Sasha grey first time fuck

Sasha grey first time fuck
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My first time (a dog's initiation) "Ah, I remember it like it was yesterday" The old dog lowered his greying muzzle onto his forepaws, eyes unfocused and milky with cataracts. His ears hung like limp washing, a sigh escaped from relaxed jowls as he recalled the memories.

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What had been brick-red fur was now faded, but offered warmth and protection to the young pup, who listened and waited for his mentor to relate the tale. "We were a family pack in those days, an Alpha male and Female, a male who had seen about ten seasons, a female of about twelve seasons and an older female who had seen perhaps sixteen or so.

We lived someplace else then, in a huge house out in the country with loads of land and trees. The Alpha male spent a lot of time away from the pack, but when he was with us, he often smelled of alcohol and several times of other females.

He pretty much ignored me except on a few warm nights; we'd sit on the back porch and watch the stars rotate, not saying anything, just sitting. He went away one day and we never saw him again, guess that's why we moved. Things were different after we got here. Alpha female spend hours alone in her room or going for walks that had no direction. I often tagged along to keep an eye out for her. She met men and almost always ended up mating with them.

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She had been faithful to the alpha male up to then. Anyway, we settled down to a routine and got used to the new surroundings. Alpha female hooked up with a new Male, he moved in. He was okay I guess, but seemed to have this wariness of me. I paid him no mind though, just kept to myself for most of the time.

The kids had far too much exploring to do to be interested in me, so I drifted along and fended for myself much of the time. Then one day, things took a turn for the very weird. The Older female child had been seeing this guy for a little while. They rutted every time they met almost, always sneaking off to the barn or her room and fucking their brains out. They sure do things in some funny ways. I was amazed to watch her clean his cock off many times.

Sometimes she would do it before they fucked. Never did work that one out. But I am wondering. Anyway, this day, she came screaming into the house; loads of crying and tears, things being thrown around and broken. I thought she had gone loco at first. Then she quietened down and just sobbed into her pillow. I was confused at her behaviour, but decided that she was just angry about something.

These females do that you know, scream and shout, smash things and then end up bawling their eyes out before going sullen for days on end. Figure that if you can. Anyway, I thought she might like a bit of company, so I just sat there for hours, just watching her. Some time later, she sat up; her eyes were red and puffy from all the crying.

She dug out a box from under her bed and started to look at the pictures inside. It started her off again, bawling and sitting on the floor.

So I sort of sat next to her to offer a bit of support, you know, act like a friendly ear or something. I guess she must have noticed because, all of a sudden, she threw her foreleg around my shoulders and started to bawl again.

I remember my coat getting soaked. After a while, she stopped crying and just sat there with me leaning against her. Did I ever tell you I am a sucker for being petted behind my ears? No? Well I am. Anyway, she started to rub me behind the ears in little circular motions. I guess I started to go to sleep or something, because a leaned over too far and almost slumped into her lap. She pushed me upright and looked at me laughing.

I didn't know whether to be hurt or laugh with her. Then her expression changed. I don't know how, but her eyes took on a luminosity that I had never seen before. She stared into my eyes and seemed to bore right inside my head. Then it really got weird. She started stroking my chest and gradually worked her hand lower till she was stroking my belly.

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I admit that sitting as I was and receiving her stroking, I got a little aroused and as usual, my cock started to poke out. Only the tip mind you, but I guess she must have noticed, because she started to stroke lower until she had grasped my cock and began to rub it.

That was it as far as my cock was concerned and pretty shortly, I had a raging hard-on and had to get up because it was uncomfortable. She began to rub the thing harder.

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I couldn't stand that, it hurt like hell and I let her know it. What?


Did I bite her? No. I wouldn't bite one of the humans; they feed us so it isn't a good idea. What did I do to let her know? Well, in truth, I yelped. Yes it hurt, what else was I supposed to do? Now shut up and listen to the story. Where was I? Oh yeah. I yelped good and loud and she got the message. I had to give it a good licking to calm things down a bit, but when I settled down, we just sat together for a while. Then the circular stroking started again. Pretty soon, she had my cock out again, only this time, she was very much gentler.

I had to stand again and then she had the whole of my cock in her hand. Gently, she rubbed up and down on it, my balls were on fire and my knot swelled. I couldn't stop it, suddenly, my hips began to hump and I shot a little into her hand. I didn't know what to do and when I looked at her, I think she was in the same condition. She was looking at my cum that had covered her fingers and pooled in her hand.

She kept looking at it and then looking at me then, back at her hand. Then she smiled a strange smile and kept smiling while she raised her hand to her mouth and cleaned her fingers and palm.

