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Black girl in green fucks a gang
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The World's First Futa Futa's Naughty Jobs Chapter One: Futa's First Hot Game Show By mypenname3000 Copyright 2018 April 17th, 2047 I was still riding the emotional high of declaring to the world just how much I loved my young wife. Though our relationship was only four years and four months old, she had become my world. I had to wait until I was in my forties to meet my soulmate, but I did. The moment I laid eyes on Sharron, eighteen and quivering, she stole my heart. After talking about attending the wedding of Sharron's parents, my ex-boyfriend Kurt to his soulmate Rosemary, and spending the wedding night with the happy couple fucking the bride as many times as I could, I just had to share to the world the depths of my love for Sharron.

"And we're back in thirty seconds," the male producer said. I nodded my head, the makeup guy—when dealing with me, it was best to use men since women could lose control and fuck me, especially if they've never been bred by me before—touched up my mascara and the foundation on my cheeks after the tears of joy I shed. Sharron still fanned her face as she just stood off stage.

"Wow," Adelia said as she took her place on the couch. Like me, she needed her makeup fixed. The caramel-skinned, mixed-race talk show host gave me a big smile. "That had to keep viewership high, and I can just imagine the amount of rewatches that clip will generate." "I'm sure there's already a dozen videos on YouTube remixed of it with sappy music playing.

Like Sarah McLachlan or something." "Ah, yes, oldies are always nice to put on songs." I shook my head. I was a little young to know Sarah McLachlan at her height during the Nineties, but I forgot that I had a decade on Adelia.

Then I shivered, remembering that Nirvana played on oldie rock networks on Spotify and Pandora these days. Where had the years gone? "Well," Adelia said, "you good to continue, Becky? That almost wiped me out." "I am," I said, taking a deep breath. "I didn't think talking about that night would bring up such emotions and." My words trailed off as Adelia held up her hand. "Let's save that for when we're live. Which is in.?" "Five seconds," the male producer answered.

He stood between two of the cameras streaming this interview live to the world. Behind him lurked the shadowy studio audience. I could feel them still buzzing with the emotional high they shared in.

"Welcome back," Adelia said smoothly when the red lights blinked on atop the camera. "For those just joining in, I'm here with President Becky Woodward celebrating her forty-eighth birthday. We've been talking about her life as the world's first futa. You just missed out on an emotional display as she discussed attending the wedding of her ex-boyfriend, Kurt Albertson.

The very man whose cum triggered her transformation." "Hard to forget a guy that changes your life," I quipped, sitting up straight. "I bet," Adelia said. "Now, you said that you realized how empty your life was after seeing him wit his new bride, Rosemary." "I was twenty-three, been a futa for four-and-a-half years. I never had a girlfriend in all of that time.

I was just having sex. Five or six different women a day. Sometimes more. It was pleasure, pure hedonism. I was breeding nubile virgins and married MILFs. It was incredible, but seeing Kurt and Rosemary's love reminded me of what I would have had if this never happened. "Kurt and I would have been in that much love. Or so I always thought." I shrugged. "I don't know what would my life had been like if I hadn't changed, but I thought I'd have what Rosemary did.

And now. I felt it's loss. I didn't have a purpose." "So did you go out and try to find one?" Adelia asked. "I started to, but it was just easier for me to get lost in the pleasure of new pussy. It was such a. distraction." Adelia laughed, rich and full of honest joy. "Mmm, I bet it was." "I didn't find a purpose until I was nominated for president. That really sharpened my life into focus." I shrugged.

"But that didn't have for. what, another fifteen years. So I just spent the rest of my twenties and half my thirties just. existing. I did weird jobs, whatever amusements I could find to change things up before it got boring." "Like starring in a porno about your own life?" Adelia asked.

"That was. novel." I leaned back. "I think the Japanese game show was one of the weirdest things I experienced during this time. It was. a couple years after the wedding, maybe three and." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ January 7th, 2025 I had no idea what the announcer was saying as he spoke in such rapid Japanese. I barely knew any of the language. It wasn't that hard living in Tokyo when you only spoke English, and the TV studio was a big help, providing me with so many comforts so they could have me for their new game show: "Futanari Explosion!" Yep, they used the English word there and it always made me giggle when the announcer said it in this super dramatic voice struggling with the word.

