Lesbian lover tribbing and grinding with babe

Lesbian lover tribbing and grinding with babe
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After pure fucking war the rest of my year was defined by two words: In Control. That is how I ran everything around me, either you were a part of the revolution, not my wording, or you were wondering what was going on. The Jocks were sitting in classes being tutored by the Brains, again I didn't change the title but its Jun's people so what the hell. Watching more students start to breathe easier as the year wrapped up was good even though I was losing three of my best to the one thing that kills a high school group: graduation.

Jun and Lilly were graduating and to amaze herself Katy got her credits in almost ten days before the dead line and finished her senior project, with some clutch help from the group, with enough time to realize that she was graduating on time. The whole family and all the crew attended to support our friends and while Jun wasn't trying for valedictorian he nailed it beating out Yano who was actually happy for him during the ceremony. I sat with the rest of my girls as we watch Katy nearly break down in tears as she got handed her diploma.

Afterwards things got better as Dad had decided a few days in advance to invite Jun and Lilly's families over so that we could barbeque and relax at the house after the ceremony. Now to describe the attendance of my whole crew having a wonderful meal all together with everything that the year has brought me is a smile inducing moment as I look at the couples and singles in the back yard.

Devin and Masha sitting with her ass in his lap as he powers through I don't know how many plates of food and she just keeps hopping up to get more and feed him. Jun and Lilly in quiet planning mode considering they are not going to be at school next year. Ben and Liz are kinda on the outside of the group and have been most of the time, I think things have been tense concerning the big trip but I'll ask about that when we are closer to leaving.

Kyle and Hanna are chitchatting with everyone, Kyle being brought in still threw a lot of people outside of the group but we got him healed and while there could have been some sort of explanation I don't feel the need to do so to everyone in the school.

Isaac and Allison are my second biggest concern this year as the two of them have been dating like it's a soap opera. They are doing fine then he fucks it up and comes to the group to talk to her then they get back together for a week or two before another blow up.

Finally my biggest concern is Natsuko. After everything that has happened and all we've been through after Kori 'settled the score' with Heather at Johnny's place my little assistant has been less involved and more distant than I've ever seen her. I'm still enjoying the personal time I'm getting with my crew all the while Kori and I have been planning for the trip.

I've been working out the trip list she's been on the more 'important' job of making sure it'll be a fun trip. I'm pretty sure a bunch of teenagers in a couple RV's driven by bikers being tailed by a U-Haul carrying two bikes is gonna be fun for all. The backyard party ends in the late afternoon and while most of the crew heads off to home so I wait till all the guests leave before putting on my coat and grabbing Katy by the hand drag her off to my bike.

She's wearing a confused look as I hand her the spare helmet but she's not fighting me as we head off to my only true private spot now a days, the shack at Johnny's. My bike is a regular feature and as soon as I'm off there is someone to walk it to a small garage Johnny had built for the equipment.

The place has really changed, it's still got the trailers stacked up like ghetto apartments and teenage outcasts running around but once I get past the 'courtyard' and into the main section it's tools equipment and then the green houses. Still marvel at the work Johnny has put in becoming a 'legitimate businessman' but I've got more important things on my mind as I walk past it all and to my shack.

A little expanding on the shack and the bed were done just so I could hold meetings in there with my people but other than that it stays untouched by others. I get Katy inside and sit her down on the bed after closing the door.

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I take notice of my confused 'Bad' girlfriend, tight jeans that are torn up with hard black boots. I know she's got one of her tank tops on under her leather jacket. I take my leather jacket and hood off and set it on the chair, then kick my boots off before slowly pulling my t-shirt off. Katy starts to pick up on what's happening and starts to undress taking her own coat and boots off as I get my pants down and kick them to the side.

I move up to her and help her with her top revealing her large breasts clasped together in a purple and black bra, her pants come off to show me matching panties before I throw the former to the floor. I pull her up off the bed to sitting up and kiss Katy gently on the lips which catch her off guard for only a moment before I have arms wrapped around my neck. Katy leans back we keep kissing as she takes me with her to the bed, slowly we work our limbs tightly but tenderly around each other as I feel myself getting hard against Katy's covered mound.

We mouth wrestle and I take in Katy's ample curves with my fingers tracing around her hips and sides, her lightly metallic taste in my mouth as we kiss, and the smell of her skin and whatever girly body wash she bathed in that smells familiar.

