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Free videos of gay black twinks fucking white guys Next Door Nookie
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My whole Monday was a disaster. I could not concentrate. Between thinking about the two beautiful women waiting at home for me, the Russian who had attacked them, and trying to figure out how to steal a body out of the morgue, getting anything done was out of the question. What? Steal a body? Yes, I know. The Reader's Digest version is that Rachel, my ex-wife, was dating a Russian mobster. He stole money from the mob. Rachel and he were supposed to runway together.

He changed his mind, dumped her, and ran off leaving her to explain it to his gangster buddies. I had just started seeing Kim, Rachel's sister, the night before Rachel got the news about her boyfriend. Jesus, that was just 36 hours ago! That next day, (yesterday) one of the Russians came to visit the sisters while I was out. He was going to torture and kill them in trying to find the money.

He ran away when I showed up. The ladies then convinced me to steal a body and burned it up to pass it off as Rachel, so she could disappear. Then the mobsters would leave her alone. As a pleasurable consequence to us being cooped up at my house together, I have been fucking both of them, ceaselessly. So, you can see. I'm a little distracted. I spent the day making mistakes, cleaning them up or apologizing for them to my boss, Dr Syygo. Dr. Syygo is the coroner and runs the morgue where I work.

He asked if I was all right. I told him I was having girl trouble. He just shook his head with a knowing smile. I am sure he thought it was the normal relationship drama. But, after this short talk with my boss, the flower of an idea started to bloom.

Dr Syygo is in his mid-fifties, but he takes care of himself. He has average looks and an aging athletic build. I am sure he would have the pick of the middle age divorcees about town, if he were single. But, he is married to a nice, plump, lady of about fifty. I always thought they made a bit of an odd couple. I had also always thought that Dr Syygo spent more than the normal male average, ogling Rachel. You have to understand.

Rachel is a fucking knockout. Movie star face with a Playboy centerfold body. The running joke from everyone, for our whole marriage, was 'What does she see in him?" I always pretended not to hear the comments. My buddies would razz me, but I saw less and less of them after the marriage.

When we were married, Rachel & I would attend the annual Christmas party, the annual Summer Picnic, and the various other company functions.

Dr Syygo always seemed to be striking up a conversation with Rachel. His eyes would invariably drift down to her ample cleavage. He rarely failed to admire her as she walked away from him. He was not terribly overt, but I noticed; Rachel noticed; and I imagine his wife noticed. What has me thinking today are my memories about when Dr Syygo heard that I was getting a divorce; he seemed to be a little pleased about it.

He never said anything outright. But his awkward smile and some subtle comments about her future plans without me, made it fairly clear. I was thinking maybe that could be useful. I had called Kim on each of my breaks; checking to see it they were OK, or had seen any suspicious people about. She assured me they were fine; bored, and Kim, at least, was horny. Oh, Goody. One more thing to keep me distracted. I was hoping I could keep from burning down the morgue.

I did manage that, but not much else. I was never so glad to see 5 o'clock in my life. Rush hour on I-225 sucked and I did not get home until six. I walked in the door and was greeted by a barely dressed Kim. She was wearing a bikini. Perhaps she had gotten a little sun. The top covered her breasts well, but could not hide either their fullness or the erect nipples straining the cloth. I took her greedily into my arms and gave her a wet, invigorating kiss. "I could get used to this when I come home" I said as I withdrew from her tender lips.

"You could, huh? What would I get?" she answered coyly. I pulled her back in and added a little more passion to my efforts and released her.

"Wow." She said looking deep into my eyes. You kiss like that and Rachel kicked you to the curb? My sister's an idiot." Kim said. "Speaking of my ex-wife; how did she hold up today?" I asked Rachel and Kim had been home all day and I figured it would be easy for the ladies to work themselves into a panic over the incident with the Russian yesterday.

Yesterday, Rachel had also had, first reluctant, and then maybe not so reluctant sex, with her own sister. Based on how she had enjoyed it, I suspected that Rachel was gay and had finally let herself believe it. It would explain our sex life when we were married. All of that gave her a lot to mull over today. "She's been kind of quiet all day. She's in your guest room, taking a nap.