The Japanese, I'd learned, had a hard time with L's and multiple consonants piled together. The host, Osamu Kato, had such energy. The balding, short Japanese man, his skin a dark shade of olive, raced up and down the stage as he cheered on the dozen or so women who were running an obstacle course in order to win the grand prize of the game: getting fucked by me live on Japanese TV. I kept hearing my name, pounced as "Bakukee," shouted by Mr.

Osamu as he screamed into his microphone. The dozen women were racing forward through suspended punching bags painted garish shades of pinks and purples. They knocked the naked women around, making their luscious tits jiggle. All were native Japanese women in their twenties or thirties, fit and sexy. The first three to make it to the end would participate in the rest of the show. My dick ached and throbbed as I watched the lead woman—an energetic Japanese gal with round, bouncing tits—burst out of the swinging punching bags and raced to a balance beam over what looked to a pit full of vanilla pudding.

The watching crowd whooped and cheered as the naked woman stepped out onto the thin beam, her arms thrust out before her. Her silky, black hair danced about her shoulders as her dainty feet stepped across it. The end of the obstacle course loomed before her. She just had to navigate a steep slope with a moat of a black, tar-like liquid at the bottom. Maybe it was chocolate syrup. Or, here in the Japan, it could have been something else.

They had such weird snack foods. A second woman burst out of the punching bags, young and youthful. She darted out onto the beam with such confidence. She made it two steps before she slipped. I winced as she fell, straddling the beam, my pussy clenching in sympathy as her small tits bounced. Then she rolled to the right and fell into the pudding. The crowd cheered louder. Mr. Osamu shouted in his microphone while striking a strange pose. He wore a purple tracksuit of all things, a gold medallion dangling about his neck like he was some sort of rap star.

More women were bursting out of the punching bags. The bottleneck to get on the balance beam had them all tousling and scrambling together. A busty woman gasped as she was pushed off, her hair streaking around her face as she went splat into the pudding, her tits heaving. These women were ravenous to have sex with me. A tall and slender woman was the next across the balance beam while the first was leaping to the slope. She grasped a bump and began climbing up it to the top while the slender woman darted across the beam in record time.

Other women were falling into the pudding, but another two managed to cross. Mr. Osamu was almost hysterical, his face going ruddy as he screamed into the microphone. That first woman hauled herself to the top and smacked one of the three buttons.

Then she bounced on her heels and thrust out her fingers in a V while the cameras recorded her perky body and heaving tits. She was sexy. They all were. My futa-dick ached and throbbed. I wondered if I would get to fuck her before the nation of Japan.

I fisted my girl-cock as I waited, a camera trained on me. I winked at it, my blonde hair falling about my face, my round tits swaying. The second woman reached the top, smacking another button. Her small tits jiggled as she threw an arm into the air and cried out in Japanese: "Yatta!" I had no idea what it meant.

Two women, one short and busty and the other petite and girlish, jumped for the slope at the same time. The short woman's big tits heaved before her. She smacked into the side and grasped one of the round protrusions on the slope.

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The petite girl hit the slope. She gasped, scrambled for purchase, then tumbled. She let out a gasp before rolling down and landing in the thick, dark syrup. Her tiny tits quivered, the sauce spilling up them as she squirmed on her rump. The busty girl made it to the top and hit the last button. "Winners!" shouted Mr. Osamu in English. And just like that, the lights died as the first commercial break went in. I groaned, my pussy leaking juices down my thighs. This was the premier episode of the game show, and it was wild.

I couldn't believe the obstacle course these girls had to run through. They were all so eager for it, too. The winning girls were brought over to me. The all smiled at me, their eyes so smoky. I learned their names then. The first girl was Junko. She had an energetic bounce about her and a cute, round face.

Her breasts swayed as she couldn't stop moving. She gave me a cute wave and fluttered her eyes at me before breaking into giggles. The second girl, the tall and slender one, was more reserved but still obviously eager to be here.

She kept fingering her nipples as she wiggled her hips. Her name was Hanako. "Which means Little Flower, Becky-san," she added to me. "I told have very sweet flower." "I bet you do," I told her, my dick aching, barely parsing her broken English. "Watashi wa Kimiko," the third girl said, her big tits jiggling. I knew enough Japanese now to understand she said: "I am Kimiko." She squirmed, rubbing her thighs together, her pussy shaved and glistening.

"Okay, we have quick interview with the girls, then the fun begins," Mr. Osamu said, giving me a big grin. "Okay, Becky?" "Okay!" I said, giving him a thumbs up with my left hand; my right was occupied.

