Karnataka man shows his manliness in bathroom

Karnataka man shows his manliness in bathroom
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Sissy the Redhead: Mamma's Price Pt VI My kids had been on their "walk" for a couple of hours now. Of course I knew better. I was sure they were across the street involved in some sort of hot, sticky, depraved and illegal sex act with either one or both of my "classy" neighbors. I didn't mind. They were my kids, after all, and were bound to be at least as horny as I was. The only problem was, I was feeling left out.

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Fucking my sixteen year old son, Luke, was a pleasure I had only enjoyed once, yesterday. And I hadn't tasted my thirteen year old daughter, Sissy's hot little snatch since before I left to pick Luke up three days ago.

I decided to walk straight over there and demand some compensation. Those people owed me for having full use (and abuse) of my young children, and I planned on getting paid.now.

I slipped myself into a skimpy, black bikini and 2 inch black heels, and strutted across the street. When I got to the door, I didn't bother knocking, just let myself in and walked straight through the kitchen, and out to the pool. They were all swimming. Well, more like huddled together and rubbing each other, which instantly made my pussy drip. "So," I stopped at the edge, hands on my sexy, round hips, my big tits thrust out proudly, "there you two are." The woman took her hands from my two children faster than I'd seen anyone move.

She had the most delicious look of fear on her face, but both my kids just smiled. I decided to play my hand forcefully. "What have you been doing with my children?" I asked her in a hard tone. "Uh.um.we, I mean." she stuttered.

"We were just swimming?" Oh, this was too much fun, I thought. "Just swimming, huh?" I dipped my words in angry sarcasm. "Were you just swimming yesterday, too? When I stopped by to find my VERY young daughter being skewered by that railroad tie your husband calls a cock?" Her face turned white, and her eyes started to flutter like she was going to pass out.

"Oh, god.I don't know what to say.please, don't call the police. I swear, we didn't start anything.your daughter." Then a look crossed her face that said she might be about to say the wrong thing.

I imagine, if I were a normal parent, hearing that my underage daughter is a slut and threw herself at an adult couple, that a case of statutory rape was HER fault, would not be what I wanted to hear. "We can pay you! We have money!" Now we were getting somewhere, I thought. "Well, why don't you all get out of the pool, and we'll discuss how to handle this." Once we were seated around the patio table, the same table they had been fucking my young daughter on just yesterday, I began negotiations.

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First, I scraped at a dried spot of cum in front of me. "Is this her cum, or your husband's?" I asked. Again, it looked like she would faint. Then I made the move that would change everything, I stuck my finger in my mouth, closed my eyes, and smacked my lips. "Mmm, definitely hers." The woman's jaw dropped and I smiled a wicked grin. "Okay, here's the deal. You aren't the only one who has fucked my children. So have I." she began to look a little relieved. "And I wasn't upset yesterday when I saw what I saw.

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In fact, I made a mess on your kitchen floor as I watched and masturbated. Does that surprise you?" "Well, yes.a little. But knowing your daughter, it all makes sense. She is the horniest girl I've ever heard of. She must have gotten it from somewhere." "Well, that's true. If she's ever made you cum, you have me to thank. I taught her how to eat pussy last year." "Oh, she has, Mrs." "I think we are all way past formalities. I'm Crissy." "Charlotte, nice to finally meet you.

And thank you VERY much!" "Now," I said, getting back to business. "Just because I don't mind if you and your husband fuck my underage children, doesn't mean you can do it without giving me something in return.

Does that sound fair?" "Crissy, the way your two kids fuck, it sounds more than fair. Whatever you want, it's yours." "Good. First of all, I want full access to your house at all times, and everything in it.

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That includes your beautiful kitchen, your food, this pool, your wardrobe, your car, and especially.you and your husband. I need to get that slab of meat stuffed up inside me, Charlotte. I've never seen one so huge!" "Oh, that would be our pleasure, I'm sure!

From now on, our house is your house." She looked at me with relief and lust in her eyes. "Now," she wet her lips and smiled. "Is there anything I can do for you.now?" I pushed my chair back, and spread my legs.

"Well, now that you mention it." She crawled over to me and wasted no time pulling aside my bikini and diving into my pussy. My two kids had been perfect children this whole time. Watching their mother work her magic and provide for them. They were smiling at me as Charlotte began her payment with approving looks. They were both pretty smart kids, and realized I had just raised their place in society in a matter of minutes.

"Don't be shy now kids. Luke, why don't you feed that nice hard cock to your sister while I watch you." Luke pulled his shorts right off, and laid his hard, young boy's body back in his deck chair while my sweet little Sissy crawled up between his legs like a cat in heat, her tiny little ass stuck up in the air, and a hungry grin on her pretty little face. I always loved the way her big blue eyes lit up with sexual desire. It was a whole new level of hot to watch her slip my son's cock into her petite mouth.

