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Big Titties  Titjob  Blowjob and Handjob Loud Wet BBC Best Head Suck Dick
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Some time ago there was suddenly a new guy in our circle of friends. My friend Lisa was attracted to him from the very moment, and me myself found him very attractive, too.

Nevertheless I was pleased when I saw that they started a relationship. Lisa had had a very hard time and Simon, as his name was, did her really good.


As I did a lot thinking about my ex-boyfriend, I wondered why I also did so much thinking about Simon. When we were out he was sometimes piercingly looking at me, which I always avoided or tried to ignore it.

But he wasn’t at the age I wanted my next lover to be at and mainly he was the boyfriend of Lisa!


But his eyes were so shiny and his smile so cute…but nevertheless: he was my friends boyfriend. I imagined how he came to me at a party and told me, in a quiet moment, that he found me very attractive from the very moment he saw me, but as he knew I was still trying to get a chance with my ex and Lisa was making attemptions to score a hit at him, he was making no further efforts.

But now, as he found that I was about to come off my ex, he thought that might be a chance of telling me. First, I was very affronted, but by a closer look, I felt somehow flattered.

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I dismissed him, but couldn’t get away that feeling of absolutely excitement. Wow, the guy whom I secretly looked at in admirable looks, was doing it the same way with me! Besides, I knew from my friend, he was a sensitive and tireless lover. Now this turned me on. I thought about how there could be a solution.

I didn’t want my friend to be disappointed, when she found out the truth, but on the other hand I wanted to be fucked well. And while this guy had a relationship, we had to find a way, which made no one miserable.

I suggested him to ask her if she could imagine being intimate with me. But first I wanted to try it myself. As she and me were alone, I wanted to know if she was very open-minded in sex things. She said she likes trying out new things and so on, but wondered why I was interested in that.

Well, I said, I was thinking about threesome fucking… There was a long time while she said nothing, but finally she came over to me and gently kissed my lips. I asked “Is this yes?” In response she kissed me even more determined, breathing more and more heavily.

So I grabbed her neck with my hands, enjoying the kiss so much I had never imagined. Being enclosed that much, we were kissing and touching and stroking ourselves like we hadn’t had caresses for years. Her tongue licked mine and my lips and my hands were stroking over her arms and her hip, her belly, her soft ass….We didn’t realise how her boyfriend came into the room.

First I felt another hand that was touching her slender neck, then, as my hand moved downwards, I felt a strong, hot body pressed against hers. I opened my eyes, and there he was, looking me directly in the eye, kissing her earlobe and petting her breast with his male hands. I looked at this and, feeling my excitement grow, I moaned and smiled at him, moving my other hand towards his back. Feeling his muscles and his tension, I sighed and let my hand sink lower upon his tiny little strong ass.

Massaging his ass cheeks, I saw him delightful close his eyes sighing, and pressing my friends tits harder. This made her moan, sticking her tongue deeper into my mouth, going faster and faster with sucking my tongue, while her left hand began to stroke on his lap.

Having my hand on her ass, I felt his lap on it, also feeling the swollen cock in his trousers. I layed my hand on it, rubbing it up and down, and hearing him breathing heavier, I grabbed it more firmly, while with my tongue I licked my friends lips.

She was getting more confident of herself and touched my tits, squeezing it and rubbing my nipples, till they were really hard. I groaned loudly and Simon looked at me, moving his hand from her breast to my inner thighs.

He slowly moved up towards my pussy, which was hot and dripping, what he also could feel through my jeans. So a second later he had ripped down my trousers, slid away my panties and rubbed his finger against my clit, which was swollen und pulsating heavily.

The way he rubbed my clit, I was rubbing his cock, now getting his trousers to his ankles, so I could handle it better. My hand was firmly enclosing his hard and thick, pulsating dick, pulling it up and down, breathing harder as I heard him breathing harder. Lisa, who still worked on my nipples and tits, now lifted my shirt and I, with a fast move, got rid of it, so that both of them could have a better view and touch.

Taking the invitation, Lisa knelt down and sucked my nipples, petting them with her tongue, using her fingers at my pussy. She had a really good feeling, circling my clit faster and faster, then put one finger in my aching pussy, then another one.