"I'll just keep jerking my dick." "Such big dick," Hanako muttered, her eyes staring at it with such hunger. Then she gasped as Osamu turned her around to face the cameras. I had no idea what any of the contestants said as they answered questions.

Japanese spilled so fast out of their mouths. It sounded so musical, so beautiful, and utterly alien to me. The girls were all eager. They all were squirming, especially Junko.

They faced away from me during the interviews, letting me enjoy their three naked asses, Hanako's thick bush gleaming with drops of her pussy juices. I fondled my round breast, my pink nipple aching.

My hand wanted to pump my cock faster, but I had to wait. I couldn't cum. Yet. After seven years since I became a futanari, the world had changed so much.

Even here in Japan, they were showing sex on a game show, complete with naked girls. In America, the 28th Amendment passed last year giving adults the freedom to have sex wherever they wanted, even on national TV.

No longer did the FCC have to look the other way when I was getting naughty on TV thanks to the Becky Amendment, as people were calling it. What would the world be like in another decade or so when the first of my daughters became eighteen. Would they make women as horny as I did? Would they cause them to go into hyper-ovulation and heat, becoming so eager to be bred by me?

In a hundred years, would the human race only be futanari? Maybe. "It's time for FUTANARI CUM EXPLOSION!" Mr. Osamu said, suddenly shouting in English. The three contests spun around, Kimiko's big tits bouncing before her.

They fell to the ground before me and began wrestling each other. Their naked bodies slipped and squirmed around each other as the three fought to be on top. I shuddered at the sight of their bodies rubbing together.

Hard nipples thrust from their breasts. They pressed their tits into each other. They moaned and groaned, thighs rubbing against juicy pussies.

Hands grabbed rumps. "CUM! CUM! CUM!" chanted the watching crowd. I fisted my cock hard now. No holding back. I stood over the three wrestling, squirming women.

They gasped and moaned, crying out in Japanese as they all struggled to be on top, to be exposed to my spurting jizz when I orgasmed. It was so hot. One moment, Kimiko and her big tits was heaving on top of the pile, her eyes so eager, the next energetic Junko was onto, her round breasts bouncing before her, dusky-olive nipples so hard.

Then Hanako squirmed to the top, her slender rump thrusting up at me, her dark bush gleaming wet between her thighs. "Yes, yes, yes," I groaned. "Ooh, you little sluts want to be covered in my jizz." "Becky-san!" Hanako moaned before she vanished back into the pile.

"CUM! CUM! CUM!" The entire studio rumbled with the crowd's passion. It fed the ache building and building in the depths of my pussy.

I kept myself on edge all through the obstacle course and the interviews, my ovaries begging to unleash a huge load of jizz.

"You three sluts just want to be coated in it." "Yes, yes, slut!" groaned Kimiko. She popped out on top, her round face twisted in pleasure. "Spill seed on us, Becky!" "Cover us!" gasped Hanako. "Futanari no Seishi!" moaned Kimiko, her hands cupping her tits before Junko seized those big breasts and pulled her down to the floor again. "Yes, yes, yes!" I gasped, my pussy clenching. My hand flew up and down my dick. The pressure built and built at the spongy tip, aching to burst out of me.

Every time my stroking hand reached the pinnacle and caressed my crown, pleasure shot down to my pussy and ovaries. My face twisted. All of Japan watched right now. I bet women were fingering their cunts or jamming dildos into their pussies wishing they were one of three writhing before me about to be bathed in my jizz.

My hand shot up to the tip of my dick. My tits heaved. Pleasure exploded in the depths of my pussy. My orgasm rippled through my cunt. My pussy convulsed, flooding juices hot down my thighs while my dick. My dick erupted. Cum shot from my girl-cock. My white splattered for the three writhing women. Kimiko popped out between Junko and Hanako, cupping those big tits. My cum splattered across them.

That first load spilled all over her heaving mounds. Junko scrambled. She thrust her face up and over Kimiko's big boobs.

I groaned, my second blast splattering across her cheek and nose before the other half painted a short line on Kimiko's heaving tit right across her nipple. "Yes, yes, yes!" I howled, fisting my cock as my jizz pumped out of me. Pleasure slammed into my mind. Dizzying waves of bliss surged over me. The crowd thundered their excitement while my cum splattered the three girls. Hanako managed get a stripe of pearly jizz across her side and hip and Kimiko got another big load to splash on her shaved pussy, my jizz rolling over her juicy labia.

