Sexy teen Elektra Rose gets punished

Sexy teen Elektra Rose gets punished
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Retard As I drove into my driveway I hit the button on the garage door opener and it started to go up.

After just a couple of feet a boy crawled out and started running. Another boy came out and took off too.

Then a third boy and finally I saw my own son running away as if he had been caught doing something wrong. He probably had I just didn't know what it was yet. As I drove into my garage I recollected as to how our three-car garage had turned into a storage room and my wife now parked her car outside. I had refused to allow her to use my parking area for storage.

When I got out of my car and hit the switch to close the overhead door I decided to look around and see what the boys had been up to. Behind a stack of boxes I found a naked girl trying to get her bra hooked. She looked up at me and then said hello. She explained that she couldn't get her bra hooked.


She was completely naked and she was retarded too. Cynthia said that she was eighteen years old and that the boys had been playing with her. As I asked her more questions Cynthia said that she had let the four boys fuck her and that she had sucked their cocks.

They hadn't hurt her this time either.

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This time? Apparently they had hurt her in the past and torn her clothes so that they could have their way with her. But now she just undresses for them and lets them do what they want to her and they don't hurt her anymore.

The whole time that we were talking Cynthia had been trying to hook that damn bra. Meanwhile I had been able to see her breasts and her pussy quite clearly.


Cynthia wasn't a bad looking girl. She did have trouble looking me in the eyes though and her speech was slow and deliberate but she was cute. She had a pretty nice body too. When I asked her if I could see her body she smiled innocently and stood up for me. She turned around slowly, then she put her arms over her head and turned around again, and then finally she sat down too and opened her legs up wide for me.

Cynthia said that I could touch her if I wanted to. Well I wanted to that's for sure. So I reached out and hefted her breasts one at a time and then both at the same time. I rubbed my thumbs over her nipples and gave her goose bumps and a little thrill. Cynthia liked it.

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I had her lean back so that I could check out her pussy. It was still clean. She said that I had scared the boys off before they could do anything other than give one boy a blowjob. That boy was my son the last one to get his pants up and his ass out of the garage. I took the opportunity to play with Cynthia's pussy.

I tickled her clit until she came. She liked that very much so I did it a couple of more times. When she asked me to fuck her I was hesitant at first even though I really wanted too. Then she practically begged me to fuck her. Now that I couldn't resist. I removed my pants and underwear and climbed on top of her.

She was on a make shift mattress so she just lay back. I had been expecting a well-worn pussy but hers was nice and tight.

As I asked more questions I found out that Cynthia had been a virgin until a couple of weeks ago when my son talked her into letting him fuck her.

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They had both been virgins. Then he brought a friend with him and she didn't like that but they fucked her anyway and they hurt her. Then they got two more boys to fuck her too and she didn't like that either and again they hurt her. My son had told her that if she cooperated then she wouldn't get hurt any more and he kept his promise.

From the best that I could determine Cynthia had been fucked on only four occasions before that day and apparently for a total of seven times in her pussy and she had given each boy a blowjob with my son getting two, counting the one that day.

Mine was only the fifth cock to enter her pussy for the eighth time and it was the first adult cock. She liked it because it was thicker than the boy's cocks and I was gentler. I just tried to fuck her like I would my wife and it worked out perfectly. Cynthia even had her first orgasm with a cock in her pussy. She really liked that. When I asked her about birth control she said that she takes her pills every morning.

I helped her clean up the mess between her legs and then I helped her get dressed. She really appreciated me hooking her bra for her. She pulled up her panties then her pants and pulled her T-shirt over her head.

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Once Cynthia was dressed I invited her into my house for a soda. She came in and we waited for my son to come home. He didn't. However about an hour later my wife came home. We have a very unique relationship and we love each other very much so we can fool around and then tell the other about it. So I told my wife what the boys had done to Cynthia. I told her what Cynthia had allowed me to do too.

Cynthia was a very honest young woman and answered my wife's questions too. My wife asked her if she got in trouble with her mother about letting the boys fuck her. She did and she got punished too. My wife took Cynthia up to our bedroom to clean her up. Soon she called me up there too. Cynthia was naked again and so was my wife. When I entered our bedroom my wife took Cynthia over to our bed.

She said that if I could make love to Cynthia then so could she. Cynthia had never made love to another woman before so my wife taught her everything that she needed to know.