All of these things distract me as Katy herself has been slowly pulling my shorts down, not a lot but enough to get my member free and I feel warm wet on the head as she starts pulling me in. I don't fight her but I take a moment to get one of her D cup breasts free, of all of my girls she's the biggest in the chest, before gently suckling on the nipple. I get a light moan from my work with my mouth and a louder one as I feel my head press inside her folds. I am not in a rush as I slowly push myself inside Katy and enjoy the warm welcome that her body is giving me.

I get seated all the way inside and take my mouth off her nipple and start kissing on her neck as I'm taking long strokes in and out of Katy. I stop before getting into a good rhythm only to strip my underwear off and help Katy out of hers quietly before pushing myself back on top and inside my 'bad' girlfriend.

I would normally try to be a lot harder with her but tonight is different; I keep my strokes long and methodical. I'm going for the happy moment to cap off a great day for her and I see her face in a level of confusion as to my soft and gentle change. Katy opens her mouth as if to say something but I cut her off with a deep passionate kiss, the mild invasion into her face space is a little shocking but she gets more into the mood.

I keep my body pressed against hers as I feel Katy pull her legs up and rolling her hips giving me a deep thrust as I keep working my member in and out of her. Katy's hands are on my back almost holding me down, my arms are keeping me in place while my knees and hips are doing all the thrusting, Katy's legs are either up in the air or splayed out where I can't feel them and I can't look because we're in a kiss to ride the whole night out with.

I'm starting to feel my orgasm swell and I tighten my stomach and groan a little trying to keep my pace slow when Katy surprises me by gripping my shaved head and pulling me in a little harder. I can hear a slightly wet slapping noise as my hips connect with Katy's and follow her lead by resuming my 'work'. I can feel Katy start to get close but I hold on to my now steady pace as I try to think about anything but cumming before her. Katy's legs finally wrap around me and I feel my body get squeezed with a purpose as instead of her usual frantic gasping and bucking.

I feel her tongue gently start trying to coax more of mine out of my mouth when with a gasp and a moan Katy pulls me all the way inside her and I feel her warm folds clamp down on me for a few moments when my own orgasm comes hard and fast. We're groaning into each other's mouths as I fill her with my seed and she milks me with her soft folds. We lie there for minutes when I feel Katy roll me off of her and onto her side before turning away and backing up against me so that I can hold her.

We're quiet as the sun starts to go down outside when I roll onto my back and Katy finally rolls over and rests her head on my shoulder with my arm wrapped around her. "Wow, that was just… wow," Katy says quietly. "You know I'm proud of you right, and I need to remind you that you are a girlfriend here too sometimes.

Not a fuck buddy," I reply kissing her forehead. Katy smiles and I hold her for a little while longer when she quietly gets up from the bed and starts to clean herself up with a cloth from the desk and then cleans me up before we start to get dressed. I'm pulling my boots on sitting on the bed when I take notice of the quiet in the room. Having five girlfriends has given me a couple of heightened senses, like when women get quiet there is either something really wrong or you did something really wrong.

"Katy, what are you thinking about," I ask without looking up. "I want to go see Mom," she replies grabbing my coat and holding it out for me. "Okay so we head back home," I reply taking my coat, the look in her eyes shows me more of a determination than I expected for the situation.

"No, I want to go see MY Mom," Katy says leading the way. I grimace a little at the idea, Katy hasn't seen her mother in over a year and the woman is toxic to say the least. We get out of the cabin and back to my bike quietly before heading down the road. It's been about half a year since we filmed the 'movie' for Greg, Liz's ex, at Katy's Mother's trailer but when we pull up we're greeted by the same stains and bad metal siding that was there last time.

The crappy car is parked and Katy hops off my bike as soon as I park it and starts to head up to the door when I grab her by the wrist and stop her in her tracks. "Calm down, you are in control. You dictate the pace and you tell her what you need to say," I tell Katy solemnly. I get a quiet nod and she hands me the spare helmet as I turn the bike around, Katy waits till I get it all the way around before knocking on the door.

It takes more than a few knocks and a couple pounds on the door before we hear a commotion stirring from inside the trailer.

Katy backs up and the door flies open to reveal Katy's mom in all her 'glory'. Honestly she looks like something off a bad episode of cops, a ratty pair of sweatpants topped by a shirt way to tight for an overweight woman with brunette hair styled by the way she slept. "What the fuck are you kids doing pounding on my door," Katy's mom grumbles rubbing sleep out of her eyes. "Hi Mom," Katy replies getting a shocked look. "Katy, girl what in the hell are you doing here," her Mother asks confused.