My final spurt erupted. Kimiko darted her head forward, eyes closed, while Hanako did the same. Most landed on Kimiko, a curving line that went over her lips before spilling onto Hanako's forehead and into her black hair. "Ooh, that was good," I panted. "Futanari cum explosion!" roared Mr. Osamu. "FUTANARI CUM EXPLOSION!" cheered the crowd while the three contestants gained their feet.

The winner was clear. Kimiko had easily twice my cum dripping off her body. I shuddered, my body buzzing with rapture while Kimiko bounced her jizz-splattered tits before the cameras and the cheering crowd, more of my spunk leaking down her thighs. Round one was over.

Round two was. interesting. I didn't get to participate, which I thought was a shame. I just had to sit around and look sexy, my futa-cock thrusting up from my lap, my twenty-five-year-old body on display for every one to ogle. The three women knelt on their hands on knees on padded pillows while piston sex machines were moved in behind them.

If you don't know what a piston sex machine is, they might be the most expensive sex toy in the world. They provide motors for fucking dildos in and out of a woman's pussy. If you've ever seen a porno of a girl getting fucked by a pistoning dildo, it was similar to one of these devices.

They maneuvered each one behind the contestant, sliding a thick, bumpy dildo into her pussy. I wished it was my dick, but there was only one of me.

I sat before them, the prize they were all shooting for. The three women all stared at me with such hunger. Then the puzzles were dumped out before them. They weren't big puzzles, only seventy-five pieces, but you try putting one together while a dildo pumped in and out your pussy. "PUSSY PUZZLE EXPLOSION!" shouted Mr. Osamu at the top of his lungs, his gold medallion bouncing on his chest as he leaped up into the air. The machines hummed to life. The women gasped and moaned as the dildos fucked their cunts.

Fast. They pistoned in and out of them with speeds no guy, or a blonde futanari, could match. In moments, pussy cream dribbled down their thighs. The three women moaned in Japanese, their faces twisted in rapture. Kimiko's heavy tits swayed back and forth, my cum dribbling down her breasts to her fat nipples. Junko's had a nice bounce to them as she sorted through her puzzle, struggling to assemble her pieces.

Hanako's firm titties hardly moved, but she had a flood of pussy juices flowing down her thighs. She thrust her tongue through her plump lips and went to work on the puzzle. "Ooh, yes, yes, put those puzzles together and you'll get to enjoy me," I moaned, thrusting my legs wide, my pussy on display for them, my blonde bush soaked by my juices. I fisted my dick, precum spilling out the tip.

My toes curled as I whimpered in delight. Such pleasure built and built in me. "Yes, yes, you can do it." The girls moaned and gasped, fumbling at the pieces. The machines fucked their pussies so fast and hard. It was such a wicked treat to enjoy.

My toes curled as I pumped my hand up and down my dick. I didn't have to hold back. And neither did the contestants. "Iku!" Kimiko howled, her back arching as she exploded on the dildo fucking in and out of her pussy.

Her orgasmic bliss burned across her face while her hand scattered her puzzle, breaking several pieces off.

Beside her, Junko shook her head, struggling against the pleasure. It spilled across her features. I leaned forward, fisting my dick so hard and fast. My pussy clenched as I smiled at her. She stared up at me.

"Becky!" Junko moaned. "Futa-chan!" "Yes!" I groaned as she orgasm. My futa-dick pulsed. My hot cum fired up my body to splatter my tits. "FUTANARI EXPLOSION!" screamed the crowd as I writhed in bliss, my dick erupting, coating my breasts in my own jizz for the nation of Japan to witness.

My eyes fluttered as I groaned, the bliss flooding through my body. I loved it. It was so incredible. I drank it as the rapture pumped through me. My hips kept fucking up into the air. I whimpered, grinding my teeth together as I savored such bliss pumping through my veins, electrifying my passions.

The chair creaked beneath me. I squirmed and groaned. My ass clenched and my toes spasmed. My head leaned back as the crowd cheered on my pleasures. My futa-dick spurted a final time, a powerful blast that splashed salt across my face. "Futanari explosion!" I shouted. "FUTANARI EXPLOSION!" the crowd answered. I panted, my round breasts heaving as the pleasure coursed through my body.

