Petite Indigo lifts her skirt to take some dick

Petite Indigo lifts her skirt to take some dick
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You awake early to the smell of chocolate chip pancakes, chocolate chip waffles, bacon, sausage, eggs, toast, and fruit, as you roll over in bed you find that im not beside you, like i was the night before.

After you put on a thong and one of my shirts you find in my closet, you walk into the kitchen and realise that im making you breakfast. I tell you to get washed up and to get back in bed cuz im making you breakfast in bed.You then decide not to and just sit on the counter and watch me finish making you after im all done, i throw you over my shoulder, lightly spanking you, and drop you on the bed, telling you to stay where you are, i grab a plate of food for you as well as a glass of chocolate milk.

As i set the dish in your hands, I kneel between your legs and begin to kiss my way up your legs, as i get closer and closer to your thong, your breathing becomes heavier and heavier. I tell you to keep eating because you got a long day at school today. While you try to keep eating the wonderful breakfast I made for you, I begin licking your pussy through your thong, getting you warmed up.


Then I start to pull your thong down with my teeth and continue licking your pussy. At this point you place the plate with barely and food eaten on the night stand and you begin to pull my shirt off of your sexy little body. As soon as my shirt is off of you, you grab my head and pull me up to kiss you. I begin kissing you passionately, slowly pushing my tongue into your mouth, as our tongues are in each others mouths, your hand wanders down my body and into my boxers where you wrap your hand around my cock and begin to slowly stroke my cock.

I pull away from you, lay back on the bed and pull you on top of me so your pussy is right above my face. I then continue eating you out and pushing my tongue as far as i can inside you, while im doing this to you, you stroke my cock faster and faster, slowly you lean down and take my cock into your warm mouth as you continue stroking my hard cock.

Then I pull my tongue out of you and replace it with a finger, you raise your head off of my hard cock and moan loudly as I start fingering your tight little shaved pussy. With my other hand i push your head back down on to my cock until its completely in your mouth.

As you move your head up and down the length of my cock I put another finger inside you and begin fingering you faster and faster. You start moaning more and more while I'm doing this, not being able to take it anymore, you beg me to fuck you. So i turn you on to your back, get between your legs and kiss you passionately as i slide my hard cock into your tight little pussy, your tongue finds its way back into my mouth as i slowly start fucking you.

My hands roam all over your body, lifting your legs up, you wrap them around my back, and your arms around my neck. I start fucking you faster and you begin digging your nails into my back and pulling my closer with your legs. I then grab your legs and bring them up and place them over my shoulders and continue pushing my rock hard cock into your dripping wet little pussy.

You start screaming as this position makes me able to get much deeper inside you. I keep pushing my cock deep inside you, as you get closer and closer to cumming, you pull me deeper into you.

With a few more hard thrusts into you, you begin screaming that your going to cum. As you cum all over my cock, I pick you up and walk to the bathroom, with each step I take you feel my cock move into your well fucked pussy. Never letting your feet touch the floor, I turn the shower on and step inside with you still impaled on my cock and still wrapped around me so you don't fall.

Pushing you up against the wall, I begin fucking you again, much faster then before, then I put you down under the water, watching the water run down your beautiful body for a minute, before I make you get down on your knees, you grab my cock and put it in your mouth until it is all in your mouth.

I grab the back of your head and begin pushing faster into your mouth only letting you breathe when you start gagging. After a while of you sucking my cock, i tell you that im about to cum and you pull off my cock so that just the head of my cock is still in your mouth, you then wrap your hand around my cock and begin stroking me.

I tell you that I'm cumming, and shoot my cum inside your mouth, filling your mouth with my cum, you then swallow it all.


Slowly you let my cock fall out of your mouth and you kiss up my body. With one last kiss I begin shampooing your hair, and getting you all washed up. After we shampoo, condition and wash each others bodies, we get out and dry each other off. I dress you in a pair of short shorts, your sexiest thong and a tank top. I walk you down to the car and as I'm driving you to school, I move my hand up your leg and into the leg of your shorts, I begin rubbing your pussy while im driving you to school.