You want to go check on her?" Kim asked with a hint of anxiety in her voice. "O-kayyy" I said drawing the word out feeling like there was something up. We walked and Kim shhhhhed me, urging me to be quiet and to walk lightly.

We came up to the door jam and Kim looked around it, into the room. She emerged grinning conspiratorially, and urged me to take a peek, as she held a finger to her lips. I was wondering what the hell was going on. I looked around slowly and felt my eyes go wide. Rachel was definitely not napping. Rachel was naked, her legs were open facing me, and buried in her pussy was a large, veined dildo. Rachel was grinding her hips into the mattress, in obvious pleasure.

She had one hand working the fake cock in and out of her cunt, and the other rubbing her clit. I felt myself start to get hard. If Rachel had ever masturbated, this was the first evidence I had of it. Kim reached around me and touched my cock. I jumped and pulled back around. "Kim! This is wrong. We shouldn't be watching her like this" I whispered urgently I may have said that, but I felt an urge to look again.

My cock was urging me to as well. Kim pulled me to her and kissed me hard. Her hand reached down and cupped by cock. I took my cue from her and grabbed a handful of her barely covered ass and kneaded it like dough. Rachel's low moan broke our embrace and I looked around into the room again. Rachel was now holding her dildo steady and pumping her hips back and forth into it, fucking herself to the brink of heaven.

Her free hand had moved to her breast and she was squeezing it, while rubbing her nipple with her thumb. The areola was pulled tight with her arousal, forming a tight little knot, which she roughly caressed.

Rachel's eyes were closed, and her mouth open in silent cries of pleasure. If she was not orgasming, she would be very soon. My cock was hard enough to split firewood, and straining to get out of my pants. This time when Kim reached around to feel me; I did not jump or pull back. My eyes were riveted to the cock going in and out of my ex-wife's stretched pussy.

I felt Kim reach up and undo my pants. She pulled them and my underwear down to my knees and my cock jumped out. I reached down to begin jerking myself off, but Kim beat me to it. She had had her fingers underneath my cock and was applying pressure underneath and she slowly stoked my organ. I let out a silent moan and closed my eyes for a few seconds, savoring how Kim's hand was manipulating my cock; milking it and driving me closer to my own climax.

"F.ffaster" I whispered Kim moved her hand faster and I opened my eyes to see Rachel with one hand on her dildo, pistoning it in and out of pussy as fast as she could.

She was writhing on the bed, begging her body to release it's orgasm and flood her mind with pleasure. Her other hand had the remote control and I saw her clicking it from one position to another, trying to coax the machine inside of her to vibrate her soul. Kim abruptly stopped her hand manipulations and I felt her shift in front of me. "What are you doing?!" I hard whispered "She'll see us!" Kim completely ignored me and took my throbbing cock into her mouth.

I felt goose bumps appear as she slipped me deep into her mouth. I stifled a groan as best as I could and looked down at Kim. I saw Kim's warm, wet mouth, taking me in and out. I could feel her tongue slide under my cock, pushing me a little closer to the edge. I could just manage to see that she had her own hand in her bikini bottoms, rubbing her pussy, trying to get us both off.

My eyes kept trading places; first one sister, with her dildo being rammed into her cunt and then the other mouth-milking my cock and masturbating at the same time. "Kim! I'm close" I whispered. I wasn't sure if she wanted me to cum in her mouth. I was trying to be a gentleman, but at this point the why of it escaped me.

To my surprise, she stopped as my cock went deep inside her, shifted slightly and pushed my cock all the way down into her throat. I could feel my cock breech a small opening and I felt myself start to lose it. Kim then made swallowing motions with her tongue and throat. That pushed me over the edge and I started to cum. I had my hand on the back of her head and pulled her into me as I began to shoot my juice deep inside her.

I held her firmly, shivering as I came, and stifling a cry all at the same time. One spurt; two; and a third emptied my balls into my dear Kim's mouth. The orgasmic wave took me, blinded me and removed all sound from the room. My only conscience thought was not to scream. I do not know if I succeeded. Kim's attempt to pull back, brought me enough out of heaven to release her head, and I opened my eyes. I peered into the bedroom.