I whimpered and shook my head, my entire body buzzing from the delight that pumped through me. I drank in the applause, the whoops, the joy the audience took in witnessing my orgasm. I loved being in front of people. This game show would be awesome. It was like hosting the Ms. Bred Beauty Pageant, but I only got to do that once a year. I would get this rush every week. Something to fill my heart. I smiled, my tits heaving, my cum running down them.

I sat up, blinking, staring at the contestants. Junko had recovered from her orgasm while busty Kimiko still gasped and moaned, pussy juices flooding down her thighs. Was she cumming again? Her big breasts swayed as her hands clenched about puzzle pieces. Hanako, in the center, concentrated. Her flushed face stared down at the Pieces her fingers working.

She had an impressive lead. But could she keep it. "Mmm," I purred, my right hand idly sweeping up the cum dribbling down my tits. I brought it to my lips, savoring the salty treat as I watched the tall and slender Hanako fumble with a puzzle piece.

The piston sex machine fucked her as hard as the other two. Her entire body trembled. Her eyes squeezed tight. Her jaw clenched. Her entire face contorted. I groaned, realizing she warred against an orgasm. Would she surrender to the piece. Junko was catching up. The energetic girl's hands flying as she scooped up puzzle pieces. Hanako whimpered. Her hand fumbled to push in the next piece. She was just so close.

She squeezed her eyes shut again, her face contorting.

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Junko let out a shout of delight, popping in another one of her pieces. "Come on," I muttered and then scooped up an other gob of cum. I brought it to my mouth and popped it in. Loved it. "You can do it," I groaned. Something about Hanako's determination filled me with delight. Her eyes snapped open. She grabbed her piece and jammed it in.

Then she grabbed her final piece, twisted it, the piston sex machine fucking her pussy so hard and fast. My own cunt clenched in envy, wanting to experience that pistoning delight. Then Hanako popped her piece in. "Yatta!" She surrendered to her passion. Her face fell as she orgasmed so hard, triumph burning about her face. The crowd roared as for the winner of the second round. I groaned, loving the look of bliss rippling across Hanako's face.

She earned every moment of bliss coursing through her body. She deserved every bit of the rapture surging through her. I was so happy for her. I beamed at her and trembled in delight. Her head snapped up, her small tits jiggling. "WINNER!" howled Mr. Osamu. He grabbed her arm and wrenched her up to her feet, pulling her pussy off the fucking machine.

"WINNER! PUSSY PUZZLE EXPLOSION!" I just shuddered while the other two girls stood on unsteady feet. And that brought us to the question round.

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The three girls were brought before small plinths, all made of clear plastic, topped with a red button. It was so skinny so as not to hide their bodies, Kimiko's big tits covered in my drying jizz. Behind them were the score boards. Hanako and Kimiko both had twenty points, a two question lead, over poor Junko. She'd have to be quick. I trembled in my chair.

Whoever came out of this with the most points, would win. I sat on my throne, the prize for the three girls. They faced me, licking their lips, all so hungry for it. All so eager to rush at me. Each wore a collar with a chain that lead back to a wall making sure none of the losers tried to rush at me and mount me.

Only the winner got that joy. At least on camera. I had no doubts I would enjoy all three of them before the night was over. And, of course, the winner won some money, but I doubt any of those three really cared about it. Not when they stared at me with such hunger in their eyes. They licked their lips, eyes glassy, pale-olive faces flushed. Kimiko fondled those big, lush tits. Junko fingered her pussy, her digits buried into her thick, black bush.

I didn't understand the first question. I wish I spoke some Japanese. Junko smacked her buzzer, her round breasts heaving, her left hand still fingering her twat. She answered in Japanese and bells went off.

Mr. Osamu pulled out the clothespin from his pocket. Punishments weren't uncommon in Japanese game shows. My nipple throbbed as he clamped it onto Junko's nipple. She gasped and shuddered, her face scrunching up with pain.

Then her eyes landed on me. She stared at me with such intensity, enduring the pain for a chance to fuck me. Behind her, 10 points appeared on the board. I blinked. She got the question right? Mr. Osamu barked out his next question. Kimiko smacked in, said something in Japanese.

A loud, honking sound played and red lights flashed. She got it wrong. Then Junko smacked her board and shouted something. Bells rang. She winced, threw back her shoulders, and thrust her round tits at Mr. Osamu to accept her "point." My futa-cock twitched as he clamped her other nipple with the clothespin. She shuddered, dancing in place, her left hand still fingering her pussy while she let out a moan of pain. Or of rapture. Then I understood why a contestant would want to win those earlier rounds and earn bonus points.

