Magrinha de verde safadinha lap dance no neg atilde_o que sentara na cadeira

Magrinha de verde safadinha lap dance no neg atilde_o que sentara na cadeira
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My Ma'am and I had been seeing each other for a while and one night I finally admitted to her some of my darkest fantasies. I had always been afraid, deep down inside, that what I wanted was wrong and that if I admitted it, it would confirm what I always knew.

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that I was a freak. When I told her, all she did was smile and say it was hot. Let me tell you a bit about my Ma'am… her name is Ajay and she is hot! I had always looked at women like her and thought that they were out of my league, and truthfully, she is.

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I have no idea how I got someone like her, but I am thankful everyday that I am hers. We had been seeing each other just a short time when I told her that I was looking for someone who would be more dominant in the bedroom. I had been a closet submissive all of my life and had been looking for someone to take control away and make me hers&hellip.and boy did she ever!

She had me shoving brush handles up my ass, dressing in panties and bras, eating my own cum… I would do whatever it took to make her happy. Then one day I got a text message from her. "We are going out tonight. Wear your pink panties and shave completely." I was so damn nervous and I couldn't wait to find out what she had planned. She picked me up at 6pm and told me that she had class that night until 10pm, but she had something that she wanted me to do for her while she was busy.

We drove to an adult bookstore just a mile or so from the college. She pulled up in front and handed me a small video camera. "I want you to go inside and go into a booth with a gloryhole.

You are to keep your clothes on so that everyone can see the stains on your knees from kneeling on the filthy floor. I want you to record all of the cocks that you suck tonight, and you had better swallow all the cum!" I got hard at this point.

My Ma'am and I had discussed my curiosity with sucking another cock, but I had no idea that my first time would be so many or be recorded. She told me that I was not to touch myself at all when I was in the booth and I wasn't allowed to leave until she texted me. My Ma'am told me that she would be back to pick me up just after 10pm and that I had better have plenty of video recorded for her. I watched her drive off, looked around the mostly full parking lot and got so incredibly red in the face…but so hard at the same time.

I went inside, hiding the camera inside my jacket. I walked around for about 10 minutes before I built up the courage to walk to the arcade in the back. I found a booth along the side that was empty.

I looked inside and saw that there were two gloryholes, one on each wall. I went inside, locked the door and put some money in the machine. My cock was so hard it ached up inside my stomach! I selected a channel that showed a bi-sexual scene with a hot chick and two guys. I got out the camera and turned it on.

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It's now or never I thought as I looked at the hole on my left. I knelt on the floor, noticing the napkins and paper towels and I felt something wet on my knee. I saw that the booth next to mine was occupied and I put my finger into the hole for a second before I removed it. A white, 6" cock came through after my finger and I nervously began the recorder on the camera.

Holding the camera with my left hand, I reached up and grabbed the cock with my right, holding it in my fingers for just a moment. I lowered my face and licked just under the head of the cock, then around the rim of it.

I took a deep breath and let it into my mouth, closing my lips around it. I couldn't believe it, I was sucking my first cock.


I worked my mouth up and down the shaft, sucking it and jacking with my hand. I kept it up for several minutes, still amazed at what I was doing. Even through my closed eyes, I could see the light from the camera. I was sucking my first cock and it was being recorded for my Ma'am.

I heard the guy start to moan and I began sucking even harder. All of a sudden, I felt his cum shoot into my mouth. I swallowed automatically and kept sucking. After about 10 seconds, he pulled away and I turned to the camera and smiled for my Ma'am. I didn't know it, but there was just a bit of cum on my lower lip and chin.

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After a couple minutes, someone else came into the booth to my right. I turned that way and looked through the hole as this college age kid put his money into the machine and unzipped his pants. I had never before been that aroused looking at another guy but when I saw his cock, I was floored. There was just something beautiful about it…about knowing that I was about to have it in my mouth.

It was about 9" and perfectly shaped. He turned towards the hole and I just put my mouth right at the hole and stuck my tongue into it. About 3 seconds later, I felt the head of his cock rest on my tongue and it seemed like electricity shoot right to my own dick. He pushed further and I felt myself start to gag so I pulled off just a bit and began sucking. I couldn't wait to see if he tasted as good as he looked.

I don't know if I was any good at giving a blowjob, but what I lacked in experience I made up for with my eagerness. I was sucking, licking and jacking for all that I was worth. As I pulled back at one point to lick the head, I felt it throb in my hand and before I could get my mouth around it, cum shot out of the tip and got on my cheek and I felt it on my neck.

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He tasted a bit strong but boy did he cum a lot. Wow! He withdrew and I heard a tap on the wall behind me. Someone had been watching me suck cock and record it. I felt like a total slut but I didn't' care. I wouldn't' have believed it before that night, but I became addicted to cum.

I had eaten my own for my Ma'am, but here I was sucking stranger's cocks and swallowing their cum and I was in bliss!

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I'm not sure how many cocks I sucked before my phone went off, but somewhere around 12-13. All that I knew was that my jaw and tongue were sore as hell! I tried to wipe the cum off my lips and chin so it wouldn't be so obvious, but there was no hiding the fact that I had just spent the last 3 and a half hours giving blowjobs in an adult bookstore arcade. As I walked out of the front door and towards my Ma'am's car, I saw her holding another video camera.

I knew that the entire night so far was being recorded, even my walk of shame with cum on my shirt and stains on my knees. After I got into the car, my Ma'am smiled and asked how it was. I just thanked her and said it was wonderful. With a twinkle in her eye, she replied "well its not over yet my cock sucking little bitch." She took the video camera from me and we left the parking lot.

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I thought we would be going back to my place, but she turned into a neighborhood I had been only once before. As we pulled into the driveway of her best friend's house, I got incredibly embarrassed.

"What are we doing here Ma'am?" I asked. "Oh, Jaime invited us over for a few drinks and I told her that we would love to." I noticed that there were several cars in the driveway and I recognized one or two of them as belonging to other friends of hers.


My Ma'am led me to the front door where Jaime invited us in, looking at my shirt and pants. I was so light headed that I could barely walk straight. We went into the living room where everyone was sitting. As we took our seats on the loveseat, my Ma'am handed my video camera to Jaime and said, "I've got something that you might all enjoy."