The two women enjoyed each other for quite a while, and then I joined in. When Cynthia was on top I slipped my cock into her pussy. I loved having my cock and Cynthia's pussy united just inches from my wife's nose.

I loved the way my droopy balls rubbed along her forehead and nose as I fucked that eighteen-year-old pussy on the end of her tongue.

When I came and pulled out I watched my cum flow into my wife's mouth. We had only done that a few times in the past and it was always a big thrill. My wife was careful to keep Cynthia's hair dry when she took her into the shower with her.

Then I watched as my wife gave Cynthia a douche to clean out her pussy. She had even washed and dried Cynthia's clothes. When we sent her home she was in better shape than when she came here. We invited her to come back the following evening too. When my son finally came home he had both of us to contend with.

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He hadn't done anything that we hadn't done except to treat Cynthia very poorly. He should have treated her like he would have treated any girl that was willing to let him fuck her and he didn't. Worst yet maybe he would have treated the other girls that badly too. In either case he needed to be punished. There was a school dance coming up on Friday and he was going to take Cynthia and he was going to be nice to her too.

My wife and I were chaperones so we could keep an eye on him. After all if she was good enough to fuck and share with his friends in our garage then she was good enough to be his date and to dance with. We told him that his three fuck-buddies had to dance with her too and make her feel welcome.

Every day that week Cynthia would be at our house for dinner. We would send our son out to get lost while we made love to Cynthia.

Our threesomes were very special to each of us and Cynthia was always sent home clean. She was a great sex toy and was an eager learner.

That Thursday we took Cynthia home so that we could talk to her mother. She was a single mother and had three normal younger children to care for. Cynthia was a hardship on her. When we offered to let Cynthia stay with us she seemed eager to get rid of her. We told her about the dance the next day and said that we could move Cynthia in on Saturday if it was okay with her. She was actually excited to get rid of her daughter.

The Friday dance went very well. The four boys treated Cynthia like a lady and the other kids in her school were respectful of her too, especially the girls. She had a great time. When we took her home Cynthia's mother introduced us to her new boyfriend. Cynthia cringed! She didn't seem to like him at all. I then suggested that Cynthia spend that night with us and that we would be back the following day to get her things.

Her mother said that would be fine so we left. In the car Cynthia told us that her mother's new boyfriend was not a very nice man, at least not to her. He would hit her and call her a dummy. He would pinch her tits whenever her mother wasn't looking.

He would come into the bathroom when she was in the tub or on the toilet.

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She told her mother about him but she didn't do anything about it. He kept telling her that he was going to fuck her but he never did, not yet anyway. That was why her mother was happy to find a safe place for her to stay. I was sure that she would get fucked a lot at our house but at least it wouldn't be against her will.

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That night Cynthia slept in our bed and our son knew all about it. He was not jealous and accepted the fact. The next day we moved Cynthia's possessions to our house especially her birth control pills. Her mother provided us with all of her paperwork and all of her doctors. Cynthia was pleased and so were we. We encouraged Cynthia and our son to invite girls to come home with them. Cynthia was extremely honest and usually told her guests that she made love to both my wife and I almost every night.

Surprisingly they seemed to approve of it and occasionally they would make out with Cynthia too. Sometimes my wife would get invited to join the girls and sometimes I would get invited too.

I very much enjoyed fucking those eighteen and nineteen-year-old girls. Occasionally even my son's friends would join Cynthia and my wife in bed. My wife taught our son's three fuck-buddies how to please a real woman and a few of their friends too. Then finally one night she taught her own son how make love to her. The End Retard 119 AUTHOR'S COMMENT'S: I realize that this is not entirely fair since I am back to turning off your comments.

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However you can click on my name at the top of this or any of my stories and leave me a personal note. The only one that looses out that way is my very irate fan that posts eight negative comments in one hour to make the rest of my readers think that everyone hates me.

He also drops the rating to discourage other readers from even looking at them. You can fight him by actually giving any story a rating that it deserves. About this story: It was NOT meant to put anyone down. I have a mentally retarded brother-in-law. Many mentally retarded people work in the grocery store where I shop packing my groceries and doing other things that they are capable of doing. In fact I don't believe I have ever met a mentally retarded person that I didn't like.

The End Retard 119