It meant less clothespins clamped on their tits. I shuddered as I watched the questions fly out of Mr.

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Osamu's mouth, the girls smacking in, their breasts jiggling. They'd answer questions then tense, waiting for the pain. Soon, all three had both nipples clamped and Junko had two more clothespins biting into her tits, pinching her flesh. She endured it for me. I shuddered, feeling so flattered that these three Japanese women allowed their tits to be clamped just to fuck me.

They all moaned. They all gasped. Soon, all three were masturbating. Their faces were flushed. Juices flowed down their thighs as they stammered through their answers. They were all moaning, shuddering. "Becky-san!" whimpered Junko. She had seven clothespins dangling off her tits plus the two on her nipples.

"Becky-san!" Her face contorted in rapture as she came, finding ecstasy amid the pain coursing through her tits. It was so beautiful.

Hanako smacked her buzzer, taking advantage of Junko's distraction, and receiving her fifth clothespin on her small tits. She didn't have much tits, so her skin looked stretched taut by the clothespins. She leaned over, moaning, her fingers plunging in and out of her thigh. The crowd drank it in. Hanako smacked the buzzer on the next question and took the lead. Her body swayed, her nipples bouncing as the clothespins pulled on them.

She stared at me with such hungry eyes as Mr. Osamu barked out the next question. Her and Junko both smacked their hands down.

Kimiko, who only had two clothespins on her big tits, didn't even try. I gasped as Hanako's light came on. She landed just slightly ahead of Junko. She cried out her answer. "Fujisan!" "Kurekuto!" howled Mr. Osamu. He said then when they got them right. He pulled out one last clothespin and clipped it onto her right breast. She groaned, her body contorting. Then he stepped back and shouted. "WINNER! FUTANARI EXPLOSION!" "FUTANARI EXPLOSION!" shouted the crowd. With a buzz, Hanako's collar snapped open.

Released, the winner charged at me. Her tall, lithe body dashed past Mr. Osamu. Her small breasts jiggled. The clothespins pinching her tits and nipples bouncing up and down. She had such joy in her eyes.

"Becky-san!" she moaned, falling to her knees. "I win you! I win futanari explosion!" Such joy burned in her slanted eyes. "Yes, you did," I groaned as she gasped my futa-dick, fisting it before all of Japan.

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The cameras moved in, recording her ducking her head down and burying her face into my blonde bush. I groaned as her hungry tongue lapped at my pussy with such energy. She fluttered it up my folds. I groaned, my toes curling. My round, cum-stained tits heaved from the shock of pleasure rippling through me.

My dick throbbed in her stroking hand. She fisted up and down my dick while staring up at me past my shaft. "I win!" she moaned again then licked at my labia. "You are a winner, Hanako!" I gasped, her tongue fluttering along my folds. "Just enjoy. Eat my pussy." "Pussy!" she gasped. Then she sucked on my labia for a moment. "So good. Yum." I loved her enthusiasm. She endured the clothespins, completed the obstacle course, fought off the piston sex machine pleasure all so she could love me.

A dizzy thrill ran through me. My futa-dick throbbed in her hand. I loved this. Her tongue bathed my pussy. She licked up my juices as they flowed out of me. She feasted on my cream while the crowd celebrated her victory. I squirmed on my throne, loving this. Loving this country. "I love Japan!" I moaned, my futa-dick throbbing in her stroking hand. Every time she pumped up the pinnacle and massaged my spongy crown, my pussy clenched on her probing tongue.

She swirled it through my depths. She plundered in and out of my cunt, teasing me, driving me so wild. My eyes fluttered. My heart pounded.

I squirmed and shuddered. My eyes rolled back in my head. It was such a delicious delight. I savored this. My thighs squeezed about her face.

Her hand stroked faster and faster. She worshiped me with that naughty tongue. She was so skilled about it. I whimpered as my orgasm built and built in me. My ovaries grew tighter and tighter. My toes curled and— "Futa-chan," Mr. Osamu said, leaning in at me as I shuddered. "How is Hanako-chan doing? Is she making your pussy feel very well?" "Oh, yes," I panted as he held out his microphone before me. "Such a good pussy licker.

She's going to make me cum so hard." Then he leaned down, lowering the microphone. He spoke to her in Japanese. She lifted her face, her lips and cheeks shiny with my juices. She had such a beaming smile on her face as she answered him in their musical, beautiful tongue.

