Lavandas Muschi und Mund geöffnet für geile Massage

Lavandas Muschi und Mund geöffnet für geile Massage
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"Jesus", she thought as she shut her apartment door, "i dont think anything could possibly go more insane than it already has" Amber had always been a dramatic person, but today had been over the top when she had walked out of her job because she swore her supervisor was coming on to her. She set her purse down, and began to get more comfortable.


Her long, dark hair cascaded down her back as she let it down. She had always thought of herself as a beauty, with her 5'7, 130 pound frame.

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Her breasts were a nice, firm 34C, giving men plenty to look at, and she knew they looked, she made a point of it, wearing her low cut shirts, glaring when she caught them, but secretly enjoying it. Oh, she was vain, and she loved it. Exhausted from her day, she undressed completely and jumped in the shower. The hot water pleased her, and she began to sing. She must have ben singing a little loudly, because she didn't hear her door open as the men entered the bathroom.

She was suddenly grabbed from behind, yanked out of the shower by a masked figure.

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She began to scream but was quickly silenced by a knife to her throat, pressing in until a spot of blood appeared.

"Shut the fuck up or I'll shove my blade in your fucking neck bitch" terrified, she closed her mouth. The second man, standing in front of her, pinched her nipple hard, causing her to whimper in pain. Grinning cruelly, the man behind her reached around and began rubbing her pussy, his fingers flicking her clit roughly, shoving fingers inside of her brutally.

She tried to twist away, but was again slapped and yanked to the floor. Her head was pushed down until she was on her hands and knees.

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Kneeling behind her, the first man spread her ass apart and began flicking his tongue along her tight asshole. The second man yanked her face up, and placed his hard cock against her lips. He slapped her, indicating that she was to open her mouth and take his cock,or there would be hell to pay. Opening her mouth, his thick cock was snoved into her mouth and down her throat, causing her to gag.

He grabbed her ears for leverage and began ramming his cock into her mouth, her salive running down her chin as she gasped amd struggled to breathe The man behind her had moved his tongue to her tight pussy, his thick tongue quickly flicking her tender pussy ,hungrily lapping at her clit, shoving his tongue nside her tight hole,moving inside of her, exploring her wet pussy, while he inserted a finger into her ass.

She tried to call out in pain, but it was muffled by the brutal facefuck she was recieving. The man behind her now had his cock out, rubbing it against her betraying pussy, which was now slick with her juices.

He shoved his thick dick inside of her tight hole Nd began to rape her, his cock sliding in until his balls slapped her ass. Yanking her face away from his dick, the man in front shoved her into his accomplice, her back pressed into his chest as he violated her now soaking pussy with his dick. "how can this happen" she thought as the men violatec her, one balls deep inside of her while the other furiously jacked off while rubbing her clit.

She was then shoved awzy from both of them, onto her xtomach, wnere she was kicked in the ribs. Struggling to breathe, the first man sat behind her and pulled her on top of him, then toyed his dick against ger asshole. "oh god, please-" was all she could say before she aas skapped again. Laughing, the man shoved his dick inside of her ass without warning and began moving inside of her. He was on his back now, her on top of him with her back against his chest.

The second man kneeled in front of her, lifted her legs, and slid his dick into her pussy.

She was being fucked in both holes now, the first man ramming her ass brutally while the second man forcefucked her little snatch, his finfera working her clit,with each thrust.

She felt her pussy myscles begin to tighten, and began to cry as her body betrayed her to orgasm. "ha ha, this bitch likes getting her holes stuffed, man.

Shes cumming" sneered the first man as his fingers worked her clit, his dick ramming her with brutal force. The man violating her ass must have began cumming shortly after, because his grip tightened, and he pressed into her as deep as he could, then uttered a low grunt as he emptied his balls inside of her.

He kept his dick inside of her while the next man kept pumping away, grunting and fucking her ruthlessly. "mmm shit im about to cum, I bet she wants it inside of her, man" spat the man. His movements had become faster and deeper, then, in the heat of the rape, he slammed his cock into her one last time and shot thick ropes of semen inside her little pussy.


She began to twist away, but was punched in the side of her face, knocking her unconscious. She awoke several hours later in a daze on her floor. Stashing, she looked around for the men that had raped her brutally earlier. When she was certain they were nowhere to be found, she brought her knees to her chest, and cried.

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