Hot lesbian lovers Jackie and Dorina having sex at Sapphic Erotica Anal Lickin

Hot lesbian lovers Jackie and Dorina having sex at Sapphic Erotica Anal Lickin
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A little back story first. My wife(33)and I(32) have been married 10 years. She is 5'5" 225 lbs with 34d Breast.


Deep brown hair just past her shoulders. Her ass isn't small but it's perfect and her body has all the right curves. When we met she was experienced but not Adventurous. That hasn't changed much. We have since introduced some toys and a little bit of role-play but she still won't take the lead in to actually trying anything new.

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I've been trying to talk her into allowing another guy to have sex with her but she feels like there's no one who would be willing to do it and because of that she always says no.

But that sort of changed last month. I was online talking to a guy about How I have been wanting to see her with another man. He told me he would be very interested in helping me achieve my wish. I was a little unsure about it since I knew my wife wasn't going to go for it but he told me he had a plan.

He worked A couple hours from where we live and he stays in a hotel during the week. He said he would get adjoining rooms and give us one for a few nights. Because of how stressed we had been I would tell her that we were going away for a few days to relax. The week came around and my wife was ready to go not knowing what was going to happen. We took off work Thursday and Friday so we could have a long weekend.

Since it was only a couple hours to the hotel we took our time getting there. After we checked in and got our room sorted out I messaged Michael to let them know everything was going according to plan. He responded saying that he would be off work around six would get something to eat and be in his room waiting.

I told him that sounded good and I'd let him know when everything was set. Since it was meant to be a relaxing weekend we went out to eat at a nice restaurant. Between the wine and the innuendo I knew she was starting to get in the mood. I checked the time, it was 730. Perfect, Michael had plenty of time to eat and shower and he would be waiting for the signal. We made our way back to the room and is soon as we got there she began to get undressed. I told her I had something special planned for the night.

I opened my bag and pulled out a bodystocking. It had a top with legs that were attached to it by garters. I asked her to slip into that as I got everything else ready. While she changed I unpacked a 3 piece restraint for the bed and set it up. She laid down on the bed and I bound Her wrists together, then to the single restraint at the head of the bed. I then bound her feet to the two at the foot leaving just enough slack that she could turn over on all four. Then I blindfolded her and gave her exposed pussy a light graze and told her I would be right back.

I exited the room and went next-door and knocked. He answered the door wearing jeans and a T-shirt. Michael is 5'10" probably 200-210lbs with a trim build and some muscle tone. His graying hair was cut in a professional style.

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For a man in his early 50's he had taken very good care of himself. A quick Exchange of introduction And he invited me into his room. I told him I had Katie ready. I must've looked very nervous because he asked me twice if I was sure that I wanted to go through this.

I told him yes and motion to my now very erect dick straining against my pants. His grin quickly vanished with a "FUCK, I forgot to get condoms!" I could see the Immediate disappointment in his face.

I gave it a quick thought and responded "Are you clean?" He said yes but he still didn't want to risk getting her pregnant. "It's ok, I'll trust you. Just pull out and have her swallow your load." I could tell he was still unsure but I assured him it would be ok.

And with that we headed back to Katie. As we entered Michael couldn't take his eyes off her. I'm not sure if he had a hardon before he came in but I noticed it as I turned to see him pulling out his phone.

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He motioned to ask if it was ok to take pictures and I nodded. As he did I moved to Katie running my hand up her thigh to her now warm unshaven pussy. "Babe there is one more thing, tonight I want your virgin ass." As I said it I ran my finger down her pussy and pressed it against the tight virgin hole.

Michael looked at me in amazement and pointed to himself. I nodded yes he was going to get to pop her. I moved off the bed kissing her lips and towards the dresser turning on music and picking up my small video camera.

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Michael didn't wait he had his shirt off and took my place at her side. As Michael climbed onto the bed next to Katie I could see the worry on her face. We had talked about one day doing anal but she was always very nervous about it since she had never done anything before. Michael lay next to her in only his jeans eyeing every inch of her thick body. I watched in anticipation as his first move was to run the back of his fingers across her cheek then kiss her.

