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Angelika - Like an angel Truda - Fighting woman Varick - Protecting Ruler Harman - Man of the army Alan tried to stare down all four of them as they not only blocked the exit but threatened to kick his ass if he made a move toward it.

Shaking his head he knew that his mother would follow him to the ends of the earth, why the hell had he taught her that? "So what's it going to be Alan, you have us almost to the point that the doctor can't touch us and you want to leave?" Angelika told him. "I would take you over my knee but," here she stared at him, "you'd probably love that WAY too much!" Alan nodded the more he thought of it the more he knew that she was right!

Damn it! How in the hell had she gotten this good this fast? Reaching out his eyes flew wide when he felt several corrections that she had made to her own mind! The further he went the more he saw that she had done many of the same things he'd done so many years ago. Looking within, Alan knew that they would one day be where he was now, but that meant only that he would have to keep going his self. Besides he owed this doctor person a major ass kicking for what he'd done to him.

Sighing he knew he was beat for now, as tired as he was still he knew he had no chance to out run nor out last any of them. "Alright I'll stay for now," then he looked at his mother. "Thing is if I continue to bring you guys only pain I am out of here. I didn't start helping you just to have you experience all that shit all over again!" Alan told all of them but Harman most of all, Harman was good yes but Alan had a few tricks up his sleeve that he was sure would even make Harman proud. "Then it's all settled then, with all the extra space now we should be well secure now.

While we train and remove the shackles the doctor put on all of us you can show us all what you have learned about our opponents." Varick said after he was sure Alan wouldn't run again.

Alan could only nod as he felt himself falter, 'damn it, ' he thought, 'I have done way too much!' Then he felt his legs start to go as the world started to spin and darkness threatened to overtake him.

"Shit! I think I need more sleep," Harman and Varick both grabbed an arm when Alan tried to stumble toward the bedroom. Yeah he thought a bed would be really nice about now. Finally in the bed he'd created the day before Alan mumbled a thanks then let the darkness take him.

It seemed only moments later when Alan was floating above several hospital type beds; strange but they seemed an older model. Then several older teens were led in at gun point, what? Those were German soldiers! Where in the hell am I? One of the male teens chopped a guard and tried to escape but was gunned down a moment later in the hallway. An older looking man addressed those left, "I'd advise against trying that again unless you all wish to die. No? Good, then we understand each other." Funny Alan thought four of them looked like younger versions of Varick and the others.

Strange thing was though this didn't feel like a dream or memories. Tentatively Alan reached out and touched the older man's mind. Drawing in a gasp Alan saw that it was the infamous Dr. Johann Bauer! This was the first time anything like this had happened to him! Alan reached in and made the man's heart skip a beat watched as the man grasped his chest. I could kill him right now Alan thought but who's to say a worse Doctor wouldn't take his place.

Suddenly there were possible futures that played out in front of him. Shit! Had the Doctor died they all would have died, Hitler would have bombed the bunker. Damn it! There was nothing he could do; anything he did would erase himself. He went through a year in mere seconds then saw the day that the bunker exploded, thing was there was nothing he saw that was going to happen.

What the hell, he had to make the place explode? Sighing Alan reached out to the only thing that he felt would work a huge canister of experimental chemicals under pressure and highly explosive. Waiting Alan had to make sure they were all out, starting the canister leaking Alan only saw the Doctor and his assistant a moment too late as the canister exploded killing all there except the four, the Doctor and his assistant.

Cursing Alan thought to kill the Doctor now but found the man actually was protecting himself. <Who the hell are you? I have felt you watching for some time now. Tell me damn it!> The Doctor shouted in his mind. <Too bad, > Alan shouted back, <get used to disappointment you are a failure and will always be!> Laughing Alan started to withdraw. As he left the place following Varick and the others, he could hear the Doctor screaming at him. 'Good, ' Alan thought, 'let the son of a bitch stew it was more than he deserved!' Alan was about to follow his mother and the others when he felt a slight tap on his arm.

What the hell he thought as he looked down at it there was nothing there. "Alan wake up, Alan!" With a start Alan jerked awake, his mother was standing over him with a worried look on her face.


"What the hell! What's wrong Angelika?" Alan said he'd decided that calling her mother all the time would actually get distracting in the long run. "You were groaning and almost screaming out in your sleep, we all came running as soon as we heard." Still Alan could see that she had a worried look on her face.