Rachel had her legs locked together around her vibrating rod, and her whole body was in orgasmic lock. She was paralyzed with pleasure and stifling her own cry of pleasure. Sanity rejoined me, as Kim slipped back behind the concealment of the wall. She stood, as I turned and I kissed her quickly. We crept away quietly, me trying to pull my pants up and not trip; Kim in front with her incredible ass over filling her tight bikini, and giving my cock a reason to stay inflated.

It made repantsing myself difficult. We made to the living room and Kim burst into quiet giggles. "That was fun!" she said excitedly. "You knew Rachel was not napping, didn't you?" I accused, but with obvious approval. "It got me so hot.

I was praying you would come home before she finished" Kim said a little breathlessly. "Did you cum?" I asked hoping she had. I wasn't sure I could go again so soon. "Don't you worry about me." Kim said as she snuggled into me. "You can work you magic later tonight." I was definitely OK with that. We sat in silence for a minute or two. I was trying to reorder my mind and put myself back in the real world.

But, then it occurred to me that my real world had become the stuff where Jackie Collins runs into John Grisham.


Off balance with my head spinning had become the norm. I was about to dissect that thought to see what I would find when Rachel walked into the room. She had thrown on a pair of jean shorts and a tee shirt. She had no bra and I doubted any panties either. That would be unusual for her; as she always carried herself as a prim and proper lady of another era. That was a far distant cry from the woman groaning in pleasure as a machine was pumped into her pussy. "Oh, I didn't hear you come home, Ron." Rachel said "I was taking a nap" Kim stifled a laugh by burying her face in my chest.

But, I could feel her shake with the effort. Luckily my sense of humor must have drained itself into Kim's stomach, and I didn't see any need to embarrass Rachel. "Did you have a good day?" I asked. I had no idea how she would answer. She had a lot of things to right in her own mind. Her masturbating with a dildo, with the door open, in my house, was not a sign that she was her old self. "I kept thinking about you all day." She started, saw Kim's look of confusion and then changed her tone to one of explanation.

"No, Kim. Not like that. I kept wondering if he found a body." And then she looked at me, hopefully "Did you?" Rachel asked.

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"Rach, let's for a moment say I did, and we go all though this crazy scheme, and it works. What then? You're officially dead and you don't exist. You have no money and no identity. How will you get along?" "I have a new identity. My new name is Rachel Leah Jackson" she answered confidently.

"Who the hell it Rachel Leah Jackson?" I asked a little surprised at the answer.

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"Petrov had all sorts of shady connections and one of them created all of the necessary papers to start a new life. I have a birth certificate and a Social Security card and everything." "Will they pass mustard?" I asked "Petrov said they would.

He seemed pretty sure." She said less confidently, but still sure. I said nothing for a minute, letting this information turn itself over and over. "We need to test the documents to see if they will actually work" I said "I'm not sure how we will do that, but I think we had better before we get too deep into this." The girls were silent.

They looked like they had not considered this possibility. "Anyway. There is no Jane Doe body that will do us any good. Dr Syygo would compare age, general weight, and race and be able to tell that the body was not Rachel." "How can they tell race or age if the body is burnt up?" asked Kim "First, the body is rarely burnt enough to erase all evidence of race and age.

Second, a good anthropologist can tell by bone structure. I don't understand it all, but trust me, Dr Syygo does. The body we use has to be white, female, age 25-35, and around 110 pounds." I replied like I knew what I was talking about. I hoped I did. "So we wait." Said Rachel crestfallen. I had expected that reaction and had told myself I would not share my idea with the girls.

It was too raw and not thought out. But the look on Rachel's angelic face melted my resolve. I closed my eyes as I said "But, one of the identified bodies is perfect" I started and was interrupted by Kim "But, you said it had to be a Jane Doe, or the police would investigate." "They would.

They will. Unless we can figure out a way to make this body seem like it went through the necessary channels and procedures." I answered. The girls were silent as I spent the next five minutes going over my thoughts with them. "We need a freezer to keep the body in" Kim chimed in as I finished. "What about the folk's meat freezer?" suggested Rachel "It's almost empty and might be big enough." "We are going to need a truck, too" I added "Plus help to load it and unload it." "What about Tasha?" asked Kim "We are going to have to get her involved sooner or later, to deal with the dental records." I had forgotten about that.