She must have enjoyed it because as he pulled away she followed him. He then ran his hand over her lace coved breast pinching her nipple as he moved. She lay still as he began kissing her chest and moving down to her nipple.

She drew a sharp breath as he bit down on her now erect nipple. He continued kissing his way down her stomach to the top of her pussy. Her ran his fingers across her pussy probing softly. I hadn't expected him to be so gentle. In my mind I thought he would want to move much faster, but he planned to take his time and make sure they both enjoyed tonight. As I watched him begin to finger my wife I suddenly remember that I had brought a dildo and bullet vibrator. I quickly fished them from the bag that had contained the other props of the night and gently lay them in Michaels reach.

He eyed the two items, a 9 inch true flesh dildo and a 3" mini vibe. He picked the latter turning it on and ran it across her lips. Katie opened her mouth allowing the toy in rolling her tongue around it.

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Once it was wet Michael removed it from its first home and placed it at the top of her pussy and moved it down opening her pussy as he did. Katie was beginning to feel at ease and was enjoying being teased.

Michael again began kissing her body through the lace material. With his free hand he squeezed one breast then the other. Katie was grinding against the vibe as it traced up and down her wet pussy.

With the first sign of animal lust Michael set the small vibe down and with both hands took the collar of the lace top and pulled it down hard freeing both of her breasts at the same time. Surprised by the sudden aggressive act Katie tried to shift but there was nowhere for her to go.

She was his and she knew it.

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"Not so ruff" she pleaded but there was no response. He took her nipple in his mouth biting and sucking. It was everything I could do to not pull my dick out and start jerking off right then. Michael stood off the bed unbuttoned his jeans and allowed them to drop to the floor. His fully erect cock sprung and bounced as it was freed. He was a good 8-9 inch's and just a little thicker than my own. The veins stood out engorged.

I was in awe of it as I watched him climb over my Wife and squat over her stomach placing his cock between her breasts and then squeezing them around it making all but the head disappear. He began rocking back and forth pushing up enough that the top of his cock would come right to her lips. Katie knew just what to do and opened with her tongue out just a bit allowing the head of his cock to enter her mouth.

After a few moments of tit fucking Michael moved to the head of the bed. He ran his hand up the back of her head grabbing her hair and pulling her head back causing her again to wince, "Gentle". But he wasn't. He moved forward bringing his cock to her lips giving her no chance to speak again he pushed it into her mouth. Katie took as much as she could gagging a little as he tried to fit all of his cock in her mouth.

He pulled back and began using his grip on the back of her head to bob her head up and down. Katie had never been forced like that before and tried pulling back but his grip held her. My own cock pressed hard against my pants.

I unzipped allowing it free and began to jerk to my beautiful wife being face fucked by a stranger. After several thrust she relaxed and stated going with the rhythm. Michael loosen his grip and Katie sucked on his cock. I knew what she was doing with her tongue, tracing the head and rolling it along the base of his shaft letting out soft moans with every thrust. He continued for several minutes till he let out a groan and filled Katie's mouth with his Hot cum.

I watched as some spilt from the sides of her mouth. But she swallowed every drop she could. Michael pulled his throbbing cock from her mouth and used it to make sure she got every drop. Between panted breaths Katie remarked "it's been a long time since I did that for you". Michael looked at me and grinned. I had cum as well shooting my load on the floor and bed. Michael moved again this time to laying almost on his side with his head between Katie's thighs. As he touched her she lifted her hips to him offering her wet pussy.

He complied by kissing her lightly then using two fingers spread her open and licked from the bottom of her pussy to her clit stoping to kiss and suck lighty. Katie shifted her hips and moaned "please I want to cum". A request he wasn't going to refuse. He began to finger her and licking sucking and biting her pussy.