Alan was actually uncomfortable he'd never really had anyone worry about him like this. It was a little worrisome he could feel the deep concern and love that Angelika felt for him, problem was he wasn't sure he could return the same feelings. All four of them had run for Alan when they heard him start to yell and almost scream, thing is they really couldn't understand him. That was strange because they understood almost all languages on earth including a few now dead languages.

Angelika started to shake Alan again when she saw that he was getting glassy eyed as his head was flopping around loose. Suddenly Alan was jerking awake and all four of his new friends were holding him down. He could see that Harman and Varick had both been struggling to keep him still. Angelika was still trying to get him conscious then just as suddenly he was still and his eyes snapped open. "What the hell is going on?" Alan asked when he saw that all four were standing next to him.

"We were wondering the same thing," Angelika asked finally releasing him. "What are you talking about," Alan asked even more confused trying to figure out where he was.

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The dream had seemed so real almost as if he was really there. Thinking a moment Alan thought I think it was a dream, or could it have been memories that he'd seen in the others minds? No he thought the doctor had spoken to him directly in his mind. Sitting up Alan shook his head everything here seemed so surreal it was almost like a dream within a dream. "Can you remember much?" Varick asked a moment later.

"I've seen Truda have that same look when she has had a premonition or a regression of memories. Tell me does everything here feel more like a dream?" Alan nodded then looked over at Truda who was starting to stare at him.

Then he felt Truda try to enter his thoughts but started to scream when she barely touched the surface. "NO! Get away from me you bastard! Harman where are you?" She started to yell then she started to scream. Alan snapped out of his reverie and reached out to Truda, seeing the horrible experiments the doctor had done only to her to increase her visions. Growling Alan appeared next to her in the vision and grabbed her hand leading her away from the memory.

Truda clung to him when he tried to withdraw. "I cannot stay here, Truda," Alan said as he tilted her face toward him. "Trust that you are now far more powerful than the memory is. Remember this and you can no longer be hurt by them." A new light seemed to appear in her eyes as she stared at him and nodded letting him go.

Sucking in a deep breath Alan hadn't realized that he'd been holding his breath. Truda's eyes opened and she stared at Alan then got to her feet and threw herself at him. Tears were falling from her eyes. "Thank you I have been afraid for so long. Thank you for leading me out of that place; I will remember what you said. I am so glad that someone else understands now." Hugging Alan tightly she let him go and ran to her brother and embraced him fiercely kissing his face with love.

Angelika could only smile she knew that Alan would pass beyond all of them and this proved it more than anything. This was the first time she'd seen Truda acting more normal almost the whole time she'd known the woman. Harman and Varick could only stare opened mouthed; they had to get Alan to teach them all he could.

Harman loved the fact that his sister was more normal now but how? What exactly had Alan done? Shrugging Harman really didn't care; the fact that his old sister was back was enough for now.

Alan decided that he had to get them all to a point that the doctor or his old assistant couldn't touch them again. For now where they were they were pretty well protected, that would change though once they left this sanctuary of sorts. Sighing Alan got unsteadily to his feet, "I need to increase all of your defenses. The doctor warned me before but I ignored him," smiling a smug smile Alan continued. "I will continue to ignore him. As I was telling Angelika before I had tested all of your levels.

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Varick you are the only one that the doctor would have trouble doing anything to. Then again I feel that Angelika and Harman aren't far behind, I intend to push all of you beyond his control." Alan looked at Truda, "In your case I hope I have given you a defense against the things he would say and do." "Yes, I can feel that he has held this over me for a long time; I know I am the weakest Alan.

I also know I am the point that they will attack first to gain an upper hand on us. Please I am ready I need to be stronger to protect us all." A tear stained Truda was telling Alan. "I will do all I can but it is dangerous, the fact that all of you advanced as fast as you did after what I did before is a good sign. The thing is I don't want to push too hard, too fast it could cause seizures in all of you ok?" Alan asked all of them. "I am sorry about earlier I have been alone for so long it is taking a lot to adjust to having all of you." The next few days Alan gently pushed Truda's defense and offensive abilities higher.

Though he didn't feel they were high enough yet they were substantially greater. With Harman he actually managed to get his abilities high enough to resist the doctor, well for a short time. Angelika he felt finally was almost equal to doctor, at least his last attack though Alan felt that had only been about 75%. Varick what could he say? A hell of a lot higher than Alan at first thought he'd go; he was the only one that might even have a chance against the doctor.

