Curvy lady gets her fur pie drilled

Curvy lady gets her fur pie drilled
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Dan taped cotton gauze over Jan's eyes to block out any light or vision and put her sunglasses on over the taped shut lids. He took her keysled her to her car, and seated her belted her in. Dan handcuffed her under the long sleeves of her sweater so that only the short length of chain showed on close inspection.

He drove to the highway and then North a couple of exits and then far up the valley into a very quiet neighborhood. Pulling up to a house on a secluded street he parked and led her to the doorway. Inside the footsteps approached and opened the doorway.


He led her into the courtyard and turned he back to face the closed entrance before he removed the sunglasses and tape and replaced them with her blindfold and hood. He gagged her next and then turned and led her into the TV room where two bachelors were watching a sports show. Dan made her kneel and then bend forwards over the cold granite coffee table. She lay against the cold stone and it made her nipples harden slightly with anticipation.master pulled her pants and panties down to her knees to display her backside to the viewers on the sofa.

They all smiled silently and then the master turned her over front side up and took her pants off completely, and spread her legs enough for a close visual inspection by all attending eyes.

Unbuttoning her sweater he took the old t shirt underneath at the bottom seam and ripped it all the way to the neck and displayed her bulging full breasts full of induced milk. He tied her cuffed hands to one of the coffee table legs. They all sat and enjoyed the vista. The sports show faded into the background as the two sports fans pondered her slowly moistening pussy lips and let their fingers wander up and down her legs ticking them very lightly on her inner thighs. The goose bumps flashed up her legs to her belly and the undersides of her breasts.

Her master began to suck on her milk glands, taking her warmth from within.

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His friends found the edges of her puss with their light grazing touches and the wetness became profusely visible to all. She moaned quietly as the nursing shifted breasts and the a fresh mouth joined master Dan to give her a double suckling.


Her pussy went from moist to soaked at once. Now the fingers were opening her lips and probing the interior of her love opening slit. Her wetness led their fingers to slide up against her clit which brought out a gasp. Master and one of the men continued to suck while both men explored her with deliberate touches and probes.

Then the first one took out his cock and sheathed it before plunging the tip against her doorway. She bucked against it but could not draw it in.

He teased her with slight pressure and played it against her clit. Then he slid it inside a little and let her close on it with her love muscles. She clinched herself tightly on his glans and he pushed further in slowly, as slowly as he could keep his movements. Then he was in deep and he stopped completely. The second helper reached between them and put his palm over her exposed mound and massaged with light but steady pressure.

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Now both breasts were taken, as that helper did double duty with palm and mouth. Her milk was taken and she was still being fucked but now a pause and withdrawing move left her available to the next cock. With hardly a break in the penetration she was getting stuffed again by a different but very stiff dick. After the second insertion gained her deep warmth and stroked her with long sensual sliding friction he pulled out and let master take his patient turn.

She got fucked more and again by each of the three. As they all got more heated, they began to come from the pleasure, letting the juice flow from the withdrawn and unsheathed fountains on her bare belly.

He smeared the sticky cum around and got up to wash his hands. They changed positions and the next partner took a turn again. They had some of the sweet smoke and they put it to her lips while they took a break. Her head spun and she relaxed into a higher dreamy state of pleasures inside and out.

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They fucked her in turn as the night wore on. The basketball game was over and music replaced the television background sound. With three tormenting cocks there would be no real rest between rounds. Her milk gave them much more strength to keep fucking her hot pussy.

Her dreamy state was completely given over to pleasure. Hour after hour the fucked until it was late very late. The game on television was long forgotten but, this night would always be remembered as fun for all concerned.

Her, Dan, master put on her sweater again and pulled up Jan's pants.


The stone table was covered with dry come and sticky juices. Her master led her back to her car blindfold taped again under sunglasses in the night.

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He drove he back and led her to her door before he uncuffed her and pushed her inside gentlly. Then he fucked her once more on the floor before he got up and left her to recover her wits.

Another nice evening after work.just a few minutes before sunrise now.