As we pull up to your school you see your friends walking toward the car, you then grab my hand and try to pull my hand away, but you end up pushing two of my fingers inside you. Your friends walk up to your window as you let out a gasp, you tell them that you will meet them inside in a couple minutes.

You give me one last kiss before you get out of the car, as you walk to the door you shake your ass just to tease me. While your in all of your classes, you keep thinking about the wonderful morning you just had. Then you start getting horny thinking about me and you in every one of your class rooms. Thinking about me bending you over your teachers desk and sliding my cock hard into your pussy until you cum in one classroom, then up against the white board while i slowly push my hard cock into your tight little ass in another class room, and I eat you out until you cum several times in one other class room.

When I pick you up from school, you give me a big kiss and tell me that you couldnt stop thinking about me fucking you in every one of your class rooms. As you are telling me about very sexual day, I drive us to a restaurant where we go for a romantic dinner, followed by a movie which we cuddle and make out through the whole movie.

On the drive back to my place, you rest your hand on my leg, slowly moving it up towards my crotch, as you unzip my pants, you start kissing and nibbling on my neck while you pull my cock out of my pants and start giving me a handjob while I'm driving. As we pull up to the house, I pull you inside and up to the bed, where I lay you down and handcuff your hands to the headboard and tie your feet to the foot of the bed after I strip you of all your clothes.

I then get between your legs and start licking your clit and rubbing your pussy, slowly pushing two fingers inside you, I begin licking your clit and fingering you faster and faster, making you squirm, moan and scream with pleasure I begin fingering you faster and harder.

I kiss up your body and suck your nipple into my mouth as i finger you, I begin licking your clit and fingering you faster and faster, making you squirm, moan and scream with pleasure I begin fingering you faster and harder.

I kiss up your body and suck your nipple into my mouth as i finger you. As I start kissing your neck, I pull my fingers out of your and put both my hands on each side of your head, kissing me passionately you push your crotch up towards me, trying to get my cock inside you. With one hard thrust my cock slides deep inside your pussy, bottoming out as my balls slap against your ass.

You let out a scream of pleasure, moaning louder and louder only encourages me to fuck your pussy faster and harder. Switching the pace of me fucking you from fast and hard to slow and loving and back to fast and hard brings you closer and closer to acheiving another orgasm.

Then all of a sudden, the phone rings.i pull my cock out of you and throw on a pair of boxers and go and answer the phone, leaving you tied up laying on the bed on the edge of another wonderful orgasm. You try and figure out who could be calling this late at night by listening to the conversation but all you hear is " up.what? you back.bye." When i come back into the room you stare at me with lust and anger in your eyes, I lay back on top of you.

Just pushing the head of my cock inside you and pulling back out, pushing it back in then out again, as I'm doing this you ask me who was on the phone and why I left to answer it.

I answer you with "oh it was just one of your friends wondering if you wanted to go to a party, I told her you were already at a party.


I answered it because it rang and you answer it when it rings." Teasing you by just putting the tip of my cock inside you starts driving you insane and you try and move your hips to try and fill the empty spot I had made by leaving. I feel you trying to move your hips and ask you if you are really that horny. Telling me that you are, I pull my cock out of your wet pussy.

I set the key to the handcuffs on your left side on the night stand right beside your right hand and the key to the right hand on the night stand on your left side, but I place them just out of reach of each of your hands. After I throw a nice, big fuzzy blanket over top of you, I leave the room again, closing the door behind me.

You hear the lock click into place as the door closes, then you hear the shower running. Trying to stay awake so you can yell at me some more, but the sound of the shower starts relaxing you and your eyes get heavy, then you start thinking about the water running down my naked body, you start getting hot again and get that oh so familiar tingle between your legs.

You wake on your side with one hand between you and I and the other on my chest and your leg in between mine, realizing that I must have let you out of the cuffs and rope, you climb on top of my naked body. Kissing me awake you tell me that you are happy I let you go. As i go to grab you, you scream, jump off then bed and run to the bathroom for a well deserved shower.