Truda let out a frustrated angry shout, "I can't get it! Why the hell can't I thought move? I am nearly as strong as the others! I am as strong as Angelika was the first time she did it, I should be able to also!


Damn it! What's wrong with me Alan?" Alan was dumb founded they all had learned it in practically no time at all. Alan looked at her and she calmly nodded, swiftly Alan moved through her mind (he could anyway but with her permission it was 10 times easier) looking for whatever was blocking her from thought movement.

After what felt like hours Alan finally found her ability center, moving closer Alan saw that there was a block on part of it. <So you bastard we meet again.> Alan heard a voice from the past at least the past that he'd seen. Turning he was suddenly face to face with an older version of the man from the dream. <I am sorry but if her restrictions are released no one will be able to control her.> <You bastard!

She is a human being not a machine to be controlled! She is. > Alan was saying. <She is mine and you will not interfere anymore!> The doctor's visage yelled as it rushed at Alan. Alan easily side stepped expecting the doctor to rush past him. Alan felt a vice grip like pressure from the arms of the visage as they wrapped around him. Cuffing the man in the face the doctor only laughed at him. Squeezing harder Alan changed tactics shooting an energy bolt into the face of the man.

Stunned a moment Alan slipped from his grasp. <Tricky aren't you? You won't get that chance again!> Alan shouted at the man, 'hope Truda heard me, ' Alan thought, 'this was her mind she had a hell of a lot more control than he did.' <Bah! As if I need to! I have been here a long time I have almost total control even with the paltry little tricks you have taught her.

As I said I have been here a very long time I know everything there is to know! I control everything here! When I kill you I will finally have the final element to dominate her!> the doctor boasted to Alan. A series of root like strands suddenly appeared and tried to ensnare Alan. Barely managing to avoid them Alan knew he was in series trouble. He couldn't destroy the strands as he didn't know which were real and which were Truda.

Another series of attempts and Alan was caught by his leg, then his other. <I told you this is my domain, now then. It is finally time for you to die like the failed experiment you are!> The doctor laughed wickedly as the root structures started to move up his body increasing their pressure as they got higher.

Alan tried to call Truda again, then told her he was sorry but he was going to have to destroy a little of her mind. There was a huge rushing then a screaming that approached at a rapid pace.

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<What!?> The doctor said momentarily loosening his hold on Alan, who broke free and again blasted the doctor in the face. <NO!

I control you! This one hasn't had enough time to bring you to this level yet!> Truda appeared next to Alan and sneered at the doctor, <I am no longer afraid of you coward!> Letting loose a titanic blast of her own destroying half of the doctor, oddly enough he was still trying to win.

<You cannot destroy me! I have been with you since I did this!> The image of hundreds of needles and strange radiation flashed in her mind.

Smiling Truda shook a moment then looked at Alan the doctor's mouth dropped open. <You son of a bitch! You taught how to build a safe haven!

You will die for that!> Alan and Truda smiled at each other and both let loose even more titanic energy blasts as the visage of the doctor screamed then was gone.

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Alan reached out feeling for anything of the doctor, and then smiled relieved that there was nothing of the man left. <This is why you couldn't use some of your abilities though I fear that he may have put more in you. Some I am afraid will be worse than this one but I feel you are no longer in the dark.> Alan told a now widely smiling Truda.

Alan reached out and slowly broke through that part of her ability center that was blocked. Nodding Alan withdrew and was sitting beside Truda on the floor.

Damn he thought that took a little out of me. A moment later Truda opened her eyes, then her eyes flew wide as an almost clarity sprang up in them. Closing her eyes and concentrating Truda winked out of sight only to appear on the other side of the room.

With a huge smile she concentrated again and appeared next to Alan. Well Alan thought that was one problem that was solved though she'd have to use it a lot to catch up to the others and unfortunately that involved going outside. Angelika smiled from the doorway of her and Truda's room; at this rate they should be ready very soon. She herself had found that more and more memories were returning, she could remember back another five years into the late sixties.

Problem was the further she got back the more pain and loneliness she felt. I must be getting to when Alan was born, she wasn't sure she wanted to remember it though she had a feeling it was going to be extremely rough when she got to it.

