Police woman tied up Juicy Latin smuggler Mercedes Carrera was

Police woman tied up Juicy Latin smuggler Mercedes Carrera was
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Hi everyone, hope this story is a bit longer, let me know in the comments if you want it a bit longer next time or of any other improvements I can make. Also let me know of what topics/developments in the story I should include.

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By the way I was thinking I would possibly include some gay aspects to the story and would love to have your input, but don't worry if your not into that as I would make sure that you can skip that chapter and still be able to follow along with the story, as I know it's not everyone's cup of tea. Anyway just let me know in the comments and enjoy. Part 3 I got up and kissed her again and asked her if she wanted to come and get a shower with me, so we both got to our feet and looking towards the door, froze in shock as we saw my brother Joe.

"What the fuck are you two doing", Joe asked, looking from me to Mary and back to me, but no answer came, we were just in a state of shock. "Well someone had better start talking or Mom and Dad are going to be hearing all about your little escapades with each other." Having heard the mention of Mom and Dad being told, suddenly piped up saying, " Please don't we've never done this before and we promise not to do it again, we were just experimenting." This seemed to resonate with Joe as he took a few seconds to respond, but he soon asked, "How did you even find out about sex, I didn't even find out until about a year ago." Mary decided it was time for her to help by saying, "It was my fault, I saw you and Suzy doing it in the bedroom and Tim saw me, so I persuaded him to help me find out what sex was and .

well you know the rest." At the mention of Mary and me seeing him having sex, Joe blushed and turned away from us slightly.

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"So", Joe said, wanting to move the conversation away from him having sex, "what have you two done then?" "Well, we've done everything, Mary sucked my willy, I licked her pussy and I guess you saw the rest." After saying this, Joe started to chuckle. "What are you laughing at", Mary asked.

"Nothing, it's just that you two haven't really done anything in the grand scheme of things, there is so much that you are missing out on." "Like?" I asked incredulously, "Hmmm anal, yes anal, you have not had real sex until you have tried anal." At this I looked at Mary who seemed to be as bemused as me, before looking back at Joe and asked, "What's anal, I have never heard of it." Joe chuckled again before saying " Ok, I'll tell you, but only if you, but under two conditions, one; you will not, I repeat not tell anyone about this, not Mom, not Suzy, no one and two; you two will do exactly as I say, got it?" "Yes," me and Mary chirped back in unison.

"Well then", Joe said, beginning to take his clothes off, "let's get started, oh and Tim go into Mom and Dads bathroom and grab a bottle in the cabinet saying ky jelly." With that and the excitement of continuing my sexual discovery, I ran into the bathroom, grabbed the bottle and hurried back into the bedroom in time to see my brother lying on the bed with his rock hard, 6 inch cock, sticking out.

I walked over to him and handed him the bottle.

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He then proceeded to remove some of the jell from the bottle and rub his cock with it. "Now, what I want you to do is to this, Tim if you go and lick Mary's ass hole like you did with her pussy, making sure you lick inside it a bit and then if you come over here Mary." So without hesitation, I got on my knees behind Mary, spread her ass cheeks and tentatively stuck my tongue out until it touched her tightly puckered hole. After which I began to encircle it and then put pressure on the centre of her hole, which eventually loosened, allowing my tongue slowly into her.

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The taste was once again very different, a strange musky taste, which was certainly like nothing I had ever tasted before. However, before I could get a better idea, Joe interrupted me saying, "That's enough Tim, now Mary if you come over here and get on top of me with your ass just above my cock and slowly lower yourself down, I'll do the rest." With that I got up from my position and went to sit down on the chair, Mary walked over to Joe and got on the bed as he said and as she lowered herself down onto him, Joe took his cock in his hands and guided it so that it was in line with Mary's ass hole.

Then as soon as Joes cock entered Mary, she let out a gasp.

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Then she fell silent and slowly but surely continued to ease herself down onto his cock, until after a few moments, when she came to rest, sitting on Joe, with his whole length inside her ass. The Joe said, "Now Mary, what I want you to to is to bounce up and down, slowly at first, but eventually picking up speed, ok." So Mary nodded and gradually pulled up off of Joe, gasping again as she did, then when she was almost done, she lowered herself back down and then repeating the process again, getting faster with every thrust.

It must have been after ten minutes or so, that I saw Joes face start to contort, until he eventually gasped, which in turn, caused Mary to gasp as I guessed, her ass was filled with the same white fluid that came out of my cock.


As Mary and Joe came down from their pleasure, Mary got up off of Joe letting his cock drop out of her ass along with a few drops of the fluid. She then bent down and began to suck the fluid off of Joes cock, I then asked Joe, "hey what is that white stuff that comes out of our cocks?" "Well that is cum", Joe said, as Mary removed her mouth from his cock, "so Tim I guess it's your turn to try anal." My heart all of a sudden began to pound as I walked towards the bed and lied down, Mary then proceeded to get on top of me and then take my cock in her hand and guide it towards her ass hole, once again as I penetrated her, she gasped and I began to get this weird sensation as fluid swirled around my cock, which I was guessing was my brothers cum.

I did in some was prefer this to normal sex however, as it was much tighter around my cock. After a few minutes of Mary bouncing up and down on my cock, which was faster than she had done with my brother, I began to get the familiar sensation of when I was about to cum and then in a moment, I was once again catapulted to that same sheer ecstasy that I had felt many times before.

Once again, after I came down, Mary removed my cock from her ass and took it in my mouth, sucking all of the cum off it which was amazing, as my cock seemed to be extra sensitive. Then just as she pulled away, I don't know why I did it, but I pushed her onto her back and putting my tongue to her ass hole, began to lick it and suck out my and my brothers cum which was once again a strange flavour as my cum was quite salty, my brothers was, by a process of deduction, quite sweet and all of that supplemented by the musky flavour of Mary's ass.

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After some time I realised that there was a clapping sound coming from where my brother was sitting and sure enough, there he was clapping, with a massive grin on his face, "well bravo, you two what a good show. So, what should we do next?" To be continued