She swallowed the lot. I thought that was it. I still had a raging hard on because I had only shot a little. But she got up from the floor and I thought that was going to be that. She walked over to the door and shut it properly then, returned to the bedside where I was still standing.

Suddenly, she shucked off her jeans and pulled her top off over her head. It didn't make too much of an impression on me, humans naked don't do much for me, or at least, they didn't used to. Anyway, she sat back down on the floor and called me over.

I always try to be obedient so did as she asked. The stroking started again. It was unfair, because I had this raving stiff cock and had to stand so I didn't crush it. She was playing with her genital area as she lightly stroked my dick. It was quite pleasant and soon, I was humping again. Then her hand slid under her panties and she began to gyrate and moan. I can tell you that these females can get very wet and some of the smells, Oh my God!

Well, pretty soon, she was moaning and humping against her fingers. The smell was unbelievable. Her other hand let go of my cock and then she pulled her panties down and patted her mound. I took the hint and sniffed the area. Sweat and a musky smell mingled and told me she was almost ready to mate.

I licked her experimentally and got a blast of woman juice up my snout. She lay back and spread her legs, so I lay between them and started to lick like it was going out of fashion. My God! But could she grind her hips. Her head was thrashing from side to side and she came there and then, swamping me with her juice. I couldn't keep up with the flow. Then it happened. I had been licking her, running my tongue over her lips and up to this little hard nub just before her fur started.

It was accidental really, but as soon as I hid that spot, she screamed and shuddered, and kept right on shuddering. On a roll, I carried on until she grabbed my ears painfully and pulled my head away. I guess she must have liked what I was doing, because she was bathed in sweat and was twitching from head to toe. I backed off a little to free my head from her hands, which were still gripping me a bit too tightly. Then, without any warning, she was cleaning my dick, which had retreated a bit.

Her tongue worked its magic and pretty soon, it was twitching it's self and was primed to go. And then, Oh Wow! Her lips encircled the tip and she slid my whole length into her mouth. I nearly fucked her face there and then I can tell you. It was the most intense feeling I had ever had.


I thought getting stuck into a bitch was pretty cool, but this took the prize by a long way. It couldn't last for long, especially as her free hand had gripped me behind my knot. I shot my seed into her mouth and watched as she went wild on my dick and listened as she moaned at the back of her throat, which created a small vibration. I could help it. She got the whole lot; it went everywhere, all over the floor, her chin and in her mouth. You would think that was it wouldn't you?

Well it wasn't, after a short rest, she started the stroking again. It took a little while, but soon enough, I was ready to go again; I was a bit of a stud in those days. This time, she knelt on the floor, knees apart and her head resting on the floor. Her fingers started to rub away at her lips and she patted her rump.

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I knew what she was waiting for, but though I would tease a little myself. So instead of just jumping up and mounting her, I stuck my nose into her exposed snatch and gave her the longest, wettest lick I could manage.

She yelped and pushed her butt back at me so I carried on for a while, until my licking and her own fingers brought her off again. Both the floor and I were sopping by now. Judging that she was ready, I stopped licking and without any warning, jumped her. The puppy stirred and whimpered in its sleep, but the old dog didn't notice.

Well, we didn't fit together. Oh I tried to find the right place, but somehow, it just kept slipping right past her anus. Mind you, that weren't so bad either. God! Was I horny by then?


Anyway, she reached between her legs and grasped my dick and positioned it right in her crack. It was like automatic, because she pushed back as I humped forward and we connected. Human cunts are so much more accommodating than a bitches, I pushed the whole of my dick right up to the knot and started humping like a champion. Each thrust got me deeper and deeper, each thrust had her gasping and pushing back on me until, it happened.

My knot slid into her and passed her muscle and she clamped down on me and trapped me inside. I was able to hump her for a little while because I had already lost a load in her hand earlier and then in her mouth. So I humped and she humped right back at me. She was shivering and moaning, sweat dripped from her and her breathing came in rasping sobs. It was the greatest and I filled her with my cock and then suddenly, a whole load erupted inside her womb. My tip had past well beyond her opening and I had been fucking her deeper than she knew.

I guess she had lost all tension in the moment. Anyway, I filled her belly with cum and just kept shooting it into her until I couldn't even dry hump. We were stuck, but only for a short time, fortunately, my back legs were fast giving out on me.

So that was that. I had fucked this woman and she had fucked me. It took her a long time to calm down, especially as I cleaned her up with my tongue. She seemed to be suffering with aftershocks.

We didn't get to do it again for months after that first time. Until that is, one day in the barn, but that is another story for a different day; one, where I took on the role of Alpha male and mated with both the girl and the Alpha female. Now that was a real time.