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"I'm here to tell you I graduated high school," Katy says confidently," we had the ceremony today and I even had them send you invitation so you could see it." "Yeah well I don't remember getting one besides you left here," her Mother says spitting out something yellow," You left for your Daddy Warbucks and his brat." "NO, I left because someone wanted to help me get away from you, I love you Mother," Katy says choking a little before calming down," I wanted you to see that I succeeded for the first time.

I wanted you to know that you didn't ruin me but you were here too busy ruining yourself to even care." "What the hell you want from me you little shit, I wasn't trying to have you when I did and I didn't have the means to take care of you so I did what I had to," I watch 'Mother' grumpily explain. "No, I won't be an excuse anymore. You tried to party even when I was a child, I've see the old pictures of you with a beer in one hand showing me off to friends.

I just wanted you for once to come and see that in spite of everything I actually did what nobody said I could," Katy chokes out. "Yeah well you decided to be a productive shit a little too late for me," her 'Mother' says lighting up a cigarette and taking a drag before a coughing fit takes her over.

"I'm sorry I ruined your life Mother, I'm sorry but I'm moving on," Katy says backing away," I've got college next year, I've got people who love me and don't use me for their own addictions and sadly when I have a family and I have a child of my own I don't think you'll be around to meet them." Katy turns away from her and I hand her the spare helmet before starting my bike and we take off for home as fast as I can go without us getting pulled over.

As soon as we're in the front door Katy heads straight for her room and Mom's expression is shocked to see Katy upset and everyone is giving me looks when I explain where we were last. Mom and Liz head off to Katy while Dad and I try to relax for the remaining few hours of the evening.

As I'm heading to my room to sleep I see Katy waiting for me outside my door. It's not difficult to see she's still recovering from her confrontation with her mother earlier and when she follows me into my room and bed I don't question it. We lie there quietly in the dark of my room with me holding her as I sleep so that I can get back to school tomorrow. Monday comes and goes easily being the first of the last two and a half days at school and I get through the majority of my second full day before vacation on Thursday when the whole school is piled into gym to attend an assembly.

I get in and sit down with my crew, it's not a problem finding them considering people move out of my way as I walk through and up the bleachers. Most of the assembly is about summer vacation and how we shouldn't waste it in front of a TV or on the computer or some such nonsense like that.

I drown it out mostly and pay attention to Kori and Matty on either side of me as the faculty drones on. We get to the last subject of the assembly, Senior Class Leadership. Frankly I couldn't care less who gets in and watch to see who could potentially get into my way for next year.

I see two guys' I've not met yet get elected to Class Treasurer and Class Liaison to Activities, which I think is a polite way of saying 'dumbass who does all the running around'. Secretary comes up and I watch as someone familiar get's called down, Margaret, Heather's old friend. I am surprised to see she even ran for anything let alone won, she's not a bad girl but she's too damn shy for her own good. I perk up at the next announcements from Mrs.

Jackson. "After a narrow tally of the votes we have determined the Senior Class Vice President to be Kyle Travis," Mrs. Jackson says getting a little bit of a grumbling from some of the students.

The whole crew looks at Kyle who just kind of smiles and I give him a positive nod before watching him walk down bleachers to the rest of the new 'ruling body'. I knew he was trying out for a position and am actually glad because now I have someone on the inside in case bullshit starts rearing its ugly head again.

"And finally we come down to the last position, the Senior Class President. This position is the one that will help govern and lead the next senior year forward," Mrs. Jackson says opening the envelope," And your Senior Class President is&hellip." We all watch as she reads the name then pauses and steps away from the microphone to confer with the faculty present.

They talk quietly and I look at Kori who has a confused look on her face as much as I do. After a couple moments Mrs. Jackson retakes the podium and readdresses the student body. "Well due to a write in landslide none of the original runners won this election, as per the rules the Senior with the most votes wins," Mrs. Jackson says mustering up will to speak," Your Senior Class President elected by seventy six percent of the votes is Guy Donnelly." And I freeze, I won an election?

What the fuck is this shit? I know that the people around me are erupting and I can hear them cheering but its Kori snapping me back to reality by shaking me a little.

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"Holy shit baby you won," Kori says shocked and happy. "Who set this up," I ask getting a puzzled look. "Baby it wasn't us; we didn't have anything to do with this. You need to go down there though the Principal is expecting you," Matty tells me over the roar of the crowd. I stand up and motion my girls to follow me which they do as we head down the bleachers. I get about halfway between the podium and the base of the bleachers when I stop and just look up to Mrs. Jackson, she's waiting expectantly when I figure out exactly how to handle the whole situation.