I was going to get mad, groaning loud as she put her third finger into me, pushing it as far as she could, while I was grunting “Oh yeeeesssss, deeper, push it deeper, yeahhh, ….give it to me….” Simon couldn’t move his eyes away from us, but his hands were playing with Lisa’s clit, doing to her the same she did to me.

His cock was now so hard, it was sticking in his belly. I was on my back now, propped on my elbows, while Lisa was kneeling before me, her face only two inches away from my soaking and pulsing pussy.

Smelling my salty juice, she moaned “Hmmmmmmmmmmm” and stuck her face into it.

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Licking and sucking my clit and my horny cunt, she moved forwards and backwards with her pretty ass, moaning and groaning and dripping herself out of her tight little pussy. Simon, still standing behind her, was pressing his big hard cock against her ass, squeezing her tits and pulling her nipples, while he looked at me enjoying myself. Then he came around, moving to my head, his dick pointing directly at me.

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I set upright, so that his tip touched my lips, and eagerly I stick out my tongue and let it swirl around the head of his cock. As I felt his hips moving towards me, I parted my lips and lowered my mouth onto him, sucking on it with real pleasure.


I heard Simon groan loud, murmuring “Oh yeah, you little bitch, suck my pretty cock to get the whole cum out of it.

You love cum?” and I sighed “Mmmmhhhhhh, I love cum, I love sucking your dick and I want your cum all over me….you like my sucking?” “Yeah, it’s making me fuck you, fuck all holes you have, till my cum fills you up….” That talking was making me really wet, I felt my juices running down my inner thighs, although Lisa was still sucking the juice out of me.

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Her face buried down my pussy, she seemed to have forgotten place and time, playing with her hands at her nipples and clit. Her intermittently breathing was additionally turning me on. I wound myself under her licking tongue so heavily, so that Simon could feel my movements also by sucking his cock.

With the look at me going mad under his girlfriends tongue and his girlfriend masturbating, he couldn’t pull himself together any longer.

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His balls being hard as stone, he moved round to Lisa, sticking his pretty huge cock into her slit. She groaned loud “Ahhhh, finally you’ve come to fuck my aching pussy….fuck it deep and hard………oh yeahhh……….that’s right…come deeper…fuck me real hard”.

Simon grunted in even more excitement, hearing Lisa talk like that, and his shaft throbbed. I watched the two fucking with increasing eagerness, imitating Simons pumping moves into Lisa’s wet cunt with three of my fingers pumping up and down my own soaking pussy.

But it wasn’t the same, I longed for his pretty, hard and thick and pulsing cock, I needed it, I wanted it pumping inside me, fucking me with all strength, skewer me… I robbed under Lisa’s pelvis, where I could see very well doing his cock to her what I wanted to do it to me.

I took his balls in my hands, massaged and pulled them, sticking out my tongue to lick them, and every time he came bumping out of her slit, I sucked as much as I could get of his dick.

Feeling my desperation, he pulled his hard one out of her, dripping with her juice, which I first needed to lick of and taste her. Then, after I sucked him sober, I turned over and hold my tight ass out to his swollen cock. He quickly plunged it into me, which made me groan in excitement, moving my hips and ass more closely to his lap, so that he could bury his huge stab entirely in my slippery pussy. I couldn’t get enough of it, wanting him to go deeper and faster and harder and again deeper, I just heard him suddenly pant and felt his balls and his cock convulse.

So fast I turned up and held my face in front of the head of his cock, meeting Lisa’s face, who was about the same thing as me – we both wanted that creamy cum out of that pleasureful cock on our tongues and our bodies…. While Simon stroked his shaft with some powerful and strong moves, he watched the two of us kissing, while we desperately expected his load of cum all over us.

So it didn’t take long, until he let go, his cock spitting out a first amount of white cream into our mouths still kissing and now trying to get each the most of his tasty cum “AAAhhhhhhh”, then a second and third load onto our breasts and bellies “Ohhhh shit……yeeeaaahhhh” and some little drops on our pussies.

We enjoyed ourselves rubbing the creamy slippery cum all over our bodies, and while he watched and jerked the last drop out of his still hard cock, Simon relaxed and with a smile, he first kissed Lisa and then, passionately, me………………