Then she leaned up and sucked on the tip of my girl-dick. My eyes bulged at the sudden warmth engulfing my dick. Her amazing tongue that just so pleased my pussy now danced around the spongy crown of my dick.


I groaned and shuddered. My pussy clenched, my toes curling.


"And how is her cock-sucking?" asked Mr. Osamu. "Oh, she's good," I moaned. Then I gasped as Hanako jammed a pair of fingers into my pussy. "Very good. She's going to make me cum." "Just flood her mouth will all your.

jism. Your futa-jism?" "Yes, yes, all of it!" I moaned, my pussy clenching down on those delightful digits pumping away inside of me. My body shuddered. The pleasure surged down my cock and swirled through my snatch. It was such a wicked delight.

My eyes fluttered while the bliss rippled through me. She sucked so hard on my girl-dick while plundering my cunt.

My ovaries drank in the stimulation. It wouldn't be long before I exploded. My head tossed, one of the cameras moving in, getting a close-up of my flushed face. I stared right into it, looking out at the nation of Japan as Hanako thrust a third finger into my cunt while her mouth slid up and down my dick. "Yes! Yes! Yes!" I screamed out. "I'm going to. Cum!" My futa-jizz fired into Hanako's mouth. My pussy convulsed about her thrusting fingers. She plunged them in deep, burying them into the hilt in me.

My body shivered. Stars burst across my vision while I shuddered and writhed in rapture. My legs shook while ecstasy fired into my mind. Hanako moaned about my erupting girl-cock. She swallowed down my seed. Her eyes squeezed shut. Her cheeks hollowed as she sucked hard, drawing out more and more cum from the reservoir of my ovaries.

"Oh, that was good," I groaned. "FUTANARI EXPLOSION!" howled Mr. Osamu. "FUTANARI EXPLOSION!" roared the crowd. Hanako's mouth popped off my dick, cum and her drool leaking down her chin. "Futanari explosion!" she gasped as she rose. "Yummy futanari explosion!" "Uh-huh," I groaned as her small tits came in to sight, still covered in the clothespin, both her nipples pinched tight.

She grasped my shaft. She stroked me as she straddled my waist. I groaned as she brought my cock to her juicy pussy. Then she impaled herself down my shaft. Her juicy pussy swallowed my clit-dick, my crown still hypersensitive from my orgasm. I whimpered as she sank down it. Her head arched back, thrusting those small, clothespin-pinched tits at me. Her hands grasped my blonde hair as she worked her hips, sliding and swirling her pussy around my futa-cock. "Damn!" I groaned.

"Oh, Hanako, you're so hot." "Futa-cock!" she moaned. "Big futa-cock!" Then she cried out in Japanese. Mr. Osamu laughed. Pleasure coursed through my body. A dizzy delight rippled through me as I stared at those small, jiggling breasts bouncing before me. The clothespins flicked up and down. They looked so painful. I grabbed one pinching at the bottom of her right tip and squeezed the ends, freeing her. Her pussy clamped down at me. She gasped, her tits quivering.

The pale imprint in her flesh flushed dark as the blood rushed back in. She whimpered, her cunt feeling incredible about my dick. She quivered atop me. "Futa-chan!" she panted, pumping her tight cunt up and down my girl-dick. "More! More! Feel good!" I seized another clothespin from her other breast. I yanked it off. She squealed, her pussy clamping down hard about my girl-dick.

The grip of her silky cunt made me tremble. Pleasure spilled down my shaft while the ache built and built at the tip. I wanted to erupt into her silky heaven so badly. I wanted to pump her full of all my jizz. I seized another clothespin and ripped it off her tit. Then a fourth. She gasped and squealed, her nipples bouncing, still pinched.

"You get so hot when I take these off," I groaned. "Your pussy feels amazing. Makes me want to cum in you." "Yes, yes, cum! Breed! Give me baby! Futa-baby!" Her face contorted in ecstasy. She slammed her cunt down my cock, engulfing every inch of me in her juicy pussy. Was there anything better than a hot pussy fucking up and down my cock?

Tight, hot, silky, wet pussy. I loved it. I could feel her building towards her orgasm. She craved it. She wanted my seed pumping into her, craved that explosive release. It would shudder through her.

She would ride that wave right to her ecstatic bliss, gasping and moaning, crying out for all the world to hear as she milked my cock, eager for my futa-cum to breed her. My ovaries clenched. They were eager to unleash more of my cum. In nine months, Japan would be awash in my futa-daughters.