I take the front of my hood like a hat and tip it in her direction and smirk before leading my girls straight out of the Gym. I can hear the confusion behind us and I direct Kori to go with Matty. I watch them get in the car and start to leave before I get on my bike and head out as the first students start to make their way home for the summer.

I'd like to focus on leaving day after tomorrow but as soon as I pull up I'm greeted by four of my girlfriends, save for Rachael, are waiting for me. From the looks of it Kori called the rest and let them know what happened which means I get to have a meeting as to why I walked out like I did. I have enough time to take off my helmet and get to them before the inquisition starts.

"Okay so you're upset but think about the benefits of this," Kori starts in before being cut off by Katy. "Fuck that, he's a good enough leader that he doesn't need the approval of the whole school," Katy says countering Kori. "I don't think the school is ready for Guy as a president," Mathilda says getting her two cents in. "Guy what are you thinking about with the whole thing," Imelda asks turning all the attention back to me.

"I honestly don't give a flying fuck right now," I tell them getting a surprised look all around," Will I take the position? I don't know and I don't really care right now. We get to leave on a road trip in two days that is where my attention is." "Okay but you should think about it some," Kori tells me concerned. "Not really, if I do then the school puts a title on me and I make more decisions than normal. If I don't then people still fear and respect me.

Now can we drop the school drama and get on with our vacation planning please," I say heading inside only to see Mom waiting with her phone in to her ear. "He just walked in but I'll talk to him," Mom says before hanging up the phone and turning to me," that was the Mrs. Jackson from the school, she is hoping for an answer about you becoming class president.

When did you decide to run?" I start to laugh and let Kori explain the situation as I start to go down the list of who is in and out at this point. Jun and Lilly have permission along with Devin and Masha. Ben is going but Mom shot down Liz on the trip for reasons that were not up for discussion or negotiation. Isaac and Allison are out too because their parents are not even okay with youngest members of the group away from them.

I have to meet with Rachael's parents tomorrow to get permission for her, I've only met her father but he's a very 'styled' individual so I'm hoping the mom meeting will help smooth everything over so I can get all five of my girls out with me. The only straggler left is Natsuko who for some damn reason hasn't stated whether she can come or not.

I figured she'd be fine considering how well her mother and I get along but with her being more and more distracted and distant I'm a little concerned. I turn my attention to Kori who is going over smaller planning. "Honey the drivers are gonna be by tomorrow to meet you and pick up the vehicles Loretta rented. Imelda is gonna get the truck for the bikes and any big luggage," Kori tells me going over the plan.

"Okay baby I need you to get onto Natsuko and find out if she's coming or not and double check with Hanna, they're being last minute about this and I'm not liking it," I tell my girl turning my attention to the message that pinged on my phone.

Its Rachael telling me that I need to be over to her place at noon to meet the parents, I get a DeNiro mental image for a second but I met her Dad and figure that I'll be fine with the Mom and tell her I'll be there.

I get back to the girls who are in happy worker mode and just smile as I sit down and wrap my arms around Matty who is on the phone with Hanna for Kori. I get a positive from my Amazon that Hanna is coming and continue to hug her as we work everything out. It's only a couple hours later and the girls are in my room still planning while I figure Ben and Liz are having a relationship discussion in her room. And while I wasn't listening in on their conversation while coming back from the bathroom I can't help but notice nervous voices inside and decide that I'll just focus on my own relationship for now by heading back into my room.

I get inside and curl up on the bed with Imelda as Kori gives me more bad news. "Honey Natsuko isn't sure she wants to go and her mother says she needs to meet with you tomorrow afternoon so that she can discuss the details of her going," Kori tells me crawling onto my other side.

"Great, already have to meet Rachael's Mom tomorrow and the drivers, now I gotta talk Natty's Mom into letting her go," I grumble getting some girl love. Some snickering from Kori and Katy gets my attention but Imelda and Matty stifle it before I can ask any questions as to what is going on. Imelda does a great job of changing the subject.

"Honestly if little Japanese girl doesn't want to go then let her stay," Imelda says adding a fresh perspective. "No that little girl seems like she didn't come out of everything okay and she deserves to go with us and get some real fun in this summer," Katy replies adding herself to the girl pile.

I'm already pinned in and with Katy and now Matty piling on I'm stuck until I nod yes and get some happy approval noises when Mom comes in and reminds the girls as to the time and that they'll get their own time soon enough. I say goodbye to the girls and chat with Mom in the kitchen when I hear Ben leaving and watch as Liz enters the doorway to the kitchen.