She ground her hips against his now 2 fingers in her. Breathing deeply enjoying every moment. I wanted so badly to fill her mouth with my now hard cock. Her open mouth waiting, as if knowing what I thought Michael moved his free hand to her breast then to her head placing 2 fingers in her mouth.

She clamped down on them sucking hard. Right as I thought she was going to cum Michael pulled away leaving her panting, begging, "don't stop I'm so close". He retrieved the small vibe from the bed and stuck it the full length into her dripping pussy.

Pulling it out he looked at me smiling as he traced it down to her ass. "No, wait I'm not.", with one firm push it was in with only half an inch sticking out. Katie winced with pain. It wasn't anywhere near the size of a cock but it was enough. Michael back to his gentle soft actions slowly eased it out and back in till the lite pain became a different wonderful feeling. Returning his fingers to her pussy he continued eating her till she had her first orgasm of the night. In the 10 years we have been together I have never seen her have such an intense orgasm.

Michael kept his face buried licking her cum as wave after wave shuttered through her body. On a normal night Katie and I would have been done. But Michael wasn't, he was hard again and still had 2 holes to fuck.

He knelt between her legs and looked to me. I was unsure why till I remembered we didn't have condoms. I nodded my approval for him to continue and he waisted no time running the head of his cock up and down her pussy a few moments then Katie exclaimed, "Damnit Steven, fuck me. I want your cock in me!" With that Michael entered my wife.

Slowly filling her till his balls were against her and he could feel the vibration from the toy in her ass. He began pumping his hips. Slowly till he was full speed pounding her. She grunted and moaned with every thrust, "yes, fuck me, I want you".

I was stoking watching as my wife was pleasured buy his every motion. He pressed his body to hers burying his face in her neck. Then as Katie began to climax she wrapped her legs around Michael and gasped, "I'm coming, I'm coming. Cum in me baby!" Michael grunted as he tried to pull out but there was to much slack in the restraints and Katie held him with her legs as they both groaned and came together.


I watched dumbfounded as my wife held him in her as he shot his cum deep inside her. As Katie dropped her legs, Michael, breathing hard turned and looked at me. His cock still I'm her. In the excitement of the moment I had cum as well. We looked at each other for a long moment. Trying to decide what to do. The three of us breathing hard. Michael pulled out and his cum began to drip out and down my wife.

I couldn't believe it and nether could he. Until we married Katie had never sex without a condom. As I tried to figure out what to do next Katie broke the silence, "god that was amazing". Katie lifted her head and Michael leaded in and they kissed.

As they pulled back I heard her whisper, "I think I'm ready for that cock in my ass." Michael smiled. He helped her filp over and got her ass in the air. Pulling the small vibe from her tight hole Michael pushed two fingers into her now well fucked pussy and removed a glob of his own cum and rubbed it into her ass.

Then he placed the head of his cock right on her tight hole and said his fist words since entering the room, "3,2,1". And with a push forced the head of his cock into her ass. Katie yelped and let out a cry. As she tried to fight it.


Michael slowly began pumping in and out. Katie's sounds of pain began to fade as he continued until it was moans of pleasure.

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Michael paused for a moment retrieving the until now unused dildo from beside them and worked it until it was buried as deep as he could get it in her pussy. Katie feeling this had begun pushing against him moaning telling him to fuck her.

And he did. Pounding her only half as hard as he had before. It took only minutes and Katie had and Michael shared another orgasm.

Michael, now spent, pulled out of her as she lowered herself down on the bed cum dripping now from both holes. The room smelled of sex. Michael stood gathering his clothes shook my hand and whispered "thank you" into my ear. He quietly returned to his room through the adjoining door. Katie was exhausted. I rolled her over kissed her and removed the dildo from her pussy as more of Michael's cum dripped out.

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I kissed her and removed the restraints. As she lay there I removed her blindfolded we looked into each other's eyes. She thanked me for such a wonderful evening. I helped her up and to the shower. When she returned we lay in bed my mind still racing.

She passed out. My fantasy a reality I feel asleep wondering if I should ever tell her.