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The explosions had finally stopped. Death and destruction were rampant everywhere I looked. My neighbors house was completely gone, from what I thought must have been a direct hit. There had been no warnings, and from my time in the service, I knew that aircraft bombs had caused the strikes. I thought to myself that if I had not been down in my basement, working on the sump pump, I would not have came out alive. I didn't see a soul around, as I walked out onto my recently placid street.

I thought it odd that there were no sirens, just the sounds of explosions off in the distance. I went back inside my house, and took a mental inventory. I knew that I was not going to be able to drive far, considering the devastation, but my 4-wheel drive would at least get me out of the hit area. I went to my office, got a couple side arms, and a shotgun, put on my vest out of habit, my badge, and some water. The truck started on the first try, and I rammed it out the garage door, and down the street.

I knew I would be needed at the precinct house, and that chaos would be reining. As I drove, I saw that the destruction was continuous, and that not a soul was around.


When I got to the Police Department, I still had not seen anyone, and that is when I started to get scared. I went inside, and the bodies of my fallen brethren were all over the place, some sitting at their desks where they had died. I tried the portable radios, and had no response. I grabbed a couple automatic rifles, some first aide kits, and some army type rations. I went back outside, and decided to explore, and find some survivors.

3 days later: Nothing. No one survived. The smell was starting to get bad. I knew I had to leave the city. I found a few of my friends, all dead. Every cop, firefighter, citizen was gone. What the hell had they hit us with? WHO had hit us? I loaded up on every imaginable supply that I could think of… Tent, sleeping bag, food, weapons, knives, ropes, and whatever else would fit in the box of my truck.

I found a trailer, and filled it with Jerry cans of diesel for my truck from the National Guard Armory, and took some heavy weapons from there.


I had decided that west was my best option, and headed out of Minneapolis for what I thought would be the last time. The small towns were all the same. Willmar was maybe even worse than the cities. When I got out to Montevideo, I finally found no destruction, just death. It had to be some kind of chemical warfare then, and for whatever reason, I had not been killed.

Watertown, South Dakota was not any better, but I did find animals running around however. I decided to take a closer look around, for a day. I found a vacant hotel room at the Drake near downtown, and slept through the night. In the morning, I went downstairs, and started to go out the front door. I stepped back when I saw movement across the street, and down the block. I looked closely, and saw a woman move into the building. I rushed down the street, and followed her into what I saw was the local drug store.

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I moved through the store, and wondered where she had gone. I went to the back, and found her looking at pills. She was young. Very young. Maybe 15. I spoke, "Hello, don't be afraid." She turned with a shocked look on her face, and screamed.

I moved forward, and grabbed her arm. "Look here," I said, "You are the first person I have seen alive in a week, who are you?" She calmed somewhat, and looked up at me. "I'm Kristin. Everyone is dead, except my brother, and I was looking for some penicillin, who are you and where did you come from?" I replied to her, "I'm Dave, I am from Minneapolis.

Where is your brother?" We talked as we walked to her home where they had been staying since the attack. She informed me that she was 18, her brother Dale was 15, and that her parents were dead, along with everyone else in town.

I told her that everyone I had seen from Minneapolis out here had been dead as well, and that I was moving west to find survivors. When we got to her house, we went inside, and I got a look at Dale, her brother. He had lesions all over his body, his breathing was shallow, and his pulse was elevated.

He was in shock, but she had done everything she could for him. Not knowing what it was that had afflicted him, I knew it was best to just wait it out and hope for the best… We gave him some of the penicillin, and covered him back up from his thrashing about. We went back into the living room, and sat down.

Kristen asked me a bunch of questions, and I told her that I was a cop. That seemed to make her feel more comfortable, and we continued to discuss what had happened for a time. I told her that I had a truck over by the hotel, and that I was going to go get it. She wanted to stay with her brother, and I left. It took me about a half hour to get my things, and drive back to her house. When I got back, she had a lunch ready, and lights were on.

She told me that they had a generator in the garage for power outages, and that her father had taught her a lot about survival, hunting, and general life in the Dakotas. We ate, and I asked her how long her brother had been like he is. She said it had been about 3 days, and I told her that we were going to have to start feeding him intravenously. I told her that I knew how, and we decided to go to the hospital to get it. When we got back, her brother was sleeping, and we started the IV.

We went back out to the living room, and I discussed with her what she was planning to do.

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She informed me, "Listen Dave, You are the only human I have seen, it is not going to be safe for us to stay here, and I want to go wherever you are going, and hopefully we will find other survivors." I agreed with her, and told her that I would try and find a motor home the next day so we could transport her brother in a bed. She agreed to that, and we spent the afternoon composing a list of things we thought we would need that were not either in my truck, or her home.

As evening neared, she said. "Listen, my parents are still in their room, I sealed the door so it wouldn't smell here, and I don't want you to leave and stay somewhere else. You can stay in the guest bedroom, okay?" I replied that I would, and she showed me where things were, and gave me a towel and told me I could use the shower after she was done.