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"So apparently I'm not the only one in the group who is stuck at home when the greatest road trip opportunity of my life happens without me," Liz declares more to Mom than me.

"We had this discussion Liz, you haven't been responsible enough this past year and you let your grades slip too much," Mom says not looking up from her baking. "Mother that is crap, I got a C plus. You make it sound like I failed out of school," Liz complains. "I'm not having this discussion again Elizabeth," Mom says as she stops putting cookies on a baking pan.

I creep out of the kitchen and into the living room where Dad is sitting down and watching a game while the 'women folk' duke it out.

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About the time of a female Hitler comment comes out of Liz's mouth that gets Dad to choke on his water we watch as Liz stomps off to her room. Mom joins us out in the living room and things calm down as we avoid conversations about Liz and Hitler comments. I double check with my Rachael about tomorrow and she tells me to 'be strong and it'll be fine' as advice with her mother which gives me something to think about as I head to bed.

Most of the morning is uneventful with family getting ready for work and Liz being a butt to everyone. Mom ignores it as she heads out to work and I get to meet my drivers at about ten. I asked the Old Man to send me someone reliable and apparently that means two prospects who are patching in when we get down to Texas. Both guys look nervous about the trip and I tell them that the only major problem they will have to deal with is not touching the girls and possibly a lingerie cat fight.

The latter comment gets their attention and I give them the information as to where to get our vehicles from.


I let them leave before double checking with Imelda and Devin about the U-Haul which is soon to be ours by the 'tone' of Imelda's texts. I give her a positive response and finally at about eleven thirty grab my coat and hop on my bike to Rachael's house. I park in the driveway and ring the bell; it doesn't take long before I'm greeted by Peter, Rachael's father. "Guy, it's good to see you," Peter greets letting me into the house," Go ahead and wait in the living room, Rachael will be down in a minute and we'll start then.

I have to remind myself as to the fact that Rachael's parents have money, the house is still in pristine condition and Peter is wearing some nice upper class slacks and a button up shirt and has blonde hair with bangs styled up.

I sit down and hear him go upstairs and get my girl. Rachael and her Peter join us and after I get a quick kiss on the cheek for my girl we chat while I wait for the Mom. A few moments and I hear the door from the garage open and close before I'm greeted by the sight of a larger bald man with a goatee wearing my style of clothing, T-shirt and jeans. He walks up to me and I stand to shake his hand. "Hey there, you're Guy right?

I'm Randall but you can call me Randy," the big man tells me shaking my hand. "Nice to meet you sir," I reply and sit back down to wait. I'm sitting on the loveseat across from Peter and Rachael as Randy joins them on the couch next to Peter. It's quiet for a few moments before Randy breaks the silence. "So that bike out there is yours," Randy asks me politely. "Yeah, had it for almost a year now," I reply smiling at Rachael.

"I got me a bike in the garage, not a speedy little thing like yours. A heavy road bike," Randy tell me with some pride. "Nice, I got this one from my bio-Mom down in Texas as a makeup gift for a lot of missed holidays," I tell him wondering who he is and where Rachael's Mom is.

"Something wrong Guy," Peter ask me noting my confusion. "Oh nothing I was just wondering where Rachael's Mom is at," I say concerned.

"But you've met Peter already," Randy says looking confused. "Yeah we met months ago now I'm just wondering where her mother is," I say again.

"Okay are you being funny or something," Randy says to me standing up. "Sir, I don't know what you mean," I reply really confused as to how I made him mad. "I told you that Peter is right here. You came here to meet me today so I could decide if I wanted to let my daughter go on a road trip with her boyfriend," Randy says taking all the air out of the room.

I hear the threat of Rachael not going, I understand it but right now I'm confused as to why Peter is here but they're mad when I ask about where her Mom is&hellip. Oh crap. Randy aka Dad is protective of his daughter where as Peter aka Mom is always helping with her styles and is always around the house and works from home.

I calmly stand up and without a word walk out of the house through the front door. I get about halfway through the yard and sit down on the grass.

I'm a moron of epic proportions and now I've just made the biggest ass out of myself. And why did nobody ever fucking tell me before I jumped feet first into the shittiest situation for meeting parents ever.

It takes a minute to say 'Hey my parents are a gay male couple'. I don't think I've been sitting there long but I can hear the footsteps behind me before Peter sits down in front of me cross legged. "How are you holding up there sport," he asks concerned.