Kim was right though. "Kim, I don't know Tasha very well. Can we trust her with a secret this big? Rachel's life and our freedom would depend on her silence." I said "I've known her since 4th grade.

She's my best friend. I think she would do anything for me, especially if she knew how important it is" Kim said confidently.

I didn't like bringing anyone else in on this. The more people that know; the greater the chance someone finds out. But, I didn't see any other option. "I guess you'll have to talk to her then." I said with my mind moving to another subject. "When?" Kim asked "When what?" I said a little annoyed, as I was worried about things at the morgue "When should I talk to Tasha?" I thought about that a second.

"It can wait until after we get the body. If Tasha won't help, then we will have to cut off the head, too. It would be easier to do that, but if we can get the identification to be done with dental x-rays only, it will make things go a lot smoother and quicker.

Messing around with the DNA reference samples at the lab is tough." Rachel looked uneasy at this, but said nothing. She did chime in with a question. "When do I go to the morgue to for my part of the plan?" "I'm thinking on Wednesday. I will need tomorrow to get the paperwork ready. Remember we get one shot at this. If it fails we can't even try again." I answered "Tasha's dad has a truck." Kim said "I was thinking I should talk to her tonight or tomorrow morning and we get the freezer tomorrow after you get home." "OK, it will give us an idea if we have enough strength with all of us to lift the damn freezer anyway." Then changing the subject I went on.

"Did we have suspicious characters poking around today? I'm very concerned about the Russians figuring out where you are at." I said motioning to Rachel.

"We didn't see anyone." Kim answered, looking a Rachel for confirmation. "No one" Rachel agreed. "I'm really worried they will find us." I continued "If one of them was willing to torture and kill, a little thing like a change of address is only going to slow them down a little." "Then I guess we better hurry up and get this done" said Rachel In my head I agreed, but I was still so unsure about this. We were going to steal a body and pass it off as Rachel. This is crazy.

But, I said nothing as both girls looked at me waiting for a reaction or answer. "What do we want to do for dinner?" I said instead The ladies cooked up a simple and delicious spaghetti dinner, which put me in a better mood.

It was nice not eating my own cooking or having to go get something. The ladies even offered to do the grocery shopping tomorrow while I was at work. Kim had changed into a tee and jean shorts. She looked sexy as hell anyway. Work brought up an interesting conversation.

I found out that Rachel was unemployed. Her last day had been on Friday. Her plans with Petrov had been the impetus for this. At least she had no where she had to be while she was hiding from the Russians. Kim had taken this whole week off from work, to coincide with her 21st birthday. She was planning to go drinking and clubbing each night with her friends now that she was legal. She said she had a lot of built up dancing to let out.

But she had called most of the friends today and begged off, saying she was not feeling well. With Karen, Sharon, and Tasha, she just said things had gone well with me and more or less left it at that. We watched a little TV (the CSI rerun was a bad idea), after which my mood had soured again. I kept asking myself 'What am I doing?' All of this was illegal, immoral, and did not even feel like the right thing to do. We would get caught and I would end up in jail. By 10 PM I was ready to just call it a night, and fight with my dreams.

Rachel, who had given up on TV after CSI, came back from the guest room dressed in a small leotard. I had seen Rachel in this before. She used to practice yoga. But, in the past she had worn tights with them. Today her legs and ass were bare. I loved her leotard, as it was a thong type, with a French cut. It would make me horny as hell watching her go through her routine. As soon as my eyes returned to my sockets, I had the presence of mind to ask "Rachel, what are you doing?" "I need to clear my mind and purge some anxiety.

Out here is the only place with enough room." She answered defensively "And where is the rest of your outfit?" asked Kim with what could have been jealousy, but I wasn't sure. "We left in a hurry, Kimmy. I'm surprised I even threw this in the bag" Rachel answered even more defensively. "Don't watch if bothers you." Rachel began her stretching well off to the side of the TV, but I had only to turn my head about 12 degrees to have a perfect view. Perfect view was the correct phrase.