I went in and checked her brother, and wandered out to the back yard. I checked the generator, added gas, and went back into the house. As I was walking down the hall to the guest room, the bathroom door opened, and she crashed into me. Her towel fell down, exposing her breasts, and she hastily pulled it back up, blushing to the roots of her red hair.

I laughed, and she blushed deeper. She said, "God, I'm sorry, I thought you were in your room, and I forgot to bring in my robe." I told her, Kristin, I am ok, are you?" She blushed some more, and scampered down the hall to her room, with the towel barely covering her ass.

I showered, shaved, and gave myself a haircut trim. I put on sweats, and went back out to the living room. She was sitting on the couch dressed much the same as me, in sweats and a tee shirt. She looked up at me as I came in the room, and said. "Dave, you know that was an accident, don't you?" I said, "Kirsten, don't worry about it. Of course I know it was an accident.

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Inevitably, we are going to see situations like that, living in a motor home, and living life until we figure out what the hell happened to the USA. We are going to have to be comfortable around each other, and letting something like that bother you isn't going to cut it, okay?" She smiled, and said, "Dave, did you at least like what you saw???" My face must have betrayed my shock, and she let out a peal of laughter.

She said, "Dave, you are the ONLY man that I know of that survived. As far as we know, there is no one left alive. We are like Adam and Eve. I just wanted to know if you like how I look, but your face just now makes me think you haven't even thought of that, am I right?" I admitted to her that the thought hadn't even crossed my mind, and that I thought she was a very beautiful young woman, but that I was 54 years old, and there were some things that men my age just didn't think about, regardless of how pretty someone was.

She laughed again, and said, "Dave, think about this. Obviously, the human race is severely affected by whatever happened. It is going to be up to people like you and me to repopulate and start civilization all over again. Yes, you are older than me, but look at yourself. You are buff, you are handsome, and hopefully, you are virile." I looked at her again, and she stood up, took my hand, and led me to her bedroom.

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Once inside, she turned to me and said, "Make love to me Dave. Make me a woman, make me your woman." I stepped closer to her, and said, "Kristin, I……" Shhh she said, and pulled her tee shirt off, exposing her firm young breasts to me, and stepped up to me putting her arms around my neck, and kissing me. I kissed her back, and when we broke it, she took my hand, and led me to her bed.

We laid down, and kissed again. She broke the kiss, and looked at me. She said, " I have never done this before. They say it hurts, please be gentle with me if you can." I leaned back, taken aback, and said, "You're a virgin?" She nodded, and I said, "Kristin, make very sure of what you are saying to me.

I may be an old man, but I am not without urges, and having you there next to me half naked is making me very excited, in spite of our age difference." She looked at me again, and said, "I'm sure, make love with me." We took our clothes off slowly, and I moved closer to her.

Her breasts were about the size of half grapefruits, with small nipples, and her mound was closely shaved, leaving only a small tuft of red hair at the top. Her big brown eyes looked at me, and I started touching her, moving slowly, I kissed her neck, and slowly caressed her left breast.

Her nipple hardened, and she moaned softly. I continued slowly kissing her, moving to her breast with my mouth, and my hand slowly down her flat stomach, to the v in her legs.

As I touched her, she moaned and I felt her wet lips for the first time. I moved down, and kissed, licked her to climax, which ripped her body with a rocking screaming cum. She lay there panting, and I moved my cock to her entrance. I slowly pushed in until I felt her hymen, and backed out several times. She thrust her hips up the next time I entered, breaking through her hymen, and I stopped, to let her get used to the feeling.

Soon, she started to move again, and I matched her thrusts. I could feel her tightening, and I increased the tempo, pounding into her cervix with each penetration. She came, yelling, thrusting, and bucking as I released my cum inside her as I came as well. We lay there, coming down, and she turned to me and said, "Dave, that was wonderful, more than I ever thought it could, or would be.

I loved every moment of it, thank you." I told her, "It has been a long time since I have been with a woman. You giving me your virginity, and the joy of sharing this with you is incredible." We lay there a little longer, and fell asleep in each other's arms.

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The sun was just coming up when I heard a noise in the house, and got up to investigate. Dale was conscious, and I got Kristin to come into his room. He looked at me, and croaked out, "Who are you?" Kristin told him to lay quietly, and said that I was a friend, and that I was here to help them, introducing me. He soon fell back asleep, and I checked his vitals again, with a slight reduction in his temperature, respiration more normal, and his lesions seemed to be less open.

I cautiously told Kristin that I thought he was improving, and that I thought we should wait a few days to see if he was getting better. We spent the next three days getting prepared. I found a large motor home, and we stocked it with every conceivable survival equipment we could find in the town. The food supply was supplemented with rations from the Guard Armory, along with more weapons, Army boots, camouflage clothing for the 3 of us. Dale seemed to be improving daily, and was conscious for a few minutes at a time.

Kristin and I made love at night, and in the mornings, and I continued to be amazed at my luck in finding this beautiful, vivacious young red head. The fourth morning, we moved Dale to the smaller of the two bedrooms in the motor home, and set out heading west. We drove as far as Sturgis SD the first day, and stayed the night there. I had been there a couple of times in my earlier years on motorcycle trips for the yearly big rally, and wanted to do some exploring.