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You get out as soon as there is absolutely no more hot water, you find me sitting on the couch eating a big bowl of Lucky Charms and watching Saturday morning cartoons, you then steal my spoon and begin eating the cereal, asking what I have planned for today and the weekend ahead of us.

I proceed to tell you that I have no idea but sit and watch cartoons. After you eat all my Lucky Charms, you get up and pour a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch. You walk back into the living room to find me with a blanket over the back of the couch, one leg up on the couch and leaning back waiting for you to come cuddle up close so we can just enjoy each others company. After you sit between my legs and lean back against me, I throw the blanket over us and let wrap my arms around you under the blanket.

When your cereal is all done you lay your head on my chest and listen to the beating of my heart as we are cuddled up so close together, we fall asleep.


The sound of a passing train wakes you up, seeing that you're buckled up in the car, I tell you that we are going to a mall. Walking around hand in hand, arm in arm and several kisses, hugs and little spankings later we find ourselves in a lingerie store, you in a fitting room and me waiting just outside the door for you. You open the door a little bit and ask me to come in to see if i like what you have got on. Seeing that you have picked out a silk see-through teddy with a matching thong, I pull out my phone and take a picture, immediately setting it as my background picture.

Then i push you up against a wall, pull the thong to the side and shove two fingers straight into your pussy all the way to my knuckles, i kneel down and start licking your ass while i finger your pussy getting both your holes really nice and wet.

Keeping my fingers sawing in and out of your pussy, I undo and drop my pants and boxers with the other hand, grabbing my cock and slowly stroking it, I guide my bare cock to your dripping wet tight little pussy. Pushing my cock deep into your pussy you moan, then you feel a wet finger push into your asshole. You move one hand to try and pull my finger out of your bum, but your stopped by my hand pushing yours back up against the wall.

Realizing its gonna either happen gently or roughly, you try and relax. With a deep sigh of relief, you feel my finger leave your bum, then with a low moan you feel my cock leave your pussy and my hand replaces it by rubbing your clit.

Then you feel my tongue push back against your ass and pushes as far in as it can go. Then I stand up, lean over you and whisper for you to relax. Pushing my cock into your ass, you let out a moan and then a scream as I grab your hips and pull you towards me as I thurst my hard, thick cock deep inside your tight little ass. With a knock at the door you hear one of the sales associates say "miss are you alright?" answering her question you tell her "yes, I'm fine, thank you." You look back over your shoulder at me, I push deeper into your ass, as your looking back at me your mouth opens and your eyes close.

Keeping my cock buried deep into your tight little ass, I let you adjust to the size of it. Slowly you start pushing back against me and telling me to fuck you slowly. Gradually I start fucking you faster. As I am fucking your ass, you hear your phone ring, I tell you to answer it and not let the other person know you are having sex, let alone sex in a fitting room.

Answering your phone, its your friends again, they are also at the same mall and want you to come hang out, trying extremely hard not to moan or scream or let them hear us having sex you tell them that you are just trying on clothes and we will be with them when we are done. pushing faster into your ass, I move your hand down to your clit, so you start rubbing your clit as fast as you can while I'm fucking you. You moan that you are cumming, as you are starting to relax from another amazing orgasm, you feel my cum shoot deep inside your ass, which sends another even better orgasm throughout your entire body.

As soon as my cock comes out of your ass, you almost fall from exhaustion and weak legs. Trying to walk normally becomes a bigger chore then it usually is, not use to having your ass fuckedm your ass hurts and with weak legs from the two orgasms you had just received, you pretty much just hold on to me and manage to walk right beside me, strangely enough with a very satisfied smile on you pretty little face.

After we meet up with your friends, we hang out with them, shopping and sitting in the food court, all while i am pretty much carrying you from A to B. You start falling back asleep now as it's getting late into the night, you suggest we just go home and cuddle instead of the movie your friends had suggested.

When we get back to the house, we lay on the couch under the blanket and wrapped in each others arms as we fall asleep watching T.V.

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The next morning I send you back to your parents house with no explantion other then "I just need time to find myself." One week passes, you get no call or anything from me. Two weeks pass, still nothing, by this point your really pissed off at me and ready to kill me and have nothing to do with me.