They loved futanari here. They had an entire genre about women growing dicks before I ever appeared. Now they wrote them about me. I saw so many comics, and even an Anime on their TV, starring me. It was all so incredible. It made me ache and throb. My hips thrust up from the throne, meeting her pussy slamming down my shaft.

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Our flesh slapped together. Her small tits jiggled with their firm perkiness. Her nipples bounced, waving those clothespins.

They begged to be pulled off. To give this heavenly creature some sort of relief. I grasped the one on her right nipple. I tugged on it. She gasped, her pussy clenching down so hard on my futa-cock.

I groaned at the tight grip.

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It was incredible. My head tossed back and forth, my pussy clenching and toes curling. She engulfed every inch of my futa-cock as I pulled off the clothespin. Her right nipple sprang into its normal thick, thrusting shape. She squealed in rapture. Her head tossed back and forth, black hair dancing in silky strands about her face. Her pussy clenched down so hard on my girl-dick. Her juices flowed, soaking my crotch. "Futa-chan!" she moaned, her eyes fluttering.

"Yes, yes, yes. So good! Cum in me! Breed me!" "Oh, I will," I told her, giving her a big grin. I ripped off her other clothespin. She gasped, freed of all the pain. I leaned down, engulfing her sore nub, soothing it with my wet mouth. My tongue swabbed around it. Her hands dug into my blonde hair as she slammed down my girl-shaft. And came. Her pussy convulsed about my dick. Her flesh writhed about me. I groaned and shuddered, sucking so hard on her nipples.

It was such a wicked thrill. Her flesh spasmed about me, milking me, driving me wild with such rapture. I groaned, my eyes squeezing shut. "Breed me!" she gasped. "Give me futa-jism. Yes, yes. Thick cream! In my pussy! Baby!

Give me you baby, Becky!" I squeezed my eyes shut. Her pussy writhed about my cock, sucking at it. She rose up it, her rippling flesh caressing me the entire way. My sensitive tip drank it in, feeding the pressure mounting right there. She slammed down my girl-dick again. I groaned about her nipple. My futa-cock unloaded into her pussy. My jizz fired. Blast after blast of my futa-seed spurted out of me and into her pussy. She squirmed on me, quivering and moaning. She held me to her tit as I sucked on it, flooding the tall, Japanese winner with all my cum.

"FUTANARI EXPLOSION!" roared the crowd as I bred Hanako before their eyes. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ April 17th, 2047 "The Japanese definitely make things interesting," Adelia said. She leaned forward. "I hear they really embraced futas. Your daughters are all celebrities over there." I nodded my head. "Oh, they loved me." I grinned at her. "I learned after being there a few weeks that the Japanese Diet had revoked their censorship laws before I arrived.

They didn't used to allow depictions of cocks and pussies over there. Not in any of their porn, what they call hentai." "Really?" Adelia frowned. "But I thought Japan used to be infamous for its openness about sex and porn. Wasn't that how it was before you came along?" "They were, but after their surrender to America during World War II, General MacArthur put in this decency clause into their constitution.

So the Japanese blur out genitals in their porn, or use little black lines in their comic drawings, often just covering the frenulum and slit of penis, and the labial lips and clitoris of a woman.

It's weird. But, because of me, they got rid of it, letting Futanari Explosion exist." "Wow," Adelia said. "And you were quite the celebrity over there." "Oh, yes, I bred so many of their idol stars, what they call the girls in their pop band. Well, at least the ones who were over eighteen. You see, they have these all girl bands over there, like boy bands here in the states.

They can get quite big, some boasting twenty or more members. I did a concert with Kawaii Five and bred all of them right there on stage while their fans cheered them on." "Sounds like you had quite a fun time in Japan." "I did." I sighed.

"I mean, I enjoyed being on the game show for a few years and Japan in general, but, well, I got bored. It was all just sex. Great sex, but it was time for me to move on to other delights." "Is that why you joined that reality show?" "Living with the Futa," I said, shaking my head. "Isn't that just such an unoriginal title? Like something a writer slapped-dashed together in a pitch meeting and it stuck.

But it came at the right time. I was bored with all the sex on the game show. It sounded fun. Living with the same girls for a month like it was the bachelorette. I even thought I might find love." "Well, we know you didn't find love." I shook my head, my face falling. "Only drama." To be continued.