Rapid City had been a ghost town, and I wanted to re supply some of our foodstuffs. As I was entering the local supermarket, I heard a rustling across the street, and went to investigate, with my .45 caliber Colt auto at the ready. As I turned into the alleyway, a door about half way down slammed shut, and my reflexes went into high motion.

I really was not too concerned about someone shooting back, but it never hurt to be ready for anything. I slowly opened the door, and moved into the dim interior. Moving from cover to cover, I entered the front of the store, which was a local mercantile by the appearance of things, and slowly looked around. I saw some movement at one of the clothing racks, and moved cautiously across the room.

As I approached, I heard a gasp, and told whoever was there, "Freeze, I won't hurt you if you just stand up." A tiny wisp of a girl with blonde hair stood, and said to me, "Mister, don't hurt me.

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You scared me to death when I saw you across the street. No body is alive! I thought I was seeing things! I am so scared, and lonely, who are you?" I responded, "My name is Dave.

I'm a cop. Don't worry, you will be ok now; who are you?" "I'm Carrie." She said. "Okay, Carrie, take it easy, you're not alone anymore.


I will help you. I'm not alone. I have another woman with me, and her brother. I think we should go and introduce you to them, what do you think?" She agreed, and as we walked back she told me that she was 14, and that the entire town was dead, except for a few dogs, and that she had seen a deer earlier in the day. She said she had been on vacation with her parents when there was a bright flash toward Rapid City, and everyone just died. She told me how afraid she has been, and that she had been surviving by taking food from the store I was going into, and living above the store I found her in.

She told me that she was from Oregon, and that her entire family was with her on the vacation. As we approached the camper, Kristin came out, and when she saw Carrie, she let out a whoop, and came running. She threw her arms around her, and was talking a mile a minute. After things got calmed down a bit, she looked at me, and said, "Dave, Dale is worse. His lesions are erupting all over his body, and I am scared." I went in, and Dale was indeed worse.

His temperature was highly elevated, and his blood pressure was 180/140. I started getting washcloths, packing them around him wet to try and cool him down. Kristin and Carrie soon were helping me, and we eventually got his temp down to a decent level.

We cleaned up, and Carrie asked, "Is he sick from the explosions? Does he have radiation poisoning?" That had not occurred to either Kristin or me, and I told them that I would go see if I could find a Geiger counter.

I returned shortly, and we tested Dale. There was no indication of radioactivity, and we all breathed a sigh of relief, but still I wondered what it was that was plaguing him. The girls, whom I could only think of that way, said they had talked in my absence, and that Carrie of course would be going with us. She said that she and Kristin had been talking about our relationship, and wondered where she would be sleeping. I realized that we would need to find a place, that would accommodate our living and we talked late into the night about where we would go, without reaching a decision.

Kristin and I woke in the morning to Carrie yelling at us down the hallway. Dale was awake, and talking. He was confused, weak, and deeply in shock. We explained to him what had occurred, and he tried to absorb everything we told him, but it was shocking, and he soon fell back to sleep. Carrie said that she would stay with him as we drove that day, and with Kristin checking on him frequently, we moved further west.

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We decided to avoid Denver, and moved further south, and west. By the end of the day, we were just outside of Colorado Springs, and decided to stop for the day. We stopped at a small motel, and broke into some of the rooms to find accommodations for the night. We explored a little, and made our evening meal in the camper. As we finished, and cleaned up, I checked on Dale, and had a talk with him.

He seemed to be as accepting of the situation as Kristin was, and had a good head on his shoulders. Kristin and I went to a room for the night, for privacy, and as we closed the door, she came to me and said, "I need you tonight. I am relieved that Dale seems to be getting better, and that we have Carrie here now. I am still frightened." I told her that I was afraid too, but that I was confidant that we would figure out how to survive, and that we would probably be finding other people.

She seemed to like that, and we moved to the bed. She reached out to me, and pulled my sweats down. She hungrily devoured my cock, bringing it to attention in short order. As she was doing this, I pulled her shorts off, and started licking her upper thighs, moving to her already glistening pussy lips. As I spread them apart, and brushed her swollen clit, she started shaking, and came hard.

She had obviously been ready.


I inserted my fingers into her opening, and curled them, brushing her g-spot, and making her writhes on the bed. As I continued with this, she started bucking hard, and gushed and squirted, and bucked some more. My face, and the bed were covered with her juice, and it's sweet taste filled my mouth, nostrils, and the air around us. She must have squirted at least fifteen times, and as she came down, she started licking and sucking my engorged cock again, bringing me over the edge.

I felt her swallowing, and soon we were laying beside one another again, panting until we both calmed. She looked at me and said, "Oh my god, I have never felt anything so incredible as that. I thought I was going to die of pleasure. What the hell did you do to me?" I told her that I had just massaged her g-spot, and that she squirted. She laughed, and looked at the mess we made. I said, maybe we should get another room, with dry sheets.

She agreed, and we picked up our clothes to move to another room, not bothering to dress, as the sun had set already.