The next day you get a voice mail message from me saying to pack your bags with enough clothes and anything else you want for one week and to meet me at the house tomorrow morning. You show up that morning with no clothes or anything, grabbing the spare key you open the door and walk in to find it pitch black, so you turn on a light and find rose petals on the floor leading to the bathroom, then to the tub.

The tub filled with hot water and rose petals all over the surface of the water. Seeing a note by the sink, you open it and read "can you really stay mad at me :P candles and lighter are all under the sink, I love you!" You look under the sink and find it half full with your favourite candles.

Lighting all the candles you get in the bath, it being extremely hot, you take your time getting in. After a while when you are relaxed, I sneak in, barely making any noise. I set a towel on the edge of the counter and leave the bathroom for you to relax. When you notice that a towel has appeared on the counter, you go to reach for it and notice another note on the top of it, opening it, you read "while you were in the bath I noticed you forgot to pack so I'm packing for you, come to the bedroom when your ready." After you get out and dried off, wrapped in the towel, you walk into the bedroom.

You find clean clothes laid out on the bed and another note laying on the thong I picked out. "almost me in the car, use the bathroom if you need to and lock the door behind you." After locking the door you walk to the car, you see that its all packed up with camping gear. As you sit in the passenger seat i give you a very passionate kiss and tell you that we are spending the week alone together camping.

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Several hours of driving later, we get to the camp site up near the mountains and set up our tent and everything, get a fire going and sit and cuddle for the rest of the night.

The next morning you wake up to not find my naked body against your naked body, after you get dressed and walk out of the tent, you see me coming from a small, lightly over grown path in the woods.

Asking where I was, you walk up to me, wrap your arms around my neck and kiss me. Telling you that i was off exploring and I found a river about five minutes away, you tell me that you want to go check it out, so I take you by the hand and lead you down the small lightly over grown path.

Taking off all your clothes, you slowly walk into the river, as you get closer to the middle the water just comes up past your gorgeous little breasts. You then motion for me to come in and join you, I take off my clothes and walk in and join you. Coming up behind you, I wrap my arms around you, one just under your breasts slightly pushing them up and my other hand between your legs rubbing your clit.

Your hand reach behind you one going around the back of my neck and your other hand wrapped around my dick, slowly stroking my cock, you feel my cock starting to get hard in your hand, you push your ass againsnt me and put my now hard dick between your legs. Trying to put my dick into your pussy but not being able to get the right angle, you turn around.

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Taking this hint, i grab your ass and pick you up, wrapping your legs around my waist and your arms around my neck, I slowly lower you down on my cock, as it slides into your pussy you gasp. Moving one hand to your asshole, I push a finger inside your ass while my dick slams into your pussy.

You moan loudly feeling my cock in your pussy moving against my finger in your ass.

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Squeezing tighter around my waist and neck you whisper that you are about to cum, I push my finger deeper inside your ass and begin fucking your pussy faster, you scream "I'M CUMMING" and completely impale your pussy on my dick and your ass on my finger. I walk us over to the bank of the river, lay you down on your back on the soft green grass, push the tip of my cock into your pussy and grab your hips and I start fucking you as fast as i can.

Leaning up you scratch down my chest as you kiss me, shoving your tongue in my mouth as you claw at my chest. As you begin moaning louder and louder you tell me that you are going to cum again, so i slow down and pull my dick out and just put the head of my cock inside you and begin rubbing your clit really fast, you start cumming again so I shove my cock back deep inside your pussy.

You push me away from you, kneel on the grass and tell me to stand in front of you, so I do so, standing in front of you, you grab my cock and wrap your soft lips around the tip of my hard dick and you begin stroking my cock as you suck on the head. Telling you that I'm about to cum, you pull my dick out of your mouth and give me a handjob until I cum all over your chest and a little bit on your lips and face.

The rest of the week is the same, us by oursleves, cuddling and having sex until both of us are too sore to continue. The last day, we just cuddle and pack to go back to our lives in the city. Heading back into the city, you rest your head on my shoulder and tell me that you had the best camping trip you have ever had. Should I keep writing? any constructive criticism(sp?) would be appreciated