"Currently trying to find the ways to apologize," I reply feeling really stupid. "Apologize," Peter asks still concerned. "I honestly had no clue you were the Mom in the family, I just thought you were the house husband," I reply still living in dumbass mode. "I'll take that as a compliment to my manliness," Peter says helping me up," Let's get you inside and see how Rachael is doing with Randy." I get back inside and re sit down on the loveseat with Peter and the four of us go about piecing together what happened and how I got confused.

"No I really thought he was a stay at home Dad and that Rachael's Mom worked a lot," I explain getting a laugh out of Randy. "Well technically I'm her Dad. She's from my first marriage and divorce," Randy says reminiscing.

"Yeah apparently my bio-Mom is a she bitch from the frozen depths of hell," Rachael says getting a look from both her parents. "And that she learned from me and the other girls," I tell Randy and Peter going explaining my relationship with all the girls. It's only a couple hours that we spend talking and going over relationship dynamics and the 'nonconventional' stereotyping that comes with it. I get blessing to take Rachael on the trip and a kiss before I leave and head back home to check on everything before going and seeing Kimiko and Natsuko.

The ride over is gives me a bit of time to think, I will be trapped in a RV or whatever my mother has bothered to spend her money on just so I'll come down and visit my way. Initially it sounds awesome but I get this doubt, we all have had our space before, now we won't have any and we'll have to deal with each other and make things work. It's a chilling thought to have to play mediator between five women.

Mercifully I pull up to Natsuko and Jun's house before my thoughts drift any further. I kill my bike and discover that most of the lights are out in the house. I think I might have missed Kimiko or I'm really early when I see movement inside. I knock on the door and am greeted by Kimiko in a plain skirt and flowery blouse top that hug her features a little too well. "Hello Guy, what brings you around today," Kimiko asks confused. "I actually was coming by to talk to you about letting your daughter come with us on the trip," I reply a little confused.

"I told her she could go but she's… hesitant to leave," Kimiko informs me letting me inside. I can tell nobody is home and considering it's the first day of summer and we're all either getting ready to head out to Texas tomorrow I can understand why nobody is around. We get inside and I follow her to the kitchen where I can see she's been working on whatever they're having for dinner tonight.

"So I'm here to talk to you about letting her go but she really doesn't want to leave," I say just putting the thought in the air.

"Something to understand about my daughter, she's alone at the end of the day. She doesn't sleep with someone at night like you do sometimes or your friends or even her brother. Part of the price she pays for being a free spirit.

Now while she's is a part of your group and your friend with benefits," I see Kimiko smirk at the term," Nobody is there for her when the worst happens like a partner can be.

Again its she who doesn't want a relationship but with everything that happened it's sadly where she is right now." "I can understand that but she's like my sidekick, I have my buddies and my girls but she's just different for me," I explain with some confusion," She's like a sister I have sex with." "From what I heard you've already got one of those," Kimiko says coyly.

"I swear this is why I don't talk about you to people either, shit spreads way too far," I say with a little frustration. "It's alright, it's actually more common place in Japan than people believe and for me it's not as much a taboo as you would think," Kimiko says finishing her dinner preparations.

I still marvel at how when I first met this woman I was told about how she's a domineering dictator of her household and while she is the ruling authority here we've gotten along better than we should considering how I lied to her when we first met. "So will you talk to Natsuko to get her to come," I ask bringing the conversation back to the reason I'm over," If you're not saying no then maybe you can help me and get her to come and have some fun with us." I watch Kimiko think quietly for a moment before washing her hands in the sink.

When done she watches me intently for a moment. I wish I could know what she's thinking as she tries to decide how to answer. "My room, my bed, strip down and wait for me," She tells me leaving the kitchen and walking up the stairs.

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Now I'm confused but considering Kimiko is a wet dream for the average male my age I'm a little excited to see what she has planned. I follow her up the stairs and watch as she steps behind a changing screen in her room. I almost want to peek but if this get's me Natsuko for the trip I'm not gonna risk it. I get my coat and boots off as she starts to speak to me from behind the screen. "When you are naked I want you to wait for me on the bed.

There are rules boy and you will owe me after this," Kimiko tells me with a little authority. I get completely naked and crawl up onto her bed and lie down on my back patiently waiting for her to get done.

My next view is one that has me half hard and ready to play. Kimiko comes from behind the screen wearing a silk American cut kimono that just barely covers her well sculpted behind, it's black with pink trim and a matching sash keeping it closed in the front.