And the look on his face was enough to make my pussy explode. Charlotte lapped it all up as I squirted into her mouth, and kept on licking. She even raised up my legs and began probing her tongue into my ass, which made me squeal with delight.

Meanwhile, my son had pulled Sissy's head off his dick, and was positioning her on her hands and knees. He grabbed her by her thick, red hair and yanked her head back really hard as he penetrated her tight pussy.

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"Luke! Your sister is not me! I might like it when you hurt me and treat me rough, but she's still a little girl, take it easy with her." "No, mom," she said, her voice thick with lust.

"I love it. Luke's older than me, and he's a boy, so it feels right when he dominates me.

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I like it when he takes me like this, when he abuses me. It makes me feel like such a little whore! Oh.god.I'm cumming!" The sight of her little cunt spraying out around my son's hard dick, and the words that just came out of her mouth, sent me into another shuddering orgasm.

Charlotte was playing the perfect hostess, and drinking every last drop without even pausing. I can't describe how her tongue felt as I watched my son rough-fuck my daughter like that. When Sissy had her second orgasm, I said, "Luke, Charlotte here has been so nice, getting nothing the whole time all of us have been having fun, why don't you come over and fuck her for a minute." "Sure mom." When he pulled out of his sister, a gush of her cum flowed onto the chair, and his cock was glistening with her juice.

"Oh, first, baby, let me clean you.


It's been days since I tasted my daughter." He stood in front of me and I opened my mouth like a good whore. My son was a natural. he grabbed the back of his mother;s head with both hands, and rammed his wet dick into my eager mouth.

He knew exactly how his mamma liked it.hard and rough. With the taste of both my son's pre-cum, and my daughters juice in my throat, I shot another stream of cum into our new toy's mouth. "Okay, baby," I said, letting his cock slip out of my mouth. "Go fuck Charlotte. Charlotte? Do like it good and rough like me?" She looked up at me, her face glazed in my cum and a distant lusty look in her eyes. "God, yes. Your son's an animal. He made me squirt for the first time this morning, the way he just took me.

It felt like I was being raped, the way he choked me, and drilled my ass. I've never felt like that before!" "Oh, really?" I looked up at my boy with a new respect. "You'll have to show me that trick later," I said. "Sure mom," he said, then he thrust his cock inside Charlotte's pussy. While she was busy moaning at my son's cunt hammering and hair pulling, I had Sissy come over and sit her pretty little pussy down on my mouth.

I ate her until she came once, loudly, because no one knows how to make her flow like her mamma. Then I instructed her to get in position under Charlotte's pussy. "Luke, when you're ready, just fill her up. Fill that slut's cunt up with your hot, thick cum, and your little sister is going to suck it all out of her, and us girls are going to share you." "Oh, god!" Was all he could say. Hearing words like that from your mother's mouth will put any red blooded young boy over the top, which was my plan all along.

I was getting thirsty for the taste of cum. Charlotte screamed out as he jammed his cock all the way up inside her, and yanked back as hard as he could on her blond hair. her eyes went wide when she felt spurt after spurt hit the back of her pussy. I knew when he was finished, because he released Charlotte's gasping head. "Okay Sissy. Try not to swallow any as she fills your mouth." Sissy did a good job of getting her mouth under Charlotte's snatch as her brother pulled out.

As she was catching the thick mixture of their cum, i motioned my son over to my mouth once again, and cleaned his cock off. Charlotte's juice tasted incredible. I was going to enjoy tasting that whenever I wanted. And Luke' young, heathy jizz was wonderful, too. I was in heaven. Finally, Sissy finished cleaning our neighbor, and stood up.

We three girls pulled our faces together, and my daughter spit the entire mixture into my mouth.


I watched as she tasted and swallowed what clung to the inside of her cheeks and tongue, then I spit the juice into Charlotte's mouth. The combination of my son's cum, Charlotte's pussy juice, and my daughter's spit was intoxicating. I actually came again just from the flavor and the thought of it all. Charlotte passed it back to Sissy, and it went around two more times before I had the last mouthful, and greedily swallowed it.

We all kissed one another then. It was so natural, pushing all three of our sticky, cummy mouths together and running our tongues between each other's lips and teeth, tasting the last of that dirty meal, and eating it out of each other's mouths. When we were about finished, I heard my son moaning again.

I turned and was surprised to see his fist flying up and down his shaft as fast as he could. I could tell he was going to cum again--ah, youth--and I had Sissy lay down on the deck chair with her pussy lifted up. "Shoot it all over her pussy, Luke," I told him. He immediately obliged, and coated her lips with his sticky, white ropes.

Charlotte and I bent over and lapped it all up. Once we recovered, I had Charlotte go inside and make us drinks and lunch, naked, of course.


Then we all lounged around the pool in the hot afternoon sun, content, and waited for Jim to arrive so we could fill him in.and he could fill me in! To be continued.