Drunk cheeks in club sucking dick while anybody fucking their love tunnel

Drunk cheeks in club sucking dick while anybody fucking their love tunnel
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On my way to the bathroom in my boxers, I couldn't help but wonder if the events of the past hour had really happened. Had I really walked in on my sleeping, very naked older brother, lost myself in the moment and started sucking his cock? Did he really wake up, and instead of kicking my ass let me finish him off? As I turned on the water, shed the only article of clothing I was wearing, and stepped into the warm spray of the shower, I realized it had all actually happened. I was mentally frozen, unsure of what would happen next.

How would I act around him now that he knew I was gay, not to mention hot for him? I put my hand against the sower wall, holding my head under the water, and just let my head clear. Then I heard the door open and my head shot up. I suddenly remembered that Ryan had said something about being right behind me. Was he gonna. I got my answer when the curtain was pulled back a little and Ryan stepped in, in all his glory. He was blonde, about 6 foot with thick arms and a broad chest covered in dark blonde hair trailing down his stomach and into an untamed bush.

Out of that golden bush hung an extremely thick 6 inch uncut cock. When I say thick I mean 2 inches across, with a big reddish head half hidden by tight foreskin.

It was leaking pre-cum like a faucet, in spite of the fact I'd already gotten him off just minutes before. "I'm up here, baby bro." He chuckled.

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That made me realize I hadn't taken my eyes off his body since he'd gotten in. "Hey," I said weakly, pulling my eyes from his delicious body to look him in the eyes. Those deep green eyes. They made me want to drop to my knees right there under the running water, and NOT to pray. "You gonna wash or what?" he asked with a big grin and picked up the soap. "That is unless you want me to do it for ya?" If he grinned again, I was going to slap him.

He enjoyed the power too much for my taste, I suppose. "No I got it." I snatched the soap from him and began soaping myself up, starting with my chest and under arms, my arms, then my legs. I lathered up like I always did, until you couldn't see any skin.

Then I got to my crotch. Before I could soap myself up, Ryan took the soap. "I'll get it," he said, and grabbed my now soft meat. He used one hand to lift my limp boyhood, and the other to rub the soap all over.

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Up and down my cock, under my hairless sac and back up my thickening shaft. He did this for almost a full minute, up and down. My eyes were closed, just taking in the feeling. He finally stopped and guided me back to the flowing water, rinsing me, rubbing all the suds off of me.

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My eyes were still closed when I felt his warm mouth engulf my entire shaft in one swoop. I looked down to see him buried in my small blonde bush, and I could feel the head of my 5 and half inches rub the back of his throat. He pulled off slowly, sucking like a pro until all that was left in his mouth was my aching head. He swirled his tongue and my legs almost buckled from the tickling pleasure. Then he slid his head forward, then back in rhythm. His stubble tickled the base of my cock each time he sucked it back in, and I loved it.

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I put my hands in his short-cropped hair, moving his head back and forth. The pleasure of my first blow job was only increased by the intensity of my lust for him. He was possibly my ideal man, and he was all mine for the moment. I could feel the familiar tight feeling in my balls, radiating a heat I felt in my stomach. I led him faster on my teen cock, thrusting in time with him. I could feel the cum boiling, building, and then rushing up my shaft in seven jolts of heavenly heat.

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I emptied myself for the second time, this time in my brothers eager mouth. All I could feel was the urge to sit down before my legs turned completely to jelly. He pulled off, sucking the last of my sweat teen cream as he did. "That was fun," he said standing up. "You taste amazing," then he kissed me, sharing myself with me. It was the sweetest I'd ever tasted it, possibly because it was accompanied by my brother's amazing tongue. The feeling of his tongue mixed with the tickle of his beard got started a throb in my soft cock.

He gave me a warm smile, and smacked my ass hard."I'm gonna wash up again, wait for me in my room. We've gotta chat." I nodded and slipped out the front of the shower and dried off, not bothering to put on my cummy boxers as I went across the hall to my brother's room.

I layed on the bed and just stared at the ceiling, wondering what exactly the talk would be about. Besides the obvious incest thing that had gone on today, I couldn't imagine what else he might want to say to me. Before my mind had a chance to wonder, I heard the water go off and a few seconds later Ryan came across the hall. He was still naked too, having had no clothes in the bathroom either.

He came over and told me to scoot over. I slid over onto the other pillow and layed down next to me, propping himself up on one elbow to face me. "What happened today," he started, "wasn't that big of a deal, D. We can just forget it ever happened if you want." This threw me. I was waiting for the "was a one time thing" or "should have never happened in the first place".

He was so amazing. I said, "We could forget it if I want." "Yes, sir." he said, looking into my eyes. "What if I don't wanna forget?" I said, looking back into his. "Then I guess we don't have to," he said and slapped my growing cock, making it bob. "Geez, are you ever not horny? I guess you do take after me." He messed my hair, and layed back.

I layed back too, and thought of something. "Ryan?" "Yea, D?" "Why do you have so many condoms in your wallet?" I asked.

He just turned his head and said bluntly, "I guess it's because I have a lot of sex." "I had guessed that, but where, and with who? You never bring anyone home." "You're old enough now to know." he said looking me in the eyes again. "I have it wherever and with whoever I want." "Are you gay?" I asked him, staring at the ceiling again.

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"Not really. I mean I do have sex with guys, but no more often than with women.


I guess you could say I'm bisexual." "You're bisexual," I said, mocking him. "Ha ha. Well, how about you. Where are you on the spectrum." "I think I'm gay," I said.

"I've never really seemed to look at girls the same way I look at guys." Then I flushed, realizing that I had just said it out loud for the first time. "That's cool I guess.

But you should definitely try pussy at least once, little bro." "We'll see," I said skeptically. Then becoming bolder, I looked at him and asked him what I'd been dying to ask him all day. "Will you fuck me?" His eyes widened for a second, then a smirk just spread up one cheek. "You think you could handle it, big boy?" he asked grabbing ahold of his thick meat and waggling it around.

"I'm not so sure you could." "Wanna bet?" I asked, putting my hand over the one holding his cock. We just looked at each other for a few seconds. Then looking like he had an idea, he said "If you really want me too, then wait here." He got up and proceeded to get dressed, just throwing on a pair of shorts, a t-shirt, and his sandals.


He got the wallet from his pants, gave me one last smirk and wink, then left. I heard his car pull out of the drive-way.

All I could do was lay there wondering where the hell he was going.