Her black hair is held up with a simple clasp which she lets go as she reaches the bed letting it fall around her shoulders. I can only marvel as I watch Kimiko crawl up her bed then up me like a predator getting personal with its prey. I feel a little nervous when Kimiko does something we've never done in the near two years we've known each other and the last year where we have had some quasi-active sex, she kisses me on the lips. It's a soft and tentative kiss at first and while our mouths are open and active we're both calm and taking our time with it.

Kimiko lets her body rest on me and I trail my hands up and down her body marveling at the smoothness of her skin. It's a few minutes or days as far as my brain is concerned when Kimiko finally breaks the kiss and goes back to watching me intently. "You are going to stay still while I show you what a grown woman can do. You will not be allowed to orgasm until I'm ready and you will have to answer me when I ask you a question do you understand," Kimiko more informs me of the terms as opposed to ask me.

I lightly nod my head and feel her slide shift lightly before the head of my member meets her the opening of her womanhood. I watch her push back getting the first couple inches inside her, Kimiko's face is calm and almost no reaction I can gauge from her as she puts her hands on my chest and pushes her body up at an angle to ride me.

I slip further inside her but keep my hips in place so that I'm not doing any of the work. It's a slow methodical pace to her movements as she finally get's seated upright on my hips with me buried inside her.

Kimiko is still looking at my face and I watch with a level of anticipation as she undoes the sash and opens the kimono so that I can see her breast and where we're connected a little better. Slowly Kimiko begins to move, not up and down but around in an almost circular hip swaying that doesn't have me moving in and out of her much but the sensation with her warmth and the grip she has me has me groaning a little in pleasure.

I don't let her keep the pace out of my want to not do anything but more out of wondering what she will do next. I keep my hands off as she continues to grind the circles around my hips, her gaze is still intent on my face but her expression is still one of calm control.

"Do you want to touch me," Kimiko asks quietly as she works getting a nod from me," Good boy, place your hands on my hips only." I do as she lets me and grip Kimiko's hips lightly as she grinds me inside her like she's dancing to some music that only she can hear. The sensation is intense for me; I'm usually moving and doing so much more but with me focusing on just what Kimiko is doing and my trying to keep from moving at all.

It's a warm and tight swirl of sensations as she keeps a long rhythmic pace, I'm having to keep my control on my orgasm which I can feel building but I'm holding it as far back as possible.

"Do you want me to cum for you Guy," Kimiko asks me gasping the word 'cum'. I nod my head lightly again and feel her speed up, I marvel as she trails her hands up her chest and down to her hips. Kimiko moves one of my hands to her breast and I gently squeeze it.

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Finally she shows some reaction and I watch her head roll back slowly while she moans for my enjoyment. I can feel her tightening up a little when she turns her attention back to me, no longer calm but almost eager and anxious.

"Guy, I want you to tell me that you want me. Tell me what you would do to have me if there were no girlfriends," Kimiko tells me making me scramble to think.

"I would beat your husband into submission and make him watch as I got you pregnant then I'd move in so that he could support me and my new family while I took care of his wife," I tell her almost blurting the words gasping. Kimiko speeds up at my answer and starts moaning louder, her hips doing the circles at a more anxious pace. I'm getting really close and I see Kimiko make eye contact with me for a moment to say 'Don't you fucking dare boy'.

The death look is so hot on her but I tighten my abs and grit my teeth, Kimiko leans forward and pulls me into a sitting position with her still on my lap and clutches me to her chest tightly. "Yes Guy, you are making me cum so hard. I haven't felt like this since before my marriage," Kimiko moans in my ear," Keep holding on and let me finish first." I take a liberty and wrap my arms gently around her back as Kimiko starts moving her hips back and forth on my member with vigor.

I bury my face in her chest and I feel her well manicured nails gripping the back of my head and neck as her breathing becomes shallow. Kimiko's body stiffens for a moment and I hear her whispering the word 'yes' over and over as her womanhood tightens as her orgasm hits.

She grinds against me lightly almost shuddering as waves of pleasure course through her body; I'm biting my lip to keep from joining her with my own orgasm. I hold her as she leans me back and then slides off of my member before laying on her side with her head on my shoulder. "Now comes the difficult part. You will promise me something very difficult," Kimiko says to me as I'm wondering where my orgasm is going to come from. Kimiko turns my head to face her and I can see the seriousness in her eyes as she watches me intently before speaking again.

"You will let nobody, not your friends or your girls do anything that will harm my daughter," Kimiko says as I almost accept the terms immediately as she continues," If anything happens to her I will take a piece of you that you and your girlfriends will miss dearly, do you understand?" "I swear I won't let anyone hurt her and I will get vengeance like she was my girlfriend," I reply as I feel Kimiko's hand grip my member lightly. I see her smile lightly before I watch her position herself almost to where we are in a sixty-nine but her hips are next to my chest and shoulder on the side.