Alan shook his head it had obviously drained him more than he thought, looking at Truda then back at Angelika. Alan managed a weak smile then started to topple; Angelika was there in a moment as Alan's head fell into her lap. Damn Alan thought she smells so damn good and why do I get the feeling that she has no underclothes on? Extending his failing feelings out he was shocked a moment, shit she was naked under the dress! Damn but she looked fine as hell!

And then the darkness took him. Both Truda and Angelika had both felt Alan reaching out then when he 'looked' under Angelika's dress.

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They had also both caught his last thought causing Angelika to blush! What!? She never blushed at anything!

Both Varick and Harman had come running when they both had heard Angelika and Truda gasp. Then they felt the fading power of Alan as he passed out. "What happened?" Varick asked as he passed a hand over Alan, though no where as strong as him Varick could not tell if something was seriously wrong with Alan.

"He was helping to remove a blockage the doctor put on my abilities. The doctor left a piece of himself in me; Alan took it on, he was losing 'til I got there." Truda told them all.

"Losing? He is far stronger than all of us! How was he loosing?" Harman asked. "In order to win he would have had to destroy a piece of me, luckily I heard him and joined him to beat that son of a bitch! Though as Alan told me there are probably more in me. The doctor was extremely interested in my sight ability. Thanks to what Alan did last week, I am far too strong to be fooled or swayed by most of what the doctor can do. At least what he put in my mind, out here I can feel I am still too weak yet.

Though I can resist a little I can't for very long. It was at least an hour later that Alan stirred, groaning when he tried to lift himself off the floor Truda was there in a moment helping Alan to a sitting position.

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"Well I guess I am getting stronger, seems like the last few times this happened I was out for hours." "Yes, we were all surprised when you recovered as fast as you did. How is your head? I remember the last time you had a headache for a while." Truda told Alan. "Surprisingly enough it is clearer than I thought it would be." Alan replied. "I'm glad that." Truda stopped when she saw Alan's face suddenly tense up and he started concentrating. "What's wrong Alan?" "Get the others now!

We have to go I think they have found us or rather this location." Alan said as Truda quickly ran to the others who appeared a moment later. "I don't feel anything," Varick said. Alan touched Varick's head and the man let out a hiss. There were at least 100 boosted ones, three of the enhanced ones and at least one increased one.

"Damn it! They have sent one of their top enforcers!" Alan had seen all of them too, he really hadn't felt any threat so he was about to reach out and crush the toughest four when Varick warned him not to. "Is there anywhere we can go? I really need to finish up on all of you if we are going to take on this army." "We have numerous places all over the world we." Varick started Alan had taken hold of all of them by their arms as they were suddenly thousands of miles away in another small bunker.

" . go to. Wait! I thought you didn't have the power to move all of us?" Varick asked. "As I told Truda the more you use it the stronger it gets, before moving two was easy, but three impossible." Alan looked at the unhappy faces of the women.

"I am sorry I have time to bring them back be a second." with that Alan blinked out. Appearing in the old bunker Alan touched all the clothes and sent them to the other bunker. Smiling Alan then reached out. <I thought I told you I would hurt you if you kept after me. Guess you didn't take the warning seriously.> Alan could sense the surprise when the doctor's old assistant realized it was him. Then again his surprise was compounded when Alan snapped both legs in three places.

Amid the older man's screams Alan told him, <last warning, I am a hell of a lot more than you think.> Reaching outside the bunker Alan crushed the ability centers of all four of the powerful men.

Appearing back in the second bunker Alan smiled widely as he saw that the women were overjoyed. Looking at the wall he saw the rooms and almost within two minutes the rooms were there.


Smiling Alan made the room they were in bigger and added a few things they might need. "Ok I am convinced is this true for all of us?" Harman asked. "Ummm yes and no, yes you all will increase but nowhere as quickly as I do.

Don't ask me why, though I have opened all of you up to increase faster than you were. Oh by the way the assistant pissed me off, I told him not to pursue me. So I took action." Alan told all of them nonchalantly. "Just what did you do?" Varick asked his eyes narrowed suspiciously. "As I said I warned him, I told him, and then I took action. I broke both his legs in three places, and then I took all four of the strongest at the other bunker out.

I crushed all of their abilities." Alan told all of them, each one shocked that he'd had no resistance. Angelika smiled she was glad Alan was on their side, plus the fact that having him near had made the loneliness a distant memory.