If I did not know better, I swear Rachel was trying to put on a show. I always enjoyed watching her exercise. She let me, but I always thought it was her way of manipulating me. If she wanted something this got me so aroused I would do almost anything to get into that leotard. More often than not, however, I ended up in the shower using my own hand.

I have no idea what the various positions are called. I called them either 'Yes, I could fuck her like that' or "No, I couldn't' Rachel started with sitting down with her legs together and pointing right towards me.

That would be a NO position. Rachel's leotard had a mesh top, with strategically placed solid vertical stripes. They bisected each breast, but gave me a nice view of her cleavage and shape of her breasts.

Rachel ignored us completely as she laid down on herself stretching her back. When she came back, she spread her legs as wide as she could and my eyes immediately went to her pussy. This is a YES position and I could feel my cock agreeing with me. I don't think Rachel had on any panties, as I could clearly make out the folds of her vulva through the thin fabric.

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I glanced at Kim, and she seemed to be watching TV, ignoring Rachel and me. Rachel finished with this position and rolled over onto her stomach, pulling her legs together and laying flat. My eyes followed her legs from her dainty feet, watching them widen into her shapely calves, and then her toned thighs. Those started gradually swelling up to form her almost bare, shapely bottom, and then the curves became much steeper as the bubble became prominent.

Rachel arched her back stretching her lower back and tightening her bare ass. She dropped back down lying flat and then spread her legs slightly and did it again.

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This is another YES position. My eyes strained to make out details in the shadowy spot where her legs parted, but I denied. My cock was also straining to get a look as well. As if she could read our minds and was doing this for my pleasure; her legs parted wide, revealing her pussy once again.

The fabric was stretched tighter and molded to her vulva like a second skin. The faintest hint of her little back entrance also made it's presence known. My cock was so hard it hurt, and I shifted to try and get comfortable. I looked at Kim again, who was still watching TV, but she had a subtly amused look on her face that did not match the laundry soap commercial she appeared to be watching.

My eyes darted back to Rachel, who was getting on all fours, with her legs apart. This is what I called the OH GOD PLEASE LET ME FUCK HER position. Her tight pussy was right there. She rocked back and forth, doing this for God knows what reason, but the effect was to stretch her leotard tighter across her snatch and then to relax. Tight and relax. Tight and relax. It was like she was fucking herself with it, and it was driving me mad. I shifted again, trying to get comfortable.

I felt Kim put her hand on my cock and I almost jumped out of my skin. She giggled. "Did my sister be mean to you, again?" Kim baby talked me "Want me to make it all better?" Did I. I turned to her and we kissed passionately for a few moments. She groping my johnson; me mauling her braless chest over her t-shirt. "Let's go upstairs" Kim suggested. Good fucking idea, I thought, and we both got up. She took me by the hand and we hustled upstairs to my room.

We began undressing each other immediately; with Kim's tee disappearing as soon as we cleared the door jam. She pushed me back, unfastened her jean shorts, and hip shrugged them down, watching my expression, with an evil grin.

"You're one up on me, Ron. I got you off when you got home. Time for payback" she said This was torture; first watching Rachel roll around like a stripper and now Kim had just stripped and was teasing me.

Was she doing this intentionally? I could not tell, but I had to have her body. I had to feel her body yield to mine as I drove deep into one of her pleasure holes. I wanted to feel her breasts in my hands; squeezing them; feeling her nipples harden as I aroused her. But, debts must be paid. Kim lay back on my bed and pulled her legs up and rested her little feet on the edge.

She spread her tan legs, inviting me to have the dessert we had not had after dinner. I finished stripping and stepped between her legs. I leaned in and my hands followed Kim's sexy curves up until I found her breasts.

I squeezed them gently, and rubbed her little nubs with my thumbs. I released Kim's firm bosom so I could get on top of Kim and enjoy her tender, eager lips. She opened her mouth to let my tongue dance with her's. Kim moaned into my mouth and kissed harder. Her obvious arousal was driving me mad and I ached to be inside her. Kim gently pushed my shoulders down, broke our embrace and looked lustily into my eyes "Please, Ron." She half begged. I kissed her gently on lips, and then her chin.

