her orgasm completing her it wasn't loud, it wasn't raw or aggressive it wasn't sex we had made love, she knew it and I knew it.

I lifted Jennifer's face and brought her lips to mine and we kissed again, Jennifer was crying gently and I kissed her again. I told her everything would be fine, everything would be fine. For those of you that have read this series I guess some may be wondering how it all turned out for the parties in this series. Darlene, we returned that Sunday afternoon to Sydney, she knew that Jennifer and I had strong feelings for each other, we basically broke up that Sunday night when I took her home, there was no anger and no allegations.

Sadly about 5 years ago Darlene died, she never slowed her drinking down and was behind the wheel of a friends car when she fell asleep, thankfully she was the only one in the car and she was the only vehicle involved, it was later said she was 4 times over the legal limit.

I found out that Darlene had tried rehab to break the drinking habit but the monkey had its claws deeply in her back. I went to the funeral sadly there was only a few people there, her father had died before I met her but her mother was there and seemed genuinely happy to see me, she broke my heart when she said Darlene never forgot me and often talked about me as if I was the one that got away.

Scott, the guy who I had working for me, that introduced me to Darlene, I sold the business to Scott just after Darlene died, I even financed him in. He is a great friend and I see him occasionally when he comes up to Queensland. He is doing great actually and still happily married, looking at him I can see a person who is genuinely happy.

Jennifer, well let me start by saying she never went to the doctor and got the morning after pill. She was pregnant, she/we had a beautiful baby girl nine months later. Her name is Caitlin.

Jennifer is now 37 and Caitlin is 14 about to turn 15, she is loved by her mother and by her father. Jennifer and Caitlin still live on the Gold Coast and both are very happy.

Jennifer stopped working at the hotel a few months after I met her, she did a three month business course and soon after gave birth. She then set up a small beauty salon, hairdressing, nails, wedding make up at a exclusive northern suburb of the Gold Coast, she has been trading for about 13 years very successfully. Me, well I sold up my house in Sydney and moved up to the Gold Coast 3 months later. I purchased a place on the water in one of the new developments being built on the northern end of the Gold Coast, I even had enough left in the bank to become a silent partner in a beauty salon.

One of the dealers that I used work with offered me a opportunity to become one of those horrible Dealer Principles I used to complain about.

Business is pretty good so I recently put a 44 foot Regal sportcruiser behind the house, I never had another threesome, but it was offered to me by Megan one night. My finance said she didn't want to share me anymore and I couldn't agree more, never did we see Megan again.

We never had more children as Caitlin just completed me. Jennifer and I still have a great sex life, much to Caitlin's disgust as she often tells us to get a room. Life has a funny way of working out. To this day I still complain I never got my massage, I doubt I ever will but it doesn't matter I got something much better. Each year I remember Darlene and each year we as a family we fly down to Sydney and lay flowers at her graveside, we changed the story for Caitlin's sake, Darlene was a good friend that brought Jennifer and I together.

Jennifer still hasn't lost her looks like a lot of Asians seem to have happen to them, she still wears stockings and if she is in the mood she still lets me fuck her hot little arse.

Life is great.