Foda com minha funcionaria do mc donalds

Foda com minha funcionaria do mc donalds
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Part 1 Carol still was a tight-bodied hottie of 35 when her husband died in a car crash 14 months before her twin sons, Luke and Jude, turned 18.

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She had brown hair and a lovely face. Her often-wet cunt somehow had the look of a brazen tart, while she carried a fine arse above well-turned legs.

Before her kinky, dominant husband, Greg, had died, however, he'd often told her that her "cow udders were obscenely huge", though he loved them, liking to harshly squeeze and slap them.


In truth, Greg had used her as a very submissive, masochistically pain-loving and promiscuous tramp with a deep hunger for degradation, ready for most forms of that. And Coral had long sensed that her sons had inherited a mean dominant streak from their father, since they had a swagger and foul mouths frequently referring to girls as "cunts and bitches", etc.

Especially since they were strapping, good-looking hunks, though, hearing that immensely aroused Carol, being that she'd frequently fantasized about Luke and Jude shaming and even reviling her with a lack of respect for her simply as a woman, even more as their mother. Still, she'd never coupled with her sons… … until the 2nd. Friday after their birthdays when she was masturbating while watching a gang-rape video her husband had filmed.

'Aaaah!. oh, yes!' she loudly groaned as she rammed 2 fingers in and out of her twat just as her sons happened to be passing her closed but unlocked bedroom door. 'What's that noise, dude?' Jude asked, regarding the video-rapists' bestial snorts, growls and yelling.

'Why not find out?' and Luke wickedly grinned as he slowly turned its knob to crack the door open. The young men looked around it at the luscious piece of maternal nakedness lying back in bed with her legs lewdly spread and her fingers buried in her snatch 'My god, what in hell are you doing, mom?' Jude exclaimed as his eyes took in the orgy on the TV screen.

'Ooooh!' - Carol blushed with the worst embarrassment of her life while her cunt drooled more than ever with incestuous excitement. 'Fuck, it looks like mommy-dearest got gang-banged at some point or was that raped, you trashy bitch?' Luke gruffly inquired of Carol who whimpered, 'Uhhh… raped, son.' 'Really? What the fuck are you, some kind of slut? although I didn't know it's possible to rape a slut!

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C'mon, tell us what you are, bitch!' Luke went on. 'I'm… a… total… slut… and… a… whore, boys,' Carol heatedly stammered, already hornier than she'd been in a long time. 'Hell, obviously that hardly says it all about you! Should we rape you, too?

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What do think, cunt?' Jude snarled as he and his brother stripped. 'Yes, please rape your mother! Aaaah!' and the slattern arched her back with a vicious cum. 'Fuck you, mom!' Luke shouted, and before the hussy knew it, he climbed in bed, straddled her face and slapped it with his 10-inched penis. 'First, do you like my dick?' Luke asked. 'I… love… it,' Carol blubbered.

'Imagine that!' Luke snorted. 'Yeah, but I want to know if you're worth the effort of us raping, even if that's what you deserve, skank?' Jude coarsely said.


'No, I'm not, but want you to. Just don't hurt me too bad,' Carol panted. 'What, hurt you? We'd never do that, would we, bro?' Luke replied with a sneer as he looked at Jude, then, 'What'ya think? Shall we destroy the bitch's holes, man?' 'What the fuck else?' his brother chortled, scooting forward to plant his butt on his mom's face while Luke knelt between and draped her ankles over his shoulders before slamming his 9-incher into her pooper while Carol let out muffled screech of abused delight.

'Take it, you filthy slut!' he bellowed while Jude ass-ground her face, then raised up and gored his prick almost straight down into her oral maw, beginning to roughly shaft it down as close to his large nuts as possible.

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'You're nothing but a dirty, 2-bit whore, lowlife!' he growled, reaching around to maul and slap her left boob. 'Christ, I never thought I'd ever molest my fucking mother! What a circus, slut! slut! slut!' Luke yelled.


'Ummpphh, ummpphh, ummpph!' Carol mumbled under Jude's penile assault in her suck-pit. In silence for maybe 15 minutes, the boys hard-rode the trollop until Luke slimed-off in her anal pussy and Jude in her mouth, after which they took turns re-hardening themselves by pizzle-whipping her moaning face.

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Freshly inspired, the guys next rolled her on all-4's. Jude took her in the twat, Luke in the mouth. 'Man, the fucking skeeze loves a forced rut like a dirty dog, doesn't she, dude?' Jude remarked.

'For sure, all the cheap bag of trash is good for!

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Hell, are you a cheap bag-lady? because your morals sure are homeless, mom!' Luke mirthfully responded. However, nothing but Carol's feelings were hurt by the time her boys dismounted her to blow their loads on her pretty kisser. But the "homeless, moral bag-lady" started screeching with pain when Jude next used her tresses to drag her out of bed and into the bathroom, where the boys hung her head over the toilet and pissed in her dirty mouth… … while the night was far from over, particularly since her enforcers left the bathroom so that Luke could cell-phone a friend whom he knew owned a trained, 4-legged rapist - in short, "another beast" of a superior breed to his mom!.

(to be continued)