I used a pair of soft kisses to make my way to her ear. I gently nibbled on that lobe, and then sucked on it for a second. Two more kisses and I was kissing Kim's neck. This was torture taking my time. I consoled myself knowing I was making her ache with desire herself. "Ooooooo" Kim cooed as I gently sucked just above the nape. I kissed my way down to her breasts, which rose and fell quickly.

I circled her areola with my tongue and it hardened with the second trip around. I gently kissed the top of her little gumdrop and then took it into my mouth. My hand was squeezing her other breast more aggressively than I wanted. My own arousal needed an outlet and my hand was using Kim's breast to that end.

"Please, Ron" Kim begged again. She wanted her own relief. I kissed between her breasts and then slowly kissed and licked my way down to her waiting pussy. I kneeled between her spread legs, inhaled and took in her musk. I knew she would be wet and ripe with juice. My first lick started at the base of her opening, and circled between her inner and outer lips, passing over her clit and down the other side.

"Ohhhh. Go lower, Ron. MUCH lower" I knew what she wanted. I had rimmed her just a bit the other day when she was eating Rachel.


She seemed to have liked it. I made another slow circle and when I reached the bottom, I dragged the back of my tongue across Kim's starfish. "Mmmmmmmm" she moaned Kim reached behind her knees and pulled her legs back towards her, directly offering me her most private area.

I took it willingly, using my flattened tongue to broadly lick across the entire little hole, and pointing my tongue at the tip as it went through the center. I felt her little hole yield just a bit. "Ohhhhhhhh." Kim moaned out in pleasure.

As my tongue left the textured area of her little butt opening and found the tender area below her pussy, I made my way back around the little opening in a slow circle; once, twice, three times; and then I moved my tongue to it's center and pushed. "Mmmmmmmmm. Do that more." she moaned out. "Turn over and stick that ass in the air" I told her. I wanted some handles and a better angle. Plus, I loved this view; with Kim completely vulnerable; offering her unprotected body to me.

I could cause pleasure or pain. She trusted it would be pleasure. She yearned for it as much as I did. I squeezed her firm cheeks and spread them apart. I began again with a wide lick that covered her pussy and went right up Kim's delicate crevice. She moaned again and I licked back down one side of her split, circled around her forbidden opening and licked up the other side.

"Please" Kim moaned out. I began my downward lick again and Kim took in a breath as her anticipation built. My tongue arrived at her little starfish, and I circled it once, twice, thrice and then a forth time. Kim pushed her ass into my face; begging for me to penetrate her back door. I made my tongue as hard as I could and tried to pierce her little opening. She relaxed; my tongue went in a very short way. I moved it up and down, trying to wiggle it a little deeper inside her. Kim squirmed and pushed into me.

I brought me left hand down, found her wet pussy, and traced my thumb down to Kim's clit. I could feel the little hardness of it and I began to rub it in tiny circles, as my tongue continued it's anal dance.

"Oh God! That feels good! Jesus! Keep going!" Kim exclaimed. I withdrew my tongue from Kim's ass and began to circle the little hole with my tongue. I moved my thumb off her clit and stuck it inside her pussy. At the same time I stabbed at her backdoor with my tongue, again gaining entrance. I wiggled my tongue up and down as I began thrusting my thumb in Kim's wet love tunnel. The webbing between my thumb and forefinger would crash into Kim's clit each time I bottomed out.

"God! Faster, Ron!" Kim squealed as she started rocking back to meet my thrusts. I was doing all I could to worm my tongue deeper into her ass, but Kim's own thrusts were making it harder. I gave up, stuck my other thumb in my mouth to get it wet, and started working it to Kim's ass.

"Ahhhhhhh" she gasped out, but only bucked harder. Then all at once she slammed back on my hand and felt her pussy and ass tight around my thumbs, as her orgasm locked every muscle in her body. "Oh! Oh! Oh!" she let out in quick gasps. I fought her kegel muscles and kept thrusting into her pussy. My other thumb was content to just shake up and down in a vibrato. Kim kept gasping out little noises and then relaxed. I pulled both thumbs out and flexed my hands and arms. God, they were tired.