Slowly I feel Kimiko's soft hand stroke me when her other hand reaches back for my own. I give her my hand and she places it on the back of her head. "Don't push and try not to thrust," Kimiko tells me quietly. I am exposed then I feel Kimiko push forward taking my whole member in her mouth. I'm in her throat and I feel her building to something when all of a sudden she starts to swallow without me cumming. The sensation as me ball my fist full of her hair and I tense up, I'm not going to last when she starts to make a light gagging noise.

I turn my attention down to this Japanese goddess as she is trying to force more of me down her throat and with one hard suck I lose control and start to orgasm down Kimiko's throat.


I'm shaking at the force with which she is making me cum and it's only after a few minutes that I realize I'm no longer in Kimiko's mouth.

I feel wonderfully relaxed and I can see she's watching me intently. "Remember you gave me your word," Kimiko says before kissing me lightly on the cheek. I nod in agreement and marvel as she crosses the room to change, I hop up after her almost startling her. I get my arms around her waist and grip her ass gingerly getting a smile. "Bad boy needs some more," Kimiko asks pressing against me lightly. "When I come back you and I are going to get a private room somewhere.

I will take you soft, hard, tenderly and forcefully," I tell her getting a smile," I will get my reward for a job well done." Kimiko smiles eagerly this time before stepping back and motions for me to get my clothes. We both get dressed and continue to talk casually for an hour when Natsuko comes in the door and freezes at the sight of me sitting in the living room with her mother. Immediately the two of them start talking fast in Japanese and I can see Natsuko is afraid of something when I interject in the debate.

"Alright you both are not making it easy for me to help out here so I'm going to tell you this once Natsuko," I say getting both of them to stop and look at me," You are my friend, the only friend that I have that's a girl. I want you with us so we can all have a great time, please come with us." I can see she's still nervous about something but I get a nod and some tears before she mutters something about packing and rushes off to her room.

I shrug to Kimiko and she just smiles and shows me to the door. I get back on my bike and head home to my family, Mom put out a wonderful dinner for the last night Katy and I are home before the trip and afterwards while the girls are talking Dad pulls me into the living room to 'guy talk'. "So you know I trust you to make the right decisions while you're out there," Dad says with that parental tone.

"Dad I'm going to have fun, relax and get away from the bullshit that seems to creep out of the woodwork on me," I reply smiling. "Just remember that on the road people start to wear on each other and don't wander off alone on the drive down," Dad says imparting some last advice. I try to settle down later that night to get some sleep by myself and find myself more anxious than I thought for this trip.

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I get all my friends save for Liz, Kyle and Isaac/Allison. I get to go where we'll have the space to breath and finally I think I'll start to listen seriously to Kori about our future. These thoughts are what put me to sleep with a smile on my face. Next morning is a late one at the crack of seven where I get my bags ready and the family all pile into two cars with Katy and my luggage as I hop on my bike and we head off to the school to meet the vehicles and the rest of the crew.

We arrive first with the rest straggling in with their families, everyone says goodbyes and Imelda and I get our bikes loaded when the vehicles arrive. I had no clue what Mom was doing but when a fucking tour bus and a full sized RV roll into the parking lot I'm literally bouncing with excitement. My women start loading their stuff in the RV after Kori comes out and informs them that there is only one bed there and it's huge.

I shake my Dad's hand then hug him before hugging Mom and Liz. I make sure everyone is loaded up and check with the driver, Vinnie. "Okay kid, Marcus and I are at your disposal as per the Old Man but don't go thinking we're gonna buy you drugs or kill people," Vinnie tells me closing the door. "Man I want stress free for the next month and a half or so," I reply smiling and surveying my surroundings.

The girls are getting everything packed up and I marvel at the differences in what was packed by each one. All of them have clothes but while Matty has some reading material, Imelda brought something that looks like it goes in a motorcycle and tools. Katy has some art supplies and blank clothing and finally I see Kori and Rachael with enough make up and personal hygiene supplies to keep us all from smelling like ass by day two of the trip.

I head to the back and take my boots off before settling down on the bed when my phone goes off; it's Lilly telling me that Jun wins the race for the first one to get off on the trip.

I chuckle and put my phone away when Rachael comes crawling in and curls up next to me to get a nap, I curl around her and let her sleep. The first day is looking awesome and I can't wait to traumatize the crew with Loretta's place.