My cock on the other hand was at attention and begging me to fuck Kim, and to do it now. I got off of my knees, used my own saliva to wet myself, and then pushed my cock into Kim's tight pussy. "Ohhhhhhhhhh" we both groaned out together.

Kim felt so good. Her tunnel was tight, wet, warm, and it seemed to hug my organ and invite it in further. I will never get tired of the feeling that always sends a shiver down my spine and a calls out with a tiny shutter, as the pleasure finds it's own outlet.

My hands had appeared on Kim's hips and I used them to regulate my thrusts into her body; each ending with our hips bumping together. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling of her pussy stroking my cock, pulling pleasure from it and shooting it back into me in a manner know only to God.

If this was not heaven, it would do. As much as I was enjoying this, I needed complete conquest. "Kim, I need your ass.

I have to have it." I meant it as a question, but I felt certain that it was mine for the taking. "Take it!" Fuck me until I can't walk" she said in labored tones.

I saw her reach under my pillow and as if by magic she produced the familiar anal syringe, preloaded. She reached behind herself to hand it to me, which I took with out missing a stroke into her glorious love hole. I squirted just a touch on her little starfish and used it to lube the bulb of the injector. A little more in my palm got the instrument ready for us. I gave an extra upward thrust to my hips burying my cock into it's temporary repository, as I worked the lube tube into Kim's waiting ass.

She tensed, and then relaxed as I slowly fucked her butt with the little toy. Then I pushed it all the way in, and filled her bowel with the cool liquid. I pulled my tool out of Kim's pussy, and lined it up on her rosebud, and pushed. "Ow! Ow! Go slow!" Kim cried and tensed as she did.

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"Relax, my little angel. I'll go slow" I said in soothing tones. But the tone in my voice belied the lust that was banging in my head, begging me to slam my cock deep into her unyielding ass, and ignore all consequences.

I fought that urge and pushed slowly. Kim's tight hole yielded and I broke through in a quick, short, jolt. I shivered again as I said "Fuck! I'm in.

God, that is tight" Kim said nothing. She was just breathing hard, both enduring the pain and trying to relax. I gave her to the count of five to get used to the intrusion and then I could ignore the beast no longer. I pushed again, feeling her body grudgingly part and accept my rod into her most private area. "Ohhhhhhh" Kim groaned. It sounded like it still hurt, and I could see a pained look on her face. She had her eyes closed, with her face resting sideways on the mattress.

I kept my steady push, stretching her tight opening wide, making it give me passage; making it give me pleasure. The thought of Kim allowing me to do this to her, regardless of the cost to her body made me feel powerful; supreme. For the moment I owned her. I owned the world. Then my cock found the bottom of her ass, and I was stopped. My balls were resting on Kim's pussy, and I was amazed at how much I had stretcher her little opening to accommodate my girth.

"Minute! Minute!" she breathed out quickly. A minute was a century too long and I began to pull back. In my mind I felt her ass resist me. I felt like a spring was attached. Each micro inch that I moved back pulled the spring tighter. There would come a point where I could not pull back any farther and then I would be sprung deep and hard back into her bowel.

I reached that point as my cockhead began to appear. I fought the spring with all my will, certain I would rip Kim in two if I gave in. My breathing labored as I fought. But, with each fraction of an inch that the spring pulled me in, my resistance was reduced. The pleasure of her ass squeezing my cock was killing my will to resist and leaving me prone to my base desire. When I was buried deep in my angel's ass for the second time; Kim moaned. This time there was a note of pleasure, which cut my resolve loose and the beast sprang from his cage.

I pulled back, this time taking pleasure in stretching the spring. When I had again stretched it to breaking, I let go, allowing it to catapult me deep into her bowel with a suicidal plunge. "Oh, God, Ron!" Kim said as my hips slammed into hers. The spring exploded into a million slivers and I was free. Only the beast of my own lust was left and I was ordered to pound her ass viciously I obeyed and drove my cock hard into Kim's ass. I no longer cared about her pleasure or her pain.

I had to feed the beast to keep him from devouring me. Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! Went the rapid noises of flesh meeting flesh. Kim was once again marking my strokes with her cries of pain/pleasure. "Oh! Oh! Oh!" Kim broke her rhythm. "Please, Ron!

Please hurry!" It did not seem possible but I began to pound her ass faster. My climax was building. It was a dam of pleasure building over top of me. When it burst I would be washed away and drown in it.

I felt a crack appear. The force behind it was too great for the fissure and it let go all at once.

Großeltern Paar gut aussehend Opa

"Fuuuuuuucccccck!" I screamed as I drove my cock one final time as deep and hard as I could. I almost pulled Kim off of the bed as my hands used her hips as grip bars to leverage another fraction of an inch deeper into her glorious ass.

I began to unload a gallon of semen; spraying it like a firehouse to extinguish the fire that had built in my mind. The steam of it rose and burnt away all other feelings. My hearing left me. I was blind, except for the thousand points of bursting light. The wave washed over me and extinguished the fire.

I felt myself float to the surface. I could hear. I could see. I could feel my hands cramping with the exertion of holding Kim's hips. I released them, and she immediately fell flat onto the bed. My cock popped out and I fell beside her.

"That must have been some orgasm" Kim said as she rolled over to look at me I was breathing hard, but managed to gasp out.

"Oh, yeah. Thank you." And I leaned in, to give her a kiss. She accepted it "Are you OK?" I asked as my reason returned and filled me with a sense of guilt "My butt is sore. What came over you?" "Kim, you get me that hot.

How sore?" She giggled "It's not too bad. I'll be fine. I managed a little orgasm myself, but I don't think you noticed" "Sorry" I said guiltily.

I had not noticed. "I love you." I said with meaning and as an apology "I love you, too." She said with a kiss "But, my little bottom has it's doubts about you." "Maybe I'll have to kiss it and make it all better." I responded.

"My little bottom thinks that is a good idea" and then she added "But later. For now let's take a shower" We did that together. There was much kissing and mutual soaping. Kim's breasts and pussy got very clean, as did my cock.

Kim's starfish was too sore for much attention, but it got a little soaping as well. When we were done, we tumbled back into bed, naked. I spooned Kim, with my cock between her legs, and my right hand cupping her breast. We fell asleep that way, and I was treated to dreamless sleep. My alarm woke me at the normal weekday time and I got up. I took another shower to chase away the sleep, thinking 'Fuck the environmentalists.

Al Gore uses more water in his fucking drinks' I kissed Kim, who once again pulled me sleepily into her arms for a firm hug and a meaningful kiss. It put a bounce in my step as I drove to the morgue. I was less distracted today and made no major errors. I wasn't completely focused on my job, but I was better, and Tuesdays are not nearly the zoo that Mondays are.

Monday follows the weekend, and the weekend always produces morgue business from traffic accidents and social related activities gone astray. I called Kim on my morning break. "Hey, lover" she answered We made some small talk and then she said "I called Tasha and she will bring the truck down around 6. Then I guess we all go over to the house and get the freezer" she said "Sounds right.

We can pick up the cars and more of your other belongings, too" I said back. Being at work, I was not about to discuss any of the plans that we had made for our future morgue adventure, but I was still concerned for their safety. I had to ask. "See anyone or anything out of the ordinary?" "Nope. Boring as hell over here. Day time TV sucks and Rachel is no fun as wound up as she is.

Kim answered, giggled, and then said "I think she needs to get laid" Thinking of how she might be gay, but also thinking of how inviting she looked doing her yoga last night, I was being pulled in two very different directions.

"I'm not sure I'm the, uh, right person, for the job." I finally said. Kim laughed. "Maybe you aren't, but I did promise you that you could have her ass again. I am a girl of my word" That was going to help me focus the rest of the day. We chatted for just a few more seconds and I promised to call her at lunch.

Then I hung up. What the fuck am I doing? I asked myself for the thousandth time. But, I did not dwell on that long. My break was over and I needed to get back to work. I had a lot of clerical stuff to do; including getting two release orders typed up for Dr Syygo's signature tomorrow afternoon. Tomorrow I would be committing a felony and there was no turning